Telgar Weyr - Center Bowl
A nearly circular bowl, surrounded on all sides with the sheer soaring cliff walls of the now dormant volcano that once formed Telgar. Hard packed earth, leveled to nearly flat by the passage of feet, both human and dragon with the odd intrusion of rock that is sheared off to keep the area safe to traverse. Two openings can be seen from this area, one the gigantic oval teardrop shape that leads on into the hatching grounds and nearly opposite the much smaller doorway that leads into the communal living areas for the weyr.

A pleasant enough breeze blows down off the mountains and into Telgar Weyr, making the banner flags in each Weyr's color to flap in the winds from the banner line they hang from. Today is, primarily, a party; food and drink, both alcoholic and non, of all sorts are set out on tables and Eastern's newest gaggle of senior weyrlings is combining forces with the local weyrlings and weyrfolk to help server and wrangle plates and cups and will throughout the evening.

Tzavayth is gleaming with fresh oil where she's curled up on the heights and amidst the slowly growing crowd, Fi is looking decidedly uncomfortable. She hates crowds. A lot. But she's trying, for Weyr, Queen, and… well, Weyr? She snags a glass of fruit juice from a passing tray and takes a sip, trying to find her way to a quiet spot to hide.

Among the Monaco crowd is the Weyr's youngest Junior, and she's quite nearly as put together as Fi. In fact, Reya is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Fuerioth has made herself at home, resting in the general area that Tzavayth has claimed while her lifemate goes around with drink in hand and generally being nosy. "Fi! Fi, do you know that person? Over there? She's kind of funny looking isn't, she?" The drink in hand is of course alcoholic, and Reya isn't contributing in the least to any peace and quiet Fi might want. "Ohhhhh, take a look at that guy!"

A party! A festival! A display of Weyr pride! It is, frankly, the very kind of thing that Valigath lives for - and if anyone believes that, then they probably deserve what's coming to them. She emerges from *between* with a bellow, burnished hide shining with both health and a recent coating of oil. Her thunderous greeting is followed by an odd tittering sound, her maw gaped just so to widen the glasgow grin of copper that lines her mouth. She wings down to a landing with a flourish and, rather than wait for poor, weyrling-leather-clad Aggie to dismount, proceeds to prance in place with wings mantled - just so. And Aglaia? She's busy fumbling with the awful, weyrling straps while protesting: "Would you- oh, drat. Drat! Double-drat it all Valigath! Let me -down-!"

Marzoth is here as well. He has found a place in the heights that is dark and out of the way, but still close enough to watch the goings on. The human part of that pair is standing near enough the two weyrwoman as he supervises the weyrlings. An event like this must go off without a hitch, and so a watchful eye will be kept on his weyrlings. For the moment they seem to be busying themselves with their respective jobs, which permits S'dny to make his way over closer to the table where the alcohol is being served. He's not going to drink it yet, just really look at it.

Crowds aren't a preference for one Weyrleader either but Th'ero has long since come to terms with it or, at least, learned to stomach them long enough to make the necessary appearances. The Fortian Weyrleader is walking sedately among the crowds, dressed in his formal riding gear with his hands folded behind his back and currently conversing with another rider who's knot isn't immediately discernible. Even in the midst of conversation however, his dark eyes scan the crowd, likely to pinpoint familiar faces or even unfamiliar ones and perhaps keep tabs of his own riders (or leave that to Velokraeth), including a few weyrlings from a clutch from one of Fort's juniors. Velokraeth is up on the heights, also within company (mostly female, of course), his pale hide difficult to miss along with his less desirable physical traits. That chuffing sound too? Could very well be as close as the bronze can get to laughter for Valigath's entrance and arrival.

Ista's representation comes in due course, in the form of a grimly-dressed B'haal. Mephixath lurks somewhere in the background, watchful as ever; pay him no mind. Focus, instead, on the Istan Weyrsecond - his riding jacket packed away and replaced with a hooded cloak in black. The rest of his ensemble is similarly somber - black, for the most part, save for orange embroidery at the hem of his tunic. A satchel is slung cross-wise over his person, one gloved hand resting heavily on it, while his free hand remains tucked behind him in the small of his back. This changes as he approaches the festivities proper; the hood is peeled back with some reluctance and that free hand? It's quick to take some measure of alcoholic beverage for his eventual consumption.

Draukaith is settled not to far from the pair of Monaco Queens, the bronze is merely watching from his spot. A greeting is offerd to the dragons that appear in the area to welcome them. T'revs is moving on through the crowd that has been busy forming, hands lifting to give his jacket a slight tug to make sure it is neat as his steps carry him onwards. He catches the comments from Reya and can't help but seem amused. "Evening Weyrwoman Fi, Reya." No worries S'dny he does catch sight of him a well. "S'dny." His gaze then turns out towards the ones whom have gathered. "Good turn out."

