Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Early evening heralds the start of the dinner crowd filtering into the Living Caverns. Though as of yet there are still quite a few seats left open to those seeking a meal. Since her table bumpy arrival, Gabriela is becoming a common face in the crowds that bustle around the Weyr. What is notably uncommon is the way the young woman jumps at the simple dropping of a plate in her vicinity. Head whipping around, she eyes the plate dropper suspiciously and then scans the crowd all around her. The tiny woman slips around a group to snitch a mug of klah before making a beeline for a darkened corner of the Caverns. Doing her best to choose a seat where no one is able to sneak up behind her. For all intents and purposes Gabby looks hunted or perhaps haunted by something.

New lesson for Gabriela to learn: double check those shadowy corners. Why? Because she's not the only one who seeks them out. In fact, tonight's 'guest' is the Weyrleader himself. He's forgone his usual seat on the raised dias and has planted himself in the darkened corner of the caverns. With his dark hair and taste in dark clothing (doesn't help that Fort's colours are black and brown) he may blend in… or at least sit still long enough to give the illusion of not being there. Could she be distracted enough not to see him? Th'ero will otherwise be "cruel" enough to wait until she's seated before he speaks up… in a low, almost murmured voice. "Hello again."

Abigail likes those corners that allow her to see the room, especially in places she doesn't know well. Though this, this is home so she is't too worried over that thought. She is moving on into the cavern giving her jacket a slight shake in the process and there is a pause to push a bit of red curly hair back from her face. Onwards thouh after that to get herself a drink.

Gabriela is so busy making sure nobody shady is following her to her seat that she fails to pay attention to the fact that someone may already be lurking there. Thankfully Th’ero allows her to claim a seat and set the hot klah down before he speaks. Else the klah would likely have been launched at the poor man. When the greeting issues from a seeming shadow, the klah remains on the table, though Gabby shrieks and flails backward. Her chair upending and spilling her arse over teakettle into the floor. Clearly the little woman is a tad jumpy. “Who in the shell!?!” Righting herself there on the floor she glares at a pair of boots and follows them upward to Th’ero. “Oh! It’s /you/.” She sounds none too pleased about it but her tone still holds grudging respect. “Hello again yourself.”

Well it looks to be an eventful evening already and dinner has hardly even begun! Th'ero has had worse than hot klah thrown at him (don't ask) but what he wasn't expecting was for Gabriela to topple backwards quite so spectacularly. It also means eyes and heads turn their way and there's a considerable lull in conversation… so much for being hidden! The Weyrleader is quick to get to his feet and come to the young woman's aid, walking around the table and crouching beside her. "You expected someone else?" Th'ero drawls before holding out a hand with a grimace that could almost be considered apologetic. "Are you alright?" Abigail hasn't been spotted yet as the Weyrleader is keeping his focus on Gabriela for now — and probably ignoring the curious looks from other patrons.

Abigail is picking up a mug of klah and even about to take a sip from it when she hears the chair fall and the yelp, yell, whathave you that grabs her attention. She looks over towards the movement and lifts a brow while she turns to move that way. A curious look is sent to Th'ero and then to the woman. "Everything alright Weyrleader?" Well just in case she missed something, might as well wander over to check and see what she can do to help.

Lucy has been bustling generally about the caverns, straightening, tidying, wiping down tables. She's finally come to a stop in front of the slate and is in the process of adding in a few last-minute meal items (complete with elaborate curlies and swirlies) when Gabriela gets the flails. The woman's shriek brings an answering startled squeep from Lucy, though at least she keeps her feet. Then there's a torrent of words, mainly for the jumpy woman. "What's going on? Are you okay? Did you spill? Should I get a rag?"

Excuse the small moppet with curled hair all askew. Gabriela unfortunately is having a rough time of it lately. "Dreading more than expecting in all honesty." She has yet to turn in the thief who took her note. Terrified to draw attention to herself from the actual owner of said note. "I think I'm alright. At least the chair wasn't moving when I fell." Falling out of a moving wagon is not recommended folks! Do NOT do that. Slipping her teeny hand into his she manages a nervous smile. Dark chocolate eyes sweep the people now staring at her. From her point of view the gazes of Abigail and Lucy are akin to pins in a bugs wings. Gabby feels like a specimen. "Did my klah spill? I hope not." Her lips twist wryly as she attempts to shift to her feet to find out. "Sorry everyone.. I.." she sighs heavily, "I've just been a little frightened of late. So I spooked easy. All my fault." Who would lay blame on the Weyrleader after all? Not it! Not going there.

