Ierne Weyrhold - Courtyard
Bits of grass and an occasional wildflower sprout between the white stones that compose a courtyard large enough for several large dragons at once. The main hall dominates the western edge. It is a large building with some type of plaster covering the exterior and painted light coral with brown trim at the windows and a set of large brown wooden doors. Carefully tended flowerpots and bushes line the whole front of the hall. Adjacent to the southern wall of the hall is a combined indoor/outdoor kitchen shaded by a pale brown awning. To the east, the bustling ferry port and docks can be seen down a short cobblestone road. Behind the hall and beyond the confines of the courtyard to the north are rolling hills and hardwood forests with a crushed stone path to the northern weyrholds. To the south, another path cuts through the hardwoods as they gradually give way to the more fibrous tropical shoreline vegetation. A small road leads northeast to the marketplace.

Ierne is resplendent in the colors of all the Weyrs with many, many libations set out for the guests. Carnival games and race flats are laid out with a near-constant stream of entertainment in the pre-ceremony tableau.

Fi is off to one side, sipping a glass of juice an dlooking, well, woefully uncomfortable with teh crowds. But people are having fun and that's what's important.

Reya, Monaco's youngest and most ridiculous junior is looking quite the opposite of festive right now. In fact, she looks more annoyed than anything and it may or may not have anything to do with the way that Fuerioth's hide glows dully. She's currently at one of the carnival games, the kind where you shoot a tiny play bow at a target for a prize. Thwack, thwack, thwack. Miss miss miss. "AGH!" The goldrider lets out a frustrated grunt and scowls at the little setup unhappily.

Fortian riders can be seen mingling about in the crowds, many of them familiar faces from the events they participated, others newly minted senior Weyrlings out for some change of venue (and watched like a hawk by their Weyrlingmaster). Th'ero is somewhere among the guests and visitors and in the company of his weyrmate. He's done his time with the political song and dance, now he's enjoying some of the entertainment Ierne has to offer. Even a Weyrleader can have a night off, right? So it'll be Mr'az who is accompanying a certain goldrider, though at the moment he is sheepishly navigating the paths and crowds. Did he lose his partner? You bet he did. Go for drinks and look what happens? He sighs as he stops beneath a banner, two glasses of wine in hand, to regroup.

G'ir, from Xanadu, is walking past Reya as she lets out an agh! in frustration at the carnival game. This causes him to pause and he turns, "They're rigged. Or mostly tampered with…they want you to spend marks to try and win the prize, but they'd lose their shirts if they made 'em fair, or close to middling." He murmurs this to her, bowing his head to her.

T'revs has made his rounds and is wandering along towards those carnival games after putting in apperance here and there as he was expected to do. Drink in hand? Why yes, yes he does. He is sipping at said drnk while wandering slowly, pausing as he catches a voice and sends a curious glance towards Reya. There is a slight amused look seen while he continues on towards where Reya happens to be. "Need a lesson in the game?" He questions with a teasing tone to her. A look is sent to G'ir whom gets a slight nod. "Oh yes there is that worry of curse. Evening."

Nyalle arrives in a flurry of golden wings, Kayeth's gravid form touching down with as much grace as the egg-heavy queen can manage, before soaring upwards to find a warm ledge to relax on. Nyalle is dressed in rich Fortian brown trimmed with black and gold, the gown elegant and fitting her position. Unlike Th'ero, she is still performing her duties as Senior, though her eyes scan the crowd for sight of Mr'az.

Kera is taking a little break of all the excitement, snacking on a spiced fishroll that she shares with her lizards. Alternating between aking bites and handing out little taste to Minimur and Polgara. Her out of the way spot is between two game booths, one of which seems to be irritating the visiting rider. Wisely staying out of her line of sight, the woman is armed afterall…sorta, Kea finishes up the snack and gives the lizard pair another moment of attention before shooing both off to perch elsewhere. Brushing crumbs from her hands, she spots a fellow Xanadian, tipping a polite head in greeting to G'ir as he explains how unfairly rigged the games are. *snort* Others are spotted through the crowd, each getting a greeting of "G'day." or "Hello again." Or some other informal hello.

