Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Half Moon has broken out the firestone stores, it seems, a big, dusty pile of the phosphine bearing rock is situated in the center of the bowl with piles of empty sacks situated around them. One of the brownriders from Half Moon stands, one foot propped up on the pile, "Gather round, you lot! Today, we're bagging firestone. Every bag must be filled fully and you'll have ten minutes. The team that bags the most firestone wins."

Kera is soooo glad she didn't wear her best clothes on this visit to Half Moon. The Xanadu rider steps up, tugging on her gloves when the gathering is called over and rules are stated. "Alright. Shouldn't be too hard." Famous last words. "Move off Minimur." She shrugs a vigorious shoulder to dislodge the brown lizard, who goes winging off to another perch with an annoyed chitter. "Don't think lizard help is allowed anyway."

Kiena is no stranger to getting dirty and as she follows along behind Kera, the bluerider chuckles. "Won't matter. Firestone reeks… so even if you're trying to stay clean," Good luck? She'll crack her knuckles though, eyeing those sacks. "This ought to be easy enough. You see anyone else? Looks like Fort's here too," she muses, jutting a thumb over to where Mr'az is approaching with a few other riders of various ages… and some looking to be senior Weyrlings.

C'rus has not worn his nicest clothes to any of the events thus far and this one is going to be no different it seems. He moves alongside Kera as she shoos the brown lizard away, "I'm really glad that you make me work out with you sometimes." The truth of the matter is that he probably wouldn't work out at all if it wasn't for her encouragement. C'rus offers a wave to the Fort contigent as he too dons his gloves. This is going to be lovely! Dirty and smelly…just how the healer would rather not be. Oh well! It's for a good cause.

"… Really, is this what we're doing…?" The abnormally tall, muscular brown rider to grab a sack, stretching out lazily. She glances over to the other riders to see if she recognizes anyone, giving Kiena a brief nod. "… Was hoping for something more… I dunno." She shrugs, never being satisfied by anything.

M'ta is here from Monaco, long red hair completely at odds with the bronzerider's knot on his shoulder. And the grin on his lips is downright smarmy as he takes up his sack with the Monacoan contingent.

Kera nods agreeably with Kiena, her attention sometimes darting about, sending a waved greeting to differant knotted riders here or there. "Yea. Thankfully though we don't have to suffer Praela's whining along with the firestone odors." Kera snickers a bit but quickly sobers her humor, but does grin to C'rus "Hopefully it will /just/ be filling the sack." And not carrying, or throwing anywhere that would give the brownrider her 'something more'.

The host brownrider holds up a stopwatch, "On your marks… get set… GO!" He clicks the watch and the games are on.

"Shame. It'd have been entertaining," Kiena muses to Kera concerning poor old Praela. Glancing sidelong to Cassara, the bluerider dips her head politely and then smirks. "Looks like it! I'll welcome it though for a change… Ought to be quick, sweet 'n fun and give us plenty of time to enjoy some drinks and Half Moon Bay hospitality, right?" Cue a grin as she rolls one of her shoulders and then turns to call a few taunts to a certain Fortian greenrider by the name of J'kor (and likewise returned) before focusing on the task. At the call of 'go', Kiena's grabbing a sack and begins to expertly fill it. Mr'az and the other Fortians aren't far behind, though the bronzerider rolls his eyes a bit at the previous exchange.

It seems that the time has come for the event to begin! C'rus begins to fill the bag. Ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk go the rocks as he begins to pick up the rocks and begin to fill his sack. Not wanting to be completely sidelined from what is an all too human event the Fortian blue Jaicoureth begins to hum a little work song in the healers mind. A song with a nice rhythm that will help the bluerider keep his pace smooth. Slow and steady does win the race after all. It stops a person from tiring too quickly and to have energy for the final push when needed. The other riders are for the moment blotted out of his awareness.

The decidedly effeminate bronzerider from Monaco works quickly, shoving stone in his back as quickly as he can with rapid tak tak taks. The stone is heavy, but he can keep pace with the rest easily enough, fast than most (at least at first), but his hair is a constant impediment as he's forced to keep shoving the long strands out of his face and sometimes even yank them out of the bag he's filling when they get wedged between stones just so. At least he's not flirting?

Well, bagging stones is some brute strength the brownrider can handle. She wastes no time bagging firestone, her long, lever like arms quickly and swinging them back into her back. Nothing but a good workout for Cassara. The woman looked like she was carved out of wood in her tank top and showed no signs that she was going to slow down any time soon.

Kera flashes a too amused grin to Kiena "We could set something up and sell tickets to her next tantrum." Taking up one of the sacks and looking over over, "Sounds like a plan. I'll buy the first round of fancy drinks later." Her gaze takes in the blueriders nearest her. Too bad she was too busy talking and someone yelling 'GO' startles the greenrider into fumbling the bag and having to waste time grabbing it up again. Raking through the pile, she tosses in a few rather quickly, before tossing the next couple over her shoulder rather than add them to her bag. While stuffing a few acceptable peices, her gaze slips around, shaking her head at the bronzer with the hair issues "I got a band if ya wanna tie it back." She's referring to his troublesome hair.

M'ta looks up from his bagging, but doesn't pause, green eyes sliding briefly over Kera before he offers a grin, "Naw. I'd have to stop to take advantage of the offer, but I appreciate." He rolls his shoulders experimentally, the picks up the pace, trying to do two rocks at once as much as possible.