"I think everything's alright. Seems I was just a little too quiet while sitting at my spot by the corner," Th'ero informs Abigail with a faint smile and a brief sidelong look to the Wingleader that soon transfers to Lucy. "Nothing spilled and no injuries save to pride, I'd say. Thank you though, for your concern." So formal, so… stiff. Not unusual for him, but he's giving Lucy a curious look. Has he seen her before? He can never keep the kitchen help straight. Soon though Gabriela's gained his focus again and he'll offer her his hand once more. "Let me help you up." Least he can do! Only she's gone and said a few words that stick out and have him frowning. Frightened? "Has something happened to frighten you?" Uh oh.

Abigail lifts a brow while peering at Gabriela a moment. "I see… Looks like yer scared of something or someone for certain." She will let Th'ero do the helping up bit, hey he is closering. "I think yer drink be still there, don't see nothing spilled."

Lucy has been hovering (figuratively) near the menu board, anxiously awaiting word on the state of the klah, and is just about to go check on it herself when Th'ero replies. "Oh good. Thank you. Uh, Weyrleader," when the manners catch up, because she's at least been around long enough to know who he is. She adds a nod to Abigail and turns briefly to let Gabriela get herself settled and to rub out the word 'pie' on the slate with the frown of a discerning artiste and rewrite it more fancily, dotting the 'i' with a heart.

“Thank you,” Gabriela accepts the help and gains her feet. Eyeballing her Klah gratefully for it still being in the mug where she’d unceremoniously left it. “It’s a long story really.” She fidgets with her skirt and sets herself to rights once more. “I suppose I’m silly for being frightened. But where I come from when you fail to have something folks expect you to be in possession of.. well it can be messy.” The Dealyr clan tends not to mess around with business. “You see I was given a note to deliver but some cocky jerk stole it from me. And now.. well I don’t have the note to deliver anymore like I was supposed to.”

Th'ero dips his head politely first to Lucy and then to Gabriela when she's firmly back on her feet. Lifting his hand, he gestures for the young woman to reclaim her seat. "Join us, Abigail?" he offers, while also extending the gesture and offer to Lucy without thinking it could be possibly awkward for the kitchen help. Unless… he's seeking to ask her something? Who knows. He's a strange, strange man. "I can imagine," Th'ero's answer is neutral at best as he slides back into his seat but he's giving Gabriela a lingering look. Who is this woman? Even as he settles, he is listening and from his deepening frown he doesn't like what he hears. "You were stolen from? Have you reported this to Captain Breshir?" Don't mind him either as he glances to Abigail, who just so happens to be Wingleader of Thunderbird. She hear of this?

Abigail eyes Gabriela a moment while she sits down at the table. "Thank ye sir." She sips at her drink pondering a question. "I haven’t hard nothing dealing with this yet Sir… Though I do suggest the gal tell her tale now that she has brought it up to us. If there is a thief around then we need to deal with 'em."
Maybe it should be awkward for the kitchen help, but maybe no one's told Lucy that yet. At any rate, she finishes up with the menu board, leans back with her arms crossed to make sure she's got it right, adds a loopy flower to the top corner and then heads over to the others. Perhaps she can't hang out, exactly, but she can totally wipe this table in the near vicinity as she listens to the sordid tale of the stolen note.

Gabriela eyes the little group right back for a moment before finally subsiding into her chair once more. Here’s hoping she remains in it this time eh? “Captain who?” She turns baffled eyes upon Th’ero. It is obvious she has no idea whom she would report a theft to. “Never met ‘im. Not real interested in causing a ruckus and drawing even more attention to myself.” More attention may equal recognition from some passing Reachean infiltrating the Weyr on nefarious purposes. She has no intention of that happening ever in life. This is home now or as close as she’s likely to find. “This elder man approached me a few days back with a sealed message for a fellow named Hazelon and asked me to deliver it. But I looked high and low and couldn’t pin the guy down anywhere.” She sips her klah and turns thoughtful. How much to tell is the question. “I met some Rider of Kainaesyth who outright stole the message sayin’ he’d get it to this Hazelon fellow. But I have no proof of it. And what if this Hazelon person comes a lookin for his stuff an’ I haven’t got it?!” She trails off in near tears for her failure.

