Who Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany
What The trio enjoy the ice.
When Winter - Month 1 of Turn 2716
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

It's the middle of the Winter season hee at Fort. The sun peeks out shyly between clouds today, but seems hesitant to actually show it's face too boldly. Lu'ka was here earlier in the morning, prepping for a day of fun by the icey lake. He's made quite a few piles of snowballs and tucked them in out of the way and less likely to be noticed right off spots. Several people, mostly brats, are already running about, or flounder on the ice as they enjoy the Winter Wonderland Fort has turned into. Lu'ka, who is dressed in his typical bundled up cold gear, walks along with Sephany towards the frozen surface. A few small brats spot the weaver and run up to welcome her back home, even if it is just for the day. Some scrambling for news of what's she's been doing so far away. Lu'ka just grins and reaches into his pocket, plucking out a small thermos full of cocoa. He takes a sip while the Weaver is swarmed by her adoring fans. Grinning as he watches and sips, he comes his his senses a moment later and plucks another thermos from the other pocket, offering it to Seph. "In case you want a little sip before we head inside to the hearths."

Sephany came prepared; dressed in her warmest weather-wear and likely looking thoroughly ridiculous walking out of her room and into the meadow of Xanadu Weyr, sweating her little behind off until Lu'ka and Roth came to whisk her away to a land of ice and snow. At least she had the good sense not to put on jacket, gloves or scarf until the young bronze had shown himself and she was minutes away from Between. Sweat, plus cold, does not equal a good time. But here she is, bundled up and looking toasty warm and thoroughly delighted, scarf wound up around her face and hat yanked down over her head so that only her grey eyes peek out to observe the world. Boots crunching through the snow, skates over her shoulder, she is spies those weyrbrat before they spot her. But when they come running over, there's a hesitation in her step and a brief, wide-eyed look of surprise. One mitten-covered hand reaches up and yanks the scarf away from her mouth, allowing her freedom to speak as small white puffs of mist appear on each exhale. "I… oh…" children. Erm. "Do I know you?" followed by squinty-eyed looks at faces she MIGHT NOT recognize but seem to know her well enough. A shake of her head for the offer of cocoa, with a "Save it for later. I'm warm enough right now." But once they've been on the ice a bit? Then she'll need it.

Lu'ka nods to Sephany's request of keeping it til later and stuffs it back into the large outer pocket. "On the left." he murmurs to the Weaver and taps the pocket over the little thermos so she'll know where it is when she wants it. He'll back away from the little group and step over to one of the benches, swiping snow from it before dropping onto it. He watches a moment more before chuckling and calling over to the Weaver in amusement "I didn't realize you had so many fans Seph." Pleased that she seems happy and in her artic element, Lu'ka cast curious glances to either side of the lake shore, peering for something he's not seeing.

"Alright," answered for the location of the thermos. A timid smile and a quick shoo-ing motion, she's extracting herself from her, apparently, adoring fans and moving to claim a seat on the bench herself. "I did not realize I had such fans, either," remarked somewhat dryly, glancing up to watch the children scatter back to their games. "I couldn't tell you any of their names," she remarks, frowning. "Or how they know me at all." But it is not something she is going to linger on; head bowed as she gets to the task of strapping skates to boots. A few careful pulls and two knots later, she's standing from the bench and hobbling carefully toward the ice.

Lu'ka laughs and shrugs as he starts working on his boots, his manner could be a bit too innocent as to how the weyrbrats might know her or even knew that she had been away. "It's a mystery." Finishing with his blade bootstrapping, he eyes them briefly before standing a bit wobbley. Unlike the Weaver, he's still learning. Stepping carefully the few steps to the edge of the ice, he's not as shakey on his feet as Sephany might recall him being when he glides a few feet then pushes off again back and forth. "So, what poor victim did you use all the snowballs on?"

Sephany is not oblivious to that too-innocent look there. She knows the Journeyman Harper turned Bronzerider well enough to be suspicious; and it shows in the narrowing of grey eyes and the press of thin lips. A look directed his way before she sighs in resignation and asks, "What did you do?" which is instantly converted to wariness and side-eyes for where those brats may have gone when he asks about snowballs. "Just you," she tells him honestly, though her attention is on the side-lines even as she reaches the ice and pushes off, skating with confidence. "Are you going to ambush me?" asked in a rush even before she's had chance to turn and observe that someone seems to have been practicing in her absence. "Hey… you're doing better," she compliments with some amount of surprise.

