Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's one of those wintry days where if you have an excuse to linger inside? Use it. The air outside has a nasty bite to it and the Weyr saw heavy snowfall over the past few hours, making any travel outside difficult and all the more miserable. Yet there's work to be done, so even on a late morning such as this, the living caverns aren't as bustling as they'd been a few hours ago. Th'ero is one of the few who linger, the Weyrleader sitting alone at one of the more semi-private tables as he idly picks at a half eaten plate of food. He's not in one of his brooding, dark moods but he's certainly lost to his own thoughts.

K'yan comes in with his hat pulled down over his ears until it almost meets the scarf wrapped around his neck. There's just the tiny little slit for his eyes, and that - or so the pattern of snow on hat and scarf would seem to indicate - was until recently mostly-covered by the pair of goggles that now dangle from his gloved hand. His other hand, also still in a glove, has the hand of another in it, for somewhere out in the cold and frost he's encounted Abigail! And he's keeping hold of her, just to make sure she doesn't get lost in the snowbanks again… not that she isn't far more equipped for this weather than he is, generally speaking.

Abigail is following along with K'yan no worries there she won't get lost! She is tugging off her gloves, goggles already off and tucked into the pocket of her jacket. "I didn't think I have ever seen it snow so much so quickly." That is saying a lot coming from her! She peeks over at K'yan, and can't help herself with a half laugh escaping her as she catches sight of that hat pulled down so far on his face. "Ye in there?" Is questioned while brushing a bit of snow from K'yan's hat even.

Don't jinx the weather! Who knows what it'll do next. As lost in his thoughts as he is, Th'ero's not completely oblivious to his surroundings. Old habits do die hard and he's a tendency to act like he's out of it, when he's not in the slightest bit. So when he overhears some snippets of conversation in an all too familiar voice, he'll look up to spot K'yan and Abigail not far from where he sits. Luckily he's not the type to shout either, but he will start by raising his hand in a wave of greeting to them, though there may be an added gesture to Abigail that he's wanting her to approach. Oh boy, that can't be good?

"I hope so," comes a muffled voice from K'yan in reply to Abigail. "I don't /think/ I've been replaced by snow." But he's going to get a bit further inside before he tests that. "…if I melt, you'll know what happened," he tells her as he reaches up and starts unwrapping the scarf, slowly exposing… what doesn't look like a snowman's face at all, especially not as the snow on his clothes starts to melt. Goggles in one hand, scarf in the other, and then… he notices a wave, and shifts scarf to the other hand to lift his own to wave back.

Abigail chuckles and just grins over at K'yan. "Never know, could be a new 'thing' the walking snowrider and all." She says with an amused tone. A bit more snow is brushed off K'yan and she glances over to see who he might be waving at. A nod and wave is offered back to Th'ero before there is a slight pause and she glances over to K'yan. "I'll be back in a moment, want to grab some klah?" She moves on over to where Th'ero is and nods slightly with a faint smile seen. "Afternoon Th'ero, how are ye on this lovely snow filled day?"

Th'ero pushes aside his plate as Abigail does approach, leaving it to be collected by one of the drudges while he looks up at her. "Afternoon, Abigail. I guess I'd say I'm alright and… warm, at least?" he replies with a half crooked smirk. He'll dip his head slightly, to indicate K'yan. "He's welcome to join too, if he choses? I'll not be discussing anything too private." It's meant as a joke, really. Clearing his throat, he'll add: "And how're you?"

"It could be," K'yan admits. "Does seem the sort of thing Fort might get up to, considering." He grins, then gives her a slightly questioning look as she says she has to head over there for a moment. He gives Th'ero another glance himself, then nods. "Aye, I can do that…" he says, and while she goes over to Th'ero, he goes over to snag a couple of mugs and fill them with klah. That'll at least keep him busy for a few moments, at which point he'll be looking back that way for signs of… things… happening. Or not, as the case may be!

