Fort Weyr - Southern Boll Hold Wharf
The wharf of Southern Boll is something to see on a clear and bright day. Stalls line the walkways, selling freshly caught fish and other imports that come in via the shipping lanes. There is a strong smell of surf, fish and musky sailors whafting through the air. Often one will hear the peal of a ships bell, either docking or setting sail. Sometimes there is even a ring from the Dolphin Bell set out on a long dock, jutting far into the water.

Unfortunately this is also one of the seedier areas in South Boll, especially at night. Bars, pubs and other 'social' houses stand behind the stalls and tend to remain open day and night. It is here that anyone, seeking anything, less than legal can find their needs. Smugglers, hired goons, and other ne'er-do-wells frequent this side of Boll and its many dark deep alleyways.

Dusk is just starting to set in over Southern Boll. A light, but chilled wind blows in from the sea up toward the mountains high about the Hold. The moonlight is full although a heavy cloud bank obscures it from view and makes the coming night bode as less than bright. If one were to look closely toward the mountain range they might notice a tiny group of figures moving quickly, quietly and as stealthly as possible down to the docks.

One of those figures is Guard Yurolt, of Fort Weyr. His face is ragged with a rough growth of beard and he is dressed in plain traders garb, soiled and threadbare. He looks back hastily at the others behind him and says, "You're certain it leads here?" This question is directed to the young female with him. The guard waits for her response, though his eyes do flick toward the other person with them.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to recognize Guard Kazulen, also of Fort Weyr, in the dead-eyed, grizzled, mercenary lout standing behind the young female in question; he slouches crookedly, unshaven, casting about with an avaricious glare, hands resting on the hilts of his weapons. (Maybe he's a little bit too in-character, here.)

Among the figures and appropriately dressed, looking far more unkempt than she normally would be is Taegan. All part of the guise. The young woman looks towards Yurolt and gives a single nod. "Yes, s—" there's a quick pause in which she cuts herself off. "Completely certain." There's a quick glance back towards Kazulen, if only to confirm that he's still there.

Yurolt nods happily toward Taegan. Maybe this 'hunt' will be over soon. After being on this trail for almost a sevenday, often being only a few hours behind their prey, has clearly worn on the this guard for sure. He glances at Kazulen once again. "Our mission is to capture." His eyes lock on the weapon hilts. They've all been briefed, but it never hurts to remind. Yurolt motions for them to spread out and move toward the buildings down by the docks.

Kazulen doesn't say anything in response — in character, still! Or so he'd say if anyone asked him directly. He's busy slinking and slithering (and occasionally, when all other architecture fails, boldly strutting) toward the docks, and — hopefully — their quarry.

Taegan begins to fall back just a little, more or less to take Kazulen's side. Paranoid much? He's eyeing his weapons while keeping her hands in her pockets. "I have to hope he won't try to run." Considering their small force, it is likely a possibility.

From the shadows behind a drink house, a shape moves, rattling some bottles lying by the back door. The shape shuffles toward the group coming down from the mountains and stops several paces from the building. A small flare from a glow being shuttered and unshuttered can be seen coming from the shape. It appears to be awaiting a response.

Yurolt throws his hand up to halt the group. He has seen the moving shape, and will not risk giving themselves away. Once he sees the glow flash he grins. Motioning to Kazulen he asks, "Have you that glow ready? Give the response if you please." Yurolt crouches down to conceal himself as best as possible out in the open.

Kazulen absolutely refuses to be utterly blatant about that whole 'hey, so, secret mission here! Watch me make contact with an obvious furtive secret-message gesture!', which is why instead there's a fancy little production for the benefit of his companions, the shadowy figure, and basically nobody else, in which his glow is used to search through his pockets for a couple of tiny coins, flashing at the precise intervals it's supposed to. (Show-off.)

Taegan stops at the command, her gaze is focused on the signal before she shifts attention back to Kazulen as he returns the message. Shoulders hunch up slightly and the woman's face is partially hidden behind layers of clothing and her hair.

Apparently satisfied by the 'signal' the shape becomes a figure, which materializes into a man. Anyone who was at Gold Hill may recognize his face, although it is obscured by grime and other dirt. He moves up to the group and says, "You're the ones from the Weyr? Good, he's here." A vague wave is sent toward the wharf behind him.

Yurolt stands to the great the man, giving Kazulen a sheepish look. Though he's not worked often with the guard he's heard about his…attitude. But hey, whatever works, right? "Yurolt. And yes we're from the Weyr. You're positive he's here?" The guard gives Taegan an approving nod, her tracking was spot it on it would seem.

Kazulen just bites his tongue on the response he wants to give, which is something along the lines of 'No, of course we're not from the Weyr, we're from the mountains! And here to steal your women and ships and runnerbeasts!' — Instead, he keeps his eyes open, his gaze up and out, to make sure nobody else comes close enough to catch the conversation.

