Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Winter is coming….NOT! In fact the weather outside is begining to ease up. It can't be called beautiful yet by any stretch of the imagination, but it is doing much better than it has been. With the first hints of the change of the seasons a certain blue dragon is also feeling a shift in himself. Soon the weather will warm and he will leave his dusty books behind and be fully alive once more. His rider can also feel it in his bones, and it certainly is pleasant. He too gets to be free of those dusty old tomes and is able to have his freetime back. C'rus sits at one of the tables with his dinner in front of him. Nothing even remotely exciting is happening, which is how he wants it. No patients needing his attention, and the hullabaloo of the weyr games over. Life returns to normal.

Lessening of winter can be felt by many. Kayeth has taken to the Sands and the atmosphere within the Weyr is good. Even with this supposed lack of fish. However, the youngest denizens of the weyr are a bit rambunctious too. So much so that the Harpers generally in charge of their lessons have set them loose early. Sorry! No point in trying to teach the youngsters if they're not focused. Most scatter back home or to their other chores, others go outdoors because cold or not a kid will still play but there's one who comes rushing into the living caverns and ducks under a nearby table. Just in the nick of time too, as two girls go skipping by, giggling to each other. Where'd their prey—-err, friend, go? They pause, searching and then move on down towards the lower caverns. Slowly, oh-so slowly, Kyzen's head pops up from under the table like a wary animal. Coast clear? Phew. Oh, this table is occupied! "Uh. Hello, Wingrider." C'rus wanted to be a shield, right? He also SAW NOTHING. Never mind that a nearly nine Turn old boy dove for cover just seconds prior. Ahem.

Ha'ze is purposeful as he moves through the caverns. He has an objective, a place to be, firmly set in mind. He's dressed for a winter excursion. But when he catches sight of C'rus (not noting Kyzen just yet…) Ha'ze's steps change, and instead, he's moving towards the bluerider. "C'rus. Enjoying your afternoon?" It's almost like REAL conversation.

Yes! After a long winter the children do seem to be out and about more. And the weyr seems to be chock full of them. So the passing of the giggling girls doesn't really catch his attention too much. Though the head of one of them emerging from under the table does catch his attention. He offers the young man a smile and motions with his head toward the young ladies that just passed by, "Let me guess. Trying to keep a very low profile huh?" After all it doesn't really get more low profile than under the table, "I'm sure they don't bite." he says with a chuckle. Ha'ze's arrival is likewise met with a similar amount of surprise, "So far so good. How are you?" he asks. You grab conversations with Ha'ze when you can C'rus has learned.

"What's a low profile?" Kyzen asks as the concept goes whizzing by his young naive mind and he frowns, puzzled by C'rus' words but intrigued as well. He snorts, "They do too bite! Girls are gross," he grumbles, blue eyes darting to be sure that even mentioning them hasn't brought them back. Feeling a little more safe, Kyzen will climb onto an empty section of the bench and further relieved when Ha'ze shows up. "Ha'ze!" he greets, since he knows the bronzerider and after a searching look, Kyzen's head tilts. "Going somewhere?"

"Keeping yourself from getting noticed- and C'rus, girls do bite." There's a smile on Ha'ze's lips though, that implies he's thinking of a different kind of bite then C'rus was implying. His eyes swing about a bit, now that he's noticed Kyzen, to make sure a particular bronzerider father isn't about. Or bluerider mother. "Yeah. C'rus, I need to get over to the Sea Hold. I don't suppose you have some time to give me a lift?"

"What he said…" C'rus responds to Kyzen as Ha'ze pretty much sums it up for them, "Though seriously Kyzen. They don't bite. But yeah…don't have to be around them if you don't want too." After all it is completely developmentally appropriate for Kyzen to want to hang out with the guys rather than the girls. He just shoots Ha'ze a look that says 'behave'. As to the other riders request, "What do you have to do all the way over there? Thats a good distance." He may as well gather a bit of info on what it is Ha'ze is up to before he fully consents to take him.

