Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

Winter is good for one thing. It leaves Ha'ze with a lot more time than normal, and somehow a lot of that time seems to land him in the gemstone with a drink of some kind. Today it's a dark gold and is going down steadily. There are few others here who have braved the gathering storm outside to make the trek within. Behind the bar the tender is keeping an eye on it, glancing back at his patrons as if wondering if he ought to send them away.

Winter sucks but it is good for one thing: like finding excuses to get away and somewhere warm. Th'ero had been hoping to escape with Kimmila and perhaps their arrival at the tavern is the start of things. A drink to go! The Weyrleader has likely left instructions with D'ani to keep tabs on the Weyr but so far he's not so much as set foot out of the territory. Could be that with the 'excitement' of escape with his weyrmate, Th'ero is distracted and unaware of the gathering storm. Doesn't help that Velokraeth is absorbed with Kayeth more and more of late the more gravid the gold becomes. If the bartender was hoping to send patrons away… it's too late for these two. Th'ero will waste little time in approaching the bar and making a single gesture to order — he so very rarely orders anything other than his typical poison.

Kimmila walks in alongside her weyrmate, casting her gaze around the bar and settling briefly on Ha'ze. Oh. Him. Her chin lifts in a slight 'I see you so it'd be rude to completely ignore you' gesture, before she orders some mulled wine and some sort of pastry thing. Which is exactly how she orders it.

Ha'ze's eyes darken when Th'ero and Kimmila enter the bar. Not his favorite people to be getting drunk around. That flash of anger is hidden behind his drink though, as he turns pointedly away. IGNORING. The bartender serves the two riders- even with the pastry-thing for Kimmila.

Th'ero and Kimmila may not be Ha'ze's favourite people right now but that doesn't mean the Weyrleader isn't going to be a thorn in his side regardless. Once he has his ale and Kimmila her cider and pastry (yes, that gets a brow quirk from him), he'll give her a gentle nudge to the side as he tilts his head to the bronzerider who is pointedly ignoring them. Time to visit? You BET. No need for politeness either, Th'ero will just sit himself down across from Ha'ze after pulling a chair out for Kimmila. "So this is where you've been hiding, is it?" he drawls, lifting his drink to his lips.

What's wrong with pastries? Pastries are the best. You know what else is the best? Wanting pastries and having pastries in the fridge that you could make, and cheese you could fill them with, and we're moving on now. She meanders after Th'ero, looking a bit confused as to why, exactly, they have to go say hi to Ha'ze, but…she follows. "Not real good at hiding."

Is Ha'ze required to be respectful to the weyrleader right now? His eyes lift up and rather than answer right away the bronzerider takes another long slow drink. It goes down smooth enough. Finally… respect is cast aside. They're in a bar. "You two got a problem with me again?"

Apparently Th'ero has a pre-vacation and romantic getaway checklist. Fetch weyrmate, get a drink and… antagonize at least one rider on his way out. Okay, so that last one isn't true but maybe the Weyrleader HAS wanted to see Ha'ze for sometime now given the last encounter went so wonderfully. "No, I don't have a problem with you." Kimmila might be a different story. "Just checking in." Before they check out for however long this escape will be. "Seeing as you're difficult to find and summoning you to my office gets old."

Kimmila arches a brow at Ha'ze. "Why? Should we have?" she asks, leaning against the table and sipping her wine, nibbling her crescent roll stuffed with delicious things damn you Pinterest.

Ha'ze could have done without step three, kthx Th'ero. "Ask Kainaesyth where I'm at." Of course, these days they have to wake Kainaesyth up first. But it wouldn't be that hard. It's more a meditative doze then actual slumber. And perhaps the answer will be a bit hard to parse through. Hints rather than outright replies. A story-path. Ha'ze downs the last of his drink and sets it down hard on the table. "Look, You two are goin' somewhere. I'll just be on my way." Which, of course, is when someone stumbles into the bar swearing loudly. "Shit, the storm blew up fast. Almost lost my balls out there!"

