Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

It would seem that the daily routine involves candidates being marched out onto the Sands in small groups, with everyone having a rotation or two at some point during the day. This morning, Am'ry's picked his group seemingly willy-nilly, with four candidates requested to follow his cheery self out onto the sands, where, as ever, Thys and Rhenesath wait - and Rinxyth, too, with the big brown hovering by the entrance to the cavern. He seems nowhere near as chilled as Rhenesath is, as the stocky gold clucks cheerily to the candidates when they're brought close. "Morning all! Thanks, Am'ry." Thys isn't actually looking up from her paperwork and cup of tea when the group appear… she's busy. "Who've we got today?"

Today is apparently going to be a bit noisy again because Killian is in the group. Uh oh. The beastcrafter has worn thick sandals and /extra/ thick pants this time around. His hair is a bit messy as usual, but he sports his usual relaxed demeanor. "Killian, at your service once again!" Service? It makes absolutely no sense. In any case, there's a brief little bow during which he is promptly kicked in the butt by Vira. Luckily it isn't too hard so the beastcrafter doesn't stumble, but he'll look over his shoulder and make a face at his fellow candidate.

It seems that Teena was in just the right place today when Am'ry's willy-nilly picking included her. Looking a little sleep-deprived the normally neatly groom candidate comes in tosseled-haired and baggy eyed. "Teena, ma'am." she casts a quick look to Killian and Vira at their shanghans but says nothing.

The tall lanky former apprentice turned candidate Cedric is here too slightly behind Teena. "Cedric too ma'am." he says politely. He looks wide-eyed and perky this morning.

Killian's introduction makes Thys look up to fix him with a glower. "Huh," she says quietly, tapping the end of her stylus against her lips. Vira, too, is given a look, but Teena and Cedric get a nod and a polite little grin. "Well. Good morning to all of you. You know the rules by now, but let me emphasise for your sake -" she's looking at you, beastcrafter. "No sudden movements, no yelling. Try to keep yourself under control around the eggs, please. It won't do you any favours if you upset Rhenesath. Now… any questions? If so, ask now. If not, feel free to go ahead."

"Easier said than done when you've got crazies in some of those…." Killian murmurs this oh so quietly to Vira, but he'll nod briefly in Thys' direction. Soon he and Vira and venturing out onto the sands. There's a quiet shudder from the pair upon glancing at Us Against the World. The beastcrafter will stay /far/ far away from that one. Instead he'll move over to consider the Key to My Egg. "Here goes nothing…" Vira peels off to go find another egg to touch while Killian lights brushes his fingers against this egg's shell.

< Killian touches egg 7 - Key to My Egg >

Teena also gives that particular egg a wide birth as well when moving amongst the eggs. Though she's touched nearly all of them she couldn't resist a chance to get to the sands again to revisit her favorites as well as touch the one egg she's not been to visit yet. First she is drawn to the misshapen egg of Close Enough where she trails her fingertips along the shell. After a moment there she does move to the egg she hasn't visited yet, the Come away with me Egg.

< Teena touches egg 3 - Come Away with Me Egg >

This may just be Killian's quietest reaction yet. There's a slight frown to his features, more thoughtful than anything. His fingers tremble just slightly at something he's long hidden in the corner of his mind, but before the beastcrafter can dwell on it much longer his eyes pop open and his hand falls to his side. Another puzzling look is thrown towards the egg, as if the beastcrafter isn't quite sure what to make of it, but despite any confusion on his part Killian's fingers are reaching for the shell once more.

"Killian, you'll keep yourself under control, please - no excuses." Perhaps Thys woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, as she's got a bit of a grump on her right now. She stands up, moves around the desk to go perch on Rhenesath's foreleg in a position that allows her to be closer to the candidates to see them better as she bites into and crunches away on a redfruit.

Killian wrinkles his nose this time, that frown once more pulling at his lips. "You're all just rays of sunshine aren't you?" The beastcrafter lets out a little huff, perhaps in annoyance. "That was something /I/ came up with, still not new enough for you?" The beastcrafter shakes his head and lets out a sigh while looking at the egg now. Before he touches it again, Thys' voice floats over to him and the beastcrafter responds with an, "Aye aye!" Was that too loud? He'll do a dramatic whisper instead, "Aye aye." It's more surprising that he /hasn't/ gotten in any real trouble yet. But now, again, his hand touches the egg.