Nyalle is here as well, standing alongside Th'ero and quietly conversing with the rider he's also speaking to. Above, Kayeth rests in a clear spot, preening and quietly smug, early in her pregnancy with Fort's latest clutch.

"Down. Let- oh, for-" Aglaia spits out a swear - which amounts to a hissed "Drat you!" - and finally manages to disconnect herself from the gray rigging. The timing of her descent is precise - a thing well-practiced, if the gold's current, dancing mood is any indication. The Half Moon Bay weyrling rider slides down the length of a forearm for the split seconds that it remains touching ground and she's quick to hop away with a blown out breath of frustration. She blurts out a flat: "If you're looking for dance partners, they're all -up there-." And, without another word or look back, the young woman turns and heads for the drinks - non-alcoholic, of course - while she peels the helmet and goggles off. As for Valigath? She titters again, flares her wings, and wings up to join the others on the heights - because it was HER idea to do so.

Fi nods to T'revs as he approaches and takes another sip of her drink, "I'm pleased. Tense, but pleased." Her gaze goes to the young Half Moon queen and up on the heights, Tzavayth bellows an imperious order at the younger queen.

Among the recent arrivals is a blue dragon from Fort. Jaicoureth, after depositing his rider, on ground once more took to the skies and searched for a ledge that both he and the green dragon that arrived with him can share for the duration of the festivities today. The ledge is probably somewhere near where Marzoth is perched. C'rus makes his way into the crowd of people with his weyrmate at his side. So many people! These sort of events always manage to draw a crowd. He quickly searches the faces and sees some he knows and some he doesn't. He offers a salute to Th'ero and Nyalle, "Hello." he says with a smile.

Th'ero finishes with his conversation and with a polite dip of his head, excuses himself as he turns to offer Nyalle his arm. "Enjoying yourself so far, Weyrwoman?" he asks her with a faint, albeit crooked smile. "Shame we weren't here earlier to explore. Has Kayeth settled?" Not that he has to ask that, as he only need to look. He is, however, informed of another arrival when Jaicoureth appears and Velokraeth promptly sends along the intel, along with a list of other names. "Good day, C'rus!"

Someone is lurking on the outskirts, and what's worse, he's being judgmental. On the other hand, Fort's newly-promoted steward, Zhirayr, is maybe one of the only people who could justify lurking and judging the party — after all, he's been in charge of enough of them, even if it was only as one of the Assistant Stewards. The old Steward is dead; plenty of people still think Zhirayr killed him; maybe that's why he's letting his normal all-black ensemble (well, the dressy version) keep him hidden in the shadows, at least a little bit. That, and the glass of wine in his hand, held up to maybe-kinda-sorta disguise his face — at least to people who don't actually know him. He's not really interested in getting 'helpful' and 'supportive' comments that exist mainly to disguise the many iterations of 'hey, you know, if you did do it, you can totally tell me' he's already gotten. Those he recognizes and respects do, at least, get respectful nods.

Fuerioth croons a greeting to the arriving dragons and then another when Valigath wings up to join them. Rey herself takes her drink and then glances between between Fi, T'revs, and S'dny. "Come on guys." A pause. "Guy, Weyrwoman Fi and Weyrleader T'revs." See, she isn't drunk yet? "Get some food in you, and some drink! I'm claiming dances from all three of you tonight!" The junior Queen knows perfectly well that there's 99% chance that this won't come to pass, but that doesn't keep her from being overly enthusiastic. It's a party and boy does she love parties.

Tzavayth's bellow is summarily met with one of Valigath's own - it's downright conversational in tone, though who knows what's really rattling around in the crazy, younger queen's head. She picks a spot that's safely away from the others and allows her - for the time being, at least - to prance a little while she watches the scene unfolding below. For her part, Aglaia acquires a fruit juice of some sort and proceeds to kind of… hide. Sort of. She sucks her teeth and worries at her lower lip, only to keep her distance - as best she can, anyway - from the veritable crush of bodies.

Nyalle smiles, slipping her arm through Th'ero's. "Yes! I enjoy these festivals, it's always fun to see what other weyrs do to celebrate. Perhaps we can get some ideas for our next party. She has, yes. Very pleased to show off, even. Hello, C'rus! And is that Zhirayr I see on the outskirts? Good to see so many Fortians here."

Marzoth could not be considered the most social of beings, but the dark bronze keeps an eye in particular on these new arrivals. There are at least two gold dragon's here that he does not know. Both Kayeth and Valigath get looks that say 'I'm studying you.' This only lasts for a few moments as a blue dragon arrives in his vicinity. He has not seen Jaicoureth in a very long time, and the memory is dim at best, so he gets a studying look as well. The sun glints of the goggles the dragon wears to keep the sun from his eyes. He searches the ledges for someone more familiar and does not find Kel amongst the dragons. Pity. Below Syd offers T'revs a salute when he says his name, "Sir!" he says, "Good to see you." He'll leave the two weyrwoman from Monaco to their business for now. He picks up one of the alcoholic beverages from the table as smoothly as he can. He has to pace himself after all.