"What?" Reya snaps at G'ir, spinning around to give the bronzerider from Xanadu a thorough look over. To be clear, she isn't snapping /at/ him but more at what he said. "Rigged is it?" It's now that she throws a stinkeye to the stall owner, "You're going to get a good old punch in the face if that's true, you know." It's funny really, that tiny little woman nothing but skin and bones yelling like that. It's then T'revs appears with that teasing tone of his and Reya shoves the wooden bow at him while attempting to snatch his drink. "Ha! See if you can do better then!" Her attitude probably isn't giving G'ir or Kera the best impression right now, but that doesn't seem to register in Reya's mind one bit!

G'ir smiles towards Kera and he nods at her greetings before he hears T'revs and he tilts his head to the side at that. "Really, It's mostly blind luck." He offers between the pair before he looks over towards the stall keeper. "I'm sure there is a bow /he/ uses for demonstration purposes. Why don't you ask him to use his?" He mentions to Reya. "And then see how well you do." He flips a mark out of his satchel to the carnival man. "I'll even pay."

Mr'az breathes a sigh of relief when he finally spots Nyalle and he will hurry over to her side. "Weyrwoman! There you are," he greets, not entirely formal but he offers her a smile and her wine glass along with it. "A drink?" he murmurs and casts a glance towards the games and the yelling from Reya. "Wonder what's up…?" Hey, he's a Thunderbird Wingrider and trained to keep an eye out for trouble. That and he's curious.

While Kairoikyriath may be stuck at Xanadu, Innes is here, wandering around between games. She gives a little nod as she passes by G'ir and Kera (as a snort of laughter thanks to Reya), before continuing on her way. She wends her way along, pausing at one game or another but never stopping long enough to play.

Nyalle bids farewell to the person she's speaking with, turning to Mr'az with relief and taking the wine. "Thank you." For finding her, and for the wine, as she links her arm with his. "Hmm? I'm not sure, shall we go check?" she suggests.

Up on the short stage, T'fol, who's been ~*~blessed~*~ to be master of ceremonies this afternoon, taps the microphone, "Testing? Test? Can you hear me?" The elderly brownrider is… a little hard of hearing. "Is this thing on?"

T'revs lets Reya take hold of his drink, he gives her a slight look. "Don't down just downing that now. That is good wine." Being a Weyrleader has its perks at times, not that he goes around drinking often mind you. He takes hold of the bow and goes about looking it over with a soft hum escaping him. "Rather cheap bow honestly. Though I suppose that is why it is used for such a thing as the game. See the string is rather old, ratty." He can just ponder what the booth owner doing while he goes about fiddling with the bow string a bit and the string actually snaps. There is a pause and the bronzer pauses a moment with a look of being clearly surprized. "Oh dear, I'm sorry sir.. Do you have another bow perhaps? Or a new string even?" The tapping and then voice at the microphone does get his attenton and he looks over towards the stage. Which gives the booth owner plenty of time to scurry around to look for a new string or even his bow it seems.

Kera seems more than a little amused by Reya's outburst and drifts towards the next booth. Chuckling as the threat coming from the next booth over, she passes over a half mark and gets a little basket of balls. Taking one, and aiming for the stacked bottles, her first toss goes too high, thankfully, most attention is on the 'bow' booth. Taking more time to aim the second, she does better, making one of the bottles wobble but not falling over. Glancing around, she spots several Fortians and even Innes's shockingly bright hair is spotted. "Innes!" She tries to get her friend's attention and wave her over, just as a microphone squeals, and loud tapping probably drowns her voice out.

The stall owner is starting to look more than a little panicked at the crowd gathering at his stall, but he reaches out to catch the mark that G'ir throws in his direction. "A special bow for demonstration? What do you take me for sir!" The man is a scrawny little thing who likely couldn't wield a real bow to save his life. Despite that, he's red-faced and indignant, but perhaps his squeaky voice is the most annoying of all.
Poor T'revs, Reya's already half-way done with his wine by the time he warns her not to go and just finish it off. Whoops! She pauses mid-gulp, looking at him over the glass before lowering it and watching the Weyrleader fiddle with the bow. When it snaps there's a shriek from the little man. "How could you! How could you!" There's even a tiny foot stamp, but it seems that now he has no choice but to pull out the 'demo' bow. Things seem to come to a slight pause when the microphone tapping occurs, not that Reya seems keen on the ceremony stuff. No, she's just happy to drink all of T'revs' wine and glare at the stall owner.