Thys rolls her eyes at the cocky response. Rhenesath seems pleased enough, lowering her head to wuffle first over the beastcrafter, then over the seamstress, too. Hot dragonbreath! Yay!

Cedric casts a sideways glance towards Killian perhaps to see what antics will happen today. "Careful I've heard that she has that one." he points towards the hovering Gold. "Eat people." he nods sagely before focusing on his own egg.

Teena ignores all of this as she gets quietly wrapped in colors. Surely everyone can see the colors surrounding and pulling her into the egg right? Emerging from this she is warmed .o0 ( cause the sands beneath her aren't hot enough), by dragon breath. This draws a quick smile from Teena as she glances up. "Your children are very…independent." she compliments before looking back down to the egg to see what else will happen.

< Killian leaves egg 7 - Key to My Egg >

Rhenesath snorts softly, then withdraws her head so that she can watch the little group with her blue-whirled eyes. Thys is curious about Teena's comment, though - "Independent? Do you mean they're all very different from one another?"

The frowns from before are replaced with a brief smile on Killian's features, though that soon turns into a wince. "Do we really have to go through this?" Whatever is being brought up is apparently something the beastcrafter doesn't enjoy dwelling. "Love….what?" The beast crafter's hand recedes from the shell and he simply shakes his head. There's a glance over to Cedric before he feels the hot breathe and glances up to Rhenesath, "Well, I am rather tasty. But I hardly think I'd fill you up any." There's a grin for the dragon before he's leaving the egg and moving around to another. Vira who has been so engrossed with his egg lets out a hearty laugh while glancing to the other candidates, "I'd advised against eating Killian, probably because he'd just make her sick. Just look at him!" Killian simply rolls his eyes before moving over to touch the Close Enough Egg.

< Killian touches egg 1 - Close Enough Egg >

Brief confusion on Killian's features is gradually replaced by a growing excitement. His smile begins small and grows wider with every passing second. His eyes are open now but looking to something beyond. The muscles in his body tense, as if being pumped with a constant supply of adrenaline, and his eyes glimmer with excitement. His fingers push against the shell, not overly hard, just as if there were something more to anticipate. He's very clearly about to let out a loud whoop but quickly silences himself. Now pulled out of whatever was happening in his mind, the beastcrafter glances around before proceeding to touch the egg again.

Teena bobs her head. "They are so very different from each other but I mean more that some of these guys I think won't take no gruff from anyone." she ducks her head a bit after her explanation, unsure if it'll be taken well. Soon enough though her fingers trace lightly again the patterns of the egg before her and she's drawn once more into the embrace of the creature within however briefly it may be.

"I take it back, not /all/ of you lot are crazy." Killian's voice is tinged with wonder. It's that same tone he had when he rode a runner for the first time. Pure excitement and marvel is all that makes up the beastcrafter now. There is none of his usual cockiness or irritable demeanor. There's a moment where he nearly stumbles, but the beastcrafter catches himself. "It's beautiful…." He murmurs the words quietly, the look of elation still not leaving his face. When the presence leaves his mind this time, there's no hiding the disappointment on his features. More eager than ever, his hand returns to the shell. What will it show him next?

Nothing in what Teena says seems to be taken badly, as Thys nods understandingly. "Oh, I bet they get that from their dad. Rinxyth seems quite… well. Look at him." Lurking over there by the entrance, looking all skulky and stuff. "I do hope some will take after Rhen, though."

Teena eventually moves away from the egg with an unreadable expression. It's hard to know if she enjoyed it or not though certainly she doesn't show a bad reaction. Drawing in a deep breath she emerges just in time to hear Thys which draws a grin from the smaller candidate. "Oh well…I suppose my mother always said the bad habits in me came from my father too." she casts a glance over towards Rinxyth with amusement dancing in her eyes. "It's so exciting though being able to come on to the sands and touch the eggs. Makes it less scary out here." she murmurs.