Th'ero doesn't always have time to chase Ha'ze through Kainaesyth and Velokraeth has been fickle of late with Kayeth so close to clutching. So here they are and he's not about to let the bronzerider off so easily. "Kimmila and I will be leaving shortly," JINXED. "But… before we go our separate ways, I've just something small to ask." Yeah, right. He'll take his time too to sip his ale before continuing. "You've been alright?" Since the last time he saw Ha'ze, he was broken. Is there more too it? A trap? Who knows. Th'ero's attention is drawn away though by the swearing proclamation about the ferocity of the storm. "Storm…?" Cue a look to Kimmila.

Kimmila nods, sipping her wine. "Yup, we are." WERE. She turns too, and swears under her breath. Then out loud. "Are you shitting me?" she demands of the person who stumbled in, tromping over to peek outside. There's a pause, and then a string of muttered curses under her breath as she tromps back.

"Going out there is suicide." The newcomer announces to Kimmila's demand. "Won't see me stepping out there till it clears out. Something WARM." The last isn't directed at the riders though, but at the bartender. Exit random NPC from the conversation. The conversation saves Ha'ze from answering Th'ero's question though. When their attention turns away Ha'ze shoves away from his table to walk away from the pair of them, muttering under his breath.

Th'ero has already begun to stand from his chair when Kimmila storms off and then starts to storm back and so he's readied (not really) for Ha'ze's attempt at escape. "You never answered me," he calls to the bronzerider, only to then turn to Kimmila with an apologetic grimace. Drinks were likely all his idea! "For something to be this bad, so fast, it could just be a squall? It'll blow itself out soon." Jinxed again!

Kimmila huffs, /eying/ Th'ero. "Of course it's not going to blow itself out. We'll be stuck here for /days/." Why does this always happen to them? "Ha'ze!" she calls after the bronzerider. "How's Kai?" She cares about his dragon at least.

If the pair of them think that Ha'ze is going to spend mroe than a few hours in their company they have serious brain damage. Watch Ha'ze step out into the blizzard before he'd put up with THAT. (Just ask Abigail, Ha'ze almost slept outside in the last one because he was being stubborn.) He's more than a few steps away when Kimmila's question hits. A pause. "It's sharding winter." He's not feeling particularly diplomatic at the moment.

Th'ero's taken enough hits to the head that one could actually question 'damage'… but that's neither here nor there. Right now, he has a ruffled and upset weyrmate to try and sooth. Which he does, not with a hug, but a gentle touch of his hand to her side and a slight step forwards towards her. "Not days. A candlemark at most. We're not that far from the Weyr." Someone will come dig them out, even if he has to pry Velokraeth's lumpy ass away from fawning and pampering Kayeth. Ha'ze's reply to Kimmila has him frowning, but he'll hold his tongue for once.

Kimmila rolls her eyes. "Fine then," she says snippily back to Ha'ze, turning to look up at Th'ero. Scowl. "But we were supposed to be FAR from the weyr /now/." Whine.

Ha'ze has a problem now that he's away from the bar. And that is that now there is a general lack of amber colored liquid to put down his throat. Friends are hard to come by when one is feeling particuarly surly, and so the nice people who bring drinks (because I can't think of the word at the moment) are giving the bronzerider a careful, and wide, berth. Ha'ze glares his way into a table by the fireplace, and settles down. Yelling would bring attention. So, he's going to just glower a bit.

"Patience, Wingmate. Soon, we'll be gone." Not soon enough but it's the best Th'ero has to offer as he tries to soothe Kimmila. It's as he's pulling her close to him again that he'll watch as Ha'ze glowers his way to a table from over her shoulder. "Wonder what's eating him this time," he mutters and perhaps purposely loud enough for the bronzerider to overhear. "He sulks worse than a child." Says the man who broods and does the exact same thing.

Kimmila snorts. "He sulks worse than /you/ do," she mutters, rolling her eyes. "I don't know what his problem is, or why he hates us so much."
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Ha'ze needs to tender an OBJECTION to this. He isn't sulking. He's glowering. THEY interrupted HIM drinking. If they look at him they'll see him glaring before he catches himself glaring and looks away. A waiter (that's the word!) has to cut past Ha'ze's table and the bronzerider puts out a hand and grabs the elbow, hard. Sorry random NPC.

