Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

No sooner has Am'ry escorted the first three candidates off the Sands, than he returns with the next batch to brave the wintery Fortian morning. It's post-breakfast, pre-chores, and the heat of the hatching cavern is probably welcome after the chill of the outdoors. Once everyone's passed through Thys's security measures, the candidates will find themselves on the Sands in front of the goldrider and Rhenesath. "Welcome! And good morning to you all," states a perky Thys, waving the little group closer. "May I ask you to please introduce yourselves to myself and Rhenesath before we allow you to touch the eggs? Bowing is customary, but we're not going to force you to."

Apparently the next group is filled not with one but two troublemakers, Killian and a man that's shorter than the beastcrafter but a few turns older. "Hey, isn't that from your closet? You'd look good in a dress like that." The man in question mumbles to Killian while pointing at the Furoshiki Egg, which earns him a rather unkind punch to the kidneys. But he takes it well. "Don't worry, I've got one in your size too." It's then that Thys' voice seems to reign the two in (briefly) and they step forward. "Killian, journey man beastcrafter turned candidate at your service!" There's a cheeky sort of grin for the goldrider followed by a bow that couldn't be called formal in the least. "And I'm Vira, of the glass crafters." His bow at least is more proper.

And the third amongst them? A much younger girl called Faelin - who just happens to be Thys's niece, and a candidate along with her twin sister. Nepotism, much? Faelin stands a little to the side of the boys, before introducing herself and bowing. Thys nods at her fondly, then offers the two lads a smile. "Killian, Vira. Please be gentle while touching the eggs. One to each egg, please, and only lightly touch them. If you have questions, ask. If you're asked to leave, do so immediately. No squabbling, no fighting, no raised voices, or Rhenesath, despite how relaxed she is now, will bite you. Any questions? If not, please feel free to choose an egg."

"Heard loud and clear." Killian replies with a nod, though there's a side glance towards Vira who also has a reply. "Understood." They're quiet enough while stepping onto the sands, but it's only after they're a few feet from Thys that Killian murmurs, "Did hear that? She'll bite you….so keep in line." He gets a push in reply and the beastcrafter stumbles a few steps, but doesn't fall. Instead he finds himself in front of Us Against the World Egg while Vira wanders over to the pink one they were mumbling about earlier. There's a slight pursing of his lips as the beastcrafter eyes this egg and there is a brief moment of hesitation he'll never admit to before his fingers lightly touch the shell.

< Killian touches egg 6 - Us Against the World Egg >

Killian's easygoing features wrinkle almost immediately when he touches the egg. "What the…." For a moment there's almost a pitiful expression but that disappears into a grimace just moments later. "Getting a little ahead of ourselves aren't we?" There's a shudder that runs up his spine, as if he were trying to break free, "Just. Let. Go…." It's only after several seconds of being red-faced and with the help of some mental acrobatics that the beastcrafter finally takes a step back. There's a glance over to his shoulder towards Vira before he takes a deep breathe. "I'm going to regret this." But he'll touch the egg again anyways.

Killian wouldn't call his reaction before mild, but put in contact with his next it most likely is. The touch of annoyance from before turns to full out irritation now. "Mood swings much?" He's quiet for a few seconds, expression cold and returning exactly what was thrown at him. It's without warning that he stumbles backwards, hands to his forehead and shaking his head. Now he really is red-faced and there's a fit of coughing, as if the beastcrafter had been running a marathon. Still, he isn't one to give up and there's a newly stubborn set of his jaw as he touches the egg again.

Faelin is out there, touching the Minimalist Egg. She's being very quiet about it, minding her own business as she pays attention to what's going through her mind.

Thys is keeping a close eye on Killian - she's already seen the reactions to that particular egg, and she's keen to see what this lad's going to think of it when he finally has enough of what it's got to say. Don't mind her if she sidles up behind you while you're busy, Killian…

"A whole new world of desperation." And something Killian clearly isn't accustomed to, free spirit that he is. As if drawn by some unseen force his second hand joins the first on this egg's surface and he digs his heels into the hot sands below. There's no physical force but it looks like some sort of tug of war that the beastcrafter may very well be losing. "Dammit, what. is. your. problem?" He attempts to try and pull away with every word but he's stuck on the egg for a good minute longer. When he manages to finally pull off sweat is running down his brow and he unsuccessfully attempts to wipe it away with his sleeve. "Issues. You've got /so/ many issues." In the process of saying so he spins around and quite nearly runs into Thys. "Uh….sorry." He's breathy, tired, and his face looks wholly annoyed. Vira might be laughing at him from afar, but Killian just makes a face at the man. Maybe he'll try for the Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg instead.