Lu'ka looks up from the ice, convinced he's about to bust his backside even if he has been praciticng the past couple of turns while Sephany was away. He flashes a little grin "I was working on something a bit earlier and they thought is was great fun helping me." He doesn't way just what it was though. "I may have been a little chatty when I was telling them why they were helping." He gives an unrepentant shrug, but his cherry mood does dwindle a bit at Sephany's always present suspicious nature. At least when he's around. Looking around the outer sections of the Lake, he frowns when he's not spotting whatever he's looking for but shrugs it off as he looks back to Sephany "I've always been rather upfront and straight forward with you Seph? Why do you always want to assume the worst of everything I do?" He wobbles a little when a blade catches a bump on the surface. "Thanks." to him skating better. "I've been trying to get in practice the last couple of turns."

"It's not assuming the worst…" argues the weaver, slowing her own pace a little to allow Lu'ka to catch up. "But by your own admission, you are a rule-breaker. And you are a mischief maker, and pelting me with snowballs seems like a thing you might do… or getting the weyrbrats to pelt me with snowballs," she clarifies, grinning a little when she adds, "Afterall, I did pop you in the chest with one of your gifts to me. It only seems fair that retribution may be coming." But she gives up looking for trouble, and instead takes to just enjoying the opportunity to skate. Another glance and a grin, and with a quick twist she turns to skate backwards. It's a little wobbly, a little out of practice, but she makes it work and owns it with enough confidence to not smack face-to-ice. "You? Voluntarily out in the snow, and ice? I'm shocked!" She's teasing, clearly. "Have you finally acclimated?"

Lu'ka laughs at the reminder of her pelting him with his own gift. "Well, to be honest, I had expected you to do it sooner than you did." Pushing off and gliding forward some more, he is managing to keep up with Sephany and seems quite pleased with his own efforts. Thankfully, he doesn't realize Seph slowed down to keep pace with him. "Whoa, nice footwork." He grins for her flipping around to skate backwards "Showoff." Enjoying the moment, He finally does relent on what he was working with the brats with earlier. "Since you seemed to enjoy the snowballs, we made a bunch more for you to play with. We stashed piles all around, you just have to find them and start flinging. Later." Yea, Later, after skating and before cocoa probably. Then again, he does still have a little cannister in his pocket for the woman.

"It wasn't the snow balls that I enjoyed. It was the snow itself. It was amusing," explains Sephany. "Considering it is summer in Xanadu, being able to pelt someone with a snowball was funny." But right now, engaging in an all-out snowball war is taking a back-seat to ice skating. Backwards, for the purpose of maintaining conversation, comes easily now as Sephany falls into the rhythm that her body remembers even if her brain does not. Muscle memory at its best. "It's not that difficult," she notes. "Just like walking backwards, only you don't take your feet off the ground…"

Lu'ka nods at the clarification of what amused Sephany before. "Either way, glad you enjoyed it." Just shaking his head as he watches her skate in reverse and how she makes it look so easy. "Not that difficult huh? Care to test that theory with me trying?" He snorts good naturedly, figuring she'd probably be amused if he skidded across the ice on his backside. "You should see I'am, he got really good while you were gone. Not that he wasn't a decent skater, but he's been doing that sortta thing." he gestures to how she flipped to glide backwards. "He should be around here soon, supposed to bring Fizgig."

Sephany , skating backwards on the ice, with enough layers to cushion any sort of fall that might be taken. Lu'ka, skating forward and threatening to test her theory on how easily 'backwards' can be achieved. "Do it," she encourages, only a little mischievous in the gleam of eye and curl of lip. "And you don't have to spin while moving. You can just… slow down to a stop and then turn around." So he doesn't go flying into a snowbank, maybe. "Aww, Fizgig! I haven't seen him in so long…" and now she's peeking around as well, as if the canine will make an appearance simply because they spoke his name and she wishes it.

