Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

Mid-morning on another wintery day in Fort and the once blue skies are now mottled with storm-promising clouds. It's cold and the gusts of wind pick up at random and with it they pick up loose drifts of snow to send it swirling about over open ground. Snow hasn't begun to fall yet, but those clouds will certainly unleash something by the time night falls. At least the inside tunnels and rooms of the Weyr are warm and any worries of the winter weather can be forgotten. Almost anything can be forgotten when one is in the library and archives, though currently Rayathess isn't there for leisure. He's here on duty as an Apprentice Harper and he's settled himself as comfortably as possible at a desk. Around him are a few books and one beastly looking tome, looking positively ancient by the aged cover and binding. He handles it with great care while pausing at times in flipping the pages to neatly scrawl a few notes. Focused though he is on his work, it's clearly very boring.

Mid-morning on a wintery day in Fort and Lana finds herself without wing drills or an emergency rescue to deal with for the time being. This leaves the brownrider free to do whatever she pleases… which normally involves napping or some other form of laziness. Not today though! Instead she has been scurrying about doing this and that before finally entering the archives. Now, why Lana would be in the archives is certainly questionable but she is indeed there. Has been there for a while as a matter of fact, darting between the shelves in a flustered attempt to find something. Today she isn't dressed all fancy but also is not in her candidate robes. Instead she is in a casusal long-sleeved shirt and pants and, as she begins searching a shelf within Rayathess' line of sight, looks down-right flustered. She appears to not have noticed the Harper yet and is deep within her search for whatever she's looking for. That's not to say that she is silent. A low stream of words that would be nearly impossible to make out leaves her mouth, although judging by the tone she says them in it's probably cursing. Best not to try and find out probably.

Rayathess may not be able to make out the words coming from Lana's mouth, but he certainly hears something and that is enough to break his concentration from his work. Grimacing, he sets his writing tool down and pausing to rub at his eyes he then casts a glance ahead of him and spots the flustered looking brownrider. That grimace becomes a smirk and he leans back in his chair, apparently in no hurry to get up and rush to her aid. "Can't find what you're looking for?" he drawls in a dry tone, half amused and half curious as to what Lana could possibly be searching for and why it would be that important for her to get so worked up about.

Is she knew that she had broken his concentration Lana might have apologized to Rayathess. Maybe. Maybe not, it is Lana after all, but there is the chance that she would try to be polite. But then again he goes on to break her concentration on finding her lost whatever-it-is. So as far as she's concerned it's fair game. At his question she stands up and shoots him a surprised look, the 'how long have you been there?' kind. Oh sweet Faranth, and he's smirking. Smirking and leaning, which might mean that he was getting amusement from her fluster. Maybe. It didn't phase her that much either way. The surprised look melts off of her face as she leans forward onto the balls of her feet and meets him with a half-smirk of her own. "Possibly," she responds. "I don't suppose you've seen a thin book… well thin for the things in here, that looks like it was be-dazzled by a teenager?" You know… covered in glitter and all kinds of overdramatic stuff.

Fairs fair as far as concentration goes. Truly, Rayathess is welcoming it. As much as he's a 'good apprentice' there are times when even he needs a break. Faranth only knows how long he has to be in here today and there are only so many notes he can scrawl and tomes and ledgers he can read before he feels cross-eyed and headachy. So yes, he is smirking because Lana IS amusing him far more than whatever age-old text is in front of him. "I've seen a lot of books and records and things in here but I don't think I've ever seen a thin… bedazzled? … book? Shards, I don't think I even want to know what such a book contains." he mutters, giving her a long, thoughtful stare. "Why do you need it so bad?"

Well then, it looks like Lana did him a favor with her string of muttered cursewords! You're welcome, Rayathess! Lana knows that she certainly couldn't handle sitting there reading some old tone for ages. Not enough patience at all, it sounds like it would be painfully boring. However, any and all thoughts concerning old tomes are abandoned at Rayathess' question. "It contains all my innermost thoughts from ages thirteen to seventeen," she responds in a deadpanned voice. Like a diary. A horrible diary filled with poor spelling and bedazzled with as much glitter and various shiny things that her thirteen year old self could get her hands on. Why yes, it is a diaryy! And no, he might not want to read what it contains considering what she acted like at that age. Without pause she continues to say, "my sister found it in my old room and gave it back to me. But before I could burn it like I intended to I accidentally left it out in the open and apparently some idiot thought it was something of importance and needed to be archived."

