Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing

Perhaps it was her smaller size that has kept her from rising yet. That's what Vanessa thinks though honestly the young teen never was in much of a hurry for the youngest Eastern Queen to rise. So these past few days as her hide has gotten brighter ad brighter, poor Vanessa has been denying it. Now the young Queen is slumbering restlessly in the bowl while Nessa frets worriedly. She's dressed for the mild spring day that it is. She's clad in shorts, a plain tunic with a vest over it and her hair is pulled back into a plait that runs down the middle of her back. Annoyance is an unusual expression for her to wear yet she's standing in the entrance to the commons caverns with her arms crossed over her chest and her foot tapping restlessly.

Abigail is visiting Eastern, though this is a normal thing as she does have friends here after all. The Fort Wingleader let's out a slight yawn as she is making her way on through the clearing recently hopping down from her dragon. The large brown is settled off to the side, tail half twitching while his swirling gaze drifts this way and that while soft rumbles escaping him. His looking for a few friends of his though as of yet not found them it seems. Abbey glances to the one in the bowl, a curious look is seen as she offers a slight bow of her head, warm smile seen. "Fort's greetings to Eastern and her Queens."

Moving slowly though the clearing S'ic smiles and chats with his bronze Xtzaltuth and smiles, "Yes I now Xtzaltuth." he nods and laughs before coming to stop and blinking as the bronze notices the fitful sleeping gold in the clearing and croons softly. S'ic' eyes go to Vanessa instead of the dragon and says softly, "Hey there Nessa. you ok?" looking over to Abigail as she arrives and smiles, "Eastern's Duties to Fort."

Rare is the day that one Fortian pair find themselves in Eastern and of course on the ONE day they do venture this far from home, there is a glowing gold. Such a stroke of luck is welcomed, happily so, by a young and richly mottled bronze who has taken a vantage spot near to the restless sleeping Ceresth. Zhirazoth is High Reachian bred, but recently transferred to Fort along with his rider Mr'az. Mr'az has business within the Weyr, leaving the bronze to his own devices. Which means, of course, that he has invested MUCH interest in Ceresth already. Which leaves Mr'az to make a few hasty excuses and leave whatever it was he was doing to briskly return to the clearing, muttering and cursing under his breath. Why? Why now? "Fort's duties to Eastern and her queens," Mr'az greets to S'ic and Vanessa both, his gaze lingering longer on the young goldrider once he puzzles out the knots. To Abigail, he smiles faintly. "Wingleader."

Sometimes Lana gets restless in her home of Fort Weyr and feels the urge to get out and /move/. Not move like be physically active mind you, move as in see other places. This is how the brownrider came to find herself in Eastern Weyr for a visit… only to end up spending a bit more time there than she had originally expected. Oh well, it's not like Eastern is upleasant. Warmer than Fort, that's for sure! Yet she can't stay forever and the Fortian rider has leaving on her mind as she walks out of the caverns. The first thing she notices is that Rauskazeth is lurking around the edge of the main clearing with his tail twitching slightly. A light frown crosses her face at the sight but before she can say anything to her dragon something else catches her attention. There's one of the Eastern juniors, standing by the entrance and looking a bit… odd. There is a faint trace of concern to be detected in her voice as she pauses to ask, "hey, are you alright?"

Vanessa is still frowning. And tapping her foot. Her green gaze slides towards people as they start to arrive in the clearing. Each person gets a piercing glare from the normally sweet natured rider. "No." she argues with no one but then S'ic's question penetrated. "Me? I'm..fine." she squeaks. "Um..oh! Fort's duties to Eastern." she pauses. "No no. Eastern's duties to Fort." she peers. "And Fort." cause there's more than one rider looking to Fort so she says it again. The fitful thoughts of her sleeping queen puzzle her a moment or three. "I thought Fi would be out here…" she trails off with uncertainty now as Ceresth shifts in her sleep and looks closer to waking. Mr'az gets a long, steady look as his bronze settles in so close to her Ceresth. Then Lana's question draws her wandering attention. "Hey..you from Fort too?" her brows furrow briefly. "I'm fine!"