Th'ero nods his head in agreement, his eyes briefly tracking Lucy's approach but he is soon turning his head back to face Gabriela. "Breshir is Captain of the Guards. Most weyrfolk know to report to him or any Guards to report a theft. Don't tolerate thievery here… especially not within the Weyr walls." he drawls with a faint smirk. "I'd not worry about causing a ruckus." Kind of a bit late for that now, isn't it? The Weyrleader is aware of the situation which means he's going to pry as much as he can out of Gabriela… only she does a very good job at spilling it all out for them. Brows lift from that frown to something akin to bewildered and his eyes dart to Abigail, then back to Gabriela. That neutral mask Th'ero always keeps? Is cracking. It starts with a twitch at the corner of his mouth and then a snort that sounds like a choked back chortle. Ahem. Probably not good if he breaks out into laughter with Gabriela near to tears… oh who is he kidding? That's how things ALWAYS end up! "I'd, uh… not worry yourself too much about it Gabriela. I've a feeling that that message has reached it's intended target." Will he blow Ha'ze's cover wide open? Not yet.

Abigail curiously watches Gabriela as she gos through the tale and lifts a brow looking surprized to say the least. "Hazelon?" Is questioned to make sure she did hears the other right. "I'm curious… How did he steal the message from ye? Just snag is off yer person or some other means?" Oh this is interesting. Right now she is talking to Niumdreoth to go about poking Kainaesyth to try and see if any of this is true at the moent. A curious look is sent to Th'ero and she shrugs a bit, she has no clue, none.. For a Wingleader she is a bit clueless when it comes to Ha'ze, so what if they have an onagain offagain relationship it seems.

"What kind of name is Hazelon?" is Lucy's unhelpful contribution to the conversation. She perches herself on the table edge, one foot braced against the floor. Is Th'ero /laughing/? How rude. Lucy bites her own lip to keep from giggling, though it's pretty unlikely that she can be in on the joke.

Gabriela is not your average weyrfolk so to speak. In the Caravan she’d have complained to her foster Mom. Well before the lovely woman had up and died on her anyway. “It does me no favors living in a Weyr to snitch on the Riders now does it?” That doesn’t make good business sense. Granted that seems to be exactly what she is currently doing, but she hasn’t thought it through past venting. She slowly turns her mug in circles while glaring at the liquid within. “How do I know that?!” Her eyes snap from the klah to Th’ero before narrowing thoughtfully. “Are you certain this Rider fellow is trustworthy for such a thing? Because I’ll be real upset if I have to take my gitar back apart to even the trade again.” Is he about to laugh? Dude! This is no laughing matter. Well she has no idea why it would be a laughing matter. Her attention flickers to Abigail and she has the grace to blush. “I kind of wasn’t wearing the article of clothing in which I’d secreted the message.” Who is she kidding she hadn’t been wearing clothes at all! That much is obvious from the expression on her face.

"Riders aren't above the law, even if some may think they are," Th'ero calmly replies and with a faint smirk curving his lips. Lucy's contribution has him looking up again and over his shoulder to her and yes, he was almost laughing but he's regain control now — sort of. There's a flicker of amusement somewhere, mixed in with a whole mess of other emotions. "Hazelon is an old name and one he hasn't gone by for sometime. Which is why you couldn't find him, I'm afraid Gabriela." Abigail's question is a good one and he'll fall silent to mull over the whole situation while the young woman answers, weathering that snapping look with another one of his smirks. Clothing? He coughs and now looks a touch uncomfortable… "Ah, well. To ease your concerns, I'm afraid you've been fooled for whatever reason. Kainaesyth's rider is Ha'ze… formerly Hazelon. So your message reached it's person." Only he decided to play a little game with her first. Now Th'ero looks almost sympathetic to Gabriela for having to enlighten her. "No theft, no thief. Just a poor taste in jokes…"

Abigail huffs a bit as she hears Gabriela. "Riders are not above the law." There are two riders saying that so that must be true! She is just eyeing Gabriela at the restand a brow is lifting. A faint frown is seen and she finds herself just eyeing Gabriela for a few long moments, truly longer then she had planned and her shoulders lower a touch while her fingers grip at the mug. Oh yeah she figures out rather well what that meant about the clothing bit, even more so with the other blushing. It is honestly a good thing Th'ero is there to carry the conversation along forit seems at the moment the brownrider isn't too interested to offer up much in the way word to keep the conversation going.

