Mountain Pass — Snowbound Cottage — Fire Pit
Situated a safe distance away from the overhang of the covered and raised patio of the cottage is a large fire pit. Kept free of snow and cleaned from previous fires, the center is dug to the required depth that a sizeable bonfire can be arranged and lit, providing more than enough warmth for most nights up here in the mountains, save for the worst of the winter season or in heavy rains. Several large and medium sized stones line the edge of the pit. Near to the side of the cottage rests an almost endless supply of wood logs of various lengths and widths and well covered against the elements.
Around the fire pit a few smoothed logs have been placed to offer some seating and beyond that there is nothing out here in this vast and relatively level expanse of ground. Few trees grow here and those that do are some distance away, leaving any who venture here nothing but a clear view of the land around them, from the mountains to the glacier lake and the extensive stretch of sky above. Remote and peaceful, it makes for a breathtaking sight if one is lucky enough to be present on a clear night.
For those seeking some shelter but not wishing to go inside, the raised patio offers some cover, though it remains open facing the bonfire, mountains and lake. It will take some of the cold away though and some wooden benches and chairs have been arranged there to offer comfort to those who choose to linger there. The pebbled pathway will lead back up to the front of the cottage, but a stairway is also nearby to lead anyone wishing to return inside swiftly to the patio above.

The day was one of those gray winter ones, where the sky is filled with clouds and it's consistently cold. Only a few periodic flurries of snow break up the monotony but by the time the evening wears on, the skies will clear and the weather will hold. Which is good fortune indeed for the event about to unfold high up in Fort Weyr's mountain range.

Throughout the day, supplies for the Graduation ceremony have been flown up to the newly built cottage, created in the very place that a rustic and rundown cabin once stood. Now it makes a very welcoming, comfortable and warm shelter — or for tonight a rather semi-private ceremony. It's here that the Wingleaders and Wingseconds, the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants and a few Wingriders and weyrfolk have gathered for the night's festivities. The Weyrleaders and staff are there too of course and the Weyrlings to are arrive shortly as they're called by Aycheth and given the coordinates to the remote location.

All have gathered outside at the fire pit, where a sizeable bonfire has already been laid out to ward of some of the night's chill. Beneath the raised patio, some seating has been arranged out of the elements and there are tables holding pitchers of hot beverages: klah, tea, mulled cider and mulled wine and plenty of mugs to go about. Murmured voices in low conversation can be heard as some of the riders and weyrfolk mill about the bonfire, not seeming to mind the cold or pay it any heed.

Th'ero is one of those standing near to the bonfire, his head lowered as he murmurs in a low and quiet tone with his weyrmate and M'icha. The Weyrleader is dressed in his formal leathers, though well insulated enough to be warm out in the cold and snow. He wears his sword and dagger, one to each hip in their scabbards and it's hard to say if they're merely decorative. One is likely real for certain. Even distracted with conversation, the bronzerider seems in a good mood, even if as stoic and reserved as ever.

Kimmila is dressed in her warm leathers as well, a lined hood pulled up over her hair as she speaks softly with Th'ero and M'icha. Turned to face the fire, she soaks in the warmth and her eyes continually flick to the new cottage, remembering perhaps when she was snowed in here with some of the Weyrlings - soon to be full riders.

Ezra is here too, in his Stonehaven coat and warm trousers and boots, standing by the food table and sipping a mug of something steaming. Sneaking a peek inside, he comes out with a few rolls, one of which gets shoved into his pocket while he finds a quiet corner to stand and watch, waiting for the Weyrlings to arrive. The boy keeps checking a bag placed near his feet, crouching to peer into it before he straightens again.

Inri got relatively dressy for the occasion, in a vibrant dark-blue knitted dress with a fitted bodice and full-length sleeves, a mock-turtleneck, and a lace-knit skirt that flares from her waist down to mid-thigh. She's keeping her legs warm with tan sweater tights and a pair of boots, and is also wrapped in a black shawl with a furred hood. It's definitely the right season to be betweening in your nice clothes, though — had it been summer, she would've frozen to death. Kouzevelth touches down gracefully and allows Inri to dismount in what might be one of her smoothest yet. The gold is polite and doesn't make any loud noises on this arrival, out of respect for the rustic surroundings, no doubt; it's actually more unusual for her to be quiet than not.

Once the coordinates was given it was only a matter of time before the Weyrlings and there dragons to arrive, one being Niumdreoth. The brown circles looking for a place to settle down and once finding a place he lands, wings given a shake before he crouches own allowing the ones he had carried up here way off. Abigail did not come on her own it seems with both Borodin and T'us with her. She offers them both a look checking to make sure all is alright it seems, well sure one is a rider as well but not her brother. "Everyone alright?" She waits to make sure all is well before she dismounts, boots crunching in the snow. She pauses to brush her hands across her clothing, which yes it is a dress. Long sleeved, and a rich hunters green color with slight gold trim, she also has on a thicker dark brown flight jacket with slight fuzzy trim around the hood that rests at her neck. Her hair is down, red curls slightly fuzzy; jewelry wise would only being a bracelet upon her right wrist.

Dremkoth arrives from Between with a trumpeted hello - the bronze is clearly proud of himself and his rider for having made it through Weyrlinghood with but one broken window in their wake. He angles to a shallow glide and lands a ways so as not to disturb anyone with his wing wash and D'ani, dressed smartly in a new set of dark bronze-dyed dress leathers swings down to join his fellow Weyrlings. His brown eyes are lit with his own pride mingled oddly at odds with a muted darkness of inner thoughts. He salutes the Weyrleaders and wingleaders and has a smile for his classmates and seeks Ezra's eyes to give him one also.

Th'ero's discussion with M'icha comes to an end and the Weyrlingmaster moves off, chuckling to himself as he ventures off to speak with some of the Wingleaders present. The Weyrleader takes a slow inhale of breath, calming perhaps, as he steps closer to Kimmila's side. "Good night for it, isn't it?" he muses to her and when he catches where her gaze drifts to the cottage, he smiles faintly. "Much better than the old run down thing, hmm?" He too will turn his head to gaze at the brand new structure, but his dark eyes will also scan the skies for signs of their expected arrivals. Then the Weyrlings begin to arrive and Th'ero straightens but one of his gloved hands will lower to grasp one of Kimmila's — briefly, of course, but there all the same. Greetings are exchanged, mostly respectful nods given or a glance and faint smile to those he recognizes, but he is a man of few words tonight — for now.

"Uhm, yeah, fine, I'm…" Borodin glances at the gathered group. "Fine." With that, he shuts himself up. No babbling before such distinguished company! He'll just make a fool of himself. He tugs at his jacket, turning up the collar a little as he gives an awkward sidelong glance to T'us and then lets his gaze drift away again, taking in the assembly.

Ezra brightens the moment the Weyrlings begin to arrive, especially when he sees Inri, Abigail and D'ani. The boy stays where he is though, peeking into the bag again, but he looks happy and he returns D'ani's smile with a beaming, proud grin.

Kimmila nods, "Perfect night for it, and yes," she says with a fond smile, squeezing his hand back. "Hello!" she calls, in contrast to Th'ero's silence. "Come on over, grab something to drink, enjoy the fire! And this amazing cottage that our crafters have built. We'll begin shortly."

Dtirae is among those already gathered, dressed in something more formal and certainly something lined with fur. A dagger on the Weyrwoman's side, both decorative and deadly. Surprisingly, the woman is in high spirits, though it could be the alcohol that she's already sipping on. But, as more arrive, the Weyrwoman is downing the rest of her drink so that her hands are free. With her drink gone, she moves to mingle in the crowd, drifting between conversations.