Rayathess blinks for a moment as it takes his note-sodden head to catch up to speed and when it clicks that Lana is inquiring after the whereabouts of her personal diary, he does the one thing any young man does: laugh. Not loudly, certainly not mockingly, but he laughs all the same and just shakes his head for poor Lana's fate. "You're kidding me right? This is some idea of a joke?" Hence the deadpanned expression, right? Right? Rayathess pins her under a long look and when the brownrider elaborates, his laughter fades and he looks a touch grim. Oh, crud. She's serious? "You sure some weyrbrats didn't get a hold of it and are reading it now? Something so… personalized wouldn't make it in here. At least… I'd not think so?" Rayathess quiets for a moment as he leans forwards in his chair to peer at either side of the section of library they're in. Are they alone? They are and he adds in a quiet tone. "Or the archivist was half-asleep on the job. You're certain it's not anywhere else?"

Lana's eyes narrow in a slightly annoyed look as Rayathess follows his instinct and laughs at her fate. Oh yeah, laugh it up Rayathess, karma will find you. Who knows, maybe someone will unearth a bunch of stories from your childhood and share them with everyone. Humiliating stories. However, she can't help but feel a bit pleased when he seems to realize that it isn't a joke and his amusement fades. "Words cannot express how much I wish it were a joke," she mutters under her breath. "And I'm certain that it's here, no less than three workers, non-weyrbrat workers, said they'd seen an absolutely garrish looking book among those to be archived. Hence the idiot bit." A groan leaves Lana and she looks like she wants to kick something before she hisses, "for the love of… the things that are in that book. I think I documented my every week-long crush, every person I loathed, and every idiotic thought or idea that passed through my head in there. There are two paragraphs talking about how the Weyrleader was, and I quote, 'not bad looking for an old dude', from when I was fifteen. Of all the phases for me to think it was important to document…" She wants to slam her head into a wall. She wants to slam her head into a wall and curse the world.

Oh, there are probably some humiliating stories from his childhood but those who knew them are reduced to two who'd be alive this day to remember them. Rayathess' past was more or less obliterated by Laris all those Turns ago and what happened after that night is not humiliating but just downright dark. The stuff of nightmares and terror, for sure. No, it's definitely not a joke and neither is Lana's situation. Rayathess is beginning to see that and he wrinkles his nose a bit. Ugh. "Alright, alright! Jays… at this rate I won't need to read your journal if you keep telling me the contents." he grumbles and pushes back his chair. Standing, he stretches and then motions for Lana to follow him. "Come on. I'll bring you to where they normally sort through the books for archiving." Isn't he so nice? Or maybe he just wants to stretch his legs.

That… that is sad. Not overdramatic, not pathetic, not a way for it to steal someone else's thunder, Lana just finds it sad. Since accidentally bringing up Rayathess' past that first time she has actually gone out of her way not to mention it. Because really, what could she do? Say that she's sorry? That she might somehow know what loss feels like? That she's there for him if he needs someone to talk to? No matter how much she's sorry it won't do change what happened, any loss she has felt is /nothing/ compared to what he has endured, and as for that last one… well she doesn't want to embarass either one of them and it probably wouldn't mean anything to him anyway. At his remark about her telling him it's contents she rolls her eyes before remarking in a joking tone, "hey, you should be honored, not many people get to know anything I wrote about in there. Besides, there's much more horrible garbage that needs to be destroyed before humanity can be cursed with it than what I just said." At his motion she begins to follow him, a small smile crossing her face. "Thanks, by the way." Yes, he is nice.