Lu'ka snorts at the challenge, not missing the not quite wicked glint in her eyes. Taking her advice he does slow, and nearly stops before turning, he teeters a bit but manages to get moving, in the wrong direction. Which in this case, is the right way to go. He does this as she's peering around for the bluerider and massive furball known as I'am and Fizgig. His own mischiviousness shines through now "They'll be here. It's gonna be kinda hard to chat this way though. Your sneaky plot to check me out is gonna make carrying on with the conversation tough won't it?" Lu'ka laughs then as she is gradually picking up speed to catch up, chancing glances over his shoulder.

Is Sephany disappointed that Lu'ka doesn't crash to the ice in a fantastic display of flailing limbs and snow flurries? Maybe. Maybe not, though. She'd distracted looking for promised puppies and blueriders, though her gaze sharpens back on that backwards skating form when movement happens. "Good job-" which abruptly stops when he's tossing out remarks about checking him out. THAT is not remarked upon, and by the expression that crosses her face… probably a good thing or it might have meant a brawl. A verbal brawl, at least. Instead, there is another flourish of legs and arms and twisting torso as Sephany turns back to face the direction she's going and increases her speed. It's for the joy of feeling the wind in her face, and the momentum built up as slick-ice and metal-skates meet; a freedom found that is as close to flying as she's likely to get.

Lu'ka still chuckles a little as he lifts a hand "OH no take backs. I heard it. You said 'good job'." Which /could/ be taken as a compliment. Slowing again, he turns back around before picking his speed back up. He doesn't attempt to keep up with the Weaver iceflitter. Content to skim along the outer edge of ice and keep an eyeout for the bluerider and Fizgig, and anything that could cause him ice crashing injury.
Eventually I'am does come out to the lake, iceskates slung over a shoulder and Lord Fizgig trotting along beside like the part horse he is. He makes it to the edge of the lake when he sees the pair skating on the ice and starts to clap. "YES! You got him out there!" He pumps the air before sitting on a bench to put his own skates on. The boy well dressed for the winter activity in a heavy coat and thick pants, making him look bulkier than he is.

It is not difficult to spot Fizgig; size and coat-color doing well to distinguish him from the field of snow. And I'am, too, not so difficult to recognize now that he's got a bit of bulk to him. And Sephany is looking for them, grey eyes peeking around in anticipation so that, when they cross her field of vision, there is a wide grin and an enthusiastic wave. And then purposeful movements in a straight path, right to where they will meet the ice. "Hello I'am," and then a glance for Lu'ka, expecting him to be con his way over if he's not there already. "What do you mean, 'get him' on the ice? Looks to me he's been practicing. Intentionally out in the cold and wet!" Of course, by now her knees are in the snow and she's reaching for Fizgig with open arms, accepting whatever sloppily delivered kisses might come her way and returning it all with fur-ruffles and murmurs of affection.

Lu'ka flashes a grin when he spots his canine bounding in the snow at I'am's side. Lifting a gloved hand to wave, he continues along towards the bench, at a much slower pace than the woman darting straight across to the bluerider and furry beasty. He finally does make it across to the bench and flops onto it. Almost grateful that he didn't embarrass himself this time. Fizgig barely gave Sephany time to crouch before launching himself at her muzzle first. And yea, slobbery dog kisses are this guys specialty. Due to his mass though, he pushes Sephany off balance and onto her backside on the snow. Fizgig gives a few whiny yelps at seeing his old friend, and tongue is lolling happily from the side of his mouth as he bats a snowcrusted paw playfully at the Weaver, head and ears canting in that way that screams 'LET'S PLAY' in puptalk. Lu'ka smirks at Sephany and I'am both and shrugs "What? Sometimes I just HAD to get out of the barracks. It was very fragrant for a while." As to when he was practicing on the ice.

I'am cants his head at Sephany's response and looks up to the ice as Lu'ka skates over. He may not be a contender for the Olympics but much better than before. "Well well…is that what you were doing while Toska had me running laps in the snow?" He lowers again the tie off the laces of his skates, newer ones still as he had already outgrown the gift pair. He rises steadily on his feet and cuts through the snow to the ice as Fizgig 'attacks' Sephany. "Come on boy, let her get up!" He says with a laugh and extends a hand to help Sephany.

