Who Kassala, R'hra, Lu'ka, I'am and also taking part: J'en, Ila'den, Z'ki
What Xerosaeth finally shows that not only she's proddy, but she's ready to take to the skies.
When IC Date: Day 13 of Month 1 of Turn 2716 — Time of Day: Hour 11 - Late Morning — Season: Winter
Where Shenanigan's Lounge - Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Late morning finds Kassala here of all places in th weyr she could be. Seated at one of the out of the way tables, the red head is staring at a selection of drinks that has been placed on the table before her. First one is picked up, a sip taken, before her nose wrinkles and the glass is put back down again and another picked up. It's a whole mix of different things - some look alcoholic, others are steaming, still more are iced. There's even a few plates with food, as if someone's gone through the trouble to fix the Jr. Weyrwoman a selection of things to appease some sort of craving she might have had, but couldn't put into words.

R'hra steps in from the living cavern, has he been avoiding the gold rider? Not really, but to be fare helping out with the Assistant Weyrlingmasters has been more work than he probably thought. But today he, still sporting his new riding leathers, walks in and heads straight for the bar as it probably is nice to wind down with a nice stout. Once he gets his drink he will walk over and tentatively greet the Jr. weyrwoman, "Afternoon, Ma'am… that is quite a selection you have there.." ever the master of the obvious is he.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth sits near the feeding pens, her whirling eyes peering down at the herdbeasts that have moved to the other side, away from the brooding gold. As the sun rises higher in the sky, it's rays touch upon her hide, and today, there's no denying it, the gold is proddy. Unusual is the way she keeps herself distant from the males, even those she has grown close to here at Fort. Twitching, her tail tip shows her mood, the usual cheerful queen prickly and grumpy.

Lu'ka left Roth to his own slumbers, or maybe grabbing a little snatch as the bronze implied. Little snack here being a massive heardbeast most likely. The WeyrHarper steps intot he lounge, gaze flicking towards the quiet stage area right off before staring to scan the tables and bar. A frustrated little frown at not spotting his who he's looking for. But there, striding between some tables he sees R'hra and then the weyrwoman. Rather than head right over, he makes his way towards the bar and orders a tall mug of something. When the barkeeper returns, Lu'ka leans over and whispers to the man in a short conversation. Grabbing his mug, Lu'ka starts over towards his top drinking buddy. "Afternoon weyrwoman, R'hra. Oh excuse me, that's AWLM R'hra. Congrats on that by the way. Not sure if I menton that before."

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth is just Wiliyeth, he greets the golden queen before taking his usual spot high on the rock wall to choose his meal. He keeps to himself but as always has an ever present eye on those near the pens.

Xerosaeth> Roth arrives to the pens, his intention to grab a snack derailed as the sun bathes down on the herd glaring queen. Warbling a greeting, he takes up a post well away from the others, giving Xerosaeth and her prickly tail plenty f space to be all broddy and hissing.

Looking up from her stash of drinks and food, Kassala's gaze first turns upon R'hra as he joins her at the table, then to Lu'ka as he follows suit. "I swear.. nothing tastes.. right." One would wonder if the red head was pregnant with those words. But no, just proddy, thank goodness. Again, another drink is lifted to be sampled, savored with a bite of some roasted wherry, but the pairing just isn't what she's looking for either. Hearing Lu'ka congratulate R'hra on his promition, she toasts the bronzer, "And you upon yours, Weyrharper." See, she's heard things working up there in the admin complex! She begins to take a sip, only to relize it's what she just drank and didn't like, so the glass is set aside in an area that's obviously the 'nope' section for drinks and picks up a frothy cold concoction for a sip instead.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth glares at the nearby males, her body shifting where she sits perched near the pens. Rising then, she stretches, slinking off as best as she can for a dragon her size, her voice a wash of proddy reds and pinks, «None of you are worthy, none of you are strong.» The words whip out, far from her usual chipper voice that might greet them otherwise. Stewed this past week, she has, and this itchy need has left her… wanting… what, she does not yet know.

R'hra raises an eyebrow at the explaination but reaches for a snack anyway because well they always share. "Really? new chef?" but no the food tastes fine it seems as he chews. There is a small conversation with his own bronze before he comes back to the room at large. He nods and grins at Lu'ka "Thanks, just don't get busted back down ok? I would hate to have to make you go through the training all over again."