S'ic steps over towards Vanessa slowly staying just a few paces away trying not to crowd her as he says softly, "It is better that she is away Nessa. Getting her lifemate way out of the way for whats to come." he tries to keep his voice none threatening as he can before glancing to the fortian riders and says softly, "What bring syou all over here today?"

Abigail looks a touch amused as she hears Vanessa's stumble over words and she tilts her head looking to the other riders a moment. A nod of her head is sent to Mr'az. "Afternoon Mr'az" There is now a pause and she blinks before sending a glance towards Lana, whom makes her pause. "Lana" She didn't think that one would wind up here. A soft breath escapes her and she certainly hopes all goes well now! The Wingleader lets her gaze go back to the ones that are here, a soft smile is seen and nods. "Here to visit some friends" There is a moment where S'ic's comment catches her attention and she frowns a bit before sending a glance towards Niumdreoth. The large brown is up and moving, and following after a sense that all male dragon's seem to have. A low warble is sent towards the bronzes he catches sight of so near the gold and he shifts to rest in a crouch, swirling gaze glued upon Ceresth's form. Abbey is quiet, her eyes closing while she smirks, well of /course/ that would have to happen!

"Afternoon, Abigail. Lana." Mr'az greets his fellow Fortian riders, reaching up to rub the back of his neck and then run his hand through his short cropped hair. He's a middle aged man, closer to his thirties and his hazel eyes are keen and sharp. His jaw carries a bit of stubble, but he is well groomed none the less. His fidgeting comes from the warmth and… the understanding of Zhirazoth's obsessive interest. To Vanessa, he dips his head politely to her, smiling faintly before eyeing S'ic and narrowing his eyes slightly as he studies the other bronzerider closely. "Had some business here." he replies, a touch dryly but still polite enough. Zhirazoth keeps hold of his "spot" in the clearing, his whirling eyes fixated on Ceresth and his wings ruffling with a restlessness of his own when the gold stirs. His competitors in Niumdreoth, Rauskazeth and Xtzaltuth are largely ignored for now, confident (or egotistical!) that they do not matter and thus warrant none of his attention — yet.

It looks like this is Lana's day for being unobservant! She has noticed that there are other riders there, yes, but it takes her a few moments to realize that one of those riders is /Abigail/, her very own Wingleader. Surprise flashes across her face for a little while only for it to be torn away by Vanessa speaking. The brownrider gives a small nod when the goldrider answers that she is being fine and can't help but chuckle when she gets her greetings mixed up. "Yes," she answers in response to her question, "I am indeed. Fort's duties and all." It also looks like she's slipping up in her formalities for the time being. Oh, Th'ero would be /so proud/ of the fine job she's doing of representing his Weyr. Well, being one of many people representing it anyway. To S'ic she gives a curt nod befroe answering, "I just got a little wanderlust and went… well… wandering for the day." Formal and /so good with words./ As she finishes she glances over at Rauskazeth out of the corner of her eye, who has begun to prowl closer to Ceresth and the other males. Is this…? Oh, fantastic. Looks like fate decided to mess with her timing then.

There's only a few out of weyr riders but Vanessa's having a hard time remembering what to do that is proper, as Jr. weyrwoman. "Duties…Um, who wants a drink?" her gaze slips to Abigail then to Mr'az and finally to Lana. S'ic gets a relieved look. At least she knows him! Suddenly though…"But…I ..what..no?" Vanessa's mind is moving rapidly as abruptly Ceresth rears up out of her sleep and snarls at any nearby males who are clearly too close to her for her comfort. Without waiting for any reaction she spreads her wings and launches up into the air. Her path is quite clear as she glides to the feeding grounds.

Xtzaltuth crouches down low to the clearing floor his broad wings furling up next to him as he just watches Ceresth closely, paying little attention to the other about him until the gold takes flight, launching himself into the air after her toward the feeding grounds. S'ic for his part looks ot Vanessa with some concern for his friend and says softly, "Everything is going to be fine Nessa, just take a deep breath, Ceresth needs you now.

