Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

It's a glorious wintery morning in Fort, and just after the candidates have had breakfast a few were weeded out pre-chores by assistant weyrlingmaster Am'ry. The bluerider has delivered the trio to the Sands, past the guard detail to where Thys and Rhenesath await. The gold is lying comfortably, tail curled around her little clutch, while Thys sits at a desk working - nothing new there! She pauses when she sees Am'ry and his delivery, waving them forward. "Candidates! Welcome. And good morning! May I ask you to please introduce yourselves to myself and Rhenesath before we allow you to touch the eggs?"

Teena is amongst the few selected to come onto the sands this morning. Clearly her first time on the actual sands she's a bit wide-eyed as she follows behind a taller candidate. Snapping her attention towards the seated Thys she gives a shy smile towards the Goldrider. "Good morning." all three reply politely. The taller candidate steps forward first to give his name of Cedric. Teena follows his example. "Teena, ma'am." her gaze flickers quickly towards Rhenesath.

And behind Teena, there's little Flinnara - who some may know as Thys's niece. Maybe there's a bit of favouritism going on with who gets to touch the eggs first? The goldrider waves at the youngest there, and gives a bright smile and a polite nod of her head to the others. "Well met, Cedric. Teena, I believe you were Searched from our lower caverns, is that right? As I'm sure you all know, I'm weyrwoman Thys, this is Rhenesath." Who tilts her head to view the little group with a whirling eye, while moving her tail to reveal the eggs. "Please be gentle while touching the eggs. One to each egg, please, and only lightly touch them. If you have questions, ask. If you're asked to leave, do so immediately. Now, please, on you go…" She waves a hand in invitation - step forth and touch eggs!

"Well met ma'am and…ma'am." is directed to the rider and gold. "Yes ma'am, searched by Ashwin." as the tail moves to reveal the eggs her eyes brighten. After the direction is given to stop forward she does so with caution. "We can touch any egg?" is asked by Cedric as he too hesitates next to Teena.

"Hrm? Oh - yes, please, go ahead and touch any egg," Thys encourages, even putting a hand on Flinnara's shoulder to steer the young girl gently towards the clutch. "You're free to spend as much time as you'd like with any of the eggs, but please be aware that they do get tired. And, of course, your fellow candidates may also like the chance to touch them. Do you have any more questions?"

< Teena touches egg 5 - Last Minute Egg >

The final bit of hesitation fades away from both Teena and Cedric as they step to different eggs. Teena chooses a colorful enough egg right away. Perhaps one she's picked out from a far up in the galleries. Unknowing of what will happen she touches the still hardening egg. Moments go by when suddenly she gives a gasp. Twisting her head around behind she blinks several times before looking back to the egg. "Hi." she murmurs in a quiet whisper. Soon enough a giggle escapes her as she murmurs answers to unheard question. "…blue is a color…." Cedric meanwhile is enraptured with his own egg, The un-plain brown wrapper egg.

Teena sniffles a giggle from escaping too loudly. Casting a quick look towards the Gold to ensure she didn't hear the giggle she returns her attention quickly to the mixed up colorful egg. "Oh your silly." she whispers quickly before launching into a whispered conversation that bits and pieces may be heard that make no sense. "…clothing….chores…and he's brown.." from up in the galleries a young brown fire lizard is perched where he can watch his human pet touch the eggs.

Flinnara was touching the Close Enough Egg, but now she's waiting beside Teena to take her place. "'scuse me. Can I touch this one now? That one there's weird." She points back at the one she's just come from, then waits patiently.

There's silence for a long while from Teena at this egg before she stands fully coming to awareness of those around her. "Oh, of course!" she says with a smile towards Flinnara. "Weird huh? Well I didn't know what to expect at all when touching an egg so maybe I'll try weird." with that she steps towards the egg Flinnara departed.

< Teena leaves egg 5 - Last Minute Egg >

< Teena touches egg 1 - Close Enough Egg >

Teena tentatively touches the misshapen shell with the tips of one hand. Her expression is clearly of 'whoa!' as her hand flattens to the egg completely. A lot seems to be thrown at her, nearly overwhelming her though she hangs on strong.

Cedric looks a bit dazed as he finally steps away from his first egg moving slowly to chose a second egg after a moment.

Rhenesath keeps a watchful eye on the candidates and her babies, eyes whirling calmly blue. Thys is already back behind her desk, shuffling through paperwork… though she does keep peeping up to see what's going on.

Teena shuffles her feet a little as the heat of the sands penetrates the hold the egg has on her albeit briefly. Soon enough her expression is dazed once more as she's teleported somewhere off the sands and her thoughts are on the occupant that's got her attention grounded.