Th'ero caught that glare and his eyes will narrow as Ha'ze snares that poor waiter. "Could find out?" he mutters to Kimmila and in a mood now. What else is there to do now that they're snowed in (and he still figures it's temporarily). Apparently it's 'let's prod Ha'ze' time again. Reaching for his ale, he'll drain the rest of it and signal a waitress for another. Whether or not he ever gets it will remain to be seen.

Kimmila huffs. "I'd rather kick that guy over there in the crotch," she replies, tilting her head towards another random, innocent NPC. "He wants to hate us, let him hate us."

Random person is going to EDGE AWAY from the random I-want-to kick him in the crotch bluerider with a bit of an I-didn't-do-anything kind of look. Ha'ze releases the arm of the waiter as he places a terse order for some kind of mellower alcohol. "If you two have an issue, take it out with me." /irrtated.

"First things first. I'm not going to have a Wingrider holding a grudge," Th'ero grumbles to Kimmila and then smirks. "Then you can go kick someone in the crotch if that helps matters." So long as it isn't his crotch. Then Ha'ze is "inviting" them over and the Weyrleader isn't about to pass that up. He'll gesture Kimmila to follow him and maybe she can kick a few chairs along the way.. but he's bound and determined to get to the bottom of this. "It's more of why you continue to have an issue with us, Ha'ze and why you insist on the attitude…"

Kimmila lets the random person's crotch go un-kicked as she walks over towards Ha'ze after Th'ero. "I want to know what /your/ issue is." His issue /is/ her issue.

It's too bad there's a blizzard outside, or Ha'ze would probably avoid this and just leave. But that's the whole reason for the blizzard, right? Ha'ze stands slowly as the pair approach, his arms finding their way across his chest. "I didn't have a problem with the two of you." Emphasis on 'didn't'. "You two brought your shit to me."

Th'ero nudges out a chair and promptly sits into it, heavily as he leans back and crosses his arms over his chest, chin up and looking thoroughly unimpressed by the answer received. There's a darted look to Kimmila and then Ha'ze becomes the focus again. "Our shit? And when did we do this… or is this about the issue with Kyzen?" So many issues here.

Kimmila sits down with a snort. "What did /we/ do this time?"

Ha'ze's arms unfold as the spread abruptly in front of him. Ha'ze is stubborn. Th'ero is stubborn. Kimmila is stubborn. There's a whole pile of rocks here. Is there anyway this could go right? Add in some distance from Kainaesyth's mellowing influence and Ha'ze isn't backing down this time. "Is there another issue?"

So much stubbornness is never a good thing and there's bound to be a breaking point somewhere. Right now though, Th'ero's in control of himself and his temper. We'll see how long that lasts, especially when a waitress does hurry over with his ale and escapes as fast as she can without being overly rude (and obvious). "Quit with the evasions, Ha'ze, it's sharding annoying. Spit it out." And that sounds like an order, not a polite request.

Kimmila just drinks her mulled wine with a little smirk. Yeah. Spit it out, rider.

"Spill out the fact that you people reject anything that doesn't fit your mold?" Ha'ze, stubborn, this isn't good.

Th'ero scowls heavily, "Reject? When have we ever rejected you, Ha'ze? We don't always see eye to eye but if I truly 'rejected' you, I'd have had your ass turfed from this Weyr the day the trials ended and left you to the mercies of the Holds. Could've let you walk out on Candidacy too… or left you in the prison cell…" Should he go on?

Kimmila blinks, and then she /laughs/. "Rejected? Ha'ze. Us? What mold do we have here at Fort other than to take in everyone? No matter what?"

"Then leave my sharding kids out of your need to poke at me." That's the pivot of the matter. Ha'ze hasn't forgiven them for bringing up Jaze. He doesn't like to worry, and that's about all he has been doing about his oldest daughter lately. It's annoying.