T'us isn't wearing as formal of attire as everyone else, though he's seemed to borrow a good amount of sweaters and insulation and the like for this occassion - at least Eastern has prepped him for this weather being as the tropical Weyr is incurring some snow themselves at this point in time. There's some fur around collar and sleeves, helping to retain the heat for the most part. He looks over at Borodin after climbing down, nodding then at Abigail, his response a little less vocal than Borodin's.

Once Inri's patted Kouzevelth's flank and stepped away from the dragons, she migrates easily over to Ezra — only after shooting D'ani a glance to make sure he's following behind, though. "Hey," she says to the boy, "nice coat. How are the drinks?" It's not a test to see where they stand against hers, it's curiosity.

Abigail curiously peers at Borodin, tilting her head slightly as she reaches over to give his arm a slight squeeze. It'll be alright." Is murmured softly to him. As for him standing there not a chance she'll be tugging her dear brother along towards the others. Her gaze turns to T'us, whom she offers a smile to, clearly glad that he has come along. She'll wait for him to be down and ready before heading on towards the fire where the others are to be found, smile seen once more while she waves to the ones here. "Hello." Niumdreoth finds a nice comfy spot in the snow and settles down, warbling out towards both Kouzevelth and Dremkoth.
Offered the opening for noise, Kouzevelth trumpets back at Niumdreoth loud enough to shake the ground.

"Make yourselves comfortable," Th'ero does finally find his voice and adds in along with Kimmila, once he's turned his head to give her a look that looks close to thankful. The Weyrleader, even after Turns of holding the rank, can still lapse into silence when feeling a bit overwhelmed. "We'll be moving inside once the ceremony is concluded. But yes, as Kimmila said, help yourselves to the drinks for now." Catching sight of Dtirae then, Th'ero gives her a respectful nod of his head but does not call the Weyrwoman over. Time will come when they'll have to stand side by side but for now he's content to simply scan the gathering crowd. "They're almost all here," he murmurs to Kimmila, his voice low and not easily overheard and he fidgets with the edge of his formal jacket. Kouzevelth's loud greeting to Niumdreoth is enough to turn a few heads, some laughter ringing out though Th'ero starts a little with a frown before he relaxes again with a snort and a vague smile. "Probably best we start soon, before folk get too restless." he muses dryly to Kimmila. "Now where'd M'icha get off too?"

D'ani follows in Inri's wake, one hand under her elbow lightly to guide her over the icy ground lest she slip and and muss her pretty dress. "You look great," he murmurs quietly to her as they head towards Ezra. Once there, he's got a grave salute for the boy, his fellow 'wingman' on their discreet searching mission, then warm grin break out for his friend. "How you doin' Ez?"

Seems Abigail has an escort tonight, two sturdy lads, one her brother and the other the ginger from Eastern. Either way, as she may tug with one arm to get Borodin to follow, T'us doesn't need as much encouragement, eyes darting around at the strange faces, some whom may be semi-familiar to him, but not all for certain. Although it was difficult to leave Varugoth behind, the bronze is likely having a ball with other Fortian dragons back at the Weyr. Regardless, the young man can't help but look over his shoulder as if his lifemate were there. Fingers jostle on his jacket as he follows behind Abigail, toward the fire, returning a smile for her own. He never had a graduation see, as he was held back, to which she would know, maybe the reason for the invitation. Either way, once at the fire, he steps up close and snags her hand if she'll allow him too.

Harmony's been here the same amount of time as her fellow weyrlings, arriving with little pizzazz — for once, Crosenturath managed a landing that didn't include crushing the new little cottage with a slippery-slide of a dragon to ground smack down — and lingers in the crowd. She's dressed in a pretty, white sweater dress that's flattering to her figure and yet as warm as a bug in a rug. Iced pink colors the turtleneck collar and touches at the hem and cuffs of the sleeves. Pale pink, warm, fuzzy boots complement her wardrobe. Pale hair is wound up in a nice little bun with tendrils falling down around cold-pinkened cheeks. She's here. Totes.

Ezra beams up at Inri, passing a hand through his hair. "Hi," he says, his eyes wide as he looks her up and down and then blushes. "You look real pretty," he says, almost in a mumbled, hasty whisper before he loses his nerve. Fidgeting with his drink, the boy shrugs and grins. "Not as good as yours." Right answer, good kid. Looking up at Ezra, the boy's eyes flick to D'ani's hand on Inri's arm, and then at his best friend. The boy shrugs. "Good," he says noncommittally, but he looks pleased. And nervous. Decidedly nervous as he fidgets again.

Kimmila shrugs at Th'ero as she looks around. "Not a clue. Should we just start? He's bound to walk up when he hears us beginning."

Both D'ani and Ezra get similar shy, head-down smiles in response to compliments on Inri's appearance, with the only protestation being, "Oh, my hair's not even done nice, it's no big deal." And that's true; she didn't have time for the hair after Kouzevelth insisted on a straight hour of oiling, and it's in a plain french braid. "But thank you both." She is all collection and smiles, because maybe her good mood is contagious and poor Ezra will stop looking so nervous if it is? "And my drinks appreciate the praise, I'll maybe do a few mixes after the ceremony if you want." She can do that, right?

Abigail won't tug, or drag Borodin all the way, she knows better than to do that, and he knows he can't get away seeing how Niumdreoth won't be going anywhere. Once near the fire she'll let Borodin's arm go after another little squeeze. She catches sight of Harmony and waves towards her. "Hello Harmony." The touch to her hand lets her attention turn back to T'us, she gives his hand a squeeze while leaning a bit closer to him. "Thank ye for coming with me." Her tone soft as she says this.

Th'ero makes a low sound in his throat and rather disgruntled at that, "He's suppose to start it. Not us. We finish it." he mutters to Kimmila, his hand gripping hers just a little tighter than before. The Weyrleader does not like making speeches if he can help it but the deal wasn't struck for that reason. The Weyrlingmaster wanted first dibs on that accord and the bronzerider was only too happy to oblige.

M'icha clears his throat and walks a few paces from where the Weyrleader stands, giving the bronzerider a brisk clap to the shoulder as he passes by. Relax! Everything's under control. The Weyrlingmaster then raises his hand up for the gesture of silence, the other leaning heavily on his cane as he takes his place, though there is no "stage" to speak off. "Right then, suppose we best start while the night is young and before we all freeze solid." M'icha begins, his voice carrying easily and his mouth quirking into a lopsided grin. "And I won't drone on and on either. All I've to say is that all of the Weyrlings you see here tonight are some of the best, even with their flaws." And he gives the assembled group of them a pointed look, one too hard to read if he's being serious or joking, but a few of the Wingleaders and other riders chuckle to themselves regardless. "Each deserve their knots and are welcomed additions to the ranks. Tonight they arrive as Weyrlings but leave as Riders!" A few cheers lift up at that and M'icha, chuckling, steps back with a slight nod given to both the Weyrleaders and Roc's Wingleader Gr'ant. A cue, perhaps?

"I like your hair just fine," smiles D'ani with a warm look at her braid, his low-voiced comment intimate despite the crowd or maybe because of it. While they're stopped, he drops his hand but it hovers a hair away - just in case she slips, he'll catch her. "You'd better," he says of her mixing drinks later. "We can toast together with Ezra his partnership with our wing. Right, Ezra?" He winks at his friend, then looks over the group, back to the boy. "Is your brother here?"

Kimmila chuckles softly, smiling fondly at Th'ero and returning his hand squeeze. "It'll be fine," she murmurs. Cupping a hand to her mouth, she whoops loudly at M'icha's speech, before she quiets. For the moment.

Ezra grins at D'ani and nods his head. "Right," he says, firm and proud. Then his eyes dart around and he shakes his head slowly. "No, he's back at the weyr, in his room. With Zoi." Whether Rayathess wanted to or not. Likely Ezra forced the canine on his brother, saying he couldn't bring her all the way out here.

