Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Late winter means there's hope and light at the end of the tunnel! Rejoice, as the ice and snow shall recede! Eventually. It's still winter now but it may as well be spring for the way the atmosphere around the Weyr seems to buzz like a subtle and unseen electric tension. Most folks are in amiable moods but some know better and know full well that it can change in a few seconds flat. Which may explain why Th'ero is lurking in a preferred corner with a view of the caverns. The Weyrleader has been here enough Turns to know the rhythm of things and maybe it's intuition that something might happen that has him nursing his favourite ale in the crowded caverns rather than going home to the privacy of his weyr.

Doesn't something always happen? Kimmila is lounging beside the Weyrleader, drinking a hot cider and letting her eyes sweep the cavern. "So then he says he doesn't need my help, so I left him there."

A girl is best always prepared for the chills in the air, especially when such a girl hails from High Reaches. Gabriela has a colorful shawl tossed over her normal garb. A shawl that is promptly removed as she steps into the Caverns, to be shaken free of the chill outside. The cacophony of the folks milling about is interspersed with the call of firelizards above. Ahh the sounds of home! Well a new home and a new beginning for this tiny woman. A woman who is getting quickly lost in the bustle around her. A dimwit unmindful of where he's going all but knocks her flat. "Hey! Watch it!" Stumbling backward she finds herself shoved into Th'ero's corner and glaring at the retreating back, "Jerk."

"Please don't tell me we'll find his frozen carcass come spring?" Th'ero drawls without even a slight beat of surprise or pause to his answer to Kimmila. In fact, the Weyrleader looks amused by the blue rider's report. "It'll be bad for our reputation." Or not surprising at all. He gives his weyrmate a crooked smirk and is about to enjoy another sip of his ale when Gabriela makes a personal meeting with the corner of his table. That got his attention! Mug is set firmly to the tabletop as he stands, glaring at the would be shover and hoping that's enough to either get them to apologize or scuttle off and hide less the Weyrleader come after them. "Are you alright?" he asks Gabriela, giving her a quick glance over.

Kimmila smirks and shrugs. "No way to tell, but I offered and he refused." As far as she's concerned, she did everything required. "Hey, watch it," she says to the jostler, looking up at Gabriela with some concern.

Life in a land of giants is about the norm for Gabriela though the towering of the Weyrleader is a mite intimidating. Good thing he isn't glaring at her eh? She glares in the direction the man who caused this mess had disappeared to. Yeah thanks for drawing attention to her buttwipe! "I'll be fine Sir." With a swish of her skirts Gabby turns a winning smile upon Th'ero and Kimmila in turn. Though the Weyrleader is the one being addressed, it pays to be mindful of those present. "Just a little mishap is all." The urge to rub her now sore hip is staved only when her hand is pressed into the skin where it aches.

Th'ero sighs, "Maybe I'll send some Guards out and make sure he's not dead." Though knowing their luck, the individual in question will be perfectly fine if not already tucked aware somewhere "safe" and warm. He clicks his tongue in annoyance, "Told you, Wingmate. Somethings up… just can't figure it out yet." he mutters and with Gabriela seemingly out of harms way, the Weyrleader won't loom as much. "You hit that table's corner pretty good. Are you sure you are alright? Sit, at least…" he offers with a gesture to the empty benches.

Kimmila shakes her head. "You're paranoid," she counters, though she can't really blame him. "Hi," she adds to Gabriela, looking the girl up and down. "Have a seat. I'm Kimmila."

"Who died?" Gabriela only catches tail end of the conversation naturally. Though a brow ticks upward in open curiosity. Finally she gives in and rubs her aching hip with a slight grimace. "I've suffered worse I assure you." New pain always lingers heavily in the mind though doesn't it? A glance is given at the offered bench before her eyes once more sweep Kimmila and Th'ero. "Gabriela," she responds and has to bite her tongue not to expound upon that as she'd once done. No longer a Trader of a clan she is only a name now. "Gabby if you prefer." It would be rude not to sit and so she sinks onto the bench gingerly only to fidget with the bracelets on her arm.

Th'ero scoffs, "Am not." he fires back under his breath to Kimmila and gives her a lingering look. They'll talk about this later! "No one has died," Yet. "I was simply making a rather… improper joke on a situation Wingrider Kimmila was handling earlier." All that formality! The Weyrleader is doling it out in spades but then he usually does among the weyrfolk and especially new faces. "Gabby, then. If you need to, the infirmary is not far from here. A Healer should be able to give you some numbweed if you find your in need of it. You'll have to forgive the nature of some here… the caverns can be boisterous when crowded and folk today seem a bit…" What's the word? "…antsy. Are you from here?" Don't mind him as he tries to spy out a knot or device pinned to her.

Kimmila refrains from sticking her tongue out at him, shaking her head at Gabriela. "No one yet. Welcome to Fort!" Where no one has died…yet. The bluerider then pushes to her feet. "Be right back," she tells the pair of them, vanishing into the crowd.