Xerosaeth> Toskavath had been circling over the pens before dropping down to strike a herdbeast, claws reaching out to break its neck neatly. Muscles ripple under the hide of the large bulky blue. He had not noticed the proddy gold until that challenge was issued. «We are strong! My brothers and I! We are the strongest in the weyr!» He declares in a booming sound.

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth glances at the gold, then up at the blue flying about. If a dragon could chuckle he would, but instead he rumbles his greeting to his clutch brother. He doesn't feel the need to pipe up as words aren't what the young Queen is probably wanting, if she even knows what she wants.

Lu'ka lifts his mugs to Kassala, with a nod "Thanks Kassala." He flashes a little grin to all the food and drinks cluttering a couple of tables. Tipping his own mug back, he takes a drink before smirking over to R'hra's 'hate.' with a headshake "Liar, you'd and Wiliyeth would find it amusing making me run laps with weighted packs again." His brow lifts in a way that dares R'hra to deny the WeyrHarper's prediction. Taking another sip, he glances around again "Hey, either of you seen Thautseruck?"

Xerosaeth> Roth eases back a pace when the queen rises up and challenges them all, but his tail is swishing methodically as his blue clutchsibling arrives to the coming melee ** I am Roth! ** His gnarled looking bulk crouches down, and wings stretch loosely at his side for the moment as he keeps his wings warm.

I'am walks into the pub with Kravitz at his side, the healer sporting a black eye. "And you call my job dangerous.." I'am says as he reaches up to touch the other's cheek. "It's nothing, he just woke up flailing and I was in the wrong place." I'am purses his lips and shakes his head before looking up to realize some familiar faces in here and he lifts a hand to wave dragging his bruised boyfriend with him. "How is everything going?"

Kassala sighs and finally puts down yet another glass, sitting back in the overstuffed chair she'd taken. "No. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted exactly. Still can't." It's been the norm for the past week, though becoming worse and worse as the days went by. She nor her lifemate, has been happy lately for some unknown reason. Yes, unknown! Ahem. As I'am joins them with his lover, she peers at the poor healer's bruised eye, "That.. looks like it hurts." Reaching out, she snags up some sort of pastry to nibble on, only to put it down, declaring beneath her breath it's just too sweet. One plate is then pushed over towards R'hra, as if to say silently - here, have something to eat.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth turns to glare at the blue, «No. You. Are. Not.» Even quietly, those words ring out to the group of males as her whirling eyes take in each one - shades of brown and bronze and the odd blue. Others have joined as well, seemingly pulled towards the feeding pens this morning by the sun's rays bouncing off the shimmer of golden hide. There's bronze Leketh and Teimyrth, two from Half Moon Bay, recently arriving to visit Fort. Poor riders, don't know what they're going to be hit with.

R'hra doesn't need telling twice, he starts to eat from the plate but will wave at I'am, and his beau in tow, saying "Doing well, seems like things are finally settling down." But there is still the odd look at Kassala, be for he goes back to quickly eating his food.

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth turns his attention to the Gold now. There is an instistic that is over riding the well thought out mind of the bronze dragon, as he watches her now in stead of the beasts in the pen. When the other dragons show up it is clear something else is at work but the young bronze seems to be struggling to figure out what..

Xerosaeth> Toskavath bugles in response to the queen and flares out his large wings. Nearly the size of a brown at least. There is no chance , but the gauntlet has been thrown down and he must defend the honour of the muskateers! As other dragons join in there are hisses and snarls from the dragon to the interlopers.

Lu'ka turns from the table when he spots I'am and KRavit come in. And he starts their way a couple of paces "I'am hav yo ooh, what happen to you?" This to Kravit before he hears the brief explantion. "Bet next time you'll be quicker ot duck out of th eway." He grins to the helaer before focusing on I'am "You seen Thautseruck anywhere? He wasn't in the practice or lessons rooms, his room or the cavern."

Xerosaeth> Roth seems to lean foward, in the direction of the sunwielding queen. Toskavath's enthusiasm does seem to be infectious, no matter how ther hissy queen reacts. He hunkers down for now, gnarly hide looking like it' mossy biulder with branches for the moment.