< Killian leaves egg 1 - Close Enough Egg >

The bright smile on Killian's features remains there for quite some time. He lifts his face towards the ceiling…but the longer he stands there, the worse things seem to get. His eyebrows knit together and a shiver runs down the beastcrafter's spine. "Hello?" He says it in much the same way one would when wandering into a dark room that may be inhabited by a ghost. Or worse. His hand finally falls from the shell and Killian steps back. There's a broodiness to his features now, a bit dark and lacking much of his usual emotion. It isn't until Vira comes over and slaps him on the back that Killian snaps out of it. "Was it a doozy?" The glasscrafter earns a brief smile from Killian and a nod before they move onto other eggs. This time Killian makes for the Minimalist Egg.

< Killian touches egg 4 - Minimalist Egg >

"It is and it does," Thys replies to Teena, while keeping an eye on Killian. "Liked that one, did you?" It's hard to miss that smile! Then she turns her attention back to Teena, grinning. "I hadn't ever been on the Sands, or even to a Hatching before I was Searched and Impressed Rhenesath. It was mildly terrifying the first time being down here, but I did love touching the eggs, feeling all the different things in them… though you know, I didn't think Rhen would come from the egg she did. I was sure my dragon was in another."

"It was….interesting." Killian shoots a grin towards Thys. Though he doesn't quite say 'yes', his tone implies it. His attention returns to the egg at hand, and though it doesn't quite bring that look of pure joy to his features, the beast crafter's demeanor is certainly more relaxed. The tension in his back eases up slightly and he wiggles around a bit as if stretching some muscles. He's not quite done yet though. He'll ask for a bit more and reaches for the egg again.

< Teena leaves egg 3 - Come Away with Me Egg >

Teena doesn't approach any one certain egg now. She seems more content with asking Thys questions while she's not barking at Killian. "I bet you didn't expect her to be Gold either did you?" she wonders.

"Shardin' heck no, last thing on this planet I would've expected!" Thys snorts, shaking her head as if still not quite believing it. "Honestly? I'd thought maybe I'd be leaving with a nice blue, maybe a brown. Maybe even a green. Anything, really, but gold - and even Nyalle and Kayeth were surprised when she popped out." The 'she' in reference is curious about Killian, and leans over to watch him more closely as he touches her egg, big blue eye whirling above him.

Teena asks. "Does each color have their own personalities?" she glances from the gold to the brown.

"Not long…I guess….I think…." Killian's words start with confidence and eventually fade to confusion and absolute uncertainty. Still, there's a hint of a smile on his features and his attention is focused on something far beyond what was in front of him. It's then that the beastcrafter blinks and everything seems to come back into focus, much to his dismay. For a moment he remains a bit dizzy, and just happens to look up to see the gold's eyes looking down at him. "ah…" And thus the beastcrafter stumbles once more. Still no falling though. Luckily they've avoided a repeat of the burning butt incident for now. "Don't worry, I'm being perfectly gentle with the eggs." He'll spout some reassurance to the gold before seeking the egg once more.

Thys shakes her head. "No, not each colour. Each individual. You know how all of those eggs there are unique? They'll all grow into unique dragons, as different as they come. There's no point labelling any one colour with a specific personality, because it's as false as saying all Bitrans are bad." She smiles, while Rhenesath puffs a breath at Killian, content to keep watching him curiously. "Do you think you'll Impress, Teena?"

Teena's gaze slides over towards the Close Enough egg without realizing before she answers. "I think I Stand ( no pun intended ), as good a chance as anyone else. Perhaps this is why I ended up here." she looks thoughtful a moment. "Or perhaps not. But this candidacy is teaching me a lot more than I knew about riders before."

< Killian leaves egg 4 - Minimalist Egg >

Remember 2 seconds ago where Killian /didn't/ sit on the hot sands? Well, apparently that's about to be negated. There's no fall, just a gradual lowering to the ground before he's hastily back to his feet. Ouch. "I…." The question posed to him is met with a slight frown and shake of his head. "I don't know." The beastcrafter has never been a serious one. Thoughts of the future hardly enter his mind, so it's really no surprise that he can't quite say what his path is. As he steps away from the egg, there's another brief glance up to Rhenesath. "Am I your source of entertainment for today?" This time he'll make his way over to the Last Minute Egg.