There is a quick glance towards the microphone tapping, but G'ir's focus is on the man behind the stall. "Hand it over, sir." His voice is light and friendly. "And then we will let the lady here try again." He turns to Reya and holds the bow out towards her if the man gives it up. It's only then does he turn his attention to the man on the stage.

"Might be wise just to see but it's probably nothing or it's being attended to," Mr'az murmurs to Nyalle and will offer her his free arm to take. Whether or not she does, the bronzerider will move forwards and wince a bit for the scrawny man's squeaky protests. Ugh. Mr'az does his best not to wrinkle his nose. "Something wrong here?" he asks, curious as he casts his gaze between Reya and the stall owner, though T'revs gets a respectful nod. "Sir." G'ir is noticed as well but before he can greet him, there is noise coming from the stage and again he'll turn to face the source.

Nyalle slips her arm through Mr'az's, her other hand lifting the wine to her lips. "Sir," the Senior adds, dipping into a slight curtsey as they approach, her eyes looking around with curiosity and interest. Two more people to add to the crowd, right? That'll help the stall owner won't it?

T'fol taps the mic again, "I hope you can hear me, gotta get this part over with. We're gathered to hand out the award for the winningest Weyr of the games, right?"

T'revs offers the bow back to the booth owner. "Honestly I am deeply sorry over the bow good sir." He let's Reya finsh his drink, seemingly he knew that was going to happen. His attention turns to the pair have have joined them and a polite smile and slight bow of his head is seen. "Weyrwoman, good rider. I do not think there is a problem now. Just an issue with the bow that was being used for game, weak string that I sadly seemed to have snapped." Totally by mistake of course. A faint glance is sent back to the stage at the talk of them wanting to given out the award to the Weyr for the most wins.

Innes may not have heard Kera calling her name, but that mic-tapping causes her to slowly draw her wandering to a close. And since she's no longer wandering, that leaves her free to make her way over toward those more familiar faces. She pauses for a moment by Kera, nudging the greenrider lightly with her elbow. "Winningest Weyr? Is that the official term?" She bounces a little on her feet, trying to get a better view. "What have I missed?"

"This game is NOT rigged! All of you go away! Go away this instant you ruffians!" The tiny little stall owner, his height rivaling Reya's, jumps up and down few times. Red-faced, he shakes a finger at the group, but the bow is summarily passed to G'ir from whom Reya accepts it. "Aye, just a snapped string and a rigged game!" The junior declares this before shoving the now empty wine glass back at T'revs and leveling the toy bow. This one is adjusted correctly, it just…isn't pointed in the right direction. In fact, it's pointed right at the stall owner's hat (which is tall enough that he isn't in any real danger). It's never a good idea to annoy proddy-Reya! She doesn't shoot though, thank Faranth. Instead her eyes slide over towards the stage once more, waiting to hear which is the winningest Weyr.

Kera winces slightly as the microphone screeches again with an unnatural tone before them man starts speaking. Canting her head to Innes, a cheeky grin flashes "Maybe it's something that was decided on over a few ales in the tavern." Shrugging at the 'missed' questions, she tries to casually draw the Xanadian Weyrwoman's attention to the gathering around Reya and the bow booth and lowers her voice a bit "I think the Weyrwoman is concerned about rigged games." Not mentioning threats of punhes to come, she looks back towards the stage.

G'ir tsks at the redfaced man before him, his tirade turning his attention from the microphone'd man on the stage and back to the gaming stall. "Not wise to accuse a goldrider, good sir." He speaks low, but loud enough for him to hear. "You've gotten two marks for the game. I'm sure the ladies choice is compensation enough and we won't speak of this little incident to the Weyrleader, mm?" His own height barely meets Reya's, but he stands with the bearing of someone much taller.

C'rus had been unavoidably detained dealing with a medical emergency back home. The frustrating thing about being a healer at times is that you end up missing things that you wanted to attend very much. Though at least given the size of the crowd present he hasn't missed it all yet. He weaves through the crowd, occasionally standing on his tip toes, as he attempts to spot Kera. She has to be here somewhere after all. After a short while he is able to spot the top of her head and begins to make a wiggly line in that direction, excusing himself politely as he passes people by.

"That's an unfortunate shame," Mr'az remarks dryly to T'revs on the matter of the bow but as things heat up between Reya and the stall owner, the bronzerider frowns both in concern and uncertainty. Could be too he's regarding the junior a little longer than he ought too before he clears his throat and glances sidelong to Nyalle. "Perhaps we'll move on…" Especially with Reya now aiming that bow! "Good luck," he tells the Monaco Bay Weyrleader before he puts a little bit of distance between himself and that stall. "Enjoying yourself?" That he directs to Nyalle, while dipping his head politely in greeting to Kera and Innes.