Abigail curiously watches Lana a few moments, a slight frown seen but she won't comment on anything that is for certain. She clears her throat and looks up at the talk of a possible drink. Drinks are good She is about to agree though when there is movement that very much so has Niumdreoth's attention. The brownrider frowns a touch, worry perhaps seen. Her dragon was hurt in a gold flight before so she has plenty of reason to be worried over things like this. "I think drink will have to wait" She murmurs softly with a slight glance sent to the others pondering on how she is pondering at the moment. "Yer friend is right." This said with a soft tone, the gold is young, and her rider is well also on the young side there is a chance this is a first time off into the air. Niumdreoth is up, following after that beautiful snarling gold, loving the look of her golden hued hide. Soft warbles and croons escaping him while he follows after the gold heading towards the feeding grounds.

So much for pleasant conversation? The moment Ceresth rears up and snarls, Zhirazoth answers her with a clear, warbling call of challenge. Good morning, lovely! Who cares if she's a bit prickly? The young, molten bronze has her in his sights and as far as he is concerns what he wants, he gets. He IS a fine looking bronze, after all! Flaring his wings, with a growl of anticipation he launches forwards and speeds ahead to the feeding grounds to claim his first kill. No fuss, no muss. He gets right down to business and to drinking as much of the necessary blood he needs to ensure he can outlast Ceresth AND his competitors! Mr'az groans under his breath. "Of all the timing!" he mutters, scrubbing at the back of his neck again as his eyes lift to follow the exodus of dragons and then back to Vanessa. His look is focused but also sympathetic, not quite overwhelmed yet by his bronze's desires and needs. "Drinks another time." he agrees with Abigail, only to exhale heavily. "Shall we?" Not that he's in any hurry. Honest!

Lana gives a brief nod at the talk of drinks. Drinks… drinks sound good, although it's a tad surprising for a Junior Weyrwoman to be offering drinks to a bunch of mostly Fortian strangers. Well, she /assumes/ that they're strangers, or at least most of them. But anything she might say is stolen from her mouth when a certain gold springs up and starts to move, sending Rauskazeth into action. A scowl crosses her face a some curses leave her under her breath as she senses her dragon soar over to the feeding grounds for a flight. "Well then," she grumbles, "it looks like that's happening."

Vanessa stumbles a bit as suddenly she's rushing across the clearing towards the feeding grounds. Any thoughts of drinks or other hospitality are tossed out of her mind as she heeds S'ic's advice. "No!" she hisses out towards the Gold as she skitters to a halt just outside the pens. "Blood." she struggles mentally with her gold who rears her head to growl out her defiance. It's a battle of wills that Vanessa eventually wins as Ceresth roars once more before simply killing and blooding her first kill. She's quick and effective in this and soon she's already leaping for another kill. A snap of it's neck and once more there's a battle for her to feed. Again Nessa wins this battle and she bloods quickly. Crouching low she hisses at the males.

Xtzaltuth follows rapidly behind Ceresth, diving into the pens a distance away from her as he pens a large herdbeast to the ground and rake out its neck before drinking deeply of his blood. S'ic attention divided between his bronze and Vanessa. The younge harper turned bronze rider mummers softly, "Just blood…" if he is talking to Vanessa or his bronze it is anyones guess though.

Abigail follows after the others towards the feeding ground, when it comes to conversation during flights well she isn't the best on them and in fact she tends to be on the quiet side letting her dragon do the talking so to speak. The brownrider's pale gaze flicks over the others before she turns her attention towards the ground. Niumdreoth is there, his long wings flicking to his sides and he is leaps down upon a large heardbeast quickly clamping down upon it and blooding the animal that is still kicking out within his grasp. His swirling gaze darkens just slightly, his attention on Ceresth to make sure he does not lose sight of her.

Mr'az is right on the heels of the pack as everyone makes for the feeding grounds. What choice does he have? The bronzerider knows better than to try and call Zhirazoth back now. His eyes dart to his fellow Fortians and then to the unfamiliar S'ic and the equally as unfamiliar (but rapidly becoming desirable… oh the "joys" of the dragon bond!) Vanessa. In the pens, Zhirazoth has taken down his second kill and is greedily feeding on the blood, his body stiff and hovering protectively over the carcass, his wings flared and tented much like a bird of prey would do. His tail flicks and twitches in building eagerness and anticipation and as Ceresth hisses, he will growl low and deep in his throat. Readied, he takes the chance now to study his competitors, swiftly marking each one in varying levels of 'threat' to his chances to snare the glowing gold.

