Fort Weyr - Thunderbird Wing Lounge
This Living Cavern Annex may not be the biggest room in the weyr but it's comfortable. Wafts of the unmistakeable scent of burning wood and random mugs of klah fill the room. An arrangement of plush chairs and sofas, the majority seeming to be congregated about the large fireplace, each have a small end table nearby to stow what ever refreshments the Thunderbird riders have managed to smuggle in under the Wingleader's nose. The mantle itself is relatively plain. A tapestry depicting the Thunderbird Wing badge hangs above, but that is the only organization based decoration that the room holds. Simplicity. All you really need is a comfortable chair and a foot rest after a long day, right?

Early afternoon has settled on the Weyr, the skies overcast now and perhaps carrying the threat of more snow by nightfall. The day seems like any other though in Fort, with most going about their duties. But for some, it's been a long, harrowing night and morning as news begins to spread. The whispers of gossip have yet to truly take hold, but it's clear that there is a subtle undercurrent of tension and it's especially clearer when one approaches the wing corridor. Roc wingriders are coming and going, though from their expression it's hard to tell if they truly know the matters or are simply carrying the message on. Most of the sound of conversation seems to come from the door leading to Thunderbird's lounge. Nishka, rider to brown Azath and Thunderbird's current Wingleader stands by the hearth, hands clasped behind her back and a grim look on her down turned face. Beside her, is the Weyrleader and he wears a similar look on his features. Th'ero is murmuring something to her, which has the Wingleader shaking her head; green eyes flashing with anger as she mutters something sharply back. There's a pause and then Nishka speaks up, her voice and demenor calm once more. "Azath has called the wing. They should be arriving shortly, save for those already on patrol or sweep." Th'ero only nods, keeping his place to the side of the hearth as the Wingleader turns to face the door in preparation for the arriving riders.

Jaye must have been one of the riders closest to the lounge, maybe she was already heading up here having heard some murmur or other of gossip about trouble brewing. She carries with her a mug of klah as she pushes through the door, glancing around as the Roc riders come and go. Klah-coloured eyes rest upon wingleader and weyrleader and the scarred brownrider arches her brow slightly, approaching the pair slowly snapping off a salute as she gets closer.

Nishka promptly returns the salute with a look of approval, while Th'ero simply nods his head in acknowledgement as Jaye enters the lounge and approaches. "Ah, Jaye. Good of you to arrive so promptly. Please, take a seat." It's Nishka who speaks to her, the Weyrleader silent, though his brown eyes focus keenly on the brownrider. And she will be far from the last to arrive, as it seems the rest of Thunderbird all rush in at once. The Wingleader beams a little at her wing's quickness in response however, before she straightens herself and gestures for all of them to take a seat and then signals for silence. Immediately, the murmurs die down and countless eyes turn towards Wingleader and Weyrleader both. Yet it's not Th'ero who addresses them, the Weyrleader still lingering behind by the hearth. It's Nishka who speaks, her tone grave and serious. "I've just been informed of a rather serious event that has befallen one of the cotholds within Fort's boundaries." She begins, clasping her hands behind her back once more as she begins to pace slowly in front of the gathered wingriders. "Stonehaven, located in the remote north, seems to have been attacked and sadly… the family all slain or missing."

Jaye settles into a seat as the rest of the wing arrives, sipping her klah until the wingleader begins to speak. As the speaking begins, klah mug is settled on a nearby endtable and Jaye sits upright, all professionalism and whatnot. Brownrider nods to this and that, idly scratching the back of her hand as the family's unknown whereabouts is mentioned, this causes the dark-skinned brownrider to pale a bit, quickly hidden behind a tug of hand through hair. As a few of her fellow wingriders murmur amongst themselves, she leans forward, concentrating on her wingleader's words. "Attacked, Ma'am?" Those are the only words that escape the scarred young woman's lips, and they're quiet at that.

Nishka had fallen silent once the murmuring began, allowing her wingriders to absorb the news. The Wingleader's green eyes give a quick sideways look to Th'ero, who then subtly gestures for her to continue. There is no relief to the brownrider's expression, only an increasingly grim look to her as her mouth draws down in a thin line. The softly spoken question is overheard, though it takes her a moment to settle her gaze on Jaye. "Aye, that seems to be the conclusion so far." She replies, her words bringing silence once more to the lounge. "The evidence we could see in the courtyard alone spoke volumes." It's Th'ero's deep voice that speaks up now and his eyes carry a slightly haunted look as he glance sweeps the assembled riders. "We have yet to investigate further. That will not be occurring until tomorrow at dawn." He notes and then nods his head for Nishka to continue. The Wingleader tries her best not to grimace as she turns her head back to her assembled wing. "Any questions?" she asks, then instantly regrets it as they pelt her from various riders. "One at a time!" She barks the command, before gesturing sharply to the first rider she sees. "You first." Nishka waits until the rider has voiced his questions, either answering herself or letting Th'ero fill in what she cannot. And she repeats this process, until either no questions or answers remain.