"Being warm is a good thing after the last few days." Abigail offers with an amused tone A glance is offered over to K'yan and she waves him over before sitting upon a free seat at the table that Th'ero is. "I'm doing well, busy with some sweeps but nothing to bad. Keeping things moving during the storms and such."

Th'ero will be making things quite interesting in a moment, though the Weyrleader is trying to bring it about in as gentle a way possible. If that's even possible. Given it's not been long since No'tak's death, who knows how the news will be received? "Good to hear that that is going well." Something has to go right in Fort routinely enough! There's a considerable pause, as Th'ero picks over his words carefully. Abigail's probably seen that look on his face many times before, when he's about to make a difficult decision. Might even have her worried, for a moment? "You've been Wingleader of Thunderbird for several Turns now, haven't you?" Probably not the best way to break the news. But… this is Th'ero we're talking about here.

When K'yan sees that gesture from Abbey he nods, and brings the mugs of klah over to the table - one to Abigail, the other kept for himself as he slides into a seat. "Weyrleader," he says with a polite nod of greeting, then goes quiet because… secret or not, there's clearly important business here! Which he can just sit here during and sip his klah and pretend it's not awkward.

Abigail queitly peers at Th'ero, watching him a few moments even as he sems to have a look that she knows rather well. Once K'yan is sitting next to her and smiles to him and nods, a thanks said for her mug. "Th'ero, this is K'yan. K'yan this is Weyrleader Th'ero." There names given and the like! At the question from Th'ero she looks to him slightly. "Aye… For a bit now." She pauses a moment before going on. "Ah… Is there a problem with something?"

"Afternoon," Th'ero will return the greeting given to him by K'yan, before dipping his head politely when Abigail makes the introductions a little more genuine and formal. He'll do his best not to grimace a bit when his title is used, but there's nothing to be done for that. "Well met, K'yan and welcome to Fort!" Though he may already be assuming this is not his first visit here. It's not his business to pry, plus he can't leave Abigail dangling like that for too long. "Not at all! Your work as a Wingleader has been greatly appreciated. You've certainly been there for your Wing, and for Fort as a whole when needed." There's a pause as he glances between K'yan and Abigail and he'll fold his hands together over the top of the table as he leans forwards a bit. Normally, he'd keep this business to his office but he figures here and now serves just as well. Regardless, he lowers his voice: "Which is why I'd like to offer you the chance to take Weyrsecond, Abigail. IF you think Thunderbird is ready to be lead by another. You know your riders best…"

"Thank you," K'yan says to Th'ero. He eases off his gloves, then tucks them into the pocket of his jacket… and under the table, his hand slips over to rest lightly against Abigail's leg, remaining there while he lifts his klah with the other one and has a sip. His attention slips from Th'ero, to Abbey, back to Th'ero with a bit of a detour to gaze at someone moving in the distance… then back again at the word Weyrsecond, a slight widening to them as he looks briefly at Th'ero and then lingers on Abbey to see her response.

Abigail isn't to sure what could have brought this up honestly, save you know when she went off on Ashwin, and then there was that time she punched the /then/ weyrleader Mr'az after all. One hand rests upon that mug which is warm an she is thankful at the moment as her hand hand slips under the table to take hold of K'yan's. The mere seconds seem to tick by rather slow before Th'ero is speaking once more, and she is sipping at hr mug once the question is asked. A slight sputter escapes her along with a cough. "Me…?" Is questioned to make sure she heard Th'ero right perhaps.

There may be something akin to an apologetic look to K'yan, as if Th'ero can sense that it's a touch awkward for him to be caught in the middle of this. Yet it won't be for much longer. He nods to Abigail, a small smile curving on his lips. "Yes, you. I've thought it over carefully… and I can't think of a better fit." Never mind those whispers about the knot being cursed! Nope. Just ignore that. "It's your choice though, Abigail. You can remain as Wingleader, if you do not feel you're ready."

