Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Fort in the winter time. Snow can be a beautiful thing, but probably at this point a great many Fortians are wanting to give it the old heave ho and ring in spring. C'rus has been keeping busy of late between work, weyrgames, and the library. Thats right the library. Jaicoureth has encouraged him to spend at least some of his freetime there helping the blue with his winter projects. In fact some of the library books and scrolls have joined him today in the living cavern and are on the table in front of him. Most of the books seem to be focused on either music or philosophy. Certainly not the normal reading for C'rus but you do alot of things to keep those you love happy. He also has some juice that he is drinking as he reads one of the old dusty books.

If you're from High Reaches territory, Fort's winter is nothing compared to what that northern part of the world sees. Mr'az has long since come to terms with cold and snow but that doesn't mean he won't join in on those wishing for the warmer days of spring and summer. The bronzerider has been busy as well with his duties as a Thunderbird Wingrider and also joining the Weyr Games when able (and when he can't keep Zhirazoth away). Right now he has some downtime and he plans to start it with a visit to the living caverns as he walks in with a few of his wing mates. They go right for the serving tables, conversing amiably about their recent sweep shifts along the coasts and it's while Mr'az is pouring himself a glass of mulled spiced wine that he spots C'rus reading. "Excuse me for a moment?" he tells his comrades before taking his glass and walking towards the blue rider's table. He remembers him and Jaicoureth from the mock Threadfall competitions. "Wingrider C'rus, right?"

C'rus lifts his head from his book as he is addressed. He's seen Mr'az around before. Mostly in the company of Nyalle or just around in general. He offers the man a nod of his head, "That's me." he confirms before taking a sip of the juice from his glass, "What can I do for you?" he asks. After all when someone pops over and says hello, it's usually because they have some sort of need. Sometimes medical sometimes just wanting to talk. A healer is never really off duty C'rus has found out. He places the book back on the table and smiles, "All is well I hope?"

Mr'az is often in the company of others and he doesn't deny the fact that he's been courting the Weyrwoman too. "Just want to talk, if you've time? If I'm not interrupting anything?" he goes on to say with a faint smile and gesturing with a nod to the books C'rus is currently trying to read. Looks like it's nothing but a social call? "Everything is as fine as it could be. Routine and normal and Zhirazoth's finally forgotten about "losing" in the Weyr Games. Mind if I sit?"

Social calls are good! Nothing wrong with social calls at all. C'rus motions to the chair, "No by all means please…" he says as he invites him to take a seat, "Not interrupting anything at all. Just doing a bit of reading for Jaicoureth. He'd do it himself but he's too big to fit into the library and I suspect he'd make a very big mess if he somehow managed." A dragon in the library would certainly cause a big ruckus. "We didn't really lose. I thought we did quite well all things considered. Wasn't really trained much on that sort of thing and so getting second place is a good thing." And he didn't puke! Which is just an added bonus.

"Thank you," Mr'az replies politely before he slides into the empty seats across from C'rus. He'll lean back comfortably, with his glass set on the edge of the table with his hand idly touching the base of it. Occasionally his fingers may tap the glass but it's done quietly and idly. He smiles faint and crooked again, "And I doubt the archivists would be appreciative of that mess. Didn't know Jaicoureth had a thirst for knowledge. Of course we didn't lose. Second place is as good as anything and we certainly celebrated it! It's just how Zhirazoth is. He… strives for perfection in everything. Even in me." Must be difficult to have a personality like that constantly tied to you! "Heh, suppose it was a bit of different flying, huh? We're taught those formations in Thunderbird but they're used for different purposes now. Much different… but you and Jaicoureth flew well all the same!"

C'rus shakes his head at the thought of a dragon in the library, "No." he affirms softly, "I seriously doubt they would enjoy that. Besides. If he went in I doubt I'd get him out again for a good long while." C'rus begins to organize some of the books into neat piles on the table so there is more room on the actual table, "He's does. He's a poet and a musician…and now it seems something of a philosoper. He always enjoys learning and seeing new things." A slightly different approach to life than a scientist like C'rus would take, but the areas do dove tail occasionally, "I suppose everyone has their take on what perfection actually entails. But regardless he seems very kind." At least the brief interactions they've had would indicate so. At the compliment he can only chuckle, "Jaicoureth flew well. I did not. He really likes to let go and really fly. I'm not much for that sort of thing myself. I'd much rather stay put on the ground when I can."

Mr'az listens politely to C'rus and he seems amused by the blue rider's description of Jaicoureth. "I was always told that dragons hold a certain level of curiosity but I never thought it'd extend so far as poetry, music and philosophy. Zhirazoth approves of knowledge but more for gain of skills than anything," he says and chuckles dryly, "Kind? I suppose he is. He's brash and young and sometimes can come off curt with his replies but he does have a good heart." Of course, Mr'az is biased as it's his bronze he speaks of. A brow quirks, "You get airsick?" At least he says it quietly, so as not to announce it to the whole cavern at large.