Jaye had fallen silent, likely into her own thoughts for the moment, either that or she can't think of any questions she'd want to bring up in front of her wing. "Animal attacks, or…?" She lets the question linger, even if the weyrleader nor the wingleader have an answer for that since it hasn't been investigated as yet.

In response to Jaye's question, it will be the Weyrleader who answers her, with Nishka turning to face him silently as he speaks. Clearly, the Wingleader is just as curious to hear what he has to say. "Not animal. None of Fort's predators are large enough or vicious enough. Even so, an animal can't wipe out a whole cothold. Not even one of Stonehaven's size." Th'ero remarks grimly with a slow shake of his head. "No, this was human." That seems to stir some of the riders and a few angry retorts are voiced. The Weyrleader holds up his hand then, frowning heavily as he continues. "Some have already begun to think this could be the doing of renegades…" And again, there's an outburst and Th'ero waits patiently for those to settle, though it takes a stern look from Nishka to quiet a few of the stubborn ones. "I don't think it is." The Weyrleader assures and the Wingleader nods her agreement to his decision. "From what I saw and understand of Stonehaven and its location, it just seems highly unlikely. However," And he takes a slow, deep breath before exhaling and continuing. "Not impossible."

Jaye will wince, then, at the mention of it being a human attack, and then the mention of renegades gets tossed along by many of her wingmates. Luckily none are looking pointedly at her or anything, she has managed to keep that little bit of her past from slipping out into the general population. The scarred brownrider is silent again, then, for a long moment as she contemplates things while the wingleader gets the wing settled. "Maybe jus' 'nother cotholder, y'know, wantin' t'spread his holdings?" Hey, she's heard stories of old of a certain Holder that took to claiming anything he could take, even by force.

For that question, Jaye gets Th'ero's complete and undivided attention for a moment, the Weyrleader letting his gaze settle on her for a long, thoughtful moment. Then his frown deepens and with a near grimace, shakes his head again. "While I sincerely hope we do not have a repeat of the past, it's another possible lead. But until the investigation is underway, we won't know for sure." He explains, both to answer Jaye and inform the other wingriders. Nishka remains silent, nodding her head at times to Th'ero's words. When it appears the Weyrleader has nothing more to add, the Wingleader steps in. "Regardless, from the moment this meeting ends I'll be reshuffling your duties." There seems to be no protest to this, though a few wingriders lean forwards a little expectantly. "While I'll be in attendance to the investigation with L'da, the rest of you are going to be assigned rotating patrol sweeps that coincide with the duties you already have." In other words, extra shifts and longer days and normally some would groan by now. But luckily they guard their tongues and reactions and once more Nishka looks proud for her wing. "Have your lifemates bespeak Azath or check in here for the changes." And she gestures to the board hung on the wall near the door, where their usual schedules are posted. "Any questions?"

Jaye shifts a little at the frown from the weyrleader, almost to the point of regretting her mentioning of the past. A flinch leads her to tugging a hand through her hair. She is quiet for the rest of the briefing, just nodding here and there and looking at the board as it's motioned to. Well, she can deal with extra sweeps, now that her shoulder has healed enough for her to return to semi-active duty. At the question of if the riders have any questions, Jaye just shakes her head. "No questions. Sir an' Ma'am." Always the respectful one, the scarred brownrider.

Th'ero is oblivious to Jaye's past and perhaps even most of the brownrider's current life. So she is safe in that regard. His attention only focused because of the reference she alluded to, which has no doubt just added another troubled thought to the growing list building in the Weyrleader's head. Nishka fields what few questions do come with ease and then with a tired sigh, she gives the signal that dismisses them. But it's Th'ero who keeps them from leaving immediately. "If I can just stress," he says in a firm and serious toned voice, "What we just discussed here is not to be spread, if you can help it. Until we know more, I'd rather avoid unnecessary panic. Understood?" And he waits until the wingriders sound back on their agreement, though Nishka remains silent and seems almost to glance towards the Weyrleader in disagreement. Could that be what they were discussing prior to the meeting? It would be hard to tell, as the Wingleader then excuses herself. "I need to get to work on reshuffling the wing. Good day, Weyrleader." A polite nod is then shared between both riders before Nishka strides away, filtering out through the door. Most wingriders have also left, though some linger on the farthest edges of the lounge, murmuring among themselves. Th'ero doesn't follow the Wingleader out and instead slowly wanders towards Jaye, provided the brownrider doesn't make a hasty escape. "Jaye, a moment?" he asks.

Where would she run off to even if she did make a hasty retreat? Well, probably her weyr and her weyrmate or something. But she merely contemplates the situation over her klah, sipping the dark liquid slowly. The weyrleader's words do interrupt her thoughts for the moment and she sits in that upright resepctful position, inclining her head ony briefly to the weyrleader. "Yes Sir?" She asks, careful to hide any panic or any other leak of motion from faltering her tone, it's not often she's aproached by a higher up, especially not the weyrleader himself.