That was a low blow, wasn't it? Th'ero knows it and doesn't apologize for it, even if it was Kimmila who may have dealt the harshest comment. "We're talking about you and your issues," Not about his children. Stick to the topic? "What else has got you so against us?"

Kimmila frowns, but she doesn't argue with him. It's /kind/ of like admitting she was wrong.

"My kids are my issue." Ha'ze doesn't differentiate between the two. And right now, he kind of does want a fight. At least it would be something different. Ha'ze's fists are clenched.

"Your kids have nothing to do with it and wouldn't have even factored in if you hadn't shut us out when we tried to talk to you about Kyzen!" Th'ero growls irritably at Ha'ze and takes a long, long sip of his ale. Likely to drown out the words that threatened to follow. "We've nothing against your children." Not even Jajen's spawn… and while he hasn't said it out loud, it's in his voice all the same despite the fact that he never truly hated Jajen. Only that the goldrider confused him as much as Ha'ze does and he regretted the way she left Fort.

Kimmila nods. "I was just using them as an example, I wasn't /threatening/ them. Metallic kids have to stick together."

While the riders have argued about children, the rest of the bar has begun to grumble about the blizzard outside and being stuck inside. It starts as an argument between bartender and patron who has just been cut off for lack-of-payment. Patron figuring, hey, stuck=want drink. Bartender going nope, don't matter, need money. Their arguing grows steadily louder until the patron snaps and reaches across the bar to deliver a blow to the bartender's face. Ha'ze was about to respond, but that gives him pause, as the bartender makes a THUNK against the wall backwards.

Th'ero quirks a brow and gives Kimmila a strange look. What'd she mean by that comment? There's no time to ask, however, as the scuffle breaks out by the bar. First an argument (which he can ignore) and now a brawl (which he can't ignore)? Wonderful. "Shards and shells, can a day not go by without this nonsense…?" he growls, already beginning to stand.

Kimmila starts to stand as well, and she yells, "HEY!" across the bar. They're trying to have a conversation over here, thank you very much! "Quit it!"

That patron? Not listening. Nor are the other patrons. Mostly because of them are choosing to throw themselves at that man who is responding with punches for anyone who decides to put hands on him. Like… Th'ero. If he gets involved. Ha'ze though? Ha'ze doesn't fight other's battles. He backs up, giving the fighters wide berth.

Of course Th'ero has to get involved. Not necessarily to fight but he's the Weyrleader and it's his (unfortunate) duty to put an end to these things. For that patron, he'll find out soon enough that trying to swing at Th'ero is a bad, bad idea. Close range and hand-to-hand fighting is the bronzerider's forte. Not that he's looking to knock sense into the man (tempting!), but he will try to evade any punches while grabbing the man and subduing him. "That's enough!"

Kimmila will bound into the fray as well, pushing another patron back who tries to get involved, because that will be helpful, right? Like yelling 'shut up!' in a noisy room when someone is trying to get everyone quiet. It just adds to the problem.

The evening entertainment just became Punch the Riders! Almost as if they share one mob mind the patrons are going to turn against the riders. The first guy, doesn't listen to Th'ero's command to cease and decist, and instead directs his punches towards the weyrleader. The man Kimmila is trying to pull off is so, until HIS friends decide to go after her. There's only two of them though. Easy as pie. At some point, Ha'ze really should get into this. But he's still hanging back. It's only like… what, six against two? Th'ero can take it.

Th'ero can take it — or at least one man. That patron's punches are deflected and even if they do hit, he'll take it and while he won't return it, the patron will get a bit of rough handling all the same. It's when some of those (idiotic) men go after Kimmila that things shift. Th'ero has limits and if you really want to piss him off, you go after one of his riders. If you want to infuriate him? Go after his weyrmate. Poor bastards. "Back down!" Th'ero's voice rolls out not as a yell but filled with authority as he looms threateningly. That patron who started it all is given a forceful shove towards others who could keep him pinned (like Ha'ze!) and then he's bearing down on the others. Woe be to them if they've so much as lifted a finger!