< Killian touches egg 5 - Last Minute Egg >

"If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that everyone stands as good a chance as anyone else when they're down here." Thys taps the sand beneath her booted toe. "It's all luck, or whatever you want to call it. … Killian?" He's sitting… why? Thys stands up - but then he's on his feet again, while Rhenesath continues with her head-hovering above him. "She's keen on you, for some reason," the goldrider explains, with a bemused shrug. "Is she irking you? I'll ask her to stop, if you'd like."

Teena calls out helpfully. "Maybe he smells good." its a good enough thought on why she's so keen on the beast crafter. He could smell like lunch!

"Uh. Killian. Egg. Not really /that/ awesome. Um….it's hot? I don't know! I don't KNOW. I said I Don't. Know!" Killian seems bewildered at this egg and though he isn't shouting his words aren't quite a whisper either. He takes a step back to examine the egg and lets out a sigh. "A color. That's what it is. A color." There's a glance back over to Thys then and a shake of his head. "Nah, it's fine. Must be my devilishly handsome good looks!" For a moment it sounds serious, but then the beastcrafter is laughing at himself so it must be a joke. Or so one hopes. "I smell /amazing/." He'll go ahead and reach for the egg once more.

Does he smell good? Rhenesath takes a deep sniff of Killian's hair, then turns her head to snort. Take that as you will! "Rhenesath says he doesn't smell terrible," Thys explains, amused. "So, Teena… if you do find your lifemate here, have you given any thought to what you'd do with your life from then on? Which wing you'd like to fly with? If you'd travel Pern or not?"

"You're purple. There. Happy?" Killian rolls his eyes, though now there's a touch of amusement on his features. In fact, he'll even let out a quiet chuckle. "Do you even know what color is?" The question is followed by a tilt of the head, "Uh…kind of hard describe. I mean, there's sand…not that you know what that is. And people, which are other walking things like me. Oh, and your mom. She's like you only fifty times bigger." There's a brief glance upwards when Rhenesath sniffs and snorts. "And apparently she doesn't think I smell like a porine. Good enough for me!" There's another grin in Thys' direction before he touches the egg shell again.

Teena's eyes light up momentarily. "Travel Pern? Which wing would have duties to travel a lot?"

Thys leans in towards Teena. "Look," she says in a lowered voice, gesturing subtly towards Killian, "he's having a proper conversation with that one." Which she seems to find endearing, and she returns the lad's grin with a little finger-wave. "Teena, with a dragon you can travel anywhere, anytime, but if you're looking for a wing that lets you travel the most, then it'd have to be Haast. They have transport duty, so they could end up anywhere on Pern, any given day."

< Killian leaves egg 5 - Last Minute Egg >

"Not /on/ me, I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. Pretty good. And awesome. Well some things…look that was a /bet/ I couldn't very well back down!" Killian seems to be babbling at a mile a minute. "I uh….goodnight?" Killian has that same look of confusion for the egg for a brief second, but when he steps away from this one he's laughing. Just straight up laughter. "Faranth, this one…" There's one last glance over his shoulder for the egg before Killian moves away. He does a quick survey of the eggs before letting his gaze rest on the only one he hasn't visited. Probably. He's losing count. In any case, he wanders over to the Come Away with Me Egg and rests his hand on the shell.

< Killian touches egg 3 - Come Away with Me Egg >

Teena giggles a bit at Rhen's snort after sniffing the candidate. She glances towards said candidate who is indeed having a full conversation with the mess of colors egg. "Ooh, that one in there had so many questions. Which ever color comes out I think he'll be a handful." there's more than a touch of adoration in her tone when she speaks of the Last Minute Egg. "Haast wing?" another mental note is made. "Transport duty doesn't sound bad. What about the other wings?" she's not gotten into the Wings classes fully yet.

