Who I'am, Kezresan
What I'am and Kezresan talk over breakfast. Or something…
When Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2716
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's another chilly, winter morning. Nothing unusual for the area, though perhaps the snow is a bit heavier than it has been. Kezresan has no need to be outside, yet he's keep scarf and jacket close at hand; draped over a chair as he heads for the enticing aroma of breakfast laid out and ready for acquisition. He comes away with a modest and eclectic assortment of item, and a steaming mug of Klah, settling everything on the table in front of him before taking a seat and digging in. No files brought with him this morning, though by attire alone it's clear where he's assigned; infirmary scrubs and the knot of a journeyman Healer mark him plain enough.

I'am comes down to the living cavern, dressed in his purple flight leathers but the jacket unzipped at the present. Ready for the day of patrols, but not before he gets a decent meal into him. The bluerider heads first for the Klah pot to get some wakeup juice into him before filling up his breakfast plate and finding a seat that ends up near the healer. His mate having a sleepin for an afternoon shift today. There is a glance over to the man, tilts his head at the knot, "Ah the new healer?" He asks and extends a hand over to him, "Welcome to the weyr. Krav said he had a new blood to work with."

With nothing to occupy his attention, no charts or books to read, Kezresan has resorted to people-watching; dark brown eyes following the growing crowd with mild interest that is interrupted by fleeting glances to his plate so that he can unerringly direct his fork toward egg, or fruit, or sausage, or veggies. He's just taken a bite when I'am joins him, and he uses the momentary silence necessary for chewing to take in the purple leathers and (probably) get over the minor shock of it. Unusual, to be sure. A swallow, and he reaches for his Klah with his free hand. "Suppose I'm that," he offers, for being the new healer. It's not terribly dry or sarcastic, though there's a hint of something in the tone that pushes it out of the realm of 'flat and neutral'. "I don't know who Krav is," he admits without apology. "Or who you are." And while this might be where normal people go about introducing themselves, Kez just sits. And waits. Expectantly.

I'am notices the look of his leathers and he leans back in his seat, "Aren't they grand? Just my favourite color…it was a graduation gift from some friends." Yep I'am is friendly in the face of this neutrality. "Oh Kravitz, he is a journeyman healer too. Now he has been working the afternoon and evening shifts of late. Hoping he will get back on the regular roster soon. I hardly get a moment with him right now!" And so he starts to dig into his meal until the request for introduction is asked for, "Oh yes, sorry about that.." He extends a hand, with calloused fingers."I am I'am. Rider of Toskavath and Apprentice Harper Extroadinaire!" He gives in a flourish of words.

"Certainly unique," decides Kezresan, and his tone conveys honesty if a bit of dryness. It's not disapproval, but it's clearly not his first choice of colors. And in the face of all that friendliness, there's a hint of a smile. He's not opposed to people; there's just an awkwardness that hangs around him like a cloak. Best efforts are given to be amiable at least, and so when the full name and explanation is given for who 'Krav' is, there's a quiet, "Ah," and a nod of his head as he turns toward his plate. "I've probably seen him," he decides before a mouthful of food shuts him up. But there's at least a glance in I'am's direction that indicates conversation is not being snubbed. Hand offered, and Kez is quickly swallowing his food, putting down his fork and handing over his own; firm grip and rough skin. "Journeyman Kezresan," offered simply, with an eyebrow lifted for the 'harper extraordinaire'. "Is that an official title?" Pause. "It doesn't sound like an official title."

"Yep, one of a kind." I'am responds with a stroke of a hand over the leather before settling back to his meal. Eating quite hardily to be sure. The comment on his title is met with a grin, "Oh totally. They just don't put in the literature because it doesn't fit on the line. Only the most special of apprentices receive it." He says with what seems like complete seriousness though there is a sparkle in his eyes as he speaks.

No more needs to be said on the purple leathers; the unique, one-of-a-kind-ness has been thoroughly established and by Kezresan's expression, I'am's fondness for it is the only thing keeping a civil tongue in the healer's mouth. A drop of brown eyes to the eating habits, but no comment there either. Just a twist of his shoulders and head as he turns back to his own meal; Klah sipped to wash down the next bite of breakfast. There's a side-eye given for the earnestness with which titles are proclaimed to be accurate, and a flat, "You're lying," because Kez is darn sure it's a lie and he's going to call him on it. "Your poker face needs work." Helpful! If not… cheerful. At least he's not snarky. "It's the eyes," he offers, his own cast toward his plate and the working of his fork as he scoops up rogue eggs. "They give you away."

The accusation is met with a laugh, "Well not completely. It is a self proclaimed title to be true and one I try to uphold to the best of my ability. You should come by the Shenanigans on open night and see. You will see that its true." The lack of modesty is more of a cheerful sort then the bragging sort. A lad who loves the theatrics of it all. Despite that he is clearly a crafter in love with his craft he has the emergency wing knot on his shoulder. "Though Krav says much the same, he loves my eyes." He says as he reaches for his mug of Klah, "Reckon you will be around for awhile?"