Slipping through the crowd, Harmony finds a spot next to Abigail. "Hey." She glances around the crowd, finds a drink, and murmurs in an aside to her fellow weyrling, "Freedom, eh? All full grown and ready to move on in the world." Her tone might suggest some personal apprehension without the safety net of weyrlinghood, but the high lift of her chin and straightness of her spine, it's not one she welcomes comment on. Besides, this girl's got confidence in spades. She does fall silent to hear the weyrlingmaster finish his speech.

"Thank you for inviting me Abigail," T'us replies in an affectionate tone, "I never had a graduation ceremony…" he trails off, eyes darting across the fire and toward the speaker who is thus named M'icha. Hazel eyes flicker down toward the hand in his though and he stimulates the hold by squeezing back, offering a little smile, "Congratulations…" whispered, since he didn't want to be rude and overpower the voice whose commanding attention now, dropping her hand only to join in on the clapping and the approval for the ceremonial cheers.

"We most certainly will — oh, that was sensible, Du's back at the Tavern with Koren," Inri manages to say all at once before M'icha speaks, and then she falls silent as well.

Dtirae is at attention once M'icha starts to speak, turning towards the Weyrlingmaster to focus. There's a quick look to Th'ero and Kimmila, checking their status for a brief moment. No more conversations, however, as the Weyrwoman completely disengages so that she's free when her part comes.

Abigail nods to Harmony. "Aye, that is what it looks like. Excited?" This questioned to the girl before she looks back to T'us. "Yer welcome." The bit on him not having a graduation makes her pause, she did remember him telling her that but it seems now to dawn on her how he would take being here. She lets her shoulder press against his a moment. "Thank ye." Is offered to the congratulations, her tone still low and soft. Once the speech starts she slips quiet in order to listen in like the others.

Th'ero returns that smile to Kimmila, though he ducks his head down and to the side in an attempt to hide it while folks are distracted with M'icha's step up for the speech. "I hope you're right," he muses and when she whoops loudly, he only chuckles dryly. He'll slip his hand free then, but not before murmuring something low for her ears only and then moving off to find the Weyrwoman.

D'ani turns to face M'icha and the Weyrleaders as the Weyrlingmaster speaks, catching sight of Abigail and Harmony in the crowd as he does and nods to them. He hushes to listen respectfully to the rest of what is said. Some of the best. Wow. His brows lift fractionally and he directs a look down to Inri that is both comical and awed. His silently-mouthed, 'wow, us?' is unmistakably pleased and surprised in light of what happened their first visit to Gold Hill.

Inri looks just as bemused as D'ani does, eyes bright with what might be referred to as 'silent laughter.' It is kind of hard to imagine, considering how many minor disasters their clutch participated in on top of all that. She couldn't even between right the first time!

And when Th'ero does, the Weyrleaders step forwards together, backed with the weyrwomen and Weyrsecond behind them to signal their turn to speak up, though truthfully it's the Senior Weyrwoman who speaks and the Weyrleader who hands over the knot in the end. Dtirae waves Inri over with a grin, "No guess to which Wing you're belonging to. Get over here so Th'ero can give you your knot. And congrats too, of course." So much for formality? Th'ero shoots Dtirae a look, but says nothing, aside from a murmured congratulations to Inri once the now-junior weyrwoman approaches, "Congratulations and welcome to the Wing." Much more formal. He extends a hand for her old knot and then exchanges it with the new, before nodding to her to rejoin the festivities and maybe actually smiles for once!

Once the voiced congratulations for Inri from the crowd have dimmed again, the Weyrleader steps forwards this time, glancing to Kimmila to join him with a nod sent her way. "Unfortunately, duty kept Simurg Wingleader Ely and Wingsecond P'rius away tonight." Th'ero explains, though he draws out three Wingrider knots all the same and hands them to the bluerider to hold once she joins him. Lifting his eyes to scan the crowds, he calls in a firm tone, "Py'n, rider of blue Zetath, D'ani, rider of bronze Dremkoth and Harmony, rider of blue Crosenturath. If you will all step forwards now and accept your knots as Simurg Wingriders." And he will wait then, until each approach and the knots are exchanged again: Weyrling for Wingrider and congratulations are given.

Kimmila tilts her head towards Th'ero to listen, and then she approaches to stand beside him, ready to take their knots and exchange them. "Congratulations," she says proudly to all of them, her eyes lingering on each approaching Weyrling.

So much for silent laughter; Inri laughs aloud as she steps up first, managing not to lose her balance at any point while she hasn't got her convenient D'ani leaning post. She doesn't actually hug Dtirae — that can wait, because there is no way the Weyrwoman is dodging her forever — but she does beam at her and say, "Thanks so much! And you, sir. Kimmila," is added with a moment's hesitation and another smile for the bluerider; it's still awkward not calling her ma'am and now she technically outranks her. With smiles for everyone, she takes her new knot and fixes it to her shoulder — slightly crooked, but still there. Fresh and new and clean, unlike its predecessor.

Harmony doesn't move at first — the byproduct of watching someone else get their knot is the fact that you miss when your own name is called! But quickly, she steps forward, a smile curving pretty little lips and a shine to her eyes. Her craft is her passion and to belong to a wing that allows that — it's priceless! "Sir," she chirps, managing to keep herself under check to at least remember the right respectful words. Though, she does glance at D'ani, a grin following. This must be an other world — this girl is smiling way too much! Or maybe she got body snatched.

The front of the crowd so isn't for Borodin, but he does at least come to a reasonable distance, watching the weyrling graduation with a smile when he notices anyone looking his way and a considering look when he doesn't.

D'ani walks with Inri to the edge of that raised stone patio, hand back under her elbow guiding her as she steps up so she doesn't trip, but he remains behind, clapping for her and smiling proudly all the while. As she places her new knot on, he puts two fingers to his lips and whistles shrilly once then resumes his enthusiastic applause. He waits for Harmony, offers her a hand up if she wants one, then courteously gestures her to go first and falls in behind Py'n. His clapping for Harmony is interjected with a raucous "Way to go!" Then he's settling to a more grave demeanor as he hands his knot over to Th'ero, smartly saluting him, Dtirae and Kimmila in turn, but his eyes are sparkling with pleasure. He's a rider!

Ezra claps hard, until his hands sting, as his friends are knotted. Then he's crouching down once more to check that bag at his feet.
Abigailoffers a little wave to both D'ani, Inri and Ezra as she catches sight of them over there before she turns her attention back to what is going on. She peers at Harmony and gives her shoulder a little push forward. "Go on silly." Is murmured out to her friend, looking clearly amused. Once there all up on the stage and the knots are handed she joins in the round of applause and cheering once more.

Kimmila grins as she hands over the knots, and she actually gives them genuine salutes as well, at the same time. Someone mark the calendar.

Mark the calender indeed! Kimmila is saluting and Th'ero is /smiling/ as each Weyrling approaches. Eventually even the Weyrleader has to thaw a bit, caught up now in the moment as the last of the knots are exchanged. Turning a bit then, he takes Kimmila's arm gently in his and begins to step back, murmuring something to her again that is lost among the din of voices rising to congratulate the first new Riders.
Thunderbird's Wingleader steps forwards just as the Weyrleaders disperse again into the assembled groups. Nishka waits patiently until the murmur of voices settles, her smile broad and relaxed and a sharp contrast to her usually stern and serious manner. As attention turns to her, she speaks in a low but clear voice. "Kh'nai, rider of green Lyrienth, Eirwyn, rider of green Xucieth and Abigail, rider of brown Niumdreoth. Come forwards and welcome to Thunderbird at it's newest Wingriders!" Nishka will wait then for the trio to approach for the knots to be exchanged, giving them each their own congratulations as they receive their new ranks.