Rayathess would not have handled sympathy very well or pity, so it's for the best that Lana not bring it up. Not right now, anyways. If she can gain more of his trust, he may begin to let "slip" some of the shady, unknown, parts of his past but for now he's silent on it. There's no reason for him to bring it up and his mind is focused on other things. It was focus on his work but now it's shifted to helping find that diary of hers. "I guess I feel honored?" Rayathess snorts as he leads her down a few of the aisles and past shelves and rows of books, scrolls and records. "It's none of my business as to what you wrote in there or what your past was. I don't want to know what horrible things lurk in that diary, unless you feel you must tell me. Are you really going to burn it?" he asks with a disbelieving look cast over his shoulder. At her thanks, he only chuckles dryly. "Like I said… your secrets are best kept just as they are. Secrets. And I'd rather not have some less kind or sensible person get their hands on it and have whatever is within shared. It's… not fun to be singled out like that." He'd know. "Here we are." Rayathess stops by a tiny room, cramped with a few narrow tables and several stacks of books and piles arranged in a seemingly chaotic fashion. He steps inside, though he gestures for her to be careful. Very careful! Some of those books and records are probably valuable and fragile for other reasons than her diary would be. "What colour is it anyways?" Rayathess asks, only to pause and try not to snicker. "Let me guess. Pink?"

Amusement flashes across Lana's face when Rayathess 'admits' to feeling honored. Is it something that anyone should feel honored about? No, not really. But she's pretty sure they both know that and does like it when people play along with her. She peers at the shelves every now and then as they walk past them. There are… lots. Not as much as harper hall of course but more than she'd ever be willing to read. It seems that it's important to preserve the past and to do so in the most tedious and detailed fashion possible. In response to his question regarding burning it she shurgs before answering, "it's the best way to ensure that no one finds it really. Besides, I'm sure Rauskazeth will jump at the chance to flame something without it being in practice or serious situation." Less kind or sensitive people… yeah, those are definitely around. And she does not like encountering them very much. Upon entering the tiny cramped room with all the books and shelves her eyes widen for a moment before she whispers, "wow." Careful? Lana can be careful! She is a being of pure grace. …Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but she's not a wher in a glasscrafter's workshop either. The question and snicker gets a look from Lana before she grudgingly admits, "with gold glitter."

Fort boasts the oldest and largest library for a Weyr and is it any surprise given this was the first to ever be built? Helps to be so close to Harper Hall too. There has been a lot of work done to preserve as much of the past records here and any information brought in. For that reason, it is no place for a pink and glittery diary journal to be archived! "Rauskazeth enjoys flaming?" Rayathess asks, sounding both curious and a bit uneasy at the thought of a brown dragon being so keen on such a potentially destructive skill. Watching Lana closely as she moves about the cramped room, he'll begin his search once he's convinced she won't send the whole place into chaotic disarray. "You're… kidding, right? About the glitter?" No? The Harper apprentice sighs. Of course not! "Well… in that case it can't be THAT hard to find." Carefully he begins to work through a few stacks, only to pause near the base of one. "Is this it?" He calls to her, fingers already clasping around binding that COULD be pink and glittery! Or maybe it's just the lighting?

Oldest, largest, and most annoying if you ask Lana. Annoying and with one idiot too many on the staff. She'll have to report this to someone. Well… maybe. The less people that know about this little adventure the better. At the inquiry about Rauskazeth she gives a small nod before clarifying, "yeah. Well, he enjoys activity in general. Flying, trying to run, attempting to make some sort of sport out of eating, it's pretty hard to make him stay still at times." A fond smile crosses her face at the talk of her brown. "He perfers to try and get wild wherries rather than captive herdbeasts when he can though. Apparently hunting is something he finds fun." The glitter is another thing she wishes she were kidding about. A lock of blonde hair falls in her face as she glances at her feet for a moment before looking back up and defending herself, "I was thirteen when I decorated it and… I was thirteen." Really it feels like all the explaination she needs when it comes to that. Right on the list of odd and awkward ages. When Rayathess points out the binding of a book that looks pink and glittery Lana lets out a sigh of relief before exclaiming, "oh thank Faranth, yes!" She moves away from the shelf she had been examining then and slowly pulls the journal out of its slot. With a grin to the apprentice harper she adds, "thank you."