Nyalle looks rather surprised at the owner's shrill little voice, and she even opens her mouth to reply…and promptly closes it. Nope. Not going there. "I am," she answers Mr'az once they've moved on, and she's had another sip of her wine. "You?"

T'fol taps the mic again, "Fine, the winner of the most games, and the keeper of the Golden Egg," he gestures towards a carefully etched and molded egg that looks exactly like a firelizard's egg, but is clearly made of real gold, "For the next few turns until the next Games is…" Drumroll no one's listening to, "Xanadu Weyr!"

T'revs takes hold of his glass and looks into it, a slight frown is seen. "Honestly Reya, you cold have saved me at leat a sip." His gaze does turn to the stall owner at the comments that issent towards them. "If the game is not rigged then why do you let the ones who pay you use a bow with threadbear string?" This questioned with a curious tone. A charming smile is sent to Mr'az, amusement clearly seen. "I'm sure it will all be worked ou…" His hand reaches out rather quickly to try and snag hold of the bow from Reya as he too finally catches on to /where/ she is aiming the bow. "Reya, here let me show you how to win." You know without killing someone at the same time. He hears the winner of the games, but at the moment he is trying to stop a certain junior from causing a rather painful accident.

Hey, at least some people are excited on Xanadu's behalf, even if the wolf-whistling brownrider is in Ierne colors. He's also, apparently, multi-tasking, because he has a two-wheeled cart with him, and is apparently… selling wine? Let's go with that. "Hey, Th'ero, Nyalle, you made it!" he greets Fort's weyrleaders with over-familiarity, but then — Z'len did grow up there, and all. To everyone else in earshot: "Ierne's best wines, try a sample, buy some to take home with you, whatever you want." He's not the best salesman, but he's enthusiastic.

"How many drinks do you think?" Innes asks with a smirk. Her gaze drifts around the crowd, and she inclines her head in Mr'az's direction as he and Nyalle pass. She leans around Kera to get a glimpse of the trouble Reya may or may not be causing. "Rigged games?" Oh, look at where that arrow is pointing. "Shoot him!" the Xanadu Senior calls out before safely ducking behind Kera where she (hopefully) can't be seen. But oh, what's that? Her head snaps toward the direction of the announcements as she hears Xanadu called. "Did we just win?" She lifts both brows. "Am I supposed to do something?" She's already moving toward the stage, even as she asks.

The red-faced stall owner lets out a shrill shriek of panic when the bow is pointed at him before he nods several times at G'ir's words. "Anything! Anything at all, take it!" Short the bronzerider may be, but he certainly has the stall owner scared. Some of that panic washes away when T'revs takes the boy from Reya, though now the Junior is pouting. "Hey, no fair!" Look, even the crowd is saying to shoot him! Thank you, Innes…someone that speaks sense! "Go Xanadu, whoo!" An enthusiastic cheer from the Junior definitely not from Monaco, but now she's slapping G'ir on the shoulder. "Good job!" He's from there right? Congratulations done, Reya leans on the stall counter, looking up at T'revs squinty-eyed and then at the target. "If you win, I'll get you a drink replacement." And possibly drink all of it.

Nyalle smiles at Z'len, though it takes her a moment to recognize him. "Good day to you, Z'len." Then the winner announcement, and the Weyrwoman applauses. "You did well though," she murmurs softly to Mr'az. "Fort had a good showing."

Kera 's suddenly surprised expression as she's used as a human shield by her Weyrwoman has her looking back to the game operator quickly. "Um…just kidding." A bit of a forced chuckle as she cranes around to mock glare at Innes. But then the announcement distracts her. She cheers with along with others, nodding to the queenrider "I think…" too late, Nessi's already on the move. Still clapping she peers around, seeing C'rus closing in and waving "Hi. We won….a golden egg…sorta." Then more announcements draw her attention to the stage and she claps some more.