Kravitz waves off the concerns, "Not as bad as it looks, just hit a bad spot." He says as he moves with I'am to the table, though the bluerider pauses at the blast he gets from his blue. "You alright I'am.." The bluerider's eyes unfocus, then focus again and he nods to him. "Yeah…I think so. Toska is just riled up.." The question from Lu'ka gets met with a shake of his head, "Checked at the hall? Maybe he went a roving?"

Kassala takes a breath, suddenly a little unfocused herself. The rise of a blush comes to stain her cheeks as she shakes her head, "Oh shards.. it's warm." Fanning herself, she looks over the drinks before her, taking up the coldest one she can to down half quickly. As she places it on the table, she rises to her feet, glancing at the guys, "I think I need to go.." She's a little confused, getting such visuals and mental grumblings from her lifemate that she doesn't even take a single step away from the table just yet.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth stares right back at the males for a moment. It's the blue's enthusiasm that has the gold finally snapping, a quick downbeat of flared wings taking her to the air enough to sail right over the fence. Landing then, her head whips back towards the herdbeasts that are now bleating and pressing against the far fence in an attempt to get away from the gold who studies them all so she might pick the best, the biggest.

R'hra is half here half somewhere else, he still eats though but now it is with a sense of urgency. He nod to the others half commenting "He could be just down at the tavern making his rounds. you know he likes that kind of attention." He nods over at Kassala when she talks about it being warm, but will finish his food and drink.

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth lets the Queen have her pick, but he does eye the others about. He isn't the largest bronze being more stream line than bulky, he maybe sizing up the others or maybe he is just taking stock of who all has joined his brothers and he.

Xerosaeth> Toskavath flares his wings before tucking them back to his side and turns his attention back to the dead beast at his feet. If you are preparing for a fight or flight, one must always have a protein shake beforehand. When he looks up it is to the interlopers, not the queen. It is the challenge that draws him, not the lure of the shiny hide.

Lu'ka doesn't frown, but he doesn't seem pleased that he can't pinpoint his fellow Harper's location right a the moment. Tavern's gets a plausible nod, but I'am's mention of the Hall does get a mutter "Wouldn't surprise me, since that's where I was gonna head to." An annoyed headshake and he tips his mug back again, "I think I may need another." Seeming unfocused for a bit he wanders towards the bar, "Round for everyone please." I looks to I'am, then head tips to R'hra, and more pointedly Kassala. "Drink you two?" including Kravtiz inthe coming drinkfest.

Xerosaeth> Roth rears up suddenly when Xerosaeth nearly pounces a beast, but only sends to herd into a panic. The great stumpy bronze works his legs in a forward feline stretch, finishing with his back legs as he bugles to the gathered males. ** I am ROTH! **

I'am drops down into the seat and looks around at the table blinking for a moment. "He hasn't been this riled up since he heard about renegade attacks at Rubicon. I still can't go south without doing a forest sweep." He comments and grips Kravitz's hand with one and waves over a waiter, "Steak, rare please…" Kravitz arches a brow at the rider's order but just orders his own medium-well. "And some wine for the table." The healer continues, giving a look at I'am and then the others.

The tavern shrinks, leaving Kassala wrapped up in the emotions of her lifemate, emotions that are getting stronger with each passing moment. When the gold makes her leap into the pen, only then does the redhead begin to get an inkling of what is coming, "Oh Faranth.. shards and shells.." Such language for the Jr. Weyrwoman to use! Blinking, she pulls herself away, shaking her head, one hand lifted to push the red locks back from her face, "She's not a dud!" The words hold a hint of a growl, those rumors having gotten back to her, it would seem. Before she might say more, she is fanning herself, turning to run off as she yells, "… gotta keep her from feeding.. only blood… only.." Forgetting food, drinks, and even her thick coat, she's running for the bowl.

Dud? What is this about a… "Oh Sh…" is R'hra's elgant response as he downs his beer and chases after the red head. They had a plan but it seems well life is about to toss that out the window. There isn't much of a lead but he moves a little slower like he is swimming in mud. But he too follows the Jr. Weyrwoman out into the bowl.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth growls now, that tail of hers whipping from side to side, used to keep the beasts from trying to skirt around her now. Oh, yes, that big one looks mighty fine, holding her attention. Ignoring the males, the young queen rises, stalking the poor beast into the corner as it's companions bawlk and run, bleating and yelling as they make for the other side behind the queen. With graceful movements, she moves to pounce, sharp teeth clamping down on the beast's neck, tearing the head off, and only barely kept from gorging herself with a yell from her lifemate. And so the head is dropped, the gold's muzzle coming to suck upon the spouting stump, taking her fill of the first before it's knocked aside and another is quickly caught.

