Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Ashwin is actually already here. He may have settled into Fort but old habits remain present for him and he finds himself often drinking well into the night. He's one of those lost souls; almost shapeless figures that clink their bottles and glasses. Usually he finds himself doing it solo, but tonight there are a few other ghosts that hang about. However, he seems to be absorbed into whatever his thoughts are. Not moving so much. And he's tucked away in an alcove which is why Killian probably doesn't see him. All at once? The brownrider's head comes up and a pair of brown eyes flit to the youngster. A voice, a little salty from the drink rolls out. "Worried someone's going to see you taking food provided for everyone anyway?"

And Thys is now here too, pushing through the entrance from the bowl into the warmth of the caverns and shedding her cloak as she goes. It's left folded over a chair where it'll be easy to pick up on her way out, while she makes her way towards the kitchens - bringing her, as it happens, into Killian's path and allowing her to overhear Ashwin's comment. It makes her smirk, and she gives the Beastcrafter a wink. "Careful now, we don't like people taking what's theirs to take."

Kilian's fingers are just reaching for something in the package when Ashwin's voice reaches his ears. The beastcrafter jerks, suddenly straightening up and letting his hand drop to his side. There's a rigid tension in his shoulders, but the teen doesn't turn around immediately. If anyone could see his face they would notice a few seconds of guilt followed by panic, both of which are quickly stamped out. The corners of his lips turn upwards in a charming (and very practiced) smile while his eyes glint with apparent friendliness. It's just then that Thys shows up in his path and the teenager half turns to glance from her to Ashwin and then back. "Worried? Not at all….it's just more entertaining if pretend I'm on a secret mission." Worst excuse ever.

Ashwin's eyes are narrowed. There's something that he should be twigging into and his brows furrow with a positive roll of unfriendliness. But it's taking a moment or two of his brain to work it's way through the haze of alchohol. His eyes are /looking/ at the package but his mind isn't doing the math as of yet. He can't brain right now, it's pretty clear. "Thys." He greets her with tones considerably more friendly, if not actually pleased to see her. A subtle eye might notice that Killian is not the only one to sneak, for now that Ashwin notices Thys is here a couple of bottles that litter his table are transfered subtly to the floor.

Killian's excuse gets a raised brow and a curious look from Thys, before she shakes her head and laughs. "Secret mission away, by all means." She gives him another wink, then goes to lean against Ashwin's table, crossing legs in front of her while resting one hand behind her. The other reaches out for the brownrider's drink. "May I?" It's already being lifted away before a yay or nay can be given. "So, secret mission boy… I don't believe I've seen you in here before. Are you a fulltime secret missionary, or is it just your evening occupation?

Killian replies to that rather unfriendly look from Ashwin by dipping his head in the rider's direction. He's been on the receiving end of that type of expression more than once. "Don't tell me I'm already on your bad books?" There's a quiet chuckle from him and a small nod in Thys' direction. A quick glance is shot towards the lower caverns, but any thoughts of escape are thrown out the window when he's addressed…directly too! "Well you see, I would love to keep at this full time but there's a lack of patrons in the area." Cue a rather dramatic sigh. "I do have to supplement this work with something that keeps me out and about more."

"Hrmf." That is what Ashwin says to Thys stealing his drink. It's rum. Black, strong and sweet. And it's not mixed with anything either. "I'm trying to figure out." The brownrider says, slowly, saying each word with the specific deliberation of the very drunk . . "Why you were sneaking. And my brain is telling me I don't like something here, it might not be -you- but something feels a little off." He's /still/ looking at that package and hasn't yet done the math. After a minute though he has to look at Thys again. "I'd have thought you'd have stuck with tea. Which you still owe me more of." He reaches for his bottle to repour himself a glass since it was so heartlessly stolen from him. He'll miss that one too.

"Oh, I dunno about that so much - there's always demand in Fort for people who want to sneak about," Thys explains, with a grin. "If you want to make it a thing, instead of whatever it is your day job is, go see Th'ero. He'll sort you out." She takes a sip of Ashwin's drink, tastes it, and pulls a face. "Whisky is much more my thing than rum, and we'll have tea once the eggs arrive. I'm just a little busy right now, what with securing everything… and hoping Kayeth's eggs will crack soon. Not that Rhen'll mind sharing the Sands, of course, but it always makes me anxious when there's a new clutch and clumsy dragonets around them…" A little frown creases her forehead, before she forcibly changes her expression back to a smile. "By the way, secret missionary," that'd be you, Killian, "my name's Thys, and this is Ashwin."

"I was sneaking because I'm on a secret mission from a /very/ important client." Killian shoots a grin in Ashwin's direction, though he won't move over to the table. Instead he shifts his arm just slightly to obscure the package more. If one looks very closely they might see the top of a jar poking out. "You mean stick in the mud Th'ero?" There's probably too much informality there. "I can't imagine he'd have very interesting jobs for me." Now his wistful gaze is no longer directed to the lower caverns but instead to the alcohol. He doesn't dare though, not now. It might mess up his escape plan. "Well met, both of you. The name's Killian." It's probably 3 seconds too late he realizes he should have given a fake name perhaps.