Kimmila is a target now? BRING IT. She's already pissed off at Ha'ze and more than happy to start swinging back at the idiots who stepped into her space.

MAYBE if Kimmila hadn't started punching back at them, then the patrons would have backed off at that sound of command in Th'ero's voice. But no, now they have to defend themselves from her, which means they can't listen to HIM. One fends off the bluerider, as the other throws a punch at the Weyrleader, only noticing him knot just a little too late. They're strangers to this part, see? The bartenders have disappeared behind the bar. Let the nice riders figure things out, aye? That patron that gets shoved at Ha'ze takes more than a bit of exception to him and throws a punch. Ha'ze ducks, and steps away. "Hey, I'm not in this." Hands up Ha'ze retreats. Th'ero looks like he's got this in hand.

Th'ero takes yet another punch from yet another patron and by now his temper is wearing very thin. So this unfortunate soul gets a good punch back, likely right to the ribs if he's lucky enough to get such a clean shot. If not, the man is grabbed and tossed and Ha'ze may find himself ducking while he retreats. Two sent his way? Now one has to wonder if he's doing it purposely (he isn't). "Enough!" he commands again, reaching to snare that second stranger and make SURE he gets the hint this time.

Kimmila gets one more punch in, and received, before she ducks away with a laugh. Suckers. Hands lifting…she's not doing anything, see? Innocent!

MAYBE if Kimmila hadn't started punching back at them, then the patrons would have backed off at that sound of command in Th'ero's voice. But no, now they have to defend themselves from her, which means they can't listen to HIM. One fends off the bluerider, as the other throws a punch at the Weyrleader, only noticing him knot just a little too late. They're strangers to this part, see? The bartenders have disappeared behind the bar. Let the nice riders figure things out, aye? That patron that gets shoved at Ha'ze takes more than a bit of exception to him and throws a punch. Ha'ze ducks, and steps away. "Hey, I'm not in this." Hands up Ha'ze retreats. Th'ero looks like he's got this in hand.

Th'ero takes yet another punch from yet another patron and by now his temper is wearing very thin. So this unfortunate soul gets a good punch back, likely right to the ribs if he's lucky enough to get such a clean shot. If not, the man is grabbed and tossed and Ha'ze may find himself ducking while he retreats. Two sent his way? Now one has to wonder if he's doing it purposely (he isn't). "Enough!" he commands again, reaching to snare that second stranger and make SURE he gets the hint this time.

Kimmila gets one more punch in, and received, before she ducks away with a laugh. Suckers. Hands lifting…she's not doing anything, see? Innocent!

Ha'ze steps aside again as that second man gets thrown at him, the man hitting the wall hard enough to be dazed. The first, finally focuses on Th'ero's knot and stops, grumbling. The last, in Th'ero's hold, spits at Kimmila's feet for that last punch then stills. "Shard it, let me go," that would be the third, who struggles against Th'ero's hold. "Leave off Lief, that's the Weyrleader." That's the second who is reaching out to support the first. The trio are done throwing punches, and Ha'ze… well, he's put some distance between them and himself. His eyes are dark and unreadable.

Th'ero will let the man go once he's convinced there will be no more fighting and he gives him a good shove and maybe a cuff to the back of the head. "Don't let me see or hear of anymore trouble with you or I'll be tempted to kick all of you out into that storm, regardless if you'll freeze to death or not." No regret there as he glares at the troublemakers. It's not an empty threat either. "Are you alright, Wingmate?" he murmurs to Kimmila as he steps closer to her. For now, Ha'ze is forgotten (sorry) — but not forever.

Kimmila pushes hair out of her face, smirking toothily at the guy who spits at her feet. You wanna do that again? Then she steps to Th'ero's side, slipping an arm around his waist. "I'm fine," she says dismissively. "You?" Eyes scan the room. "Ha'ze?"