The mention of duds, blooding, the language from both Kass and R'hra really do give illumination to what might be happening to any who had doubts. I'am leans back in his seat with a long drawn out sigh as the bronze and gold riders run out. "My fool of a blue has decided it is upon his honour to take up this flight and the honour of his wing brothers." Kravitz nods to the man and lifts the hand to his lips "I am here.." I'am smiles and curls the fingers with the darker man's, "You sure? He ain't gonna win…but…I don't know what it will be like for us.."

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth rumbles now as the gold takes her first kill, he drops in seemingly almost as reckless as his rider he starts to feed on alarge wherry drinking it dry before he moves on to another. He is still watching the gold but like his blue clutch mate the challenge seems to give him an extra edge of excitement.

Lu'ka mutters. "I should have buggered off to the Hall when I had the chance." He orders a bottle and tucks it under his arm as Kassala and R'hra run out of the lounge. To I'am and Kravitz He pauses at their table longer enough to leans to his fellow Harper "Don't think there's time or steak just now." then he's out of the lounge too. Destination, who knows.

Xerosaeth> Roth begins to rumble in his chest as the blodding begins, he doesn't move in for a kill, choosing instead to hold himself away from the others, preparing to leap skywards soon.

Xerosaeth> Toskavath finishes his first kill and looks with swirling eyes for his next target. A visiting brown gets bumped on the way to pouncing his next beast, little regard for those not of his 'gang' just now. He gets the beast in his maw and throws it in the air and catches it with a snap of its neck.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth reaches out, swiping a front leg across the path of another wherry, downing it, ripping it open. It's nothing pretty, nothing dainty about this feeding of the gold's. Distracted by glistening entrails, her head bows to gobble them up, and yet at the last moment, she but drains the blood, soon to discard this one as well to bring down another beast that tries to run past her. One beast, three, half a dozen. How many will she down before finally, with a roar of challenge, those wings of hers are arched upwards, and with a powerful spring, takes to the air. «Only the best will catch me… if there is any such worthy of you.»

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth finishes his meal, if you call it that, but as his is the smallest bronze he will take to the air first. Not a direct line does he chase her, no he is angling for the thermals to take him higher. Home feild advantage and all that is what the sleak bronze is looking for now.

Xerosaeth> Toskavath looks up from his recent kill as the queen calls out the challenge, whirling eyes scan the crowd before he launches himself into the air. He may not be in it for the long haul with this beasts around him, but he plans to make a good showing while he is in it. The blue growls and the interlops in the air around him, cutting them off while he still has the speed and energy of his smaller size. The dragon reaching out for Roth's tail gets a nasty surprise as his own tail is nipped by the passing blue.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth will seek to leave them all behind with each powerful beat of her wings, that long tail of hers to be seen swaying from side to side in open tease of the males. Others may tease them with going high, then low, darting about the spires, or swooping low. Not this gold. She goes high and straight, angled just enough to keep her close to the weyr. Splashes of colors only touch their minds, and yet the splash of shades but offer continued challenge.

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth isn't the most agile flier, instead he is smooth and sleek for a dragon his size. He will pass the more heavier bronzes rather early in this chase, and as the colors of the golds mind reach out he will answer her. But his response is more urging her on, prodding her to fly higher, and farther, it is the chase he is happy about.

Running out of the caverns, Kassala heads straight towards the feeding pens, across the bowl. Sliding to a stop, she almost ends up on her ass in the snowy slush. Her gaze goes towards her lifemate, the gold challenging the males as she stares at that first large herdbeast. "Blood… just blood.." The red head is muttering, almost shouting it from the sidelines as the gold rips the head off, soon to drop it and drink deeply of the heated blood. Trembling where she stands, her body both overly warm and chilled from the snow, Kass watches as Xero catches her second. "Blood… blood…" She wars with the queen's distraction, turning her away from eating, urging her to blood only.