Gabriela doesn't bother to expound on what she would find improper or not. It never pays to argue with Knots bigger than you. The formalities are noted though from her expression it's hard to tell if she's actually paying attention or zoning out. It could go either way. "The bruise will not be so bad as to require numbweed. Just stung a little on impact that's all." Her lips quirk in a rueful smile, "The hazards of being short. Folks sometimes look right over my head and fail to notice me." Leaving off the bracelets on her wrists she lifts a hand to cover the spot where a Knot would rightfully be. Instead twisting a shock of hair around her finger. "Thank you," her smile grows to boarder on happy. Though when she flicks her eyes to Kimmila it is to find the woman dismissing herself. Darn. "I was born in High Reaches." The answer is directed at Th'ero while her quizzical expression follows Kimmy into the crowd. "Though I have no intention of setting foot there again in life."

Be right back? Th'ero frowns as he watches Kimmila excuse herself and vanish into the crowd and he mutters what sounds like an oath and something along the line of '… better not be another victim'. Ahem. "Good. I'm glad you're not too roughed up," he tells Gabriela once he focuses back on her. There's a quirked half-smile and a nod, "I can imagine the difficulties. Usually the folk here are polite and respectful." If they're not, well, the Weyrleader will hear of it eventually. "You're welcome. High Reaches?" Th'ero seems a little surprised by that and the admission that follows. Okay, she's definitely got his interest piqued. Given Fort Weyr is no where near on good speaking terms with High Reaches Weyr and hasn't been for Turns and ever since Weyrwoman Nyalle was transferred in as a junior. "Is that so…? Are you from the Weyr or Hold?"

Kimmila returns with a platter of finger food which she sets on the table before resuming her lounging position at Th'ero's side. "High Reaches? Ugh." She doesn't bother to even try and hide her distaste. Bad, perhaps, when Th'ero is considered the diplomatic one.

Gabriela winds the strand of hair tight around her finger and then slowly unwinds it over and over. A nervous tick perhaps. Her facial expressions are languid for over active nerves though. A quirk of her lip indicates amusement that Kimmila may have another victim in sight. From the looks of things finger food is on the list of possible demolition. So noted when the woman returns to them and resumes a seat. "Yes. Reaches." For a moment she looks both defiant at the open hatred and equally hateful herself. She has /reasons/ for hating her home though. "I was born in the Hold though I spent some time in the Weyr as well." And on the roads between them and across the rest of the continent. If he gets her started on exploits they'll all be here at dawn still. "A change needed to happen however and well.." she leaves off twisting her hair to wave a hand about, "here I am. I am hopeful to stay on."

Th'ero has his own share of nervous habits and ticks that he hardly seems to notice Gabriela's and even if he does, he's not the type of man to make light of it (unless it gets really out of hand). "Kimmila," Is that warning in his tone? Could be and yet he's smiling faintly. "Thank you for bringing some food. Help yourself, Gabby, if you're hungry." No asking his weyrmate if the food was brought to be shared! There's a nod of his head and a look of understanding but he does not pry into the girl's past. Not yet. "Fort is always welcoming. Have you just arrived? If so, you'll want to speak to Headwoman Talica or our… newest Steward Zhirayr." Why was there an awkward pause there? Hmm. "They'll see to it that you're settled. Craft trained?"

Of course it was brought to be shared. Kimm's crass and opinionated, not rude. Glancing up as a firelizard arrives, the bluerider takes the note and then laughs, winking at Th'ero as she stands. "He's changed his mind." Surprise? "C'mon, Wingmate, I need your help." She dips her head to Gabriela. "Was a pleasure to meet you, sure I'll run into you again soon."

Gabriela glances at the food with a wan smile. "I think I'm too tired to eat actually. But thank you all the same." The past day or two have been a whirlwind of stomach turners for Gabby. "I was deposited in the Bowl early this morning actually. And I have yet to run across anyone I likely need to." In fact this is the first that she's stopped long enough to converse with anyone at all. "I will seek out the Headwoman or Steward right away, thank you." She rises when Kimmila does this time. "I wish you both luck on your endeavor." With a flick of her wrist she gives a partial salute to the Weyrleader and his mate before turning to wander away. Skirt swishing as she weaves through the wall of bodies once more.

"Good luck and clear skies to you as well, Gabriela," Th'ero says in return farewell as he steps back once the girl gathers herself and heads off out into the crowds once more. Glancing to Kimmila as she receives that note, the Weyrleader actually rolls his eyes and sighs, "Alright but you'll have to have me fly with you on Varmiroth. Velokraeth's as insistent that something is amiss and won't budge. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Kayeth is about to clutch." Or it's the weather — or they're both equally paranoid. "Lead on, Wingmate and I will follow." After he's taken a handful of food to snack on along the way. He'll likely question her too about her thoughts of the newest arrival to Fort. High Reachian! Ex-Reachian. Hello more paranoia!