"I'm not the least bit surprised about the hunting," Rayathess admits with an almost lazy half-grin until he sobers again and looks about the cramped room. "The rest though does. So he's always so active and restless? You two are of the Thunderbird Wing, aren't you? Must make him happy, to be in a specialized Wing?" He's attempting to make some light talk, less they dissolve to nothing but the discussion of why glitter is a bad idea in any situation. He quirks a brow up when Lana becomes suddenly defensive and he smartly does not tease her for it. "Alright. Fair enough." Really, how is he to argue that? And it turns out, Rayathess is apparently very lucky to have on a search! The diary is found and scandal can now be avoided! That is, until he gives her a look of pure mischief and attempts to snag the diary back out of her hand before she can react. If he succeeds, he'll begin to back up with his 'prize' held above his head. If he fails, well… he'll have to deal with Lana's wrath either way?

Lana shrugs at toward the active and restless before answering, "not always, and you could probably find a dragon that's moreso than him. But I mean he's certainly active enough for the word to be suitable. Unfortunately he seems to be most active with things /he/ wants to do. It's gotten much better with time but Faranth… he was awful for it as a Weyrling." There's a grin and slight sparkle in her eyes as she adds, "Thunderbird is great, we both like it. Doesn't hurt that I'm friends with several of the others in the wing. Friends from before I joined, I mean." Light talk is good, light talk Lana can do. The talk about glitter being a bad idea… she can do that as well but it probably wouldn't be as enjoyable. And not teasing her for her excuse is a very wise move. It might even help give him some bonus points when it comes to things like… say… stealing her diary. A surprised yelp leaves Lana as Rayathess manages to grab the diary away from her and hold it like some sort of glorious prize. She points at him before exclaiming in an accusing and slightly joking voice, "you liar! You said that you weren't interested in what's in it!"

Rayathess chuckles. "The more riders I come to know, the more I realize that each dragon is as different as an individual person. And how was it awful as a Weyrling?" Do tell! There's an understanding nod to having 'friends' in the same Wing but now things have really become interesting. He hasn't stolen the diary! Rayathess is just "borrowing" it with Lana's lack of permission but with her in attendance! That's not stealing at all! "Guess you got me there," he drawls right back at her and lowers it again but only so he can hold it in his hands. He opens it, but not all the way. Just enough to rifle through some pages while he keeps his eyes focused on the brownrider. "How do I know there isn't something important tucked away in here that's worth actually reporting? Something incriminating perhaps, beyond a few girlish crushes?" he murmurs with a crooked grin. He's still joking around, right?

"They are," Lana confirms concerning the dragons being unique as human beings. "Rauskazeth himself wasn't awful as a Weyrling, but then again I'm a little biased. But he used to /hate/ doing weyrling exercises and following orders of any kind. I don't think I can even count how many times he ditched whatever we should have been working on to get into something. You know, he actually tried to fly before it was time. Thankfully he wasn't able to get off the ground." Oh, yes, because that kind of 'borrowing' is so different from stealing. Both would normally end in her tackling the person that took whatever it was to the ground and force them to give it up in a situation where she didn't know them. Shards, there's still a chance that she would do that even with people she knows. But it looks like Rayathess' luck has held up so far. The flickering through the pages causes her green eyes to narrow slightly. Not dangerously really, well, maybe a little dangerously, but there's still more suspicion than danger. "I'm afraid you won't find any crimes," she drawls right back. "Read on at your own risk." Oh, he would find crushes though. Like that two paragraph ramble on Th'ero, plenty of people whose name she can't even recall now, maybe even a mention or two of Abigail or foreign leaders. There's just no telling! Well, that and plenty of egotistical talking about herself. And drawings. Slightly sloppy drawings of gold dragons and dresses, although the gold part wouldn't be very apparent due to a lack of color.