Xerosaeth> Toskavath does his best show early on in this flight. It is agility that has him flying around the browns and bronzes, and the broad strength of the large blue that help him keep up. His actions seem to be to ensure his muskateers make it to the head of the pack. Tormenting and teasing browns and bronzes as he flies past in aeriel acrobatics they just won't be capable off but slowly the stamina is starting to wear off but he continues to push himself.

R'hra is not that far behind her, though his mental leash on his dragon is more about keeping him on task "Come on…. don't focus on the others." Seems the bronze was more willing to start a fight than just let the others fly. Rio keeps a few arms lengths from the red headed woman, never out of her peripheral but also not right on top of her either.. The young mans face is flush with emotion and probably running after downing that food.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth has left a slaughter behind at the feeding pens before finally, FINALLY, taking to the skies above the weyr. No fancy moves for this sunset queen. Bronzes from Half Moon Bay Weyr, even her clutchsib from Igen is there with Fort's own crowd of males trailing behind her. Faster, further, she pushes herself and those that believe they might stake a claim on her. One by one, they begin to drop behind, their energy flagging or attempts to get ahead leaving males to tumble, injured. While Tosk does his best to help out his clutchbrothers, there's another bronze, Teimyrth, that hovered, bad tempered, doing his worse, or best, to weed the numbers down as well. Too soon, there aren't but a few hanging on - Roth, Wiliyeth, Teimyrth, and Jizunoth all pulling ahead away from the others.

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth climbs and pushes past the others. Now he is in target, the bronze from half moon with the foul temper doesn't even phase him as he moves to stream line behind the bulk that is Roth. Using his clutch sib like a wind breaker he is able to sling shot under and past him trying to move closer to that long tail that is Xerosaeth.

Kassala growls beneath her breath, her own movements to almost mirror those of her lifemate as she takes down yet another beast to blood. Warm, hot, she is flushed with the heat of the blooding, almost wanting to strip, but keeping her clothes on. Once the gold takes to the skies, she breathes a little easier, but now.. now in some part of her mind, she knows she needs to get back to her weyr. Now is the time to escape, to hide, her gaze falling upon Rio before she takes off running once again. Those stairs to her weyr are never taken so fast as they are today.

R'hra doesn't know what to do until Wiliyeth is in the air.. The PLAN!! of course the plan, Rio takes off towards the young womans weyr as well. Stairs? what are those? He clears it but waits at the threshold. HE knows the plan but, he seems more nervous than affraid. he will wait a little longer before he enters.

Xerosaeth> Toskavath bugles his defiance at his body, wishing it beyond its limits. He will not catch this day that is clear but there is one within reach he can insure will also not catch. The blue extends his head towards the trailing tail of the Half moon bronze ahead of him and bites down hair before his strength fails him and he lets gravity take him back to earth. Bronze tail still in his maw for a few metres before he releases the beast to drift down to the upper plateau to nurse his own injuries.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth has not paid attention to the males, never looking back to see who closes in or lags behind. As one bronze gets close, there's a growl that is ripped from her throat, an extra burst of speed put on to leave him behind to be picked off by the blue. Browns drop out of the chase, leaving only a couple of bronzes, and even their strength is starting to give out. «Who… who … is… strongest?!» One last call out for those remaining to put forth their best attempts as her path takes her higher now, altitude gained that will be needed when she and her mate will plunge towards the ground. One beat, two, now even her strength begins to flag.

Xerosaeth> Wiliyeth is starting to fade but not by much, no he has the endurance for this if only because it seems he has been training for it. He moves through the air like a cutter on the water now, more height, he needs more altitude to catch this golden beauty. At her call of strongest, he seems to veer off but only to catch a better thermal to pull him to the high he will need if he is to catch her.

Xerosaeth> Xerosaeth makes the climb, and just as she reaches that perfect altitude, her strength gives out, leaving her falling. And yet she does not fall alone for long, for bronzen claws reach out, managing to snag her, to bring her in close. It is Wilyeth's sleek form that curls about her own, the two dragons clutched together as they give in to what only comes naturally to them both. As the ground rushes up to meet the pair, at the last moment, they break apart to swoop upwards again, the gold to circle the weyr before heading towards her ledge, a crooning call given to the bronze.-

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