Rauskazeth dives into the feeding frenzy, pouncing on a herdbeast and snapping its neck with a powerful jaws. A huff of annoyance leaves Lana before she begins to jog toward the feeding pens and /attempts/ to ignore the waves of flightlust that are already begining to wash over her. She does /not/ need to be thinking about how many hot people are here right now. "Blood," she growls as she approaches, "blood or it won't be worth it. /Blood." The words are hissed under her breath and probably very little compared to what is going on in her mind. Yet Lana apparently wins and Rauskazeth bites into the juglar and begins to drain the beast, instinct taking control once he tastes blood. All the while his red whirling eyes remain on Ceresth as much as possible. She is queen tonight, the ultimate warrior.

With the blood of two beasts coursing through her veins, Ceresth's eyes spin rapidly with purple and red mingled as he looks at each of her would be suitors. She offers a sweet croon of welcoming before it rises in volume to a cry of challenge as she lifts upwards out of the feeding ground to seek the sky. Arrowing upwards as quickly as she can she seeks to gain as much altitude and distance between her and the males who chase.

Back on the ground Vanessa struggles to keep her mind focused on whats going on around her. She looks between all the riders who seem so close to her even if they really aren't all that close. "Oh no…" she groans. "Where's Chi?" mutters the young rider in worry. As Ceresth goes up she tenses up and her head snaps upwards.

S'ic groans softly as his eyes shift to the field just in time to see his bronze flip his wings out and drive them down hard launching himself up rapidly into the air behind Ceresth, his eyes whirling with the pleasure of the hunt, crooning after the fleeing gold. S'ic shift slowly to the left he mummers softly, "You will be alright Nessa. Just pay attention to Ceresth." steping perhaps a bit closer to the gold rider as he speaks.

Abigail moves a bit closer to Vanessa but she doesn't get /that/ close, her arms fold in front of her, fingers gripping at her arms while her gaze watches the scene unfold. Niumdreoth is quick to grab another beast when he is done with his first, draining is right before that dear gold is leaping towards the sky. A deep rumble escapes the large brown and he is quick to jump into the air with a flap of his wings as he curls upwards following Ceresth higher and higher into the air. There is a moment and a soft breath escapes Abigail before she glances over to Vanessa. "Yer friend is right, keep the link with her, do not let it waver. Everything will be alright" Hopefully at least but she does not comment on such things, not a good time for it.

Zhirazoth's voice rises along with his head as he lifts it up, muzzle dripping blood and opening wide to let forth with his echoing cry of challenge in return to that of Ceresth's. His wings sweep back and crouching down, he springs up with a powerful push of his hind quarters. Wings snap open again and swing down, beating through the air as he seeks to gain choice spot amongst the pack of males also rising to pursue the gold. Down below, Mr'az only lifts his head and shields his eyes as Ceresth launches upwards. No stopping it now! Resigned, the bronzerider's shoulders sag and then square with determination that is more his bronze than his own. "She blooded well," Mr'az compliments and reassures Vanessa, giving her another faint and slightly awkward smile. One that twitches into a vague smirk when she worries over another rider. Sympathetic again, for her lack of choice in this.

There are no loud roars or other displays of noise from Rauskazeth. He bloods half of a second herdbeast before he stops, eyeing Ceresth. Perhaps he managed to detect that she was about to leap into the sky from her body langauge, perhaps it is sheer dumb luck. Whatever the case he manages to drop the herdbeast just in time to crouch down and leap up after her. Powerful strokes are used in the first few moments of liftoff in an attempt to gain altitude. Once that is done he will attempt to settle into a flight pattern that resembles a glide in a way, trying to save energy for when he will need it most while staying reasonably close as not to fall too far behind. For her part Lana clenches her teeth and leans back against the railing. She does not try and get closer to the rest of the group at the moment. There are just too many people and for the time being she still has mind enough to know she doesn't want to get involved in /that/. But as the various other suitors comfort Vanessa she does manage to get out, "good… golding."