Rayathess chuckles when Lana goes on to elaborate about Rauskazeth's young months. "Sounds like trying to mind an inquisitive child." he remarks and satisfied that the brownrider isn't about to launch herself across the room and tackle him to the ground, he risks a downwards glance at the diary in his hands. Carefully, he edges his way out of the small room, still keeping distance between himself and Lana while his eyes skim some of those pages that he flips through so rapidly that he can only, at best, glimpse random words. Maybe he sees those drawings too or hints of them. A peek of dragon or dress. More words, none making any coherent sense and then he closes the diary shut with a firm snap. Which… also sends a few of those glitter pieces all over his skin. Something he hasn't noticed yet! Who needs to be caught red handed? He's caught… glitter handed? "I'm not going to read it, Lana!" Rayathess points out with a smirk and then holds it out for her to take. Or is it another trap? "Just… proving a point? May be childish stuff in here but it's damaging all the same. You should be careful with it. What's harmless to you can be a weapon for others."

A grin breaks out on Lana's face at the mention of Rauskazeth being like a inquisitive child. "He can be at times, although not all the time by any means. As a matter of fact he's rather serious when it comes to things of true importance… although he has trouble deciding what those are at times." Her eyes follow him as he walks, skimming through the pages. Hopefully not spending enough time to pick up any real information but enough for a little worry to show on her face. She can't help but smirk slightly at the glitter though. No, she doesn't point it out, he can discover that little surprise all on his own. When he holds out the diary Lana moves quickly, reaching out to snatch it as fast as she can. There's still a chance that Rayathess can pull it out of her reach fast enough to stop her of keep hold of it. "Trust me," she says in a dry tone, "plenty of points have been proven to me." A small frown before, "I've done it myself in the past." Although there's a chance that she trusts Rayathess enough not to be the one to make it a weapon. And maybe, as she speaks, it shows.

"Can you not help him with those decisions?" Rayathess asks Lana concerning Rauskazeth's occasional lack of confidence given his choices or options. No, he is not about to read the brown rider's diary. As curious as he is, it's not his to know and even if he had happened across it before she told him it had been lost, he'd have stopped reading once he realized it's personal value. He'll jerk the diary out of her reach once and then let the "game" end by letting her snatch it back on the second try. He's grinning, still amused and to show no harm done. Well, the only "harm" may be to some of his shirt sleeve and hand from that glitter. Much of which is then transferred into his hair and down his neck when he runs said hand back through it in his usual gesture. Will she say anything then? "Have you?" Rayathess prompts gently, sobering. He can be trusted. He of all people, though a Harper, hates gossip. True, he has to listen to it as part of the trade but that doesn't mean he has to like it. And with his own well guarded secrets, he's not about to go spreading any of those of hers about. Lana has her diary back and he should get back to the notes he left behind. Even if he's not going to get right back to his work, he gestures for her to follow him again. She can rest a bit, right? Now that the item she sought is safe.

"I do," Lana answers concerning Rauskazeths decisions. "Unfortunately he doesn't always listen to what I have to say, moreso when he was younger though." There is every chance that the pair were never really classified as 'well behaved' Weyrlings. More like troubling and potentially dangerous hellions. She is rather thankful that Rayathess isn't about to read her diary, although as the game is played she can't be completely sure that he isn't. The jerk away from her makes her cast a glare in his direction, although a triumphant grin crosses his face when she manages to snatch it back on the second try. However, it fades from her face a bit at his question. "I… wasn't exactly a nice person," she admits. "I mean, on still not really, but back then it was… worse. I want to get rid of it for more reasons than the chance for humiliation." Like how it brings back uncomfortable memories that she'd now rather forget. Only a moment after her previous words she adds, "and you have some glitter… everywhere really." He's all sparkly, like someone from a terran teen vampire novel or a particularly gaudy indevidual. As she speaks she begins to follow him out of the room, diary clutched to her side.

Rayathess frowns as he regards Lana for a lingering, silent moment. "So you want to forget some of your past then?" Now that is something he can relate to, between himself and the brownrider. There is a lot lurking in his past that he'd rather stayed in the shadows or vanish to oblivion. Thankfully he never kept a diary and never intends to and any reports he had to write concerning Stonehaven were kept to cryptic and vague points. "Not a nice person in what way? Attitude or are you some hardened criminal?" he asks, the last said in enough of a sarcastic tilt as to be taken as another joke. They're back at the working desks and thankfully Lana points out his glittered state before he reaches his work. Making a disgruntled sound, he notices the state of his hand and his sleeve, unable to see the glitter in his hair and down his neck but he does his best to wipe it away. Which… makes it worse, of course! Now he has glitter on both hands and over more of his body. "Shards and shells! Forget burning your stupid diary, Lana. Damn thing is booby-trapped well enough as it is." he grumbles.