Taking Nishka's place once a respectful amount of time is given to pass, Roc's Wingleader steps forwards to gain attention. Gr'ant clears his throat then and with a small grin announces the names of his newest riders. "Brilwen, green Vetizath's rider, K'vi and brown Zlicnith's rider and J'men and bronze Tezeveth's rider. Step forwards, if you will?" The three weyrlings detach themselves from the crowd and approach, each slipping off their old Weyrling knot to accept their new ones as Roc Wingriders among the murmured words of congratulations from Gr'ant.

Harmony will absolutely take D'ani's offered hand — hey, she's a girlie girl in sooooo many ways — and once she has that knot in her hand, her expression is quite fairly bright. Like a thousand suns (or something!). This means that her younger-girl days surface past the spoiled, icy exterior when she skips down the steps. She holds that knot up in victory and bobs a quick, last grin to her fellow weyrlings, and especially fellow wing riders, before the crowd swallows her up!

D'ani steps off the platform but remains there long enough to offer Abigail and Eirwyn a hand up as he did for the others, clapping and cheering for them as they get their knots also. When all the Weyrlings have gotten theirs, he fist-pumps the air in his own show of victory, then makes his way back to Ezra and Inri. He leans near and for her ears alone, he murmurs, "Congratulations Junior Weyrwoman," proudly affectionate of her achievement and slips a small box into her hand.

Ezra is waiting for them, and as they begin to return he speaks up, his voice a little high and reedy. "D'ani, Inri, Abigail!" he whispers, beckoning them closer. And blushing. Much blushing. "I, um, I…I havesomethingforyouImadeit. Them." Toe scuff.

Finishing off her clapping, Inri ends up back in the group again and — oh, what is this, present time from all corners! Ezra isn't the only one who looks slightly uncomfortable, as after giving D'ani the sort of smile that is both private and winning at once as she wraps her hand around the box, she gives Ezra a broad smile and then laughs more nervously. "I didn't get anyone anything, I was going to name drinks after you all instead! I hope that's good enough."

Abigail grins as she watches Harmony, a soft chuckle escaping her as she give her a thumbs up! Her attention turns back to the stage though, curiously watching while Nishka is there calling out names. Kh'nai and Eirwyn, and hen her name is called. She slips away from where T'us and Borodin are and follows after the others on up to the stage to get there new knots, there is just a hint of a flush across her cheeks. She clears her throat and thanks the Wingleader as she is given the knot. "Thank ye." Is offered with a happy tone while she holds onto that knot a moment eyeing it before pinning it to her shoulder, and waiting a few moments before escaping from the stage after Eirwyn. She caught her name in that beckoning tone and blinks while peering towards Ezra, whom she moves on over to. "Congratulation Inri, D'ani." As Ezra speaks it is a bit quick and she peers curiously. "Ye did? That was mighty nice of ye Ezra, but ye didn't have ta."

Kimmila reaches for Th'ero's hand and gives the Weyrleader a tug and a knowing look, pulling him towards the cottage.

As the last of the new Riders disperse and everyone begins to turn to warm felt discussions, Th'ero allows it to go undisturbed for a few moments. Glancing over the knots of gathered riders and weyrfolk, he pulls Kimmila a little closer to his side rather than give in to her tugging and gives her a sidelong look. Just a moment! The Weyrleader clears his throat and then raises his voice up over the murmur of voices even as they begin to taper off, "I want to thank everyone who came out here tonight to welcome our new Riders as they accepted their new roles within the Weyr. M'icha wasn't wrong in saying that this group has proven to be some of the best… despite a few hiccups." Th'ero's gaze slides then to several faces, even as a few chuckles from other riders can be heard. Those involved with Gold Hill (all incidents), those stressful Between trips and just all the other small bumps and stumbles. But that is all the past now and just part of the territory in any Weyrlinghood. "I know that I can speak on the Weyr staff's behalf when I say that we are proud to welcome the ten of you as new riders and the same goes for the Wingleaders and your fellow Wingriders. Now," Now Th'ero begins to step back, drawing Kimmila with him as he does towards the steps leading up to the patio above. "For those of you wanting the comfort of food, drink and warmth, feel free to head inside. As for our new Riders, there are a few things left yet before you are free to enjoy the night." With the cheers raised, there are a few knowing looks passed among some of the Weyr staff, but a few begin to head towards the cottage and others remain outdoors.

"I'd be honored," says D'ani easily of having Inri name a drink after him. And Ezra's capturing his attention then with a look of genuine surprise and a big smile. "Did you?" His pleasure of this is almost boyish, but this is Ezra, who is a constant joy and surprise to the once-beastcrafter. "I can't wait to see what it is." He means it. "You too, Abigail," he says sincerely of the congratulations she's offered, then at Th'ero's raised voice, he hushes and listens, perhaps ducking briefly with a chuckle at one of those looks the Weyrleader is giving out. The crowd is milling then but the new riders are doing what now? He remains, with curiosity on his face. What's up?

Ezra shakes his head with his cheeks burning. "I know I didn't," he mumbles, digging into the bag to hand each of them their gift. Each one is wrapped in brown cloth, and a different size.

Borodin smiles as he watches his sister recieve her knot, standing near T'us… though he's not really looking at the rider, keeping his eyes on Abbey instead.

No speeches for Dtirae, woo! The Weyrwoman's not all that stealthy in making her way to get some drinks. Multiple at that.

Inri is not just speechless but speechless twice as she opens both gifts; Ezra's beautiful box, D'ani's diamond-and-pearl earrings. In both cases it's hard for her to find words at first. D'ani just gets another giant smile, and a, "I don't know if you've been planning it all along but this matches /perfectly/ and they're gorgeous and I'll wear them tomorrow," and then Ezra? Well. Ezra is getting a wide-eyed, impressed look. "Shells. Ezra. You ought to try to get knotted with the Woodcraft, because this is absolutely incredible. I don't know you'd need the apprenticeship, to tell you the truth! Come on, I'll get to those drinks when I'm done gawking at the things you guys gave me."

Abigail watches Ezra curiously for a few moments. "It was very nice of ye to think of us." She takes hold of the wrapped gift, looking at it before slowly unwrapping to see what is under it. A warm smile is seen as she looks over the box, her fingers sliding across the top. "Ezra, I'm touched. It is beautiful. Thank ye so much." She's a bit lost on what to say, though Inri is right on. "I do agree, I think ye would be great for the woodcraft Ezra." She looks over towards Borodin and T'us, a warm smile sent to them both, wait until she shows them the gift! Then there is talk of the weyrlings needing to do something before they are really riders? She hums softly before following after the others. "I wonder what they have planned."

Th'ero will think of some way to repay Dtirae later for leaving all the speech work to him. Maybe she gets clean up duty once this gathering winds down. The Weyrleader doesn't linger long once he's said his piece and taking Kimmila's arm in his, he leads his weyrmate up those spiralling steps to the patio above and through the doors. It's left to M'icha to signal to the new Riders that they're to follow him on their own time, "Go on and get some food in you. Weyrleaders won't bite. Bring your friends and family too. It's your night, after all! Should get the first pick of the feast up there and the drinks too of course! Enjoy your freedom as Wingriders!" the Weyrlingmaster drawls with a grin but there's a gleam to his eyes that hints at something more. Then someone is calling M'icha's name and he's calling back to them in an overly loud and exuberant voice. A friend perhaps? That or the bluerider is already well into his cups before the moons are even half way up the night sky.

Kimmila laughs as she follows Th'ero inside. "I want some of that Jajen-Slap Klah," she says eagerly. Surely there's not /actually/ such a klah blend? But…maybe there should be.