Vanessa draws in a long breath as she struggles to keep a link between her and the Gold flying high in the skies. "We'll be fine." she takes a moment to really look towards each of the riders. Her gaze lingers on S'ic first then slides to the Reachian rider turned Fortian and her nose wrinkles. "…old." she mutters. Then she looks to Abigail and Lana briefly before once more going to S'ic.

Above Ceresth calls out enticingly to her suitors. « Come and get me! Best boy gets the win! » each word is a shooting star of light to chase down and rain down over you. Ceresth soars high and fast to achieve a high altitude over Eastern weyr. Finally she stops climbing and without a look back to see where her chasers are she lazily rides the thermals, reveling in her freedom as she finally stretches her wings for hr first flight.

Xtzaltuth soars upwards faster and faster, his large bronze spiraling upwards faster and faster, his wings faning out to catch the thermals to drive him in in his persuit. As she begins to ride the thremals lazily, he continues to push hard in his persuit. S'ic's eyes begining to glaze over as he links more and more to his bronze. His eyes flicking back to Vanessa.

Abigail merely nods as she hears Vanessa, choosing not to comment anymore on the moment at hand it seems. She lets her gaze follow after the dragons that are taking to the air and zipping this way and then. Niumdreoth rumbles out, wings stretching and carrying him across one of the thermals that he happens upon as his keeping good with the flight so far. He knows now to push himself, not yet, there will come a time where he needs to pull in his reserves and dive for that lovely bright high that is the prize. « My dear! You fly so beautifully. I'm rather sure we could dance lovely with one another if you would only give me the chance when I get close to snaring you dearest! »

Mr'az isn't that old! Thirty is… uh, the new twenty? Nope. That's still old. Poor bronzerider! Not that he's aware of Vanessa's nose wrinkle. He's watching her closely, edging a little closer but not crowding in. Conversation has been forgotten, his mind drifting further and further to Zhirazoth and his hands clench into tight fists at his sides. High above, Zhirazoth soars up and up after Ceresth, catching thermals when he can and weaving his way through the skies. Her enticing call is heard, cherished and returned, his mind like the cooling rush of wind just before a storm coming over the sea. « I AM one of the best and I will prove it to you! Come and show me your best, dear lady and I will match you pace for pace! » BRING IT! There is no challenge that Zhirazoth will shy from! He's bold, he's daring and brash! He's suffered talons to the face with one gold and dared to topple the "mighty" Velokraeth of Fort (though failed, but skip that!). There is much he can offer her, if she'll give him the chance!

When it comes to flights Rauskazeth likes to leave the loud bugles and noise-making to the other males for the most part. What use is /making noise/ when you could be putting that effort into your flying? But when a rising gold herself calls out he is not going to ignore it. Rauskazeth brushes against Ceresth's mind, his voice carrying the smells of a warm breeze traveling through forest trees in autumn. « A boy is no match for you, my queen, and I assure you, I am no boy. » With that he moves his wings in another powerful stroke to boost his speed and push him closer to the queen. Not close enough to say that he is about to try and catch, mind you, even he wouldn't do that just yet. Just enough for his presense to be there and known. However, there are no fancy twirls or anything of the like as he falls back into his almost gliding pattern of flight. It's all effeciancy with him tonight. Down on the ground Lana finds herself eyeing Vanessa and her fellow chasers. Slowly she inches toward the group, although whether she even realizes that she's doing it is questionable. Mr'az she glances over almost immediately and S'ic only gets the faintest of hesitations, Abigail a little more than that. It is Vanessa who her gaze lingers on tonight.

So far Ceresth is setting a quick pace as she flows through the thermals to let them guide her. She dips and dives along the air currents, her smaller size showing her agility in the air. Her thoughts continue to trail out after her to encourage, tease and tantalize each male following behind her. She's still quite a ways ahead of them and her height is still a dizzying height as they traverse over all of Eastern weyr. If Ceresth gets her way there will be no way for anyone in the weyr to ignore the mating flight going on above their head.