Mr'az grins to Z'len as he approaches though familiarity might be another matter. He wasn't in Fort during the time that the brownrider was there but the fact that he approaches with wine as a 'gift' certainly helps matters. "I might have already sampled some," he muses as he holds up his glass to show him the white wine within. "Is this it or have I purchased the wrong wine for myself and the Weyrwoman?" As the announcement goes out, Mr'az's focus will shift and as Xanadu is named the winner, he will applaud and call out his congratulations. "Good riders, those Xanadians. Tough competition," he admits and then smiles faintly to Nyalle and then has to struggle not to grimace. Oh boy, Zhirazoth must've caught on. "Ngh— I know we did." Now where's that wine? He's going to need it!

"Ah, well we won, huh?" G'ir laughs at that before he nudges Reya gently and motions to the stuffed animals. "Pick which one you want, you've won it. Congrats." He looks towards T'revs, smirking. "Don't ask me anything about bows. Never learned anything 'bout that at the Hold"

C'rus might not be a Xanaduian anymore, but certainly his connection with that weyr is strong and he can certainly appreciate the victory! He finally makes it to Kera's side and grins, "Congrats." he says to her with gentle pat on her shoulder, "You guys did really well in all the events. It isn't all that surprising." he says with a chuckle as he briefly turns toward the commotion that Reya is causing and then notices Innes hiding behind Kera, "Hello." he says with a wave of his hand. It seems that alot is going on all at once.

Z'len is busy grinning back, although he does raise a curious eyebrow at Mr'az. And then doesn't ask for clarification, either. "Do you happen to know the name on the wine? I'm not the winemaker, just the weyrmate — I can also just give you a new glass." He pours white, and holds it out to Nyalle, with a wink that says he happens to know the story behind why Fort's Weyrwoman is almost never seen drinking red wine in public… now.

Nyalle gives Mr'az a sympathetic look, while above, Kayeth tries to coax Zhirazoth to her for some attention and soothing. Someday - /someday/ - he will win first in something. Promise. She is happy to take the new glass from Z'len, blinking at his wink and then blushing. "Thank you," she murmurs. "So did you participate in any of the games?"

"Honestly sir.. I don't think she would have killed you. Perhaps maimed you, maybe you would have lost an eye. Though that would give you plenty of stories to think of for the next customers to your booth?" T'revs is merely attemping to down play the near accident here and perhaps is failing at this just as much as Reya has been? He lifts his head a touch at the comment from Reya and is grinning at that bet. "I'll take that bet." The arrow is plucked up from the table and is waggled a bit towards the stall owner. "Let her have her prize, and I'll pay for my round and her's as well." Seems like a winwin honestly. Still attempting to smooth things over. Perhaps it works, then again perhaps it won't. "No worries, I've used one before how hard could it possible be?" This said to G'ir while he sets up the shot. Truth be told his used a bow a good many times, his had to learn some things since being a rider and a Weyrleader. As for that string he sets the arrow in place and then pulls the string back and lets it fly. The arrow zips and thunks into the target, hiting the center /just/ nearly but still it is a hit in the prize winning area.

Mr'az furrows his brow as he tries to think of a name and can only shrug his shoulders, "Guess I should have paid more attention." he admits but his lack of definite response could be partly due to his mind being distracted thanks to a very demanding bronze counterpart. Zhirazoth will eventually calm down though, coaxed as he is by Kayeth and giving his poor rider reprieve before the man's headache can get any worse. Still, Mr'az is rubbing his knuckles over one brow. "Another glass would be nice… Z'len, was it? You were from Fort, originally?" Draining his glass of the old wine, he'll hold it out for a refill.

"Maimed! MAIMED!" The red-faced little man looks to be nearly in hysterics at the onslaught from the riders, but it's his own fault really. At least, in their minds it is not his. At T'revs remarks that he'll pay however, the scrawny stall owner finally steps aside though it's clear that he's still upset. He seems even /more/ upset when T'revs manages to hit the prize area though Reya is letting out an enthusiastic howl. Where /did/ she learn these things? "Score one for Monaco!" The junior might be shorter and younger, but that doesn't stop her from trying to reach up and ruffle the Weyrleader's hair. "Good boy, there will be wine for you!" Now she looks back at G'ir with a wicked sort of grin. "Wine for you as well, whatever your name is! You seem to be one with sense! Which one should I pick?" She doesn't really wait for an answer though and examines the stuffed animals, eventually settling on a velvety stuffed dolphin that looks like it's been tie-dyed.