Th'ero comes to stand in front of Jaye, though careful not to be too close into the brownrider's personal space. Wouldn't do to loom over her, after all. He inclines his head to her in turn, a faint smile on his features though the frown still lingers. The Weyrleader, despite his troubled thoughts and stress, somehow keeps his tone gentle and his posture at ease enough to reassure the brownrider. "Your shoulder. It's mended well?" he asks first, which may or may not surprise her. He's likely to have seen the report given from Nishka and the Weyrleader only brings it up in hopes to ease some of the tension. But Th'ero may have likely just made it all the more awkward.

Jaye is careful to try and not shift too much, awkwardness or not, klah brown eyes meet the weyrleader's, something that has changed from the constant hiding of the girl who was searched to stand on unfamiliar sands those turns ago. She gives a nod, "Th'healers said it'll be back inta shape in no time." Maybe not thir exact words, but it sounds good to her. "They've 'llowed me back to m'duties, Sir." And she'll even come up with a healer's note if need be. Klah mug is settled upon the end table once again, so that brownrider's complete attention is on the weyrleader.

Unknowing of the change, Th'ero meets her gaze all the same. Approval shows on his expression and seeming satisfied, the Weyrleader nods. "Good news." He tells her, trying not to flinch too much when she uses the word 'sir'. But the note won't be needed, as that wasn't his intention for approaching Jaye. "And I am glad to hear you are healing well." Th'ero continues, before finally getting to the point. "I was curious to know though. You brought up a part of our history during the meeting. Have you… ever heard of anything like this aside from that?" Clearly, he knows nothing of Jaye's past, but he's curious to know all the same. Anything, really, that will help him in the days to come.

Jaye is caught by surprise at the question, and the urge to shift is growing, she furrows her brow a little, scratching idly at her wrist. It's a nervous habit really. "No Sir, jus' th'stories from 'istory class, 'bout Lord Fax an'…well y'know th'way it goes. I've no experience with holder stuff, I shouldna've opened m'mouth, my 'pologies Sir." She's careful to keep her voice steady as best she can. "I dunna think any of Fort's holders'd do somethin' like that." Or at least she'd hope not.

Th'ero tries not to let his disappointment show, though he should have known Jaye would have been taught that information in history during Weyrlinghood. Awkwardly, the Weyrleader reaches up to scrub his hand along his jaw, glancing away in what he hopes appears to be a thoughtful gesture. "Of course. My apologies, Jaye, I forgot that that material would have been covered when you were in weyrlinghood." He does seem openly surprised by the rest of her reply though and now his eyes turn to her again as she once again falls under his focus. "Don't apologize. You had a valid point. I'm not upset over you mentioning it. In fact, I will be bringing it up during our investigation." Th'ero pauses then and with a tired sounding sigh; he nods his head in agreement. "Lets hope now. But to be truthful, I think it just as unlikely as it being renegades. If we do have a copycat of Lord Fax's ideals, they would not start with a meager cothold like Stonehaven."

Jaye lets those brows furrow once again. "Well, iff'n 'tis nay 'other holder an' nay…ren'gades.." She forces the word out, cringing at even the mention of the group. "Then who woulda done such a thing? And why?" She's not good withthe whole not knowing stuff. "Th'holders, they didna owe anyone anythin' did they?" Cause, well, sometimes that in itself can be a reason. "Like when.." She shakes her head, pushing whatever thought she had back to the back of her mind. "Sometimes people jus' go crazy..I seen stuff b'fore, people jus' causin' pain jus' t'cause it, no real reason b'hind it." And then she quickly shuts up, she didn't exactly want to let that much out. Quickly the klah is taken back up, probably now cold, and a large drink is taken.

Th'ero tilts his head a little to the side as Jaye speaks, curious at first and then considering, before it darkens into something a lot more thoughtful and troubled. Yet no connections are made, the Weyrleader taking this only as simple discussion between riders. "No, I'm not aware of any debts and it seems very unlikely Stonehaven had a history like that. No… this is all very strange and very much a mystery to us all." He murmurs, before giving her another long and lingering look. "That's true. Sometimes people do loose their senses. I've considered those outcomes as well and won't dismiss the possibility that this could have occurred from within the family." That notion only brings another shake of his head and then Th'ero is glancing towards the door. "I'm afraid my time here is short. Like I warned your fellow wingriders… not a word of this is to be spoken outside these doors." He says gently enough, but his expression is serious. "I'll leave you to your duties. Take care and clear skies, wingrider." With the formalities done, Th'ero politely inclines his head again and then turns to stride away to yet another task in an unending list.

Jaye does wait for the Weyrleader to finish speaking, just nodding a little here and there. "Nay a word, got it Sir." And then he's making his way out and she stands to give a salute to the weyrleader. "Clear skies, Sir."

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