It's a terrible idea to stroke Killian's ego….which is exactly what this egg seems to be doing. "No no, not Queen. Either of those other two though." That cocky grin reappears on the beast crafter's features and he throws his shoulders back while lifting his chin. Oh yes, he could get used to this. Vira, upon seeing this display, rolls his eyes. "Sharding beastcrafter, I knew he'd get a big head with that one." Whatever the glass crafter said though isn't going to stop Killian from reaching for that egg again.

"Well, Haast is split between transport and crafting, so there's really two aspects to it," Thys explains. "Then there's Phoenix, which is my wing, where we do a lot of administration and diplomacy… not the most exciting stuff, if I'm honest. But, some people have the knack for it. And Thunderbird is our search and rescue wing. If you're looking for action, that's where you'll find it - though not every dragon is suited to it. Honestly? I thought I'd be in Haast. Actually, as it happens I work quite closely with the wing, as I do a good bit of Craft liaison within my role." She glances over to Killian, brows raised at the way he's talking to the egg. "He's pretty cute, huh? The way he's chatting away over there?"

"For the record, we'd probably look good in that other stuff too." This is Killian's first response and one can probably hear Vira's groan from across the room. A good number of the eggs today seem to have brought a child-like quality to the beastcrafter. This one is no exception. He's not 5 turns old, but the way he's got his chest puffed out with pride and he's kind of holding his hand on his hip might make it look that way. "You are a very very special future dragon." Killian nods at this egg, while Vira wanders over to Thys and Teena. "Don't let him hear you say that. He'll go on for days!"

Cedric also wanders over to listen to Thys explain the wings. "Thunderbird sounds more exciting than boring deliveries." he states with confidence. Teena wavers between the two though from her expression. "Maybe…but if you impress a small green though would be be able to do that kind of work?" she asks of Cedric. "Oh he is cute." is stated before a blush creeps along her neck. "I mean for chatting up the eggs." that's right, that's all she meant.

Thys chuckles at Vira. "Oh, don't you worry, I've got him pegged." She winks, and clicks her tongue in her cheek. Whatever grumpy mood she was in earlier seems to have melted away by now, as she's her chipper self once more. "Delivery work can require a lot of intelligence and problem-solving, Cedric, so I wouldn't dismiss it so quickly. As for whether a small green can handle certain things, Teena, well… have you seen R'yal's Livanyth? She's got the tiniest wings I've seen on a dragon, yet she does fine in search and rescue. Her stamina's not up to the bigger dragons', but everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The wingleaders play to that."

"What the…whoa whoa whoa don't look at th- -" Killian's words are cut off and he's suddenly making kissy faces in the air? Oh Faranth. "Good! Ah Faranth…I'll go get him in case he swoons or something." This from Vira who oh so graciously wanders over. "Ok ok, enough! C'mob, let go!" His words are clearly enough, but with the way the beastcrafter is wiggling around he's trying to get out of /something/. "Stop! No touch—there, better. Much better." There's a bit of a blush on his cheeks now and the tips of the beastcrafter's ears are red. "Uh, see you around…or something. I guess." His gaze lingers on the egg a moment more before he steps away, and right into Vira. "I think it liked me." Vira's response? A simple grunt.

Teena ponders that. "So the best way to find a wing then to to determine your strength and that of your dragon." Cedric makes a face as he watches Killian. "Is he…kissing? the air?" he evidently hasn't touched that particular egg egg.

"He… he is." Thys frowns over at Killian, while her cheeks flush a little more rosier than the Sands' heat already made them. "Goodness. That egg… did it make you do that, too, Teena?" She stands up, smoothes down her loose dress, and rests her hands on her hips. "Ah, right, boys and girl. Perhaps it's time you all head off to cool down a bit, hrm?" Maybe some of them need cold showers, after snogging the air.

Did someone say cool down? "Might not be a bad idea!" Killian is the one declaring this while Vira just rolls his eyes. "Yes, let me just go throw this one in the cold shower. Hopefully it'll deflate his ego as well." There are brief bows from both of them and a brief "Thank you." For Thys and Rhenesath before Vira is dragging Killian off. Mhm, a few buckets of cold water will do him well.

Teena doesn't answer that one for she may have kept her snogging on the down-low? She'll head off the sands also with Cedric at her side.

"You're welcome," Thys replies to the boys, before she goes back to work herself.

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