Kiena is apparently multitasking or she's approaching this event with a more laid back attitude as her taunting comments to that Fortian greenrider do not cease despite her focus waning as the two get close to bickering. It's not until Mr'az tells them to save it for later (a polite way of saying 'shut up') does Kiena start to pack those sacks full of firestone at a more respectful speed. She snorts, "Fancy drinks? I like my ale but now you've got me curious, Kera!" she calls to her fellow Xanadian, grinning briefly to M'ta and then as she reaches for another bag, notices Cassara's efficient skill and perhaps notes the actual size of the brownrider. "Nothing to it, huh?" she calls with a crooked smirk.

C'rus had been moving smoothly thanks to the song that had been ringing in his head. When his weyrmate speaks up he glances over to her and then over towards M'ta and then back again. Though her second comment gets his attention even more, "Fancy drinks?" he calls out to her. This momentary distraction has slowed him down a bit, but as soon as that thought is out he returns to bagging at the same rate that he was before. The sooner he is finished the sooner he can be rid of the smelly, heavy stones.

Cassara was filtering out the friendly chatter. Whatever she thought of the event, now things were competitivie, and her competitive streak was the nastiest part of her. Every annoying thing fueled her on. The stink of the rocks, the chatter of the strangers she didn't know, even the event its self! Xanadu had an obstacle course, and there she was bagging rocks! Stupid firestone, get in the bag! She actually pauses for a moment when Kiena quips at her, looking up with a bit of confusion as to why anyone would be talking toward her. "Eh…? Nah, nothing to it." She manages a cocky grin for a moment before redoubling her efforts. No time to show weakness and fatigue, other people were watching and she had her pride to maintain.

Kera picks and chooses from the stones, sending rejects over her shoulder til she manages to fill a sacks of good quality stone and uses it as a seat while starting on another sack. A nod is given to the hair troubled bronzer before looking between C'rus and Kiena. "Huh? Oh, I was told they had some big fruity colorful drinks at the Half Moon Tavern." IT's a good things she's sitting cause the shoulder weight of brown lizard landing on her shoulder would have tipped her over. Minimur churls and drops a tiny stone in Kera's sack. Kera sputters briefly before sighing "Thanks Mini. That was very helpful." A quick scratch to the lizard's cheek and he's off again on another rock hunt. 'Silly creature' is muttered while she continues choosing good stones over lesser ones. "But if ya would rather have Ale, Kiena that works too. Me, I'm gonna have one of those huge fruity one. Maybe two."

M'ta grins at the thought of fruity drinks, tossing his first closed bag to the side and snagging another to continue the efforts, "You talking about the drinks you can't even taste the alcohol in? those are good fun, keep you on your toes."

The brownrider glances at his stopwatch, then at the gathered, "one minute left!"

The Fortian riders are really into the event now, possibly feeding off of Cassara's raising of the bar. Mr'az is likely just working under the pressure of his highly competitive bronze who is probably watching the whole thing from a ledge somewhere… and being held back from trying to show them all how it's done properly! Meanwhile, Kiena just chortles to the brown rider's reply and at the one minute call, the bluerider dives back into the rhythm. Check, toss, check, bag and so on. "Is that so? Maybe I've been a little too hard on these fruity drinks…" Kiena muses as she overhears D'nyl. Kera's just given another grin and then it's back to bagging as the seconds tick down!

C'rus is presently about two thirds of the way through his first bag. This sort of event is never going to be something that he excels in. Still that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to continue to do his best. He does his best once more to ignore the chatter from the other riders and focus on the task at hand. The key seems to be finding the right size stone to completely fill a bag. If he were to be talking he would probably admit that his arms were getting more than a little sore and that his back probably hurt a bit, but all that can be worked out later. He isn't going to let it slow him down. He can rest when its done!

They even like fruity drinks! Cassara couldn't lose to people like that! To hell with them and these stones! The mere thought of the fun banter around her pushed her, needling her bitter, competitive side. The one minute warning did not help. She had not seemed to dip in pace and, besides from a nice sheen of sweat over her body, she didn't seem to be tiring. Instead of tired, Cassara just looked angry, each large stone she'd find being met with a sneer as her body moved it. Her arms hurt, her back her and her even her legs were starting to hurt, but she grit her teeth and sucked in her cut and worked through it, head high. Bad stones and debris gets chucked aside disdainfully as the brownrider works.

Kera points quickly over to D'nyl, yelling to the bluerider's near her "See! He knows what I'm talkin about!" Nodding determinedly to Kiena when the bluerider seem to be relenting to try one. she turns her radar to C'rus "You'll try one too?" More stones are added to her sack before a couple more sail over her shoulder to join their reject buddies scattered about. One minute is called and she can't help but more a little faster as if she can actually hear each ticking of the watch. Even so, she's still being picky about which chunks fill her second sack.

"TIME!" The brownrider holds up the watch, waiting for everyone to halt before he walks between the contingents' piles before he announces the winner, "Xanadu!"

Kiena works away but it's quick to catch up, even for this bluerider and smith crafter. She'll take a half-second pause to wipe her arm across her forehead, causing a few strands of her hair to cling to her face as she bends to grab another piece of stone and just finishes tossing it into the sack when the call is given and she holds her hands up. See? No cheating. When Xanadu is named winner, Kiena whoops and will reach to snare Kera into a one-armed hug before letting her go should the greenrider not evade her. As for that Fortian J'kor? Kiena taunts him again and their back and forth resumes (all good natured!) until he and Mr'az regroup a little away. "Ahh, now there's no denying it! Time for drinks. Celebratory ones!" Kiena calls, grinning from ear to ear and whether or not others follow, the bluerider will slip away… likely to clean up a bit first!