Neither Th'ero or Kimmila are about. Kyzen is on his own and likely to remain that way. No one really knows he's here, except for C'rus and Ha'ze and that suits the boy just fine. "Oh, I don't mind girls usually. Skydan— Sharaza is my friend and she's a girl," he informs C'rus. "But not like those girls." There's a difference, see? Kyzen perks up when Ha'ze mentions the Sea Hold, "Ooh, are you going to see why there's no fish?" he asks.

If Kyzen really wants to know about girls biting he'll have to come talk to Ha'ze when he's a few years older. The bronzerider will fill him in then. For now, he zips his lips and flashes a glance at Kyzen, almost like he's weighing if he ought to speak in front of the boy. A shrug, finally, and Ha'ze pulls out a much folded piece of paper and hands it over to C'rus. It's a letter from a trader, telling a 'Hazelon' that he has the information he wants, and a time and place to meet him at. "I've been hunting down a story," that's innocuous enough for Kyzen's ears, right? "and as you can see, that date is fast approaching. This letter took a detour getting to me."

C'rus takes a quick glance at the letter. There doesn't seem to be anything terribly amiss in it, other than someone using the riders old name, "I see." he says as he hands the letter back to him, "Do I dare even ask what story you are trying to track down?" After all there are so many things that C'rus really is much happier not knowing, but if he is going to give him a ride somewhere he becomes involved in whatever it is Ha'ze is up too. So…he turns back toward Kyzen, "Gotcha. Yeah. There are always going to be some folks you just doesn't want to hang out with. Girls or guys. Nothing wrong with that."

Kyzen probably will be coming to Ha'ze for advice at some point. Not yet, though. Right now friendships are friendships and his interests lie in childish things and dreams, too young to really grasp the complexities of the world. "Yeah, I guess not. But they weren't listening so I had to hide to lose them." Kyzen mutters to C'rus, but his attention drifts back to Ha'ze and then the exchange between the two riders. While he doesn't understand the crypticness behind it, the word 'story' and 'stories' perk his interest further. "That sounds like fun! You guys are lucky, to go find stories. I'm not allowed to leave the weyr." On his own, that is. Which reminds him… "… Ha'ze, weren't we gonna go somewhere?"

One would be sadly surprised about what nine-year-olds know about. :( YouTube sucks. Except, this is Pern, so Kyzen gets to be innocent a LITTLE LONGER. "It's easier to hide sometimes then try to talk to people who will not listen." That comment slips out without any particular connection to it and to whatever Ha'ze is referring to. Maybe he's still talking about girls? Instead he looks down at Kyzen, "Not in the winter." Sorry kid, there's a slightly apologetic look to his face, with hints of 'maybe never again'. The last set-to with Kyzen's parents left a bad taste. "It shouldn't be dangerous C'rus, just a bit of information that I've been missing."

Dangerous isn't really what C'rus is all that concerned about, though given Ha'ze's previous adventures one never really knows for sure, "What sort of information?" he presses. If he is going to be a taxi he's going to make sure things are all on the up and up. While Ha'ze mulls that over he smiles to Kyzen, "Smart move. Loads of people have problems listening." If the healer were to keep a list it would be long indeed, "Pleanty of stories to be found out around here too Kyzen. In fact I'd wager that some of them were better than the stuff that is out there." he motions toward the door, "Besides. I imagine your dad will start taking you out more and more and showing you all kinds of cool things."

Just for a little longer but even Kyzen can't remain young and oblivious forever. "Yeah, I'm starting to prefer hiding." he admits to Ha'ze, even though the subtle referral goes right over his head. He had no idea that the bronzerider had been talked to by his parents. Key word: HAD. Something in Ha'ze's tone has Kyzen's eyes narrowing in suspicion. "They talked to you, didn't they?" he asks bluntly and yes, he's disgruntled and for good reason! Somehow it's hard to take Kyzen seriously even when the boy is rapidly going from cheery to downright surly in a matter of seconds. Totally his father's temper and his mother's stubbornness (and his father's too). Kyzen snorts and fixes C'rus with a grumpy look. "Yeah, right." Sorry, skeptical kid is skeptical. "He's the reason I didn't learn to hunt until last summer, still can't and I can't even ride a shardin' runner!" But he can swear! Yay? "Sharaza laughed at me." Grump.