The trio know that tone of voice and they react to it- falling back from the confrontation to a corner. It's sure that the weyrleader, his mate, and the bartender all get glares throughout the evening, but for now the travelers are cowed and are ready to just hide. Without drinks. Because that first bartender is /oh so not happy./ Drinks will appear next to Th'ero and Kimmila, and any suggestion of payment waved off. On the house they are. Ha'ze leans against the fireplace, knife and piece of wood in his hands. He's carving, as if there wasn't a fight that just happened in front of him. The knife cuts deeply into the wood and he flicks the shavings into the fire. Neat. Clean. Weyrleader? Weyrmate? Are they still here?

Th'ero's eyes will follow the trio of travellers as they slink to their corner and only once they've settled does he snort and look down and back to Kimmila. His arm slips around her in return, "I'm fine." Just a few punches given and received! Nothing he hasn't weathered before and he's had MUCH worse. "Not hurt?" he asks and then frowns deeply. Ha'ze? "He's over there." Carving.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Nah." Nothing that she'll admit aloud, anyway. "I meant is Ha'ze hurt, but…clearly he's not." She looks around again, eyes lifting upwards. "I think we should just get a room, wingmate, before they're all taken."

Ha'ze isn't as completely out of it as he appears. Kimmila's gaze is raised upwards when he looks at the pair, face passive, but with that anger from before still broiling in his eyes. He'll leave the pair alone. But he's not leaving. (Chances are Abigail would just hunt him down again- and one of these days she'll get hurt doing that.)

"Could be hiding it, like he does everything else." Th'ero growls under his breath but Kimmila's next comment gains his attention. A brow quirks and there's a shadow of something there. A grin, maybe? "Suppose we should." And any activities that may happen in said room? He won't be quiet about it. Alas, the night is still young and the Weyrleader's hackles are still up. "Why don't you go speak to the bartender? I'll go talk to him." Meaning Ha'ze.

Kimmila nods, "Sure," she says, shooting Ha'ze another look and then turning to find the bartender and see if there's a room available.
Excuse Ha'ze as he doesn't think about what the Weyrleader and his mate need a room for. He straightens as Th'ero looks his way, his eyes tracing the man, but physically not moving from his lean against the fireplace. The knife continues to work, deliberately.

Ha'ze won't have to think about it, he may hear it and it sure won't be polite conversation going on up there. Th'ero strides towards the fireplace and stands across from Ha'ze. Not too close and yes, he is watching that knife from the corner of his eye. Forgive him his wariness… being stabbed repeatedly over the Turns sort of instills that habit. "You get caught in that?" he asks gruffly and jerks his head towards the corner where those travellers have hunkered down.

Kimmila is by the bar, doot doot doot. Man time is important.

"Not for lack of your trying." All those people getting flung at him? Ha'ze totally assumes it was on purpose. Some misguided notion on the Weyrleader's part that Ha'ze would put himself in the middle of something that wasn't his business. He's grown. A little, from the kid who pretended to be someone else for years to avoid confrontation. But not-his-battles? No, he's not going to dive into that. "You and she," a flick of his gaze over to were Kimmila stands (it's more a dark glower), "had it in hand."

Th'ero smirks and says nothing and so makes it obvious that he was intentionally throwing those men Ha'ze's way. He has his reasons! His eyes follow the flick of his gaze and the dark glower and the smirk fades to a grimmer line. "You're a rider too and should have helped us. We help each other but we also help hold the peace around here." They are the law… to a degree.

Kimmila orders another drink.

"I know you can hold your own. Her too." Ha'ze nods towards Kimmila and her new drink. The knife flicks once, twice, before Ha'ze stills it. One of the wood shavings was blown away by the heat of the fire and landed on the floor. He nudges into it into the flames and watches at it is eaten up. "They weren't serious fighters. Just ticked at being stuck. A punch or two and they would have backed off once their ire was shown." Ha'ze is… familiar? with the anatomy of bar disagreements?

Th'ero's smirk is back but this time it holds a slight fondness. "Kimmila can hold her own. That I've no doubt," he mutters low. Still, it didn't stop him from getting all bent out of shape when the men went after her. He'll follow the fate of that wood shaving too as it's consumed by the fire. "And you're certain of that…?" Maybe Ha'ze is familiar with the anatomy of bar disagreements, but Th'ero wants more reassurance then that. Plus, he's still making (some sort) of point. "Could have gone in a different direction."