Everyone probably has at least something that they regret, although some people just so happen to have more of them than others. People such as Lana and Rayathess for example. The memories can be different, memories filled with crime and death, lost lovers, cruelty, or making mistakes, but everyone has something they might want to change. She does not break the silence until Rayathess asks his question. With a small nod she says in a rather quiet voice, "yeah." Brief and to the point. She follows it up with, "attitude, although I was put in the brig once after an incedent. I wasn't just angry or not very social though, I was proud of the way I acted. Like I was doing something that had to be done." A bitter frown crosses her lips at this, the scarring on her face making it look a bit more severe. But a grin slowly returns to her face at Rayathess' antics with the glitter. A peel of laughter leaves her as she cries, "Faranth, Rayathess, there are better ways to try and stand out than glitter bombs. Especially glitter that isn't your color."

Rayathess has many regrets and if Lana ever cracks through his guards, she'd be surprised by just how many there are. Saddened too, no doubt. Her quiet response earns a concerned look from the young man, about to prompt her again but she speaks up and he goes silent. "You sound like a typical young, teenaged girl." he points out. If he notices those scars on her face, he doesn't mention them and it'd only have his eyes darting to them so swift to be unnoticed. "What in Faranth's name got you landed in the brig?" He has to know! Words can land someone into there? Rayathess has visited the brigs himself but… that was before his identity was confirmed. Lana's laughter earns her a scowl from him and then a hissed warning to keep it down! "Very funny!" he grumbles, looking around for anything to wipe his hands clean. He won't dare touch his work or wipe it on a book and the only other cloth are his jacket and winter gear. Then his eyes settle on Lana and probably not in a way she'd hope. His mouth curves into a wry smile and his hands lift. Come here! "See how you like it!" he quips as he attempts to swipe at her sleeve. Assault with glitter?

While Lana doesn't know too much about Rayathess' past she does know that it wasn't pleasant. Perhaps that is part of why she told him about the diary in the first place, because it's easier to talk to someone whose past isn't wonderful about your own imperfect history. Should he ever tell her she will listen and definitely be saddened, although maybe a bit more respectful than sympathetic. How many people manage to not only experience that kind of horror but pull through? Not many, and if you ask her those that do might not want to be pitied. She does not remark on the teenaged girl part, figuring that the answer to his question would be comment enough. "I slapped Borodin because I didn't like something he said. Inri was there, we argued, and I threatened to destroy her." Her lips purse as she speaks as she continues, "it was largely out of jealousy, I wasn't content with my rank and had some rather… lofty goals and opinions of myself, but either way it was… it was unacceptable." It seems to have worked out in the end though. However, perhaps there would have been away to move on in her life without all of that. A surprised squeak leaves her with the glitter attack. Lana groans and begins to try and wipe the glitter off her sleeve with absolutely no success. "Dangerous move," she jokes as she begins to shake off her sleeve, "I might just know where to get even more glitter. I could make you shine like a proddy gold."

Rayathess's eyes widen a bit in surprise and he seems to give Lana another look, as if trying to see her in a different light. He's not quite successful, as he's only ever known the brownrider as she is now and perhaps briefly as she was as a younger Polana. "Ahh, well… Faranth, yeah that'd get you in the brig for sure. Slapping Borodin is one thing, but threatening a goldrider?" He looks both shocked and yet awed. Dang, she had some nerve back then! Yet her regret and lack of boasting has him convinced that she's learned from her past transgressions. "What were you jealous of? And yeah, it was but past is past, right?" And she's risen above it now. Rayathess looks triumphant when his swipe lands and now she shares in his misfortune of being glittered. "Oh? I'd like to see you try!" he snorts, prettying to shudder at the very idea of being so glittery-gold as that! Eventually he gives in and wipes the worst of it off his hands onto his pants. What more can be done?