Lucy is concentrating very hard on a spot on the tabletop she is perched upon, avoiding th'ero's gaze though a quiet whuff of sound coming from her direction when he reveals the trick might be a strangled giggle. She follows it up quickly though with an authentic, "Guy sounds like a real ass."
Gabriela favors Th’ero and Abigail with a disbelieving expression but she refuses to argue the point about Riders and the law. Somehow she doubts that Riders aren’t given favoritism in such matters and that leaves her soundly coming out on the losing end. The longer the Weyrleader speaks however the more Gabby’s expression morphs. She had started this day jumpy and fearful and is about to end it ready to stake Ha’ze out for the wildlife. “You. Are. Kidding Me.” She pronunciates each word in a mixture of disbelief and anger. Pardon her for not registering Abigail’s sudden discomfort. She is very new and very naive of any inner workings amongst the Riders. “So you’re telling me that he conned me with that business of trading scar stories and stealing from me, just to tumble me? When he could have easily laid claim to his property and THEN tumbled me?!” It isn’t like she wasn’t willing and Riders by rumor are largely unattached. Right? Oh dear.

Th'ero is lucky in the fact that he has no drink to nurse right now or he may have choked on it several times by now with the way this encounter is going. "He IS an ass," he mutters in reply to Lucy again, though his eyes linger on Abigail. He's seen how quiet she's gone and there's a silent 'we'll talk later' in his gaze. Last thing he needs is his Wingleader compromised because Ha'ze can't keep his pants on. "In a nutshell…? Yes. He could've." Cue another clearing of his throat. "And I apologize that you seemed to have been snared in all of this for whatever reasons." No, the Weyrleader isn't so amused anymore. Ha'ze won't only have Abigail and Gabriela to run from, but Th'ero as well. Might be that he has it in mind to go hunt the bronzerider down this very second as he's pushing to his feet again and straightening his clothes. "If you ladies will excuse me? I've some business to attend to." It won't be awkward at ALL leaving Abigail and Gabriela alone, right?

Abigail is anything from compromised though, upset? Well yes but honestly she knows this said of Ha'ze as well.. A faint sigh finally escapes her at the rest and she eyes the drink a moment. She culd use something stiffer then klah though. The look from Th'ero is noted, a half nod is given, sure they can talk about it later. The words from Gabriela do reach her and she is smirking a touch. "His an ass… But has good qualities at times." Very few times it would seem.

Lucy lets out a long low whistle. "Guess I'll be keeping an eye out for anyone wanting to trade scar stories then. Can't imagine any so impressive as I'd want to throw my clothes off though." She doesn't have a handle on the dynamics here either, but she clearly also doesn't care. There's an easily discernable yell of "LUCY!" from the kitchen areas and the girl slides off the table. "Gotta run. An ass is an ass." That last part is for Abigail as the cook's helper makes her way by and back into the kitchen inferno.

“You can say /that/ again,” Gabriela is in total agreement that Ha’ze is an ass. Though for apparently different reasons than the others. Granted if she knew he was a cheater on top of being a liar and a thief she may well have more than words to say to him. “Of all the low down dirty underhanded things to do to a person! Why’d he have to leave me scared like that? He knew I was scared!” And that makes her want HIM scared. She looks around the group with sorrowful eyes. “All I wanted was to earn the fret for my gitar nice and even.” And do a solid for the elder man who pretty much given her the fret for couriering the message. “Good qualities?” Gabby looks at Abigail a moment before shrugging. “I suppose he’s a good tumble an’ all. But I’m not sure much else about him is good. An’ I get my hands on him next he may not be good at tumbling for a time.” From the way her foot is twitching she’s picturing it aimed right at the Rider’s crotch. “I’m guessing he’s a friend of yours,” she says to Abby. Which.. wow, talk about understatement! “So I’m sorry to unload like this on everyone.” She glances in the direction Th’ero had gone. “I’ve been wound up ever since though just waiting to get staked out for being stupid enough to let that note slip from my fingers.”

Th'ero hasn't quite left yet as he's busy sliding his riding jacket on. He's got to find his weyrmate and see if he can't bum a ride off of her and her blue as Velokraeth stubbornly won't go far with 'his' eggs on the Sands. He's as doting and protective as the golds! Now he does give Gabriela a sympathetic and apologetic look, "Don't let this jade you on us Fortian riders. We're not all like Ha'ze. I'll have to have some words with him on his… ethics." Right. "Perhaps we'll talk again too, Gabriela. Clear skies, both of you." With Lucy's parting comment, the Weyrleader snorts and shakes his head. Oh, what an evening this has been! Off he goes, heading for the stairwell that leads up to the offices and the stone arc bridge, lost to his own thoughts and plotting.