K'yan's fingers curve against Abigail's, squeezing her hand. He hasn't heard anything about a curse, and so /he/ just has the hint of a grin he's trying not to actually show because it wouldn't be appropriate… at least not yet, before she's accepted it (because why, to his mind, wouldn't she?) and the formalities, such as they may be, are over.

Abigail doesn't believe in curses, though that might changeonce she ges the kot and thus things start happening right? Well she would have to agree to being th Weyrsecond that is. She is quiet for a few moments before looking over to K'yan watching him a few moments. Well he isn't freaking out, and yanking his hand away, and she is rather sure that is a grin there on his face. So that isn't a frown, which is good… Maybe? She ooks back to Th'ero waiting it seems before offering that answer. She knows she is ready for such things, though there is that lingering worry. She had the same worry when she became a Wingleader after all. "I know Thunderbird Wing will be fine with a new Wingleader. One thing about that Wing is they bouch to things rather quickly." There is a pause, perhaps a slight long one at that, a soft smile is offered though and she gives K'an's hand a squeeze while offering her answer. "Of coure I wil accept such a offer, and the position… I'm not sure what tosay, save for thanking ye for feeling that I would be the one for it." Out of so many others that could have got that rather fancy knot, though really this position is so important, hard and let's not forget cursed.

Th'ero doesn't believe in curses either but it's true that the Weyrsecond's job is difficult. Only Ha'ze seemed to get through it unharmed but he barely had the knot for long before the Leadership changed again. There is relief when Abigail accepts the position, "I'm happy to hear this and I look forwards to working with you. I won't drag you through the process of the changeover quite yet. I think we can leave that for tomorrow? You're welcome to inform your Wing now — or whomever you choose for your replace, if you wish or we can keep the announcement for the following day as well. I'll let you have the rest of the day to yourself and your regular duties." Slow change, nothing sudden! Plus it will give her time to absorb the news and some time, perhaps, with K'yan. Th'ero won't be lingering around, now that he has finished this task for the day. He's already standing from his seat, reaching for his heavy winter riding jacket and pulling out the gloves and scarf stuffed within the sleeve. "As much as I'd like to discuss this more or perhaps enjoy some casual chatter, I've got to be going." No rest for the Weyrleader. There's a nod to K'yan, "Sorry we did not have a chance to talk either. Usually I am not this hurried."

K'yan may start thinking differently when he sees the long, hard hours that being Weyrsecond can take. Or when he realizes how this means he'll continue to be stuck visiting here during the snow and ice. Or… any of a number of other things, but they're not the ones on his mind right now as he squeezes her hand back, then nods as she accepts. Well of course! Clearly she's capable of it… in his mind. And, apparently, also in Th'ero's, whose opinion counts for a little more in terms of Weyr Hierarchy. Okay, a lot more. Like, it counts at all, where K'yan's doesn't. Anyway! He grins more openly as she accepts the position, giving her hand another squeeze before he turns to look at Th'ero again. "Busy with important things, no doubt," he says with a smile, and adds a, "Farewell!"

"Thank ye Th'ero." Abigail offers, a smile still seen and she nods. "I'll tell them tomorrow, no reason to pull them in for things right now." Honestly she doens't want to call a meeting right now either so there! "Of course, we're get to talk more about it tomorrow." Because that is a for certain given thing! As for poor K'yan, seems he will have to get use to the cold of Fort for now, though it doesn't last forever so that is a good thing! "Have a good afternoon Th'ero. Thank ye sir." Which maychange to something else later if and whe that so called curse rears it's ugly head!

"Always," Th'ero grimaces to K'yan but in a good natured way. Why deny it? To both, he dips his head again in farewell once he's slipped on his jacket. "Clear skies to the both of you. And you're welcome, Abigail. You've earned this." And with that, he'll take his leave, putting on his gloves and hunching his shoulders in preparation of braving the cold outdoors.

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