Taegan is watching the figure carefully, saying nothing. Being that she wasn't around for Gold Hill, she isn't familiar. But, Yurolt speaks to him and the woman relaxes. The approving nod is met with a silent one of thanks. The man from the shadows is then given a look as they await more information.

Gershel nods his head to Yurolt and grins at Kazulen. He remembers him for sure, handy with a blade. "We've Harpers at every port, just as you've got other teams following false trails. I've seen him." Again he motions to the wharf. This time with increased urgency. "He hasn't seen me, I'm sure. We must hurry."

Yurolt feels the urgency in Gershel's voice. He'll be damned if they don't catch their prey tonight. Hurrying in the direction indicated he signals the guards to spread out, to widen the net so to speak. It isn't long until they've made it to the waterside of the wharf. A ship lies in anchor, though it is apparent from the activity on deck, they're preparing for sea. "Isn't it a bit late to setting sail?" he asks toward his fellow guards.

"Something something tides?" Kazulen guesses hazardously, checking his blades again absent-mindedly. (They're still there.) "On the other hand, only one ship… Yeah, I'm thinking they're up to no good." He grins, remembering to get back into character, and adds: "Plunder first, then burn, right?"

Taegan is breaking away at the signal, not before shooting Kazulen a /look/. Really? But, she refrains from rolling her eyes and focuses on their task. She doesn't know much about sailing, so the young woman offers no response.

The harper nods, it is indeed late for a little sailing. He pushes out from the guards a little farther, but not too far as to not still hear them. The quarry will recognize Gershel instantly. He was the Hold's harper for a while. Better to distance himself, and give the guard a few seconds more surprise.

Their quarry will have indeed sought out this seedier area, what with it being so easily reached. It's for that reason that Unevyr was so easily tracked down, even with the days and days he had ahead of the Guards. A wiser and brighter man would have vanished long ago and much craftier. But the heir of Gold Hill is neither wise or very bright. He's a greedy man and a weak one and his fumbling is likely making some of those seedier folk scoff at his stupidity. Currently unaware (though the Guards may have been noticed by others for certain) of the net being cast and the trap being set, Unevyr is instead trying to barter passage with one of those late sailing boats and from the splotched complexion of the heir's cheeks his method of "persuasion" is not quite working to his favor. The heavyset man stands on the wharf still, dressed in rough and worn looking clothing (and well travelled) and has not yet managed to board the boat, as the one he is speaking too seems to be standing his ground on the matter.

Yurolt has positive identification on Unevyr, and a grin crosses his haggard face. A silent signal to Taegan to flank left, hopefully blocking the catwalk up to the ship, should Unevyr attempt to flee that direction. Kazulen will take the right, with the harper to the left to support the slight female guard. Ready to spring their trap, Yurolt shouts, "Fort Guard! Lord Heir Unevyr, you are under arrest." Perhaps he should mention the Weyr, though since they're out of their juristiction, it might be better not too.

"Or," Kazulen mutters right before skulking off to the right, "we could just toss him into the water and be done with it for the moment." It's not like they look like they're from Fort's Guard, anyway — he halfway expects some of the local guards to show up to try to arrest them for impersonating guardsmen.

Taegan nods once, falling to the left and then drawing her hands from her pocket. No knives, but, she's in a defensive stance so that she's not taken by surprise. And then, once she's set, she's watching. Yurolt's call towards Unevyr has the young woman on edge, just expecting him to run.

Gershel looks like he rather agrees with Kazulen, he's worked for Unevyr, and would love nothing more than to make him swim. However, justice will be served more likely if he's captured unharmed, less risk for the guards to be indicted for anything. He takes his spot to support either Taegan or Kazulen should the Lord Heir flee.

Any of those closing in ever hear a pig squeal when caught? Unevyr sounds like that or it's a certainly high pitched yell of surprise when Yurolt shouts. That sets the man he was trying to bribe for passage to laughing and the once-heir is promptly abandoned as the other takes refuge abord his ship. Beady eyes fix to Yurolt first and Unevyr licks his lips with a nervous sort of laughter that is supposed to be some sort of tough scoff. "Ah— well, you see…" he fumbles and his skin pales as the color drains. Perhaps he spotted the others, wary of the guards but when he spies Gershel there, color floods his cheeks again and he lifts his chin stubbornly. He's not running, but he's not backing down so easily either. Stupid man. "Under what charges? And what is he doing here? He is no Guard!"

Yurolt stares the Lord Heir down, his nerves raking at the odd scoff. Seeing the shipmaster leave Unevyr essentially stranded on the long dock, the guard's lip curls into a snarl. "He has much to do with this business, you're really in no position to question /us/…" Yurolt lets his tone puncuate this last syllable. You're the criminal afterall. It appears he won't be giving Unevyr the charges just yet, as the guard wants to get into captivity as soon as he can.