"You have to talk to them Kyzen." Ha'ze is serious. As he looks upwards Ha'ze catches sight of someone HE is attempting to avoid. "I'll see you later C'rus." He's taking her for granted. Oops? And then he's gone.

It seems the way of Ha'ze to just vanish like that. Oh well! He'll have to get the story out of him some other time. Hopefully when there aren't younger ears around that might gather too much from whatever it is that Ha'ze is holding back. Now he can rest his full attention on Kyzen, "I'm serious…there are lots of stories to be had around the weyr. Loads and loads of gossip. Trust me on this. I have a gossipy dragon." He does feel for the lad though. It must be hard having Th'ero as a dad for more than one reason, "You sat down and talked to him about how you want to spend more time with him?" he asks. Couldn't hurt to ask right?

"Talking doesn't work if they don't listen!" Kyzen counters Ha'ze but the bronzerider is gone and the boy resumes his sulking. C'rus' words about gossip around the weyr do little to perk up his mood. "It's not so much the stories. I know there's a lot here but what if I wanna go out there!" He swings his arms out wide to indicate everywhere else but Fort. "I used to go on trips but not so much anymore and I do spend time with my father. Almost every day. Doesn't count! I'd like to just DO stuff myself and not be told I can't."

Ahh the wish of every young person! To do what they want went they want and not be told no. If they actually did that they probably wouldn't make it to adulthood most times, "And what do you imagine is out there?" he asks with a smile.

Kyzen smirks, "Lots of things I can't find or discover being stuck here!" he smartly fires back at C'rus, regardless that he's a Wingrider. "I'm not stupid, I know there's dangers but it'd be nice to be able to do things! Like go with the hunters or… or go up the trails to the rivers and creeks and fish. I can fish!" By the sounds of it, in a nutshell, the boy is bored. Lessons are no longer enough to keep him satisfied — if anything they're making him even more restless. His chores he finds too bland and routine.

C'rus isn't offended in the least by the boy being forthright in what he wants. He's just being a kid, "Alright then." he says seriously, "I think that what you need to do is talk to your parents about taking on more responsibilities. That might get you more of what you are seeking. Now it will be work mind you, but if you show them that you are trustworthy and that you will do what you say you will do…then you might have a shot at getting more free time outside of the weyr. You could sit them both down at dinner some night and have a serious discussion about it. I think your parents would respect that. Though if you just nag them constantly….they aren't likely to listen. But your dad…and.." Faranth help the boy, "…your mother will respect you wanting to take on more responsibilities."

Kyzen will listen but how much of that is actually absorbed and retained is a very good question. If anything, he looks skeptical to the blue rider's advice. "You really think that'll work? If I ask for more stuff to do and be responsible… it may get them to let up on me? They already ask a lot," he grumbles. "Always gotta behave and speak right and politely. I don't see them being so tough on Elladyr and Aranthi." Never mind that his twin siblings are only three Turns old.

"There is only one way to find out isn't there?" the blue rider asks, "Because what you are doing right now isn't working for you. Might as well try a different method. I think they will respect you for it." Life is so not fair when you are young, "I'm sure that your siblings will get all the same lectures as you did as they grow. I'm sure of it." Because lets face it Th'ero and Kimm are nothing if not persistant, "I think if you can show them that you can be polite and behave they will let you do more. It's just how grownups think. It shows them that you are ready to take that next step. It probably won't happen as fast as you want it to though."

"I guess," Kyzen admits reluctantly and his brows furrow as he does his best to absorb everything C'rus tells him. Eventually he just slumps forwards, arms crossed over the table's edge and he rests his chin on his arms. His next words are half muffled as he sulks and broods. "I don't think it'll do anything." Thanks for trying? "I'll try but… they'll probably just say what all the other grown ups say. 'You're the Weyrleader's son, you can't do that…'" He mutters in a sing-song voice. Ugh.