"I already paid for hers." G'ir says, looking over at T'revs. "So don't spend your hard earned marks on paying for a game already paid." He says, watching the man pull the bow back and hitting the target. "Not bad." He says, looking at the target and then the other bronze rider. "G'ir. Rider of Zimraith, from Xanadu." He says to Reya and T'revs, giving each a nod. "That seems like a fitting one for you." He points to the one in her hands. "Although I've never seen a dolphin that shade." He laughs.

Z'len is pouring Mr'az's wine even before he talks — again, with the white, if the man is going to keep standing next to Nyalle. "Ghantin's favorite white is oaky and crisp, dry with some citrus notes," he recites from memory, and pulls a quick face before laughing again. "Yes. Fortian born and bred, except my lifemate made the mistake of hatching at High Reaches instead. And then we ended up down here. Tell me — is it true that someone's been murdering all of the high-ranking non-riding staff at the Weyr?" Gossip? He's missed gossip. He's also heard a lot of Fortian gossip recently.

Nyalle stiffens subtly at the mention of High Reaches, but her polite smile doesn't falter. Not even when /that/ question has come up. "Of course that's not true," she is quick to say, with a laugh that's just a /tad/ forced. Haha. No. Perish the thought! No pun intended.

Kera smiles around, trying to spot where Innes rushed off to, but shrugs when she looses the woman in the crowd. "I suppose we did better than I had thought we were." It's hard to miss the excitement from the nearby booth, but she tries to stay out of Reya's 'sights'. Spotting the wine vendor, she points him out to C'rus and starts that way "I wanna look at what he has. I want to get rider Xha'il something. He deserves it from putting up with Praela." Inching her way closer to the wind cart, she listens, gaze flicking from one to another as they discuss differant vintages.

Innes may not seek out the spotlight often, but she can't resist the opportunity to gloat. Especially when that opportunity comes with a prize of a… golden egg? No one asked her for a speech, but as she makes her way up to collect their prize it seems she's quite determined to make one. "I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible," she calls out, ignoring the mic. For someone so small, she has some pipes on her. "I'd like to thank all of our riders, and all of our competitors for being easily distracted." Hey Reya, that one's for you! She grabs the egg and lifts it up in the air. "For Xanadu!" And then the Weyrwoman beats it off the stage.

"Maimed?! Who?…" T'revs questions after the hit is done to the target and he peers at the stall owner once more and smirks at him slightly. There is a slight waggle of his finger to make the man come closer so he may speak with him. Though he does pause as he hears Reya and that 'pat' is felt. "Do I get a cookie as well then?" This questioned to Reya with a wink to her. Though his attention is back to the stall owner. "Now, I suggest you start playing a bit more fairly. If you wish to make it a harder game then move the targets back to different distances. Think of other ways to work the game instead of trying to cheat a hard working weyrfolk out of hard earned marks. Now… Do you understand?" This is Trevs playing Weyrleader role it would seem. He offers that charming smile of his and soon is holding over the bow to the stall owner. "Thank you for the lovely game." With that he turns to look to G'ir and smiles a touch. "No worries, it is a game of chance after all." A glance is sent to Reya at the one that is picked and he chuckles. "Good choice Reya."

Mr'az will try not to visibly tense either at the mention of High Reaches but he's not one to hold that over poor Z'len's head. If the brownrider was Fortian born and bred, he'll know of the icy political relations between Fort and High Reaches. Something that Th'ero has done nothing to fix! "I think someone's been spreading some pretty wild gossip," he murmurs in agreement with Nyalle's laughed response. Such silly nonsense… on to other topics! Ahem. "Sounds like a wonderful wine," Mr'az goes on to say and once he has his glass refilled, he will take a small sip, just as Innes steps up to give her speech. He chuckles and applauds again, only to catch sigh of Kera approaching. "Fort's duties to Xanadu! Congratulations." he greets.

C'rus is still more than a little bit frazzled from having arrived late, but at least he seems to be getting his bearings slowly. When Kera directs his attention toward the wine vendor he nods his head, "Thats ok with me." he says. Yes. Poor Xha'il probably does need something after all that, "I certainly hope that he has recovered sufficently. I guess at least he learned that its important to steer clear of Praela." Everyone has to learn that sooner or later. It also gives him the opportunity to take a peek at what is actually going on around here. When Innes pipes up he looks back over his shoulder to watche what she has to say, "Inspiring speech." he says to Kera, "One for the history books." He offers a nod of his head to Mr'az and smiles, "Hello again."