Taegan has her 'grr face' on, watching the exchange and bracing for a fight. At least she doesn't say a word, being a good subordinate and all that.

The look on the harper's face is a mix of disgust and gross amusement. Of course he saw the flush of recognition on Unevyr's face, and it seems he's enjoying it. "What charges, Unevyr? Perhaps you should ask your father!" He has real anger in his voice as he shouts at the snarky Lord Heir.

Unevyr's cold glare to Gershel is just as condemning as him outrightly shouting that he was guilty for everything. Taegan is given another wary look and then dismissed as she is female (yes, he's a jerk that way too) in a silent scoffing way. Yurolt's tone is caught and noted and it only has the once-heir bristling but clearly uneasy. For he's at least smart enough to know the net is cast and he is caught and wise enough not to charge three Guards (and a Harper). So he turns to his "craftier" ways. "Oh, I believe I still have some rights." he replies with a twisted smirk, dislike clear as day in his tone and the look he gives Yurolt. "And what if I resist? I don't think Conclave would approve of a dead Heir, after all?" But even as he speaks, his weight begins to subtly shift back. "Course there could be other ways to resolve this, yes?" A move to run? Or is he preparing to reach for something? His loose and rough clothing could be hiding anything in all those folds…

"We could just knock you unconscious," offers up the rough-and-ready thug to his left, idly playing with the hilt of that sword at his waist. "You're not going to get very far in that get-up before we reach you, it sure doesn't seem like any ship is planning to offer you a fare, and you'd be flat wrong if you think we can't take you out without killing you." Stupid and fat, Kazulen's gaze-and-tone combination one-two punches Unevyr.

Though it's getting darker by the minute, Yurolt is still able to see the slight movement. He eyes the Lord Heir and the snarl turns to beastial rage. His growling voice comes out, "Stand where you are Unevyr. The Conclave would 'understand' if you were to…have succumbed to exposure in your wild flight." Did he just threaten a Lord Heir? No, he simply made a promise. Drawing his sword he motions Kazulen and Taegan forward. "Kazulen, do you mind restraining this…man? Taegan, confiscate any weapons on his person, if you please." The guard gives Unevyr a look as if to say, This is the /only/ way we shall resolve this.

Whether or not Taegan minds the blatant dismissal is not shown in her expression. Though, there is a slight smile that plays on her lips for a moment before fading entirely. As she's motioned, she easily moves forward and looks to Kazulen, waiting for him to restrain. Her guard, however, is not down. She's more than ready to get violent.

Gershel moves forward as well, even though he recieved no such order. He, however, is prepared to help, especially if it gets violent. The harper actually laughs at Kazulen's comment, more for the look it will illicit from the Lord Heir.

"I don't mind at all," Kazulen answers evenly, not even waiting for the lordling to answer his own challenge. "Did you want me to bother with the ropes, or just knock him over the head?"

"You can't do this! And you can't threaten me either!" Unevyr tries to sneer at Yurolt but his voice comes out all wrong and too high and shrill. Whiney, like a bratty child denied something he wants. "Come now, I'm sure we can be reasonable! Find some… some means…" he begins to falter, confidence lost as he's ordered to stand and at the promises veiled as threats. "Let's not be hasty now!" And this time his voice really is shrill and almost panicked as he holds his hands up defensively as though that'd ward off the Guards now closing in. He blanches again at the words passed between Kazulen and the others and despite Yurolt's warning, his weight shifts again and he takes a step back. But there is no way out that way, save for the end of the wharf and the waters below. He is unarmed save for a cheap little dagger that is more an over glorified knife really. No match for the Guards or even the Harper to snare.

Yurolt reigns himself in slightly, but still keeps a frightfully aggressive look on his face. To Kazulen he says, "Let's try not to bruise our 'dear' friend here…Though, should he resist." It's up to your discretion on that it would seem, Kazulen. Again the guard sees the movement, this time he grins, "Are you going for a night swim, Lord Heir? Come now man! You can't bribe a dragonman, you can't bribe us either. This is happening." Yurolt opens a pouch on his left side and a little blue head sticks out. He strokes the lizard and says, "Do let them know we're ready for a transport." With that the blue pops between and is gone.

Making good use of misdirection and the distraction of Yurolt and the blue firelizard, Kazulen already has the loop of rope in one hand. (The other, of course, is still resting easily on a hilt.) He gives Unevyr a charming, friendly-like smile that isn't even showing all that many teeth, and offers, "You could make this easy on yourself, you know. Admit defeat, act like a gentleman, save yourself the swim or the bump on the noggin. What do you say?"