C'rus had a rocky relatonship with his dad. At least in this case he knows that Th'ero really cares for the boy, "It does suck that you have to put up with that. Having a parent in a position of power means everyone watches you and expects more out of you than they probably should." he says commiserating with the boy, "Your dad tries really hard, but he can't really shield you from that. He has alot of attention placed on him that I'm sure he doesn't want too. Just doesn't probably talk about it…" Because well…it's Th'ero, "There are alot of downsides to being in charge of something. It doens't mean you get to do what you want." In fact it actually means you get much less freedom.

Kyzen lifts his chin up off his crossed arms and wrinkles his nose, "So why do folks take these positions? I know the Weyr needs a Weyrwoman and Weyrleader but if it's so bad, why do it? I don't get it why it matters who my father is. I'm NOT my father," he grumbles. "And if I want to go out and hunt or fish or just… have FUN, I don't see the bad in that."

C'rus asks himself that same question alot. He shrugs his shoulders, "I think they do it out of a sense of duty." At least he's never figured Th'ero for a power hungry man, "They do it because they think they can do a good job. And honestly because sometimes it gets dropped in thier laps. Either way I suppose." He can't help but smile as the boy affirms he isn't his father, "No you aren't. You are going to be your own man. But even then it will reflect back on your dad. Believe me I've heard the argument a million times. My dad was the same way." No his dad was probably worse than Th'ero when it came to things like this, "I think your dad wants you to be yourself."

Th'ero is Weyrleader because Velokraeth keeps snaring the senior Queen and he steps into the role because yes, he does feel it's his duty but he approaches it with respect. Power was never something he wants and he rarely, if ever, abuses it. All of this however is way over Kyzen's comprehension, beyond the understanding that his father's bronze caught the Weyrwoman's gold and thus his father is Weyrleader. No ifs, ands or buts. Just how Weyrlife is. "If they want me to be myself then they should just let me DO things! It's not like I'm a baby anymore. I'll be nine soon!" Six more Turns and he'll be considered an adult by Pernese society. "So what'd you do then if your father did the same stuff?"

"I took up a profession that would take me away from home as fast as it was allowed." C'rus says giving him the honest answer, "It got me away, gave me a place to live and work I genuinely enjoy." More about his family he is unlikely to say, considering they have for all intents and purposes disowned him. His dragon, weyrmate and clutchsiblings are the only family he has now, "Yeah. You aren't a baby. It's true. But while you live at home you still have to do as they say. Like you said…you don't have long to wait."
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Kyzen frowns and for the first time he's silent for a moment. "Dunno if I'd wanna go away. Not yet, anyways. I wanna try to Stand for a clutch if the dragons think I'm good enough to be Searched. If that doesn't work though, I thought about the Guards." Because THAT will go over well with his parents! HA. "Guess I'll listen then and try what you said."

C'rus hadn't thought that the young man would want to leave home, "Yeah. Things are pretty good at home. I could see where you'd want to stay." He listens to the young man's career asperations and nods, "There are all sorts of options available as you grow. You may even find something that you want to do even more than those things." It wouldn't shock C'rus at all if the boy was searched some day. Not one bit, "You have pleanty of time life to do all kinds of cool things and enjoy being young. Even if you have a dad and mom that are on your case all the time."

Kyzen's mood seems to perk up a bit now. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm only three Turns off being old enough to Stand as a Candidate. Lots of time to think!" He could also Apprentice at that age but… he's not really thinking that in-depth. Glancing towards the living cavern entrance, he'll slide off his seat on the bench. "I better go… before those girls come back. They've probably figured out by now I'm not down there."

C'rus nods his head to the young man, "Yep. All the time in the world to think." He'd certainly encourage anyone to do a great deal of thinking before choosing to stand, but that is a topic for another time, "Good luck with that Kyzen. I hope you can keep evading them and maybe even find something fun to do with the rest of your day." he says as he waves the young man off, "But remember what I said. Talk to your mom and dad about how you are looking for more responsibility, and then show them you are worthy of it."

Kyzen smiles and pauses long enough to return C'rus wave. "Thanks for your help! I'll try it…" Even if he remains doubtful. It's better than nothing! Off the boy scurries and not a moment too soon does he disappear that his "friends" return, looking a touch disappointed in losing their quarry. Kyzen wins this time!