Vanessa gulps nervously as her eyes simply glaze over as she follows Ceresth's progress. "Freedom." she whispers out loud. Her arms wrap around her chest tightly and she rocks slightly as she stands there.

Xtzaltuth croons softly, as he continues to follow in the beautiful golds wake, biding his time trying to conserve his energy, awaiting his moment to strike, «What a beautiful picture you paint. By far the loveliest creature in the world.

S'ic groans softly to himself as he rock back on his heals, his eyes scaning across Vanessa slowly.

Abigail lets her gaze narrow slightly while her mind follows along with the flight thanks to Niumdreoth's thoughts on the matter. A soft breath escapes her, and she closes her eyes while her jaw tenses. Her fingers grip at her arms and she lowers her head, taking in the conversation now and then from the others around her but not offering anything else for the time being. Niumdreoth rumbles out, form turning slightly as he sweeps down with the air currents to follow along after the small Queen, his thoughts clearly showing how badly he wants her. His mind reaches out to hers, the picture of a wintery forest at night seen with soft pinks and blues sparking across the star filled sky. He'll follow her across the whole Weyr if needs be, especially if he is close to catching the dear Queen.

Zhirazoth will not fly as swift as Ceresth, but enough to keep him at the head of the pack of males. His youth is usually his downfall, given his boldness and brashness leads to him failing to conserve his strength. For now though, the bronze feels as though he is in his prime and untouchable as he soars on and on after the glowing gold. She could fly clear across Southern and he'd follow her! Down below, Mr'az licks his lips and fidgets restlessly. His jaw clenches and relaxes, his eyes focusing longer and longer on Vanessa, only to dart to his fellow riders. Watching them too, in case he needs to make a move. Or is that Zhirazoth's thoughts? Groaning under his breath, Mr'az wipes the back of his hand along his forehead and grits his teeth. Hang in there…! But which one of them?

The thermals are very useful indeed, the natural boosts they provide helping Rauskazeth in his glide. But flights can be hard things and he definitely can't keep gliding along forever. For Rauskazeth the end of this comes when Ceresth begins to dip among the currents and he follows, doing his best to mimic her every move. There is no telling when this flight will come to an end and when it does he doesn't want to be too high above her or too low below. Between the changes in altitude and direction, although it still isn't enough to effect how incredibly high they are, the brown makes on effort to put on extra speed and get closer to the gold. He has managed to stick with the pack all this time but now is when he starts trying to get truly close and pull ahead. Perhaps his size helps give him an advantage in this, but then again there is no telling what kinds of tricks may be pulled in a flight.

Down on the ground Lana glances at Vanessa at her whispered word. It is partly thanks to distance and partly due to being lost in the flight that she fails to make out the entire word but she is pretty sure she pieces together 'free'. Is that how it feels to her? Free? For Lana flights seem wild and uncontrolled, but then again some may see that as freedom. The brownrider begins to shake her head as if trying to clear out thoughts or flightlust. Given the current situation that could easily be the case as well.

Ceresth is young and this is her first flight. All too quickly she is already showing signs of weariness. Finally her focus of attention alters from run run run to a peek back here and there to gauge and judge each one. One of them must be worthy of her if she has a choice. Whom will she choose? She dips and dives still but is slowing down so much. A quick debate goes on between her and Vanessa, for she knows that Vanessa should have some say within this and then she's spiraling downwards hastily before she veers sharply to the left. Whose close enough to reach for her? Certainly she feels the looming presence of the males that are catching up to her.

Vanessa stays riveted in place, completely locked with Ceresth now and seemingly paying no heed to anything else around her.

As Ceresth begins to slow Xyzaltuth put in a the extra effort driving himself foward, rolling into the air as she spirals down following her down, «Come to me beautiful.» folding his wings back by his side as he dives after her, forclaws extended forward towards Ceresth. S'ic extends a hand towards Vanessa his eyes going unfocused..