Taegan is dutifully silent, after all, there's little to be said when the rest are already attempting to talk some 'sense' into the man. Her guard is still up, she's watching him for movement. She will remove the weapons when the man is properly restrained. Until he is restrained or he attempts some sort of escape, she's on guard, focused entirely on the man.

Gershel may or may not compound the situation, judging by the look on his face. However, he decides against whatever was going through his head and backs away. He pulls a pad and pen from his pockets and begins jotting down the relevant information from the scene. "It will be noted that Lord Heir Unevyr was taken peaceably, though alluded to potential bribary." Hopefully the Lord Heir is going peaceably.

"Bribe?" Unevyr scoffs, feigning innocence even now when it's obvious he's so guilty and caught in the act by Gershel no less! He begins to utter some indignant reply to Yurolt, as if to feign insult but Kazulen is closing in then with that loop of rope and that smile he does not trust for an instant. Even Taegan gets another look over, second guessing his earlier dismissal on the focused Guard. He won't go for a swim or run or even fight. Which doesn't make for much fun for the Guards, but they should be able to bind him now. He'll struggle of course and wriggle and squirm. But worse of all Unevyr just won't /shut up/. Maybe they will want to bash him over the head soon enough. He'll complain and whine and blather and mutter over everything and anything and continue to cry his innocence and that they're all wrong in this and will pay dearly for the way he's been treated! And so on and so forth.

Scorch it, that man can blubber. Lucky for the guards, the Doctor pops back in from between and squeaks at Yurolt. He smiles as the lizard lands back in his pouch. "Our ride is here. Let's do get back to the Weyr." Listening to Unevyr prat on about this or that he groans and lays his hand on Kazulen's shoulder. "See if you can't remedy that noise?" Looks like Kaz just got an open license to shut the Lord Heir's trap, however he sees fit. Yurolt moves to Taegan to see what all she's found in Unevyr's pockets and leans in to say, "You've handled yourself very well. The Cap'n will hear about your efforts." He only nods to the harper and gestures toward where the transport dragon should be landing.

And when restrained, Taegan makes her move to search him for weapons. The knife is found and the woman makes no indication of her thoughts on it. Instead, she hands it over to Yurolt when he comes for his inspection. A nod of thanks is given and then, she's moving towards the dragon transport is meant to wait. No words from Taegan, still, not even a gloat in Unevyr's direction.

Well, Unevyr is lucky enough that Kazulen had a more-or-less-clean handkerchief in one of his pockets, and he didn't have to stoop to using a dirty sock as a gag! (It just has some oil on it from polishing his swords, which can't taste all that good, but isn't really gag-worthy either.) He's briskly efficient and impersonal and might as well be trussing up a wherry to roast for dinner, for all he appears to care about the Lord Holder's bruised propriety.

Gershel quickly copies the contents of Unevyr's pockets. Not a long list it would seem, but still, it's for the Record. He is temporarily distracted by the matter-of-fact way Kazulen gags the Lord Heir, ammused even. "Well that went rather nicely," he says, scratching out a quick not and attaching it to his little brown firelizard. The brown is gone in an instant. Gershel says, "Now the Harper Hall is aware of your capture Lord Heir Unevyr. We'll soon know your fate." A wicked smile on the harpers face puncuates his rather rude tone of voice. He nods to the guards and quickly heads for a shadowy alleyway. "Until we meet again." His parting comment meant for the guards, though possibly Unevyr as well. Just like that the harper has vanished, his duty complete. For now.

Unevyr will begin to protest afresh when Yurolt gives the signal to gag him to Kazulen. Eventually his words will fail and he will only blubber and stammer and then resort to curses and oaths and empty threats. Taegan's searching of him will have him trying to persuade her to reason, stupid and sexist man he is, figuring her to be the weakest link. Or he's just /desperate/ because then Kazulen is closing in with that more-or-less clean handkerchief and even before he can try pleading he's gagged (and gagging no doubt!) and his complaints are there on muffled as he's trussed and tied. Gershels comments earn him a seething look from Unevyr and he doesn't have to speak to make his thoughts known.

Yurolt waves a farewell to Gershel, but the harper has already faded it away it seems. Taking up the rear, the guard makes certain that Kazulen has a firm grasp on their captive before moving out. It's only a short walk to where a brown dragon awaits them. It appears the rider has tried to conceal his mount in foilage, but how can one truly hide a dragon? This is the part Yurolt dreads, the short flight *between* and then filing a report. If he has his way though, his companions will recieve commendations a plenty.

Kazulen's suggestion that the most secure way to carry their package Between is in the brown's talons is for the rider's ears alone, and is met, naturally enough, with no more than an amused expression. Meanwhile, Kazulen makes certain that neither he nor Taegan have to actually sit next to the oafish brat of a prisoner. Just in case.

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