If there is one thing being around his clutchsiblings has taught him is that there is no such thing as 'standard dragon behavior', "If there is one thing I've learned from being around Jai and all of his brothers and sisters it's that just like people they are all different, and certainly are going to be themselves no matter what. I guess in the end we all persue what we like." And Jai is a thoughtful, emotional creature who likes to express himself, "It's less about skills for Jai and more about understanding and expression. He feels things very deeply. Being…" C'rus lives his hands to do the quotation mark sign, "…different…" and then lowers his hands, "…used to bother him a little. I think it still does from time to time, but more and more he embraces it." Thats not to say the blue doesn't get lonely from time to time, it's hard finding other dragons to talk to who share your interests sometimes, "Nothing wrong with being enthusiastic. Hopefully someday he'll get all those things he's looking for." It isn't exactly a secret and C'rus isn't really ashamed either, "Oh yeah. Still do if he really gets going. But thankfully most of the time he really has to fly I'm not on his back. Sort of a compromise that we've come up with."

"It does seem like they all have their own personalities or are echoes of our own, whether we're aware of those traits in ourselves or not," Mr'az agrees and lifts his glass to his lips to take a small, careful sip. No need to go chugging that wine too fast. C'rus use of quotations have the bronzerider tilting his head a bit, brows knitted. "Different? How?" Nothing rude or accusatory in his tone, he's merely curious. In the next breath though, Mr'az is laughing dryly. "Zhirazoth's enthusiasm is almost a hinderance. He takes it to an extreme and… what he wants isn't going to be his for some time, I think. Not for either of us, for as long as Velokraeth and Th'ero are around." There's a smirk for that and a shrug of his shoulders. "Have you ever considered taking something to ease the nausea? Or is it that severe that it doesn't matter…?"

"I think there is some overlap." Though C'rus couldn't be accused of being all that much like his blue, "He's a dreamer. His brothers all want things that are different than him. Kai just wants to have as many babies as possible. Zeruth wants to run the world, Tovi seems interested in protecting and Jai just wants to love everyone, and teach everyone he can find what that means. He tells me he wants to live a life that is extraordinary. I'm sure that he'd be happy to tell Zhirazoth in great detail exactly what he means, but most of it goes over everyone elses head. Sometimes it even goes over mine. Don't get me wrong…I like him just the way he is." C'rus adds just to make sure, "…he's special and I think by and large he's right more than he's wrong." When Mr'az mentions what Zhira wants he just nods his head, "I don't blame him…or you. And if it makes you feel any better I hope that one day he wins. Always have. Call me a romantic. Not that I have anything against Th'ero of course. It's just that it would be very nice for you and Nyalle is all." As for medications, "Oh yeah. I take things. They work well enough so long as we aren't doing anything too terribly acrobatic, and I think the fact that I now fly all the time is helping just from the standpoint of repetition."

Mr'az nods his head to C'rus' observations, enjoying a little more of his wine and looking vaguely amused. "You weren't kidding about the variety of personalities. I'm not sure how much Zhirazoth would absorb from Jaicoureth but he's always welcome to try." he murmurs and then his brows lift at the response given concerning the bronze's desire. He snorts, almost scoffing like. "Romance is good and all but it's not what runs the world. In a perfect one, perhaps but in reality…" He makes a dismissive gesture with his free hand. "Fort needs a Weyrleader like Th'ero and I know that now. Neither Zhirazoth or myself are ready, but that doesn't mean I cannot share my life with Nyalle. We Impressed together from the same clutch in High Reaches, I've known her for ages. Doesn't change things if I am not Weyrleader." He's loyal all the same. Back to flying, Mr'az chuckles, "Sort of a… adaptation from practice?"

"Understanding or the lack of it has never really stopped him from trying before and I doubt it would this time around either." C'rus says. His blue seems impervious to failure when it comes to things like that, and if he can get through to Zeruth, even for a moment, there is hope for others, "Sometimes reality and fantasy are a bit closer than we might think. Maybe some day you will be ready. I can't imagine anyone is ready for the job anyway. Sometimes situatons make you ready, but you are right. It doesn't stop you and it shouldn't stop you." C'rus smiles to him, "Doesn't mean that I can't state my preference for who I want in the top slot." His dragon may incline towards order but C'rus always did have a bit of a chaotic streak in him. It seems that a certain blue dragon has become aware of the conversation that is happening and wishes to throw in his own two marks. C'rus glances toward the enterance for a moment and then back to his tablemate, "Jaicoureth wants me to tell you that the curve of time is long indeed, but that it curves toward love always." Whatever the heck that is supposed to mean. The bluerider can only shrug his shoulders as Jai passes on that little nugget of wisdom, "Don't ask me what he's referring to specificially. It's winter time. Some of the things he says don't make sense to me." He nods his head in agreement, "Oh yeah. I think your body just sort of gets used to things you do all the time and makes the best of it. I'll never be completely comfortable probably, but as long as I don't get sick every time it's a good thing."