Abigail is shifting a bit closer to Vanessa as Niumdreoth is catching sight of the gold starting to get weary it seems. Oh sure this is a gold flight, and sure Abbey is a brown rider, but Niumdreoth has caught a gold before so no one should count this brown out of the races until the very end! Niumdreoth is shifting closer, a dip here, slide there, wings stretching a bit longer at times while he pushes forward to work on passing the other brown from Fort, which he does so rather easily once Ceresth is starting show more signs of wariness. At the peek back at him he croons out to her, a melody of sweetness and protectiveness all in one as his mindscene continues to show the wintery scene and snow covered forest. Somewhere there is a place that seems cozey, a place set side for a pair of dragons to mingle and spend some time with one another. If Nium was to win that is. There is a moment where he shifts forward quickly, wings tucking a bit closer and once Ceresth turns he is basically there, moving to try and grasp out at the gold with a forepaw and pull her towards him for a catch.

Almost in tune with each other, Mr'az will begin to shuffle closer and closer to Vanessa while Zhirazoth prepares to make his move. The bronzerider is completely lost in the flight now, only dimly aware of where he is and who is around him. Vanessa is his source of focus, Ceresth is Zhirazoth's. And the young, mottled and burnished bronze has sensed the young gold tiring and with a roaring cry he heralds his last push ahead in his effort to snare her as his own. The last of his strength is draining, but he finds just enough to fuel his wings as they sweep powerfully and he surges upwards, waiting… his whole body taught with the effort and then — ahah! Ceresth veers sharply to the left and Zhirazoth twists his body, folding his wings in tight as he dives and with talons extended, he seeks to broadside her by surprise should fate shine on him this day! If not, he will simply continue to dive with an empty embrace.

Rauskazeth has begun to grow tried and feel an ache in his muscles and lungs from the chase, yet, but the energy he has been saving throught the flight has paid off and he does not feel like he would fall out of the sky. Not only that but it seems that Ceresth is beginning the grow weary as well. As Niumdreoth goes soaring past him in pursuit of the gold Rauskazeth pushes himself further. He does not go the way the others seem to be, directly at Ceresth from above her or by parking himself in front of her. Instead with several strong strokes of his wings he moves at an angle and flies along to her side. His mind brushes against hers briefly, no words or vivid images but the smell of a forest in spring, the sounds of a gurgling brook, the feel of the wind against her hide and a sense of freedom. He makes no sounds as he positions himself directly to her right to be there should she turn.

On the ground Lana can sense that the flight is coming to an end, the feels she gets from Rauskazeth assure that. The shaking of her head stops and she comes to gaze off into the distance for a moment, as if looking at something only she can see. But soon enough her eyes focus and begin to flit across the other riders gathered for the flight. S'ic, Vanessa, Mr'az, Abigail. Without saying much of anything she pads across the ground and toward the group. While she looks at all of them she does not allow her gaze to linger on any one of them for long. She is waiting for the end to come, waiting for the queen to have her final say.

With a half hearted cry of protest, Ceresth soon realizes that she really can't stay up here forever. Tiring quickly she dares to let her thoughts wander towards those who chase her. Wrapped within the winter and cozy scene from Niumdreoth's mind she considers it before abruptly ducking away from that Fortian brown. This brings her suddenly nearly in the path of Rauskazeth and with a defiance swipe that's not meant to actually make contact she strains upwards quick enough so that Zhirazoth's tight dive brings him too quickly past the spot she just was at. Her amusement is brief for momentarily she forgot about Xyzaltuth which means she's more than open to his dive towards her and it's him that catches her with for claws and neck to twine about her. Her sound of dismay quickly turns into a croon of pleasure and she lets him crash into her.

A gasp of surprise is heard from Vanessa as the events spiral quickly. Her eyes snap open and there's a comic look of surprise seen on her expression before she starts to crumple to the ground suddenly weak at the knees.

AS Xtzaltuth entertwiens with Ceresth, and pulls her to him he lets out a croon of joy, S'ic steps in and twines his arms about Vanessa pulling her up agaisnt him as well in a mimic of what his dragon does above, and begins to lead ehr towards the Guest weyr near by.