Flinnara is giggling away at the Last Minute Egg, until the sound of Thys clearing her throat makes the young girl stop. She sheepishly steps away, tosses her aunt a big smile, then meanders along to the next egg.

Teena blinks several times as she emerges slowly from a fog. Grinning she runs her fingertips along the silver lines around the brown parchment paper that seems to wrap this egg up halfhazardly. Sounds of giggling draw her attention towards FLinnara. "I thought you'd like that on." she calls over softly. This visit seems done now as she walks away and looks for another egg to attend to.

Cedric is still with his second egg with quiet murmurs of words being uttered.

< Teena leaves egg 1 - Close Enough Egg >

< Teena touches egg 7 - Key to My Egg >

Flinnara grins at Teena. "Yeah! I think it's got a blue inside there," she says, speaking in a stage whisper so as not to be too loud. "Blues are fun." Then she gets down to serious business - ie, touching the Us Against the World Egg.

"They are?" wonders Teena briefly. Contemplating this briefly she touches her next choice of a pretty, pastel color wrapped egg of the Key to My Egg. This being her third egg now she's open to anything now as her eyes glaze over briefly. Silently she stays with this egg and waits for more.

Flinnara would reply, but… well, she's standing there looking a little shellshocked, perhaps as a result of the egg she's been touching. She steps back, and edges her way around the clutch to stand hesitantly a few steps away. Something must have spooked her? "Uh-huh, they are," she quietly replies to Teena, while wrapping her arms around herself and looking wide-eyed at the eggs.

Teena ponders the questions running through her mind and her memories. She does look pretty comfortable with the egg, unlike poor shellshocked Flinnara. Teena doesn't see the other two candidates reactions though as she peers intently on the colors of flowers on the side of her egg.

Teena runs fingers through black curls as she steps away from this egg after several long moments. Sparing a glance towards Cedric she finds him engaged in his third egg already so she flashes a smile towards Flinnara as she looks for perhaps one more egg to touch.

< Teena leaves egg 7 - Key to My Egg >

Flinnara steps up to the egg Teena just left, though she doesn't look as confident as she did. "Is this one ok?" She's hesitant to touch it. "That one…" A chin in jerked towards Us Against the World Egg, "is weird."

Teena shows uncertainty on which egg. "Oh that's one is fine. Very comforting, really." she assures the girl. "Weird how?" the egg in question gets a suspicious look.

Flinnara shrugs, fingers hovering over the Key to My Egg's shell. "I dunno. Like… I dunno. It liked me? Touch it? I dunno." She shakes her head, unable to find words to properly explain. Then she touches the egg in front of her.

Teena contemplates this a moment before simply nodding and going to lay a hand gently against the Us against the world egg.

< Teena touches egg 6 - Us Against the World Egg >

Teena really has no idea what to expect as her hand touches the hardening shell. Her sharp intake of breath indicates that it is a pretty strong touch tugging on her mind. Closing her eyes she can see the pink and white explosion of colors against the back of her eyes. Gasping briefly she withdraws her hand for a quick break. Looking around briefly she watches the others two before replacing both hands along the shell.

Teena snatches her hand away with a stern look cast to the egg. Shivering she covers her eyes briefly with both hands. Eventually she reaches back to touch it one last time.

Thys has been watching the unusual reactions to the egg Teena's touching, and she gets up to join the candidates, standing a little behind them with her hands tucked into her pockets as she observes. Whenever Teena comes up for air, so to speak, she asks - "Are you alright? That one seems to have an unsettling effect, if the way it's left you and Flin are anything to go by?"

Teena gasps as she stands, pulling her hand away once more from the egg. In her haste to back away she stumbles over her feet and nearly ends up on her rump. Barely managing to keep from falling she backs several more paces away. "I…I think you were right Flinnara. It /is/ weird. I think I'm done for a bit." Cedric is also departing one final egg and moves to stand next to Teena. "I think I am too." echoes the tall apprentice.

"All three of you had enough already?" Thys seems surprised that they're ready to head out so soon, but she's not exactly going to stop them. "Would you care to give me a little feedback? What did you feel when you touched each egg? Of course, if you're desperate to get to your chores you're welcome to seek me out later to tell me."

Teena rubs her eyes with both hands. "Overwhelming, ma'am." is her best answer. "I think that's my best answer for now though..I think I can come up with something more later to tell you ma'am." Cedric and Flinnara may be able to concentrate enough to answer now but Teena needs to unwind with chores it seems!

Flinnara seems in no mood to talk, either, so Thys has no choice but to accept the silence. "Alright, then. It can be quite overwhelming. Feel free to take a break before going to your chores, if you wish. Am'ry will escort you out." And there's the bluerider, ready to do as he's told - to lead the Candidates back to the caverns.

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