"No, I guess being Weyrleader is not something you can always prepare for but I'm a bit more grounded in realism than Zhirazoth and I know we do not stand a chance — not yet. Even if Velokraeth were suddenly incapable of flying Kayeth that's not to say another bronze won't be favoured over Zhirazoth. Fort has plenty of good, strong prospects." Mr'az goes on to say and occasionally enjoys a few sips of his wine. "And I'm alright with that. Our day will come or it won't. Doesn't mean I can't strive to be Wingleader someday and, well… I've Nyalle." So in his mind, he wins. Screw the fancy knot! Tilting his head again, the bronzerider is quiet for a moment and then chuckles. "I think I know what he means. Do tell Jaicoureth I appreciate his input."

"Nyalle is indeed a very sweet woman. I'm sure you both are very happy." C'rus says with a smile, "She is a very kind lady. Always been very nice to me. Even when she didn't have to be." Because C'rus knows full well he isn't always the easiest person in the whole universe to get along with, "Personally I don't aspire to be anything other than what I am right now. Don't have a burning desire to be promoted. Certainly not an officer. Too confining…and I'd have to be polite and that would take all the fun away from things. Don't really want to have to march to any drums but my own." He does though transmit Mr'az's thanks to Jaicoureth and as he does so takes a sip of his juice though he very nearly chokes on it when he gets the reply back from the dragon, "Nope I'm not saying that…" he says under his breath. For all appearances there would be a mental tug of war going on and in the end it looks like the dragon wins, "He says that you are welcome and that he thinks you and Nyalle are a very cute couple and that he thinks you should have a baby." C'rus says with a sigh and a long suffering look, "I think he's been listening to his brother a bit too much…" Ahh the joys of having a wyer nearby to Kai.

Mr'az smiles, "Nyalle is a wonderful woman and a good Weyrwoman. Fort is lucky to have her." he agrees, always happy to speak kindly of the goldrider (and no, not out of bias — though it probably does colour his opinion). He laughs again, tipping his glass as if to toast C'rus. "To each there own! Find where you're happiest and stick to it." When it seems that the bluerider is at odds with his dragon, he is patient while it is sorted out. He'll finish his wine and it's lucky for him that he has swallowed the last mouthful by the time C'rus picks up the conversation again. Still, he'll cough and clear his throat a bit. "Well… we'll see if fate will grace us with a child in time." Which means… what, exactly?

C'rus is always happy to speak well of his friends as well, but yeah there could be a certain bias on the part of the other man. Not that he'd begrudge him the bias in this case. He has done his best to get better about sticking his nose into other peoples business and has largely suceeded. His dragon, however, has not been as interested in going down that road. He can only smile apologestically, "He isn't shy. He likes to offer helpful bits of advice and compliments…no matter if a person wants them or not. I've learned that if I don't convey them he will do so himself and thats not really something most people enjoy." he taps the side of his head, "His voice is very loud you see. Especially when he's excited." C'rus is content to let the topic completely drop, unfortunately Jaicoureth isn't and being an astute observer of behavior he knows the way he can fix this. He projects his mind outward towad Zhirazoth and says, « One of the ways people grow in perfection is having children. It makes them better and more loving. »

Mr'az winces a bit, "Jaicoureth has bespoken a non-rider?" he murmurs to clarify and then exhales softly. "Faranth, yeah that would spook some folks. Zhirazoth is difficult to ignore but I'm lucky he hasn't gone that far." He'd be mortified! It's such a taboo thing to the bronzerider and he gives a slight shake to his shoulders. Looking out across the caverns, he then sighs, "I best be going. Need to find my wing mates and then ready for our debriefing later. It was good talking to you, C'rus and congratulate you again on some good flying… despite the side effects." There's a bit of a grin to that and then the bronzerider is standing from his seat, straightening his flight jacket. Zhirazoth's mind joins briefly with Jaicoureth but the bronze is groggy with sleep and exhaustion from flying all along the coasts and pushing his limits in battling those cross winds and unpredictable thermals. « There is always room for perfection. » he replies in agreement and then slumbers again.

"Jaicoureth has always shown a willingness to talk to anyone that would listen. Rider or non-rider alike. He isn't terribly picky." C'rus says. He isn't bothered by it at all, but he does his best to help police it a bit, "I told you he was unique." As the other man gets up to his feet and ready to move on he says, "It was good to speak to you too, and thanks. Hopefully you will have a good rest of the day and get to get some rest in." As for C'rus he will go back to his books and the blue will go back to doing, whatever it was he was doing before.