D'ani opens Ezra's gift to him. At first he just turns the box over in his hands, running his fingers over the silken-smooth finish. Lifting the lid, he is simply overcome as he stares at the picture depicting a treasured memory shared with two of his best friends in the whole world. For a stunned few minutes he is speechless, then reaches to pull his young friend in to a rough hug. "Thanks man," he mutters through a tight throat. "This is a prize almost as wonderful as you." Thumping the boy on the back he releases him and blinks bright eyes to clear them, keeping a hand on Ezra's shoulder to steady the boy in the wake of his enthusiasm, he watches Inri open her gift. "I'd hoped they'd match the necklace," he says simply. Then, "Are your folks here? We could meet them…?" Because his aren't and neither are Ezra's. M'icha's comments just leave him confused. They're to eat or… follow him… what now?

Ezra gapes a bit at the earrings, shooting D'ani a wide eyed, impressed look. How did you afford those? And he squirms a bit, perhaps a bit self-conscious that his gift looks so, well. Hand made. It's like giving someone macaroni art glued to a piece of paper when the next minute they're getting a puppy. So he squirms, but he watches their reactions hungrily just the same. And blushes. "Raya helped," the boy murmurs. Pulled into D'ani's hug, Ezra is momentarily startled and then returns it enthusiastically, with his whole body and soul. HUG, while whispering something very quietly. And then he needs that steadying hand as he reels a bit, and then nods. "I think we should go inside," he murmurs, edging in that direction. "I think I saw other things with your names on them." Shhhh, he didn't say anything.

"More presents and I didn't get anyone anything? Giant Inri guilt-fest," says the newest junior weyrwoman with a laugh. As for her parents — that is partnered with a thoughtful look, a tiny shrug, and, "I don't think so but my siblings are. One of my brothers is Standing, actually. Parents probably couldn't get away; I think the whole thing still makes my father nervous. He's probably not too pleased Seo accepted Search, either." As for where they're going? Apparently they're hovering and then meeting Inri's family. And presents.

Abigail holds onto her gift that Ezra has given her, wrapping it back up as well while she decides to hang near where Inri, D'ani and Ezra happen to be for the moment. She waves to Borodin to try and get her brother to come join in as T'us seems to have wandered off to speak with a Harper that he knows that just happens to be there. She'll have to catch up with T'us later. The bit on presents is picked up and she glances back to the ones she is near. "More presents?" Now she is starting to feel bad as she doesn't have anything for anyone either it would seem.

Exchange of gifts between friends has Harmony standing around a bit awkwardly. But hey! She has a new knot! And a pretty dress and pretty pink ribbons tied up in her hair. At the mention of going inside for /more/ things, the newly minted (hot off the press!) bluerider heads that way. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Snow! By this point, Crosenturath has discovered how to entertain himself — which may or may not include body crushing the snow in what might be called "sledding". Which leaves Harmony to her own devices! Which means inside — and hopefully — warmth!

"I'm sure that can be arranged," Th'ero drawls with a bit of a crooked smile to follow. That klah blend probably doesn't exist — yet. But that could soon change? A Jajen-Slap Klah would be fairly popular, wouldn't it! Unaware that his crypticness has been confusing and that M'icha has only furthered that confusion (probably on purpose), the Weyrleader simply continues on inside with Kimmila, though the delay of any arrivals may work in their favor to prepare… whatever it is the bronzerider was alluding to.

Mountain Pass — Snowbound Cottage

Upon entering, one is greeted with a broad, wide and open room of wood and stone. High ceilings allow for more illusion of space, the rafters above arranged in an almost artful and tasteful way to accentuate the shape and layout of the room. Large windows have been set into the wall facing the mountains and lake below and high above closer to the ceilings, allowing much of the natural light to fill the room. For nightfall, there are several hanging fixtures of metal rings, each capable of holding several clear containers of glows, along with several alcoves set into the walls within easy reach, leaving any guests capable to adjust how much or little glow-light they prefer. The rest of the decor is simple and rustic, with some of the wall space taken up by a few small paintings of Fortian or northern landscapes.
A large stone fireplace lines the other wall, the mantel decorated with a few tasteful pieces of pottery, the vases holding no flowers save for those placed there by visitors in the warmer seasons. Around the fireplace three low couches have been arranged around each other with various sized pillows arranged for even more cozy comfort. A large woven rug is spread out on the floor and an equally low but dark wood table rests on top of it, perfectly placed for easy access.
One one side of the wall where the fireplace rests, a small archway leads to a winding wooden staircase that leads to the private upstairs rooms and the balcony that overlooks the room below from the long hallway. The other side also boasts an archway, but it leads to another short hallway that opens up to a full kitchen, capable of keeping food and drink cool and a small stove for preparing meals. The cabinets are fully stocked as well with dishes, utensils and cookware.
Back towards those large mountain facing windows is an almost invisible wooden door. Even it's smaller glass windows look to be part of the design, allowing it to blend in so craftily. If one opens it though, it leads out the large and covered raised patio outside. Another staircase leads to the underside of the patio, where another sitting area is arranged for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors and the fire pit not too far away.

Once inside, visitors are greeted not only by a very spacious and high ceilinged room but it's warm (plenty, plenty warm!) and inviting. A fresh fire has been laid in the large stone fireplace and a few low, deep cushioned couches arranged loosely around it. Tables lining the walls are laden with food of all sorts, from warming soups and roasts, to an array of finger foods and plenty of it. More drinks are laid out too: alcoholic and non-alcoholic, hot and cold. All this the Weyrleader ignores for now, as he seems more focused on arranging a few well wrapped items on a low wooden table by those comfortable looking couches.

Borodin steps up to near Abbey, putting his hands in his pockets and looking awkward. What's he even doing here, huh? Oh, right. Trailing along after his sister. Right. So he sticks by her until she heads inside, then follows after.

"I used to dive for them back at Maiona," D'ani says casually, perhaps prompted by that look of Ezra's. It still doesn't explain the diamonds or the precious metal used to make the rest of the earrings, but it does explain how he got the pink pearls. His extravagance seems to have ended there but he tells Harmony and Abigail, "My gift is a trip to Maiona, if you'd like to see the tropics?" The idea of more presents is simply overwhelming and he follows the rest without comment, holding that box from Ezra like the very precious and wonderful gift that it is. "Nice," he says as they enter the new cabin. "They've done a lot with the place."

Kimmila walks inside and grins crookedly at Th'ero, walking to the drink table to get some klah for herself. "It's time for the gifts," she says, soft but eager. "Harmony doesn't look like she's busy. Harmony!" she calls, looking to Th'ero after she called the bluerider over. "Where's her gift?" she hisses.

Ezra whistles softly as he steps inside, sticking close to D'ani's side. "Can you teach me?" he whispers to the older boy. Eying the food, his eyes go wide and he edges in that direction, hoping that D'ani will get the hint and follow so he can eat and talk.

Harmony lifts her head, the comical 'deer in the headlights' expression widening her dark green eyes and lifting her pale brows. "Yes… ma'am?" The slight hesitation between the sharply uttered (out of surprise) word and the respectful addition can only be attributed to attention being pulled suddenly and not any deliberate act of disrespect. "You've need of me?" Step, step — HERE SHE IS. (With her shiny knot).

Abigail smiles to Borodin once he comes over and soon follows after the others to the cabin. She looks to D'ani now at the talk of a trip to Maiona. "Of course. I'd love to see the tropics. Thank ye D'ani for the offer." Which for her she's grown up in Fort type weather all her life so anything possible tropical sounds like a interesting thing to her. She lets her attention go to the cabin looking over it curiously. "Very different then the last time we was all here." Once inside though something nice and warm to drink would hit the spot and she inches towards the area where the food and drinks are to be found, tucking the box into her jacket pocket as she goes.