"Mhm," which is basically 'I thought not' without the words, brown eyes on the working of fork and egg. "We shall see," comes next, in a tone that says he highly doubts those words. It is not for the assumption that I'am is not extraordinary, but perhaps he doubts that extraordinary things exist in the first place. Of eyes, and Kravitz, there's a blank look and then a rough bark of laughter, even if what he says is, "I'm not sure what to say to that." Because he doesn't. There's a second glance, a lingering look at the wing patch that graces that purple jacket, and a slight narrowing of eyes as if he has questions but isn't going to ask them. "I imagine so. I can't see why they would post me here, just to move me," answered practically; logical thought and logical voice. A shrug of shoulders that seems to convey he hasn't a say in the matter, nor cares much either way.

"Well I will hold you to that and expect to see you there to make your own judgement." I'am says with a grin and takes a few more bites of his meal. "He has lovely eyes himself…one of the first things I noticed about him. And those hands…and arms.." He continues blissfully before stopping with a dreamy look on his face. "Well you will see when you work with him." A firm nod and some bacon shoveled in. There is a bobbing of his head as he chews his meal then swallows, "Of course, of course…" He starts before his eyes unfocus for a moment. "Oh blast it, got a delay..getting a change of patrol area thanks to a blizard."

A look that might say 'don't hold your breath' is briefly directed I'am-wards. Kezresan says nothing of it, even if there's a bit of an amused twist to his mouth. Because that cheer is just a bit catching, and who's not affected by such things? Of course, then he goes and ruins it by waxing poetic about Kravitz. Whom Kez has to work with. The more body parts listed, the more uncomfortable Kez seems to become, until he's shooting looks at I'am and muttering, "Highly inappropriate," despite the fact that… nothing inappropriate was really said. And then a snort of dry amusement as he turns toward his Klah. "I will not be using my time in the infirmary to ogle your lover. And I doubt you'd want me to do such a thing anyways." Sip of beverage, and the last bit of food is collected with a few careful sweeps of his fork. I'am's change of patrol gets a bland look and no comment. Blizzards. Patrols. Not his concern. Unless someone's coming in to be treated from exposure, of course.

The response to his description of his weyrmate has I'am looking up with wideeyed innocence. "Oh he is very appropriate in every way." He then grins and gives a waggle of brows before sipping at his Klah again, "If you are so inclined, I can hardly stop you..but yes the infirmary seems to be too busy for ogling around here. I had to get injured to get a chance to see him half the time during weyrlinghood." The blank look gets a thumbed back pointing towards the bowl, "Just means Toska…is going to want to go on his original route all the more and he is going to chafe at my mind until we are in the air."

"As I don't know the man, I am disinclined to comment on his appropriateness. But," adds Kezresan, "I meant your continued descriptions of his physical attributes. Not really appropriate breakfast conversation, considering we," him and I'am, "do not know each other." And clearly, that sort of talk is squirm inducing to the healer. And for his discomfort he gets brow waggles. GREAT! What a way to start the day. For a moment he just stares at him, as if perplexed as to what sort of creature this bluerider was. A strange one, to be sure. "You're rather odd," he decides. It's not meant to be rude; really. Kez is quite unaware of how inappropriate his OWN comment is, despite accusing I'am of the very same thing. A sigh, somewhat longsuffering, before he asks, "And Toska is…" because he does not know every denizen of the Weyr, but clearly he is expected to?

"Well I hardly spoke of anything that noone else could not witness with him fully clothed." I'am says with a bemused sound to his voice and a shake of his head as he finishes up his breakfast, leaving some quiet between them as he finishes his meal. The comment though draws his gaze up to the healer, "Thank you." He says with a grin, clearly taking it as a compliment. "I have been told that often and hope I can live up to everyone's grand opinion of me." He reaches for his Klah mug, bringing it up to lips when further clarification is asked for, "Oh Toskavath, He is my dragon…or rather I am his human. The balance shifts daily."

Another longsuffering sort of sigh; ineffectively disguised as an exhale, and Kezresan says, "It is how you spoke of them. You were not describing attributes in a manner of conversation; you were swooning." His meal complete, he pushes the plate away and wraps both hands around his mug, brown eyes altering from peering out across the room and flashing toward I'am at his table. A frown. "It wasn't… nevermind." He's not going to correct him, eyebrows furrowing because the bluerider has simply proven his words to be true. As clarification comes, there's a knowing 'ah' and he takes another sip. "Interesting," for the balance shift, though it's not exactly said as if he actually thinks it's interesting. More of an abstract sort of interesting; like one would look at a misshapen tree and think 'how interesting' without really bothering to investigate further. A final swallow of Klah, and Kez pushes up from the table. "Well…" and then an awkward pause before he adds rather stiltedly, force of habit rather than honest sentiments, "Pleasure to meet you I'am. I hope you enjoy your day, but I'd best get to mine."

"Alright, maybe I was swooning a little." I'am admits to the healer, "He is swoonworthy." He says with a shrug as if it was no big deal then picks up his mug again. Then the man is saying farewell and he rises from the table as well, "As should I. I imagine it will be a cold one. Hopefully we won't have need to see each other too soon." He gives a salute and zips up his jacket, stuffing his cap on and heads out into the cold.

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