Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

All day, candidates have been ushered onto the Sands in little groups of three and four to touch the eggs. Now it's evening, and before dinner another handful of hopefuls have been whisked away by Am'ry to join Thys and Rhenesath, where the clutch is happily waiting. Thys welcomes the group through to join herself and her lifemate, hands clutched together before her. "Hello, candidates! I'm sure you're aware now of what you need to be doing, but just remember please that there's to be no loud noises, no sudden movements, no dancing - yes, someone did dance out here earlier today. Try to remain calm, please, no matter what the eggs throw at you… and watch out for that one." She points at the Us Against the World Egg. "Now, go on and touch them, unless you have questions to ask?"

Teena is picked once more this evening for a second trip to the sands. After a moments hesitation she joins the others being ushered onto the sands by Am'ry. Hastily she shoves the forgotten oil rag in hand into a pocket of her pants as she listens to Thys explain rules of no dancing. It's this that causes her to stifle a giggle. At the warning to watch out of that one egg she casts a worried look to it. They don't have to touch an egg twice do they? Nearly panicked by that particular warm thought she steps away from that egg and chooses a calmer egg to touch first. Clearly she has no questions!

Cedric, Teena's sometimes present shadow it seems, is once again in this small group to join the sands. He has thusly avoided that particular egg but now after listening to some conversations about it decides to go check it out first in a 'let's-get-it-out-of-the-way' way.

< Teena touches egg 2 - Furoshiki Egg >

Teena squats down a bit before the itty bitty cute egg with her hand caressing the warm shell. Her brows furrow briefly as this egg clearly isn't anything like she's felt before really. "Hello…" she murmurs softly too it as if unsure if anyone is even awake in there. Then suddenly she starts a bit, twisting her head to look curiously around the egg. "Oh no…I'm staying here." she stubbornly waits in the same position. She's not going any where. Yet.

Teena flickers a surprised look down at this egg. "Well that's a change of heart." murmurs the teen as she stays still with this egg.

Rhenesath resettles herself, getting comfortable with her tail curling around the clutch, and around the candidates who are touching her eggs. She wuffles a warm, relaxed breath over them all, while being watchful and mindful. Thys, as if taking her cue from the gold, leans up against her lifemate and looks more easy now than she did earlier in the day as she, too, watches.

Teena pulls her hand away from this egg slowly. Shaking her head she gives it a puzzled look. "Really now…" she murmurs before looking away. That egg done with she steps with no rhyme or reason to her next pick.

Cedric just stares at the against the world egg as he backs away. "Huh. I'd say you were a bronze if I had to guess." he informs the egg who surly isn't listening. Now he too picks an egg seemingly at random.

< Teena leaves egg 2 - Furoshiki Egg >

< Teena touches egg 4 - Minimalist Egg >

"Bronze, huh?" Thys is made curious by Cedric's comment. "What makes you say that?"

Rushing onto the sands after arriving very late for the summons, Trayvel seems to be nearly dragging his legs with each step. Someone had training duty today. Darting a nervous glance around, he's quick to spot the eggs and some of the candidates. He'll nod respectfully to each that needs it. Though it's a grateful nod to the weyrwoman who cautions against dancing and touching a specific egg. Tray give THAT egg a wide birth as he amble around, looking among the differant shells before he stops at Close enough egg. After a few hesitant seconds his fingers stretch out to brush over the shell.

< Trayvel touches egg 1 - Close Enough Egg >

Teena seems to be doing well on this new, random egg she's getting to know. By now, on egg number six for the day since this morning, she's an old hand at this. Pick an egg, get down close to it and lay a hand along the warm shell. She can't help but ooh and ah over how warm it is from the heat of the sands. Absently she brushes off loose sand along this particular egg as she takes in the presence inside. Saying nothing she wordless stays put, waiting for more.