Th'ero doesn't grin back to Kimmila, but he does smile and turns his head down to begin inspecting the tags on those wrapped packages. When he's hissed at, he frowns and then snorts, "Right there, if you don't mind pulling it out? Just be careful." Because it's awkward or heavy. Could be both! It's hard to say /what/ it is exactly, but Harmony is about to find out as the Weyrleader looks up once the (new!) bluerider approaches. "This is for you, from the Weyr. All of us." And he gestures to himself, though includes Kimmila and then vaguely back towards the patio where the Weyrwoman, Weyrlingmaster and Wingleaders no doubt still converge outside or are on their way in.

Kimmila smirks at her weyrmate as she lifts the package and carefully hands it over. It's both heavy and awkward, so nyah. And it clanks. Just a little.

"Sure, Ezra. Start practice holding your breath as long as you can. You can swim, right?" D'ani chuckles as his young friend starts for the food, shakes his head fondly and follows in his wake, towing Inri along with them unless she protests, while keeping an eye on what Harmony's going to receive. He does flash a quick smile at Abigail, whispering with some amusement, "How do you think Harmony will do camping under the stars?"

"For me?" Harmony demurs prettily, palming her knot while attention is firmly planted on the weyrleaders. A flush comes to her cheeks, a gaze shot to Abigail and Borodin when they enter and join the others. And to Kimmila when the present is presented. "It's large…" And awkward. And clinks. A slight confused frown furrows her brow when she sets down the gift and opens it. To find…?! To find AWESOME STUFF. Shock totally eclipses Harmony's previous pretty little 'who me' expression. "They are lovely." She lifts her eyes, "Thank you." A stunning set of copper pots, so brightly finished they nearly sparkle.

Th'ero only nods his head to Harmony, trying not to fidget or look as awkward and uncomfortable as he feels. Gift giving is not his forte, just ask Kimmila! Despite it all though, the Weyrleader does smile, perhaps a little amused even when the package is received and Harmony's shocked reaction. "You're welcome," he murmurs back and this time his smile is a little more genuine and he shifts just a little closer to Kimmila and possibly reaching to touch her arm or rest his hand against her back as he does. But he does seem pleased!
Kimmila grins at Harmony's reaction, turning her head ever so slightly to give Th'ero an unmistakable 'told you so' look. "Glad you like them. Can't wait to see them in use," Kimmila says with genuine enthusiasm. Reaching out, she slips her arm around Th'ero and grins at him, amused and happy. "I'm so proud of all of them," she murmurs. "Not sure I was as close to my own group as I feel to them…"

Ezra nods slowly. "A little, but I'm not great. Holding my breath? Okay." He's going to kill him some brain cells!

Abigail hums softly and glances to D'ani once she has found a mug of warm cidery sort of drink. "I think she'd do alright." She tilts her head pondering this while looking over to where Harmony is with Th'ero, Kimmila and the others. "I could ask her at some point If'nn ye like?" A sip is taken from her mug. "I wonder what she got." Especially seeing how it is all clinking and clanking upon one another. Though when the wrapping off she smiles catching sight of a bit of a pot as the light gleams off of it.

Harmony hugs up her pots in her arms, gives everyone a wide grin and backs up with her contraband — er — gifts! "Just wait," she warns, promises, excitement glittering in her eyes, "I will wow you all with my skills." Confidence only furthered by this extravagance, she moves off to the side so that the next person can receive their gift. She might linger over her gifts for a while, unwilling to part with them just yet. Her fellow weyrlings given bright smiles — good Faranth, the girl's smiling a lot tonight. Bodysnatchers, I tell ya!

D'ani chuckles at Ezra, "Be sure to take several really deep breaths, exhaling each time first, then suck in all the air you can hold and time yourself. When you get to around eight minutes, you'll be ready for the first step." If he doesn't hyperventilate or pass out first… He grins outright at Abigail. "Nah, let's surprise her." She'll probably think they're going to some fancy hold spa. He snags a small plate, puts a small item or two on it and turns to watch Harmony open her gift while he nibbles. "Nice, Harmony! What are you going to make me in those?" Well, she did offer to cook him dinner once upon a time.

Borodin sneaks over to give the food a quick inspection. Professional curiosity and all, and he rather the opposite of minds that it takes him away from the gift-giving and gushing for a bit.

Th'ero glances sidelong to Kimmila and catches that 'I told you so' look, pretending not to notice it though he clears his throat. Okay, so she won that one. Giving Harmony another smile, he nods his head in agreement to his weyrmate's more enthusiastic comments, but remains tongue-tied himself. Slipping his arm with hers, he chuckles softly, "As am I," he says quietly, "And I know what you mean. I'm not sure if I was ever this closely knit with the group I Graduated with. As Harmony gathers her gifts, Th'ero quirks a brow for her warning but his tone is amused when he speaks. "Curious to see what you create, Harmony!" Truthfully! He won't regret saying that, right? Though her last comment to D'ani has doubt settling in.
It's time for another gift though, as there are nine left to get through. With a little nudge that might be a bit playful from Th'ero, he motions again for Kimmila to pull one of the wrapped bundles forwards. "Abigail?" he calls out, lifting his head to scan the room for her and once she's spotted, he waves her forwards though the look he gives her seems to say 'no rush'.

Any close inspection of the food will reveal that it has been skillfully prepared and no corners cut. It's all fresh and one would have to wonder if some wasn't prepared on site. There is a kitchen, after all, though small compared to anything the Weyr offers. It's tucked away somewhere around the corner and no doubt laden with "backup" of anything should one dish run low. Even the drinks are of good vintages! No expenses spared it seems and maybe some will wonder later where all the marks came for it all.

Abigail shakes her head slightly as she hears D'ani. "Ye really want to surprise her with something like that?" She questions with an amused tone while she peers at the other as what he tells Ezra, smirking a moment. "See, now yer have to worry about her trying to burn yer lips off." She hears her name and glances over curiously, a soft oh escaping her and she ponders before nodding. Her mug is set down out of the way before she wiggles a little hand wave to D'ani, Borodin and Ezra and then moves over towards where Kimmila and Th'ero are. "Yes sir?" She'll play the whole surprised bit as well she wasn't even expecting gifts. "It's a lovely celebration; I just want to thank everyone for it." She'll thanking them before getting anything, not that it would mean any different later but she clearly means it.

Kimmila pulls out Abigail's gift, a smaller package than Harmony's but still no less carefully handled as she offers it over. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

"Absolutely," is D'ani's cheeky answer to Abigail. Because her reaction would, no doubt, be amusing. Harmony's answer to his flip question draws a dance of his brows in return. "Lookin' forward to that," he calls over to her as she retreats to gloat over gifts. As Abigail is called, he remains by the table, hanging with Ezra and Borodin as he moves to the table. "Hey Borodin. How are you? Congrats on your sister, man." Between bites he asks him, "Did you make any of this stuff? It's great!" Peek Ezra. Is he holding his breath already?

Ezra is eating, actually, but he's totally going to hold his breath later. He just gives D'ani a grin, and wipes the crumbs from the back of his lips. "What do you hope you get?" he whispers. "Hi," he also offers to Borodin, in an attempt to be social and actually include other people in his teenage sphere of notice.

Yes, the food here definitely looks good, and Borodin picks up a bit of it to eat before turning back to find himself being, gasp, talked to! "Uhm. Hi," he says to D'ani, then glances to Ezra and nods. "Hi," he repeats. Back to D'ani. "I, uh…" He blinks. "She. Abbey's always been… she's… yeah. I'm proud of her," he says, then looks down to his plate, giving his head a little shake. "No. I… didn't." This fine meal brought to you by not Borodin in the slightest! With downcast gaze, he misses Abbey going to recieve her gift.