< Killian leaves egg 6 - Us Against the World Egg >

"Trouble with that one, hrm?" Thys looks amused from where she stands, arms crossed over her chest, behind Killian. "Walk it off, find another egg. Go on, now." Off she goes, back to watch from afar while Rhenesath clucks over the candidates and her clutch.

"Trouble?" Killian is attempting to pull his usual expression back on but fails utterly and completely. "I think that may be an understatement." Though that won't stop him from wandering over to Vira and shoving /him/ towards the Desperate One. "See how you like it, go on. Bet you won't last 2 minutes." And he'll make his way towards the next egg. "If you're anything like that other one…" Maybe it's better if Killian doesn't let himself think about it. There's something at the edge of his mind and in an effort to wipe it out his hand goes to the Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg.

< Killian touches egg 8 - The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg >

Immediate relief washes over Killian's features when he touches this egg, though there's a wince and his free hand goes to his ears for a moment. Not for long though. Has anyone ever seen the beastcrafter dance? Maybe Vira. Once. But now he's shimmying on the sands. That's right, shimmying. And is that a booty pop? Possibly. Just as soon as the motion started however, it stops. The beastcrafter goes still and the smile which had worked its way back onto his face is replaced with a tinge of…sadness almost. He'll tap his foot, a bit slowly, and eventually pull his had away. "C'mon…we got to stick to the fun." The words are quietly murmured to the egg and that grin reappears before he opens his eyes. He's not so reluctant to touch this one again. For now.

The contrast between Killian's reaction to the first one and this one couldn't be more stark. The beastcrafter has a wide grin on his face, none of that cheekiness or the sly look he usually sports. No, for once he looks like a teenager that isn't the least bit moody and is having pure fun. His head tilts upwards, eyes still closed, and he takes a deep breathe. The beast crafter's head moves along to an unheard beat before he attempts to do a twirl…which results in his hand suddenly leaving the egg and him flailing about. Eyes still closed his arms circle in windmills and he finds his butt on the sound. "OY!" He's not yelling at the egg, but at the fact that his butt is burning. He hastily gets to his feet and lets his fingers slide onto the egg shell once more.

Rhenesath doesn't like the flailing, and her tail whips agitatedly at the sands, just once. "Killian! Calm down over there!" Thys is up on her feet, rushing to her lifemate's side to soothe the gold.

"Over? Already?" Killian might look a bit disappointed but he steps away from the egg. He might also be patting his bum a bit. "Note to self, wear thicker pants on the sands." A glance in Vira's direction shows that he isn't faring well at all in front of the desperate egg. In fact, the glass crafter looks like he might throw up any second now. Attention is brought to Rhenesath and Thys however, and Killian throws them an apologetic look. "Sorry, had a little too much fun!" Still, he doesn't actually seem to regret it. His brown eyes survey the line up of eggs now and finally he finds himself reaching out to the Furoshiki Egg.

< Killian leaves egg 8 - The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg >

< Killian touches egg 2 - Furoshiki Egg >

"Oh please." Killian makes a rather somber face, his eyebrows knitting together at what's happening in his mind. "If I could survive that one…" Apparently this one isn't going to scare him off. In fact, there's a crazy sort of grin on his features. In fact it might be a little disturbing. The beastcrafter breathes in deeply before pulling his hand away from the egg before murmuring, "Not a chance." No, he'll just lift that hand once more and place it on the egg shell in a slow and deliberate manner.

"Aha, that's more like it!" Killian's features finally relax into a smile and the tension in his shoulder releases. He might even be giving the egg what looks like a…bow? Who knows what's going on Killian's head. Both hands move to the egg now and he pats it much like he would a canine. "That's right, you've got some pretty colors on them…show it. Let loose a little." The beastcrafter is certainly relaxing. No dancing this time though. He'll stay at this one just a bit longer.

Rhenesath seems somewhat soothed by Thys's attention and Killian being more calm, but she's still watchful. As is Thys, from where she leans against her lifemate's dusty golden hide to keep an eye on all of the candidates.

"Faranth….really?" Killian lets out a quiet groan, lifting his head up as to roll his eyes. There's a tiny bit of a scowl for the egg now, the previous relaxed demeanor gone. He wrinkles his nose, letting out a deep sigh and pulling his hand away from the egg. "Honestly, are all of you like this? Mood swings for everyone! Or mind healers for everyone." So feasible. The beastcrafter shoots another irritated glance at the egg before he's spinning around. "I…think I'm going to go get some water." This is said towards Thys and Rhenesath before he offers them a bow and begins to wander off. Vira apparently isn't far behind and as soon as they're off the sands, a hand goes around the beast crafter's neck followed by a boogie. "Oh come on, it's not like you handled them that much better!"

< Killian leaves egg 2 - Furoshiki Egg >

And with the candidates heading out, Thys can return to her desk and her paperwork… at least until the next lot arrive.

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