It's a squeal of half surprise, half delight, for getting bowled over by Fizgig, followed my copious amounts of laughter and a healthy does of, "Okay, okay, that's enough!" because slobbery face is not a good look. Sephany grins wide as Fizgig backs off and gives her all the doggy-signals that say he missed her. "You too," offered with a head-ruffle as she reaches for I'am's and hand lets her assist with the standing process. "Mmhmm," for the barracks being fragrant, a knowing look for the bronzerider. "At least you put that time to good use," practicing ice skating. Instead of, you know, studying for weyrlinghood stuff. Alas, graduated and free of that now. "All of those laps look good on you," decides the weaver, who is moving in for a hug even if I'am is moving towards the ice. But she'll come along, because skates and snow are not as nice a combo as skates and ice. "Lu'ka said you've been doing well on the ice, too."

Lu'ka manages to stop snickering at Fizgig's enthusiasm long enough to call him off "Fizzy! That's enough. Back up." The massive canine does indeed back up, after giving a few more puppy smooches then bounding all around the the small group. Lu'ka laughs to I'am and shrugs. "Well? I was doing laps too. Did Toskavath ever say your laps /couldn't/ be around the ice?" Lu'ka holds up a thoughtful finger there. As if I'am should start considering loopholes when it comes to his drillmaster of a dragonmate. Fizgig chases his tail a few times when he spots it trying to sneak up on him unawares. A grin to Sephany and he gives a semi-gracious, semi-arrogant bow for putting his time to good use. "Why thank you!" He replies with a cheeky grin and heads back onto the ice, though still slower than the other two. He does still seem to be peeking around the lake a moment before turning his attention to I'am. "Is Kravit gonna be able to make it?"

I'am half grins at the compliment, "Thanks and you are looking good too. The Southern air has been agreeable for you though we miss ya up here." I'am shakes the snow off his skates and steps out on the ice though stays nearby for now. "Well I did get some skating in as well, but clearly not as the same time as you and as for Laps…no they could not be on the ice, because Toskavath would not have been able to do the laps with me without busting through." The blue didn't just drive the boy hard but himself as well. The mention of Kravitz is met with a laugh, "His response is 'I will see you in the infirmary later'. Alas my skating parter will remain as Sephany for now. Maybe I will drag him out next winter."

"Honestly, I am just surprised you voluntarily came out into the cold snow," says Sephany truthfully. "And onto the ice, to boot." A grin to I'am, and a roll of her eyes. "I don't know about that… I just burn like a strip of bacon in the sun, and then it peels off or creates freckles." Sigh. No tan for Sephany. "But thank you." Back to the ice, and easy glides that maintain conversation distance while still getting in some valuable exercise. "Oh?" for Kravitz, glancing between Lu'ka to I'am. "Does he not skate? Aww… well. At least he'll patch you up if you really take a fall."
Lu'ka laughs as the three of them skate around the lake, somestimes loosely grouped togther, other times one of them kicking up a skate and dashing off with a bit of speed before circling back to the others. Probably not Lu'ka though. He's making well enough showing managing to keep up and not be too wobbly. Why try his luck. Smiling to Sephany's continual surprise at things he does he nods. "Well, that sorta goes back to what I mentioned earlier." The WeyrHarper shakes his head to I'am. Toskavath could have done laps along around the shore." He gestures to where Fizgig is trotting along the shoreline, staying in the showy section as he keeps pace with Lu'ka. "I wonder, if I could get or make him some booties so he could come on the ice too." He mentions mostly to himself as the idea stats to take hold. But I'am snaps him out of his mental walk mentioning Kravit's smartass remark. He nods approvingly "Good to see he's keeping you on your toes……just don't go and break any on purpose like the 'good ole' days aye?"

"He's a good dancer, so he makes up for it that way." I'am responds about his boyfriend and does a graceful turn around them. "Fall? Who me?" Then he does an intential flailing of arms to fall down on his backside with a wink at Sephany and Lu'ka, "Oh my arm…I must get the healing touch from my man.." He says cradling his arm before pushing himself to standing again. "Maybe later." He says with a cheeky grin and skates back over to them, circling around Lu'ka this time. "So how are you doing old man?"