Cedric glances up from his newest pick, Last Minute Egg and casts a toothy smile towards Thys. "Honestly I can't completely explain why it feels bronze. It seems very…protective. Like a father maybe. And I think bronzes make better fathers than any male dragons." at the end of his explanation he looks down at his feet as if embarrassed.

The comment from Cedric makes Thys smirk. "Do you really think bronzes make better fathers?" Rhenesath snorts, lowering her head to look curiously at the lad. "Rhenesath wholeheartedly disagrees… as would Rinxyth, if he were here."

Trayvel blinks in surprise a few seconds after his fingers contact the pebbled shell. His weight seems to shift from one foot to anothr, gradually increasing his pace. His gaze seems to peer deeply beyond his fingers and his movement soon begin to resemble bouncing on his toes, as if excited about something that will happen soon, within seconds maybe. Looking like he's about to jumo right out of his own skin, he maintains his position, pressing a little closer to the egg, head tilted as if waiting for what it has to say next with a surprised gaze.

Teena briefly seems unaware of the passing of time around her as she is completely wrapped up in this new egg. Gazing out over the sands her eyes are not seeing the sands and the eggs but another picture completely. Silently she watches.

Flushing a little Cedric mutters a disclaimer about bronzes and fathers and some browns being just as good.

Trayvel begins to sway a bit on his feet, moving one foot a half step back to keep from tipping right over. A couple of slow deep breaths go by and Tray places his other hand on the egg. Probably to keep himself upright as the eggtries to make his stomach do flips.

< Teena leaves egg 4 - Minimalist Egg >

Teena waits a few moments before stepping away from this egg. Thoughtful as she ponders what just happened she picks an un-plain egg

< Teena touches egg 8 - The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg >

< Trayvel leaves egg 1 - Close Enough Egg >

Trayvel gives a strangled whimper as he scrambles back, stumbling over his own feet in an attempt to do an about face and dart off, any direction away from Close Enough Egg. Looking around, he ducks out of sight of other candidates, hoping no one saw his near panic attack as he catches his breath. After a minute or so, he gets up brushing sand off and nearly walks right into Us Against the World Egg, hands flying out as if to steady the egg from tiping over. Not that he actually ran into it, but almost did. Either way, his hands are on it.

< Trayvel touches egg 6 - Us Against the World Egg >

Trayvel eyes go wide, slowly trying to bug out a bit after his hand rest on the shell. He seems frozen in place, except his eyes with are darting and seems unable to pry his fingers loose.

Teena nearly laughs out loud at this egg but she clamps both hands to her mouth to keep it contained. Chuckle quietly she replaces a hand on the shell, grinning widely.

Trayvel shakes out of his daze at Teena's laugh, his attention going that way before he takes a steadying breath and eyes the egg in front of him with a frown starting to spread across his face. As if he does and does not want to pull away, he does take a lurching step back, and breaking contact with the egg. He eyes it, almost regretfully before stiffening his back some and walking off. A few steps later, he's by Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg. Watching it a few seconds, he takes a deep breath and lets it out before lifting his hand to the shell.

< Trayvel leaves egg 6 - Us Against the World Egg >

Teena taps her fingers and toes to some unheard tempo. She stays, waiting for some more music perhaps.

< Teena leaves egg 8 - The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg >

That lurching step, so perious amongst the eggs, makes Rhenesath cluck with urgency. Her posture shifts into one that's more protective, wings raised and head lowered with a hiss on her hot breath. Thys straightens up and claps her hands - to get the candidates to look up, if her dragon hasn't captured attentions already. "Ok, candidates! Time to go! Now, please. Orderly fashion. Don't rush, don't run. Slowly, calmly, go have your dinner and relax."

Teena stands quickly at the order of going /now/. Shaking her head to clear it she moves away calmly and slowly with only a quick glance towards the Gold. The hissing certainly has her attention as she files out with the others.

Trayvel pulls his hand back quickly at the order to leave thed sands. His gaze flashing around for the other candidates a couple of seconds before he makes a hasty retreat with the rest of them.

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