Abigail glances after Th'ero and then looks back to Gabriela whom gets a long look. "I'm not to sure what we are anymore." Is finally answered to Ha'ze and her being friends. She has defended Ha'ze on so much, so many turns she's been at his side and this seems to be a breaking point for her for some reason. Perhaps because she didn't plan on coming face to face with someone he slept with? They did make a deal not to have relations in the Weyr and… Here she is needing to deal with it none the less. When she was younger she ould be more into getting mad, now she just keeps it to herself. Which is /worse/ then letng out what she wants. "We have an on-again off-again relationship… Ha'ze and I." No point in hiding it now, why should she when Ha'ze does /this/. "He does have good qualities just… Goes about showing it the wrong way." Once more she is trying to defend him.

That man and shadows! It should be a crime! Gabriela starts but remains in her seat this time when Th’ero’s voice issues forth once more. She would have sworn he was gone, but nope apparently not yet. “I’ll see how it goes,” she says grudgingly about becoming jaded about Fortian riders. “I’m not much for randomly tumbling men anyhow. He just got under my skin.” And now she has an itch! Need antibiotics for that? No, just some heavy objects to throw! “Just set him right about lying to folks like that! It ain’t right!” This time her eyes track the Weyrleader to the stairwell and even then she glances over her shoulder to be certain. Yep he’s actually gone. Abigail’s words fall on the small woman’s ears, Gabby really is listening for all the twisting about. “Scuse me?” Relationship?! “You tellin’ me you’re his woman and here I am talking about nailing him?” Her eyes are wide and incredulous. “Oh hell! Ma’am I sure am sorry.” Gabby really isn’t a horrible sort. Really. “I’d never have.. If I’d known.. I just..” she hangs her head in shame, “I didn’t know. I thought Rider types played stuff loose and the like. It’s what everyone always says of them. And from what I’ve ever seen it’s true. So I never dreamed.”

Abigail lifts a finger up slightly. "An open relationship… One where I knew what he… would do. Just never around the Weyr…" So he said, she was hoping he could that simple promise to her but it seems that even fails him. "I suppose I see another side of Ha'ze that no one does." As for the rest well she shrugs a moment. "It is what it is… Can't change itnow can ye?" At the bit on riders she smirks. "No, not in the least. Many of us take up Weyrmates and only evr have a relation with someone during flights." Unless they are like Ha'ze it seems.

“We weren’t /at/ the Weyr,” Gabriela is careful and admittedly soft spoken now. A growing rage is tearing up her stomach, but she tries not to let that part show. “I’d hiked on out to the Tavern in search and he talked me into a room out there.” So technically he kept the promise, save for having tumbled someone who lives here too. “If he hadn’t lied to me about who he was I’d never have thought a thing of it and gone on with life.” After all sex happens sometimes. It isn’t like he changed her world or something so clingy. She crosses her arms on the table top and considers the idea that Riders take up together. “That actually makes more sense than what people tend to say about the lot of you.” She grew up in a wagon all over and back. Seen a lot of things, but she is innocent of others. “Me I couldn’t be bothered to be tied to one man forever. Or I’d have stayed on where I came from.”

Abigail ponders that it seems, a soft sigh is soon heard. "Suppose then if it was out of the Weyr that is a different story." Well to some degree. Abbey is quiet now looking into her empty mug. "It works out for some riders.." Some don't get that luck, like herself it seems. The brownrider slowly shifts standing and picks up her mug. "I am sorry that this happened to ye. I certainly hope that Th'ero and myself will show that the Riders here are better then.. Ha'ze.." There is a touch of sadness in her gaze before it is quickly gone, she is god at hiding her emotions honestly. Perhaps another Fortein rider trait? "If ye would excuse me, I have to check on my children." That and go find something stiff to drink.

Gabriela finds herself also defending Ha’ze and it churns her belly to do it. But if it lightens the burden she’d unknowingly caused it’s worth it. “I’d never hurt another woman on purpose.” It goes against her grain. “If it were possible I’d ask you to forget about this. But I’m a woman too. So I’ll do my level best to stay out of your way Ma’am.” No sense in rubbing salt in an open would. “Least for a time. Maybe one day you’ll tolerate me.” Abigail will be the one doing the approaching though. Gabby feels she has caused enough damage. She stays rooted to her chair with her hands in a choke hold around her klah. The drink has gone as cold as her feelings about now. “You have as decent a night as you can manage. And I’ll do my best not to maim your man.” She might not succeed in that effort as she’d like to strangle him. For a long while Gabby sits there staring at her cold klah and pondering. Wavering between humiliation, sorrow, and rage.