And not Sephany either, who is taking a sedate pace to remain in conversational distance. She got her need for speed out of the way with that dash earlier. And now, there's a rosy tint to nose and cheeks that is less sunburn and way more wind-and-cold burn. "He'd run into the wall eventually," she points out, motioning to the rock-slide that cascades into the lake on the far side. "So he wouldn't be able to lap the whole lake." And neither will Fizgig, unless he wants to navigate the rocks. Speaking of the pup… "He can come out here. He might slip a little, but it's no colder than the snow. He might light it. I know some of the dragons do." Skate-skate, and then an eyeroll for I'am's 'making up for it'. "Oh, I'm sure he does…" and yes, she is implying things of a lascivious nature, complete with flashing grey eyes and eyebrow waggling. And then copious giggles because she just cannot-even with herself sometimes. "Even I take a spill now and then. And don't do that," she teases, swinging closer to loop an arm through I'am's if he is so obliging. Once he's done lapping Lu'ka that is. "You're not getting out of skating with me while I'm here." A flash of eyes and teeth to Lu'ka, a cheeky grin that follows on the heels of the bluerider's 'old man' comment.

Lu'ka peer further around the lake to where the boulder blockade is hidden under layers of ice and snow ahead. Waving off I'am thought of it hindering Toskavath "He's got wings, he can sorta bound and hop up over it. Like his take off and touchdown drills." His reasoning putters to a halt though and glances over to Fizgig "Hmm, don't like the idea of him trying. I don't doubt that he could do it if he took it in his head to though." But, better not chance it. Veering slightly towards the shore, then back towards Sephany when she lassos I'am's arm, the bronzeHarper seems to be making a serpentine pattern in his wake. Head cants to the blonde "You don't think he'll hurt his legs or paws if he slips around too much?" I'am's old man comments gets a roll of his eyes. "This 'old man' can play circles around you in the practice room any day young Grasshopper."

I'am rolls his eyes at Sephany's implications of how they dance, "I really meant upright dancing…" He says as he lets his arm be looped by the weaver so they can do a round on the ice. He looks comfortable enough if a tiny bit out of practice. "I wouldn't dream of getting hurt until I had a chance to have a couple laps with you my dear." He says and brings a hand to his lips in a gentlemen's kiss if allowed. He glances over to Lu'ka and his patterns on the ice, "I reckon as long as he isn't too boisterous. Big shaggy dog like him I reckon he was made for the snow!"

"No more than he would when snow compacts beneath his paws and he skids… it's not that slick, really. It's the blade that makes us glide so smooth," notes Sephany. "Once he gets a hang of it, he'll be fine." She's pretty confident of that. A wrinkle of her nose, and she asks, "Grasshopper? I don't get it…" and a glance to I'am. "He's not even wearing that much green." Do they even have grasshoppers on Pern? Guess they do now! A laugh for the kiss to hand, and a roll of her eyes. "Charmer," with an affectionate shoulder-bump to go with it. "Well. I'm sure Kravitz is perfectly suited to all kinds of dancing. Rhythm is rhythm, after all." Wide grins and flashing eyes; thoroughly amused. A twist of her head to spot Lu'ka in his serpentines. "Show off," she teases."

Lu'ka snorts at I'am's self imposed loophole as the bluerider claims time with Sephany. He doesn't even attempt to stifle the snicker that slips out when I'am starts practicing his charm skills. "You notice? He's adapted past working the big huge eye thing to get his way." A teasing grin over to I'am and Sephany "He's had to up his game with Kravitz." Listening to what they both say about Fizgig, and slows, his Serpentine gliding to a slow halt. He does grin over to Sephany teasing though "Maybe later." He turns to the shore then, whislting shrilly to get the shaggy dog's attention "Fizzy! Come here Fizzy!" he calls out excitedly and pats his legs as a visiual signal to the canine. The fizzy dog bounding back and forth a few paces before taking that leap onto the ice. He scrambles a bit, flopping onto his belly and spinning in a slow circle til he scratches all about and gets back up.

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