Z'len is, of course, still pouring wine, for as long as he has wine to pour and glasses to pour it into — and he vaguely-recognizes C'rus well enough to just sort of shove a glass of red into his hand as the rider walks up. Kera, however, gets more of a professionally-flirtatious smile, as he asks: "Red or white, milady?" Nyalle and Mr'az get a disappointed look, somewhere in the midst of all this. "What, it's not even a little bit true? I'm going to have to complain to my sources next time I'm back there."

The stall owner puffs out his cheeks unhappily. "I have to make a living too you know!" This is the meek protest from the tiny little man, but eventually there's a nod and he suddenly snatches the bow back from T'revs before retreating. This of course, leaves Reya to gloat. "I have made a good choice, haven't I?" There's a wicked smile flashed first at T'revs and then at G'ir. "Well then G'ir Rider of Zimraith from Xanadu, it's nice to meet you. I'm Reya rider of Fuerioth from Monaco and clearly neither you nor T'revs have had enough to drink." This is partly because Reya stole the Weyrleader's drink, but never mind that. Dolphin still in hand, she leans over to snag three glasses of wine from a passing merchant. How she manages to juggle all that is anyone's guess. The two smaller glasses are shoved towards T'revs and G'ir, though she's keeping the larger one for herself. "I'll have to bring you a cookie later T'revs, be a good boy and stay patient." It's now that Reya hears Innes' speech and raises her drink. "To distracted competitors!" There's a smirk before she's taking a long sip, the glass nearly covering half her face.

Nyalle tilts her head at Z'len, brows furrowed slightly. "Not even a little bit true." Lies. "Good day, C'rus. Kera. Happy to see you both here, are you enjoying yourselves?"

"For Xanadu." G'ir cheers, laughing as he takes the glass from Reya. "And thank you Goldrider Reya." He looks towards T'revs and he snerks softly. "If I recall you /did/ have something to drink. However I think it dissapeared under mysterious circumstances." He looks over his shoulder at Reya and winks. "Although I've no idea how it happened." He gives a small laugh and rolls his shoulders at the stall owner. "We've all got to make a living. Well /most/ of us." He straightens himself out, grinning.

Kera chuckles, nodding agreeable with C'rus about Praela. "Too bad a bottle won't help Prylith." Shaking her head "Don't know what that dragon was expecting when he chose." Innes voice as her attention going back to the stage, unable to stop the chuckle from her Weyrwoman's speech. "Nessi does have a way with words doesn't she." Grinning she looks back towards the cart, stepping forward when someone buys something and moves away. Nodding to Mr'az "Xanadu's duties to Fort and her queens." A quick smile before her attention goes to Z'len as he stuffs a glass towards C'rus. "I'm not sure. Which would serve as a better gift? More of a reward really." Everyone else around the gathering is given a head tilt "G'afternoon Weyrwoman, enjoying the games?" Kera chuckles softly, nodding as she is asked the same "Yes, There as been some entertaining people watching this evening."

Mr'az shakes his head and chuckles dryly to Z'len, "All I have to say on the matter is that someone did pass and it was unfortunate but natural. Older man, probably long past retiring." he explains and will weather any disapproval from Nyalle for letting details slip. At least it's better than the gossip going around? "I'd say go for the white," he explains to Kera with a smile, nodding to C'rus. "Good to see you too." he tells him honestly before draining the last of his wine. The bronzerider however is rubbing at his forehead again and gives Nyalle a sympathetic look. "Might need to go seek out somewhere to sit. Eat too, I think." Surely he's not feeling the wine already? "Zhirazoth's done a number on my head…" he mutters under his breath. Nyalle will understand! Though he will excuse himself, he will allow the Weyrwoman to choose to stay while he goes to find a quieter spot to sit and observe the festivities.

C'rus is rather surprised when the glass of wine is forced into his hand. It's really rather rare that someone just hands him an alcoholic beverage. He looks to Z'len and politely says, "Thanks." Because that is what you do when people give you free things. Even free things you weren't really looking for. "I'm sure he saw something." Praela is yet another argument in his mind for why dragons don't make perfect choices…and neither do humans. But he says nothing about that for the present. He offers Nyalle and Mr'az a smile, "Very much ma'am. It has certainly been a great deal of fun." He waves to Mr'az as the man excuses himself, "Have a good rest of your day."