Yep, Lana was a terror, even moreso than she currently is. Ask Th'ero, Kimmila, D'ani, or Dtirae. …Or don't, because she really is perfectly content to disclose her less positive moments without another point of view to retell it. Rayathess got to see a quick flash of the earlier Polana with the seagull on the sinking ship… which seems like it may have scarred poor Ezra for life. Another thing she won't be bringing up! Oops? "Lots of things," is her response concerning the jealousy. "I wanted rank, I wanted power, and I was utterly convinced that I would get a gold and no less. At the time I thought that they had the perfect life that the fact that she had it when I believed her to be, erm, underserving… it was stupid and rather ridiculous." For a moment her eyes unfocus before she snorts and rolls her eyes. "But of course," she remarks in a dry voice, "I now see that browns are clearly superior in every way." The joking, half-sarcastic way she says it implies that it isn't her that came up with those words. Again her eyes unfocus for a second before she shakes her head and murmurs, "yeah, yeah. Apparently his majesty Rauskazeth is offended." Another eye roll. A troublesome grin crosses her face as he tries to rub of the glitter. "Is that a challenge? You should know that I take challenges very seriously."

Rayathess is too curious now and may, if it ever comes up in conversation, pry D'ani for information. He's not close enough to the others to dare even think about it. He listens with keen interest, only to exhale and shake his head, stunned almost silent by what he tells her. "Stupid… perhaps? Naive, more like it. You don't crave power now, do you?" he asks, his eyes flickering with some withheld emotion. Is it concern or something akin to fear? He's seen what powerless has done to people. Her half-sarcastic and joking remark brings a low laugh from the young man. "You've more freedom as a brownrider too, don't forget! And just as important as any goldrider." Now he's just being overly kind? Blinking, Rayathess looks towards the entrance and then back to Lana. "How does Rauskazeth know what we're talking about? Or… can he always hear you?" There's a tap of his fingers to his forehead. "It might have been one?" he fires back, eyes flashing now along with a crooked grin. One that fades when a voice can be heard calling. "Though it'll have to wait. I'm being called back. Sorry, Lana. Glad you found your diary. Don't lose it again, alright?" He won't always be here to save her! Gathering his stuff, he'll try to brush more of the glitter off his body but with mixed results.

Lana is quiet for a moment at the question, searching Rayathess' eyes as she detects something that she can't quite make out. She then shakes her head and answers, "no, I don't. Power doesn't come with a promise of happiness, I see that now. If anything it can make it harder to achieve." Her face breaks into a grin when he says she's as important as a goldrider. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I'll admit, I do like freedom. And I wouldn't trade Raus for any other dragon, no matter how shiny they are." The kindness is a bit of a surprise yet she doesn't point this out. Instead she answers his question with a nod. "Yeah, if I'm talking about something or thinking about something he generally knows. Dragons pick up on their rider's thoughts, you don't even need to be talking out loud for them to know." That playful and devious look crosses her face again at the admittance that it may be a challenge only for it to fade at the call. With a nod she says, "alirght, thank you for the help." She then begins to walk out, only to pause by the entrance to look back and call, "it was nice talking to you, Rayathess. Maybe I'll see you around?"

"Wise words," Rayathess tells her, pleased by her reply about power. No, it does not bring happiness. Not all the time. He dips his head to her thanks and then tucking his notes under his arm after slipping on his jacket and winter gear he'll watch her go and may even walk alongside her for a spell. When she looks back, he blinks and then smiles warmly. "Nice talking to you too, Lana. Even with the glitter." Okay, maybe he could have done without it! As for seeing him, his smile becomes crooked. "See you around." he answers, but gives no promise as to when. Simply because he isn't ever certain when he's coming to the Weyr! But it's highly likely they'll cross paths again at some point. "Clear skies!" Rayathess adds to his farewell and then slipping past, he hurries down the corridors and to where a Journeyman Harper is waiting for him. Time to return to Harper Hall!