It's true, the gifts do all vary in size but there is reason for it. Th'ero's gaze follows Kimmila as she carefully hands Abigail her gift and his smile remains genuine and unfaltering for once. "And I am glad as well to hear you are enjoying yourself. I saw that Borodin is with you. Who… was your friend?" he asks, gently and simply curious, recalling a faint glimpse of an unfamiliar rider with them earlier. He assumes nothing however and as he pulls Kimmila a little closer, he murmurs quietly to the bluerider's ear while Abigail opens her gift.
The dishes were prepared ahead of time and likely secretly, but perhaps someone's hand /could/ have helped with it and not know it. Others begin to filter in from outside, but they keep respectfully to the other side of the room or branch out, low murmured conversation and light laughter filling the room but not overpowering it.

Abigail chews on her lip a moment before smiling and nods while she takes hold of the gift. "Thank ye." She still feels a bit out of sorts that she is getting gifts and has nothing to give anyone back. The questions pauses her a moment from opening said gift while she looks to Th'ero. "Aye I was able to get Borodin to follow. He was looking forward to get out and see a new place. That is T'us." There is a slight pause. "He is a bronze rider from Eastern." hopefully that won't cause any silly problems. "He is a dear friend to me." More than dear but she isn't going into details here at the moment. Her attention is back on that gift of hers which she is slow to open and she is surprise at seeing the gift. Which is a beautiful quiver, lovely leather and with some knotwork across it. Her fingers slide across it and there is a warm smile seen as she looks back to Th'ero and Kimmila both. "Thank ye both. I love it truly. It is perfect." Especially for someone like her whom loves her bow. She would offer a hug but perhaps that might not be appropriate at the moment so she does not.

To the shy Borodin, "You cook though, right?" It's been a long few turns with his head stuck in weyrlinghood lessons and beastcraft studies when D'ani wasn't doing that. He might have remembered wrong? "I…wasn't hoping to get anything," he answers Ezra truthfully. "I have you and Inri as friends, who could want anything more?" He says it lightly, but his eyes are bright and he clears his throat, lifting his gaze to watch Abigail open her gift. "Hey man, your sister's up," he says in an undertone to Borodin. When she opens her gift, he whistles quietly. "Nice, Abbey!"

"Yeah. I cook," Borodin agrees, and drags his gaze up from the plate again to look for his sister and see what it is she's geting. "Oh," he says, and smiles. "She'll like that." As, evidently, she does! Which makes him blush a little for having stated the obvious.

Kimmila smiles, warm and knowing when she watches Abigail open her gift. "Thought you'd like that," she says. "Can't wait to see you use it. Maybe someday we'll have that archery competition, huh?" With a wink and a grin, she pats Th'ero's arm and drifts away, towards the drink table to pour some mulled red wine.

"Well, this place will always be open to anyone wishing to visit," Which is the truth! "So long as word is given to the caretakers and there are no conflicts." Th'ero points out to Abigail, though his voice lifts enough for others to overhear that as well. "Ahh, T'us from Eastern? Good of him to come then." No, there is no issue with that from the Weyrleader at all and he does not press the brownrider for more. 'Dear friend' clues him in just fine. As she opens the gift, he is pleased by her response and at Kimmila's comment he chuckles, "I'm glad you like it. If you two do decide to do that contest, send me word?" It's probably best not to hug Th'ero. Not that he'd react poorly, but it be awkward at best if the bronzerider just didn't flat out freeze. With Kimmila moving away, Th'ero's gaze follows her a moment before he's rummaging around the gifts again. He seems to take his time in selecting the next one and while he decides the murmur of discussion continues to fill the room, with some of the guests venturing up the stairs to linger in the balcony above in the second floor (yes, second!) that overlooks the room below and set in the wall across from the fireplace. Finally, Th'ero makes his choice and carefully picking up the package he takes a slow breath and then calls, "D'ani?" And for some reason, the Weyrleader looks to Kimmila once he's spotted the new bronzerider. Anxious for that wine, is he?

Abigail would do such a thing to go about hugging the dear weyrleader, she isn't ready to start getting in trouble now that she is a rider after all. Hearing Kimmila she nods, smiling. "Ye can count on that. I'm still looking forward to that contest Kimmila. I will be sure to let ye know when it is to be done sir."There is a nod to the bit on T'us, and she is thankful for no pressing questions. "Aye, he is and I'm thankful for him coming as well to join us here." Her smile is still seen and she nods while turning to step back. "Thank ye again sir." She moves back to where D'ani, Ezra and Borodin can be found holding onto her new quiver and folding the wrapping neatly as she plans on keeping it.

"Great! I'll have to see if Harmony needs some help making that hot chili of hers." Mind, he has no idea how well either of them can cook. D'ani's brown eyes are dancing but his face looks serious enough. He'll totally nudge the pair together to cook something. If it doesn't traumatize Borodin it might bring him out of his shell a little? D'ani makes light conversation during the lull, nibbles on his food, all of which is delicious and very much appreciated while admiring the architecture of the new place. His name is called and he hands his plate to Ezra. "Hold this- I'm up." And he heads over to where Th'ero is waiting. Well, this is awkward. Clearing his throat he draws up and stands there. Can't go so formal as to salute again so he just smiles while trying not to fidget.

Ezra grins at Abigail when she returns, eying her gift. "That's beautiful, Abigail, congratulations," he says softly. Then D'ani's name is being called and the boy grins, happily reaching out to take his friend's plate. He won't even eat off of it either! That's a true friend right there.
Kimmila carries the wine back to Th'ero, handing it over with an encouraging smile. "Here," she murmurs, saying something else under her breath.

Oh, it's awkward, alright. Th'ero doesn't make the best giver of gifts, after all but he makes the attempt to be somewhat relaxed as D'ani approaches, "Enjoying the evening?" he asks as he glances sidelong again. Where is Kimmila? He seems reluctant to want to give the gift away alone, nervous even, but then the bluerider is returning (and with wine!). "This is for you," Th'ero murmurs as the package is held out for D'ani to take. It's long and well wrapped, with some weight to it but nothing that cannot be easily carried. No suspicious clanking or clinking! Once the gift is claimed, the Weyrleader picks up that glass of wine but holds off sipping it as his gaze lingers on the recipient. Even when Kimmila murmurs something to him, he only pulls his attention away long enough to murmur back.

Abigail smiles to Ezra and nods while she shows him the quiver. "It is beautiful isn't it?" She looks at the quiver a moment more before glancing to Ezra. "Thank ye Ezra. Let's try and see what D'ani gets." This questioned while she looks towards Th'ero, Kimmila and D'ani pondering what the bronze rider may have gotten.

"Yes Sir! This place is amazing. Next clutch's Weyrlings will be a spoiled lot to be stranded here!" And he's Graduated! And not thinking about missing family that isn't here to see. That he'll think of later. Right now, everything is perfect. As Kimmila returns, he smiles at her but is busy taking that long package the Weyrleader is holding out to him. Removing the cloth wrapping carefully, he just stares in awe at the gift, an simple but elegant short sword made of almost black metal. He gingerly unsheathes it, not fully drawing it from the scabbard since they're indoors and in a crowded room. By the balance it's clear that this is a very well-made weapon. He lifts his head, with shining eyes that include both Th'ero and Kimmila in the full-on gratitude shining from them. "Thank you," he says simply, at a loss for words. Shaking his head in wonder, he re-sheathes the sword and steps back to give them room for the next person.

Kimmila grins at D'ani's reaction, shooting Th'ero yet another 'I told you so' look. "You're very welcome, D'ani. Very much looking forward to seeing what you do from here on out." She has expectations, clearly.