"Please." Ashwin says to Thys with half a smile. Just half. "I'd prefer something that I can at least appreciate the flavor of before it gibbles me." Gibbles. There's an Ashwinism for you. Rolling his shoulders forward he appears to be awakening out of the alchohol ever so much in the slightest. "I wish you'd let me help more, security wise. I feel like a bull's tit around here right now." Of course, he could go back to Xanadu, but then Th'ero's sister would eat him so, here he is in Fort. He just eyes that obscured package though, and the jar. If Killian was looking for a grin back, he isn't going to get it from the brownrider.

Thys cants her head when Killian calls Th'ero a stick in the mud, her brown eyes narrowing just a little. "I'd be careful about insulting the Weyrleader when in the presence of goldriders and Weyr guests, Killian." She downs another sip of rum, then huffs. "He's not that much of a stick in the mud, anyway. And thank Faranth he's back in charge." Her eyes are rolled at the memory of the Weyr's brief recent leadership transition. "Ash, you're more than welcome to come assist in carrying out my security checks. But you'll have to be sober to do it. Perhaps you could bring along Mr Sneak here, see if he can put his secret missioning to the test by getting through the guards?"

"It's not an insult…just an observation." Killian says the words innocently enough, and despite the narrowed eye look he gets the beastcrafter continues to grin back at the pair. "You know what I think?" The teenager takes one step backwards and then another. "I think getting the guards involved would be overkill. That and I have some very pressing matters to attend to." With that Killian spins on his heels and makes a mad dash for the exit. "Have a good evening Weyrwoman and….guest!" The words called over his shoulder are the last trace of the beastcrafter before he disappears. For now!

"Sober during the daytime." Ashwin quips back to Thys, though when Killian leaves his eyes harden a good deal more. "And for people as paranoid about security as /we/ are." He stresses the we. "It's half my clutch too." Why he feels the need to justify himself, he doesn't know. But he does. Maybe it's the alchohol. "We just let a pretty good one walk right out." Reaching up; Ashwin takes his head in his hands and moves it quite deliberatly sideways so that his neck audibly cracks. "Did you see him favoring his right arm? He had something in it. Looked like a jar." He shrugs, though. "Probably just some kid trying to steal a drink. But keep an eye on that one. It took until he said involving the guards was overkill for me to get it."

When Killian leaves, Thys shifts herself so that she's leaning against the table right beside Ashwin, close enough to almost touch. She listens to him quietly, while sipping the rum, then she shrugs. "He's got some rough edges that'll polish off in time, no doubt. We all did at some point… some still do." Ashwin gets a teasing wink and a crooked smile. "And it is half your clutch. Does your gut tell you that one has potential enough to be searched? Because if it does, it's got a very different feeling to my own."

"I'm on the fence." Ashwin says, bluntly. The rum catches his interest a little; enough for him to swirl his glass and stare at the darkness inside. "I've spent enough time on the bottom rungs of society to know someone's interesting when I see them. You have to admire him for having stones at least to try and bold faced lie his way out of that one. I'm a little sad I wasn't a bit more with it. You're right though? Seen his type enough. Been his type enough." The drink is finally consumed after having been toyed at so and he looks across to Thys, near as she is. "Besides. You know we aern't the ones that get to make that call. If /they/ say they are searched, they are searched."

"I'm not above offering someone a white knot if I see potential in them, or if they ask for it and aren't completely abhorrent." Thys gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Besides, it's not often you'll get a gold dragon sniffing someone out as being good for candidacy. If Rhenesath had her way, I think she'd present everyone and their uncles for her babies when they hatch. Anyway, I've got my eye on a certain someone who I will invite to stand, if he's not picked up by a dragon first…" Whatever's left in the rum glass is tossed back into the goldrider's mouth with one sharp movement, and she coughs a little when it's swallowed. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, then stands up. "Definitely prefer whisky. There's some in my weyr, if you'd like to join me? Or tea. Your choice."

"That one might be abhorrent." Ashwin observes with all of the bluntness he is so renowned for. "Or he might be brilliant. I'll let Rinxyth have a sniff of him and see what that gets us. As much as I want to defend him for reasons I can't figure out; probably abhorrent." A dribble of rum signals the end of the bottle that he'd been working on and Thys so handily helped him kill. It makes about a quarter glass that is eyed, swirled as before and he's just tipping it to his lips when she gets to the end of what she has to say. " … mmbpg." That is the sound of rum being aspirated and both of Ashwin's palms go flat onto the table. As a round of coughing comes out. He gets pretty red faced but that's because he can't breathe. Of all of the things that could have come from her mouth? That was the least expected right now. He too, finds he has to pass the back of his hand over his mouth after getting himself back togeather. "A switch to whiskey might be prudent. Rum is trying to kill me." The deadpan observation is made as he stands up too. He doesn't even sway. "Lead on."

It's good he doesn't sway, and yet Thys reaches a steadying hand to his shoulder anyway. "It wouldn't be good to let the rum kill you, not so close to the clutching…" Her hand moves from his shoulder, to cupping his chin. "I'd have to come kill you myself for upsetting Rhenesath." She gives his chin a squeeze while clicking her tongue, then drops her hand, offering it to the brownrider to hold as she twitches her head towards the exit to the bowl. "C'mon. Can't keep whisky waiting…"

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