Kimmila takes her new drink and walks back towards the boys. "It can always go in a different direction. They might've had a friend with a crossbow up on the landing." Right.

Ha'ze snorts as Kimmila walks up. "How many bar fights have you been in?" Ha'ze still holds that knife, but he's given up the pretense of whittling what is slowly becoming a tiny wooden dragon. (Kainaesyth, of course). "I spend a lot of time in bars." When it's not winter. Then it's mostly just this one, or ones he can reach by walking. They're doubting him, and he sighs. Some anger gone. "No weapons. The bartender probably has a way to stop things if they get to weapons point."

Th'ero has to bite his tongue not to answer the question Ha'ze directs to Kimmila though as he ducks his head he seems… amused. Of all the silly questions to ask! He does, however, give his weyrmate a strange look for bringing up crossbows. "But would the bartender have time? What if they all turned on him or the odds were against the innocent patrons here? Too many what ifs. May as well stop it before it has a chance to become something worse…" he murmurs while stepping closer to Kimmila's side.

Kimmila counts on her fingers, thinking for a moment. "More than ten," she finally answers, tightening her arm around Th'ero's waist. "You?" she asks Ha'ze. "And you never know. Things can get ugly."

"I don't bother to count." Nor does he usually stick around to watch. He must have missed the 'we enforce the law' day during weyrlinghood. "If you are both just going to doubt I know what the s*it I'm talking to, then just get out of my face."

Th'ero's brows furrow into a deep scowl when Ha'ze gives them attitude again and with one arm wrapped around Kimmila, he'll glower down at the bronzerider. "You should learn to grow a thicker hide and realize not all will agree with you, Ha'ze. Yes, I doubt you but that's because of how you act, not necessarily your experience."

Kimmila huffs. "It's called having a /conversation/," she argues, "where you share things you've seen and done in your life?" Ever hear of it?
In Ha'ze's mind, his point earlier about them looking for conformity was just made in Th'ero's words. "Agree or disagree, I don't give a crap. If you don't believe me, you don't believe me. It's nothing new." Ha'ze is just emoting now. His eyes swing to Kimmila. "I didn't ask for a conversation."

"And so you sulk and shut out everyone," Th'ero mutters with another one of his smirks and a shake of his head. "You don't always ask for conversation but that doesn't mean you treat others like they're nothing. Kimmila… did you reserve that room?" If so, which one? Please be the one above Ha'ze's head or within hearing distance? "I'm not done talking to you Ha'ze but I had hopes to keep it out of the office at least." Too bad.

Kimmila rolls her eyes at Ha'ze and slips her arm free of Th'ero's waist to take his hand instead. "Yup. Let's go shake the snow off the roof." Charming.

Welp. Ha'ze isn't getting a room tonight. He wasn't going to anyway. The gemstone people know the recalcitrant bronzerider and just leave him be when he passes out on their tables. Or send a message to Abigail to come collect him. "If you're going to pull rank because you have an issue with how I talk to people, do it."

"I'm not pulling rank and surely not because of that," Th'ero snorts and levels Ha'ze with a dark look. "There were things I needed to discuss with you but until you can act like a reasonable adult and not hide like a coward behind your tough act we're done talking here." And that is that, right? Kimmila's comment draws his attention away and he'll chuckle dryly. "Lead on." How charming, indeed.

Kimmila ignores Ha'ze. Ignore. Instead, she tugs Th'ero after her towards the stairs, and up them, and into a room. Close door. Lock.

Ha'ze is a coward. And he's well aware of that fact. Whatever trouble he's gotten into has only because he's felt there was no other way to keep himself safe and alive. When the Weyrleader walks away Ha'ze juggles knife and wood to flip him off from behind once they're gone. He eyes the doorway, pondering if he should brave the storm anyway, but… no. Instead he will eventually get another drink and end up passed out on the bar table. Hopefully someone has come to get him before Th'ero and Kimm come down in the morning?