Ezra stands on his tiptoes to try and see what D'ani got, careful not to tip his friend's plate over in his hands. And he whistles, softly but still audible, blinking at the blade. "Wow," he whispers quietly, biting his lower lip firmly to keep himself from saying anything more. Glancing at Abigail, he beams. "Yours is beautiful too! And so is D'ani's, and everyone else's. They..those are some really nice gifts." The boy is in awe, really, at the generosity of the weyr. What he's taken for granted, and his brother is helping to open his eyes to.

"Uh, sure," Borodin says to the prospect of cooking something. Even when it involves interacting with someone else! Because, well, cooking. There's nothing scary about cooking. Unless things catch fire. Or someone fumbles a knife. Borodin smiles to Abbey as she returns, taking a closer look at the quiver. "It suits you."

Th'ero inclines his head towards D'ani, respectful and pleased but there is another hidden expression hidden there in his eyes. "I share the same as Kimmila. Best of luck and I hope that it serves you well," And that he never has to actually use it. That much is secretly implied. He catches Kimmila's 'I told you so' look again and with a slight snort he gives her a subtle nudge. Yeah, okay, so she wins that one too. Lifting his wine glass up, he takes a small sip and then eyes the rest of the gifts still to be given. "This one next," he murmurs, leaving it to his weyrmate to gather the package while he lifts his head up to scan the room and call, "Inri?". The night is still young, the moons are up and the skies still clear. Most of the gathered riders, family and friends have moved to the inside of the cottage, though a few still brave the cold and snow by the bonfire. Tables laden with all sorts of food line the wall and there is one table completely devoted to drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). All the newly knotted riders have gathered close by, as Th'ero and Kimmila have been steadily calling one name after another to give the last of the gifts for the night. Christmas Pernese Style?

Inri is not so impressed — well, she is impressed at the visual affect, at least, but swords are not exactly something she has the proper words or the proper thought process to articulate. Mostly because she is not exactly the fan of fighting everyone else seems to be! "It's snazzy," is all she says, and then hops up to go find out what it is they have in store for her. "Sir?" she chirps.

Abigail smiles while loking at the quiver and nods. "Aye, it is beautiful isn't it?" This questioned while she looks to Ezra and then looks to Borodin. "Thank ye Borodin." She leans over and gives her brother a one armed hug. "I'm glad ye came with me by the way." Well it's not like he is he most social person out there after all. Her gaze drifts back to D'ani and the others to see what the gift is, a soft oh escapes and she smiles. "Would ye look at that, lovely."

Harmony can be scary in her own way, but D'ani isn't telling Borodin that. Instead he nods gravely at Th'ero, catching the implied message. Though he may be visiting the guardhouse to practice more often now, just in case. He has his reasons for honing his skill with the weapon and it isn't lust for fighting, peaceable beastcrafter that he is. Hopefully he won't ever have to save Inri's neck with the sword! "I lost the one my da gave me," he murmurs to her as she passes him to go up front and center. That this gift means a lot to him is quite evident in the way he runs his fingers down the scabbard, affixing the weapon to his belt as he waits for her to unwrap his present. "We'll practice sometime, Abbey," he says.

Kimmila searches through the packages to find Inri's gift, holding it out to the goldrider with a warm smile. "It's not a sword." Spoiler alert? But she can't help herself, grin crooked and very much amused. "Though we did consider it!"

Ezra edges back to D'ani's side so he can offer his friend his plate of food. "That's a beautiful sword, D'ani. You gonna learn how to use it?" He looks at Abigail again and smiles, "I still wanna learn those…other things…you said you could teach me." Don't read too much into that.

"I guess someone would have to teach me how to use it, then," Inri laughs; her weaponry skills are still limited to fish-gutting knives, though at least she isn't bad with them. The package gets opened slowly, at least, and she's laughing at the idea. "I'd probably cut off my own hand, though, so it's better that you didn't!"

Borodin returns the hug from his sister, smiling a little. Saying he is not social is… true. Very true. So very true. Which is why he's subsiding into silence again, thoooough… Ezra's comment does make him look at the teen. Saywhat?

Th'ero's mouth quirks up into a lopsided smile, almost a smirk. But when he snorts, it's only because he's amused by Kimmila's little spoiler and once the gift is offered, his gaze settles on Inri with a curious look. Nervous too, perhaps, for her reaction. With each one given, his mask seems to crumble all the more. "It's true, we did. But we figured best not too. So hopefully this will provide just as resourceful." he murmurs and as he slips one arm back around Kimmila, he sips again at his drink. "That bad with blades, hmm?" That last is mused for Inri's joking comments, one brow quirked up as if still debating if the junior goldrider really is just kidding.

"Never had much practice, fighting's not my thing," is all Inri's got to say before she is distracted by her actual gift — which, while not at all a weapon, is pretty much ideal for her. All it looks like is a leather bag with a lot of straps, but she's turning it about and exploring it and looking at the pockets and appears to figure out the concept, as she hooks one of the straps around her waist and has a perfect hip-side bag, even in the knit dress. "That is so neat," she breathes. Definitely a success. Maybe it won't have all the guards staring like D'ani's, but it's ideal for her!

Abigail hums while looking to Ezra and ohs softly before nodding. "Of course, pick a time and so forth. We can work something out to get ye all set up and into some training." She peers at her brother and looks amused before giving his arm a slight pat. Her gaze turns over to Inri as she catches sight of the gift she has received and soon smiles. "Looky there she got a beautiful bag." The bag does indeed look neat!

Oh, don't count on the guards not staring at you, Inri! Though for very different reasons. "I already know how to use a sword," D'ani says simply in reply to Ezra, reaching for his plate with a, "Thanks!" "Holder's son lessons," he explains briefly before popping something into his mouth, mumbling a hasty clarification, "M'rusty though." He says nothing more because he's chewing. Eyes sparkle with merriment at Borodin's double-take at Ezra, but other than grin, he doesn't explain. Instead he cranes his neck to see what Inri's unwrapping, his glance flickering between Th'ero, the Weyrwoman, Kimmila and the junior. 'Nice," he calls to Inri without stating that hip-bags aren't his thing. The bag isn't bad, either.

Kimmila grins, pleased when Inri likes it. "Excellent," she says happily, looking around. "Looks like everyone else is busy, wingmate. Shall we get some food?" she offers, taking a sip of her klah.

Ezra nods slowly, looking at the sword and then back up at D'ani. "Oh. Well, yeah…right. I meant more…" And he trails off, looking around. "I never got lessons," he mumbles, before he's captured by Abigail's agreement, and he grins. "I can do whenever! You're the one that's got schedules and stuff now, so. You let me know."

Th'ero can relax a little more now as Inri's gift proves to be a success as well. "Glad it works for you, Inri. Congratulations again," he murmurs and does not bring to mention how fighting is not her thing. Perhaps that will come into debate another time, but for now he is content. Glancing about the room, he nods then to Kimmila, "I'd love to." he agrees and offers her his arm.

Elsewhere in the vast and spacious room, others have gathered together in small groups and there is a slow progression of folk going in and out of the cottage. Laughter drifts up occasionally among the murmurs of conversation but there's suddenly the sound of music drifting in, though it sounds as though it's coming from above and not outside. It's played low enough not to be overpowering, but indeed those who ventured up to the second floor's balcony are either Harper's or skillful enough to manage some songs. It's meant more for background atmosphere. Any dancing would have to be done on the patio and who knows if those playing can be coaxed into going out into the cold!

Kimmila slips her arm through Th'ero's and grins. "Maybe we'll dance later," she says, but her voice is clearly teasing and amused as she pulls him through the crowd towards the food tables where they'll eat and mingle and become more of a part of the party, rather than the hosts.

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