Kera steps back from Moncerath as the green leaps upwards and wings her way towards a perch to observe the festivities from above. While her dragonmate mingles and reacqaints herself with new and familar dragons, Kera drapes her satchel across her shoulder and shuffles through the crowd with C'rus. She's quick to flash a grin, wave and a greeting. "G'afternoon, excellant turnout." So many faces she knows, a quick headdip to a few among the masses.

How Innes expects to blend in with that red hair of hers is quite the question, but that appears to be just what Xanadu's freshly minted Senior is doing. Her strategy appears to be taking full advantage of her height (or lack thereof) and slipping in amidst the crowd, but even that seems to be failing her after she's stopped by yet another rider to wish Xanadu well. There are mumbled greetings on her end before a hasty excuse that Kairoikyriath needs her. The gold, of course, is settled in what she has claimed as her spot, and her curious gaze is fixated upon the proceedings below. Her rider is the least of her worries. But still, Innes keeps passing out that excuse as she ducks around people, looking for somewhere to blend into the scenery.

"Perhaps," Th'ero agrees with a low and dry chuckle, "Though for now I think we may as well enjoy ourselves as much as we can." Though the Fortian Weyrleader is likely not to do the same thing he did in Ista so many Turns back. One, he's enjoying being on Nyalle's good side for once. Second… he swore he'd never drink that much again. Ever. "Have you been to Telgar before?" he asks Nyalle curiously, before looking out over the crowds again. "Zhirayr?" Their Steward? From his tone, 'how'd he get here' is implied though he doesn't charge off to see if it's true. Greetings come first, in which case Kera is the next target. "Fort's duties to Xanadu and her Queen's. Good to see you again, Kera."

Tzavayth chuffs at Valigath, « Yours doesn't need you to make a fool of her. She needs you to support her and help her. » Fi sighs gently, nodding to the other attendees, but gladly staying right where she is and Reya's enthusiasm gets a jerk of her head, "Shards, no. Bad things happen when I drink."

T'revs looks to Reya at this comment on getting a dance with him? Wait… What? Though he will play along with it none the less. A soft chuckle is heard and he grins. "Perhaps. The night is still young after all." Though no, he is not known for his dancing. His attention then turns to Fi and a slight nod is sen to her. "I do imagen it will be a bit tense but.. In the end it will go well I feel." Trevs looks over to S'dny once more, the 'sir' bit is noted but he doesn't linger on it long. "How goes it S'dny?" Draukaith watches from his spot a curious look is sent towards the Halfmoon Queen, thugh he merely stays settled in his spot, ever watching the events before him with a soft rumble escaping him.

Valigath's mind is a blast of fire and smoke, that might bleed out a little to the other dragons nearby. To Tzavayth, she cackles, « She needs to stay on her toes! Just like now! » Not that she's paying much mind to the young woman at the moment. Scrutinizing looks are met with her own, though her jaw remains gaped in a grim 'smile' of sorts. Aglaia huffs out a breath after a long moment and forces herself to join the rest of humanity, murmuring greetings and well-wishes - which, admittedly, are based entirely on knots at this point, but still.

Nyalle shakes her head. "I haven't, I'm afraid to admit. Have you? Hello, Kera! How are you doing? Fort's duties to Xanadu, of course, how is everything down there?"

Inri is late, but she is actually putting in an appearance. No doubt at least Fort's Weyrleaders expected her; others may or may not have, with Kouzevelth finding a private area by herself to observe (though one where she can probably make eye contact with Kayeth without difficulty) and Inri settling into the crowd to mingle. As one might expect, her clothing is very much the latest style and new for the occasion, though it's a knit dress designed for a Fort winter that is likely to reappear in the next few sevendays.

C'rus grins as Kera is greeted and also makes note of the apperance of the steward, as well as the arrival of Inri. It seems that all Fort is going to turn out for the festivities. He nods in agreemnet with Kera and smiles, "Yes. There will be a great deal to see and do this evening." Much like Nyalle he has never been to Telgar in his life and after the gathering is finished he might well explore a bit.

Marzoth can appreciate a bit of fire and smoke. « Yes. We must all stay on our toes. » the dark bronze replies in a silky tone as the dark forest of his mind wafts gently in the breeze, the tiny fairy lights dipping in and out of the trees, « This one has style. » he directs toward Tzavayth. At least it's a sentiment that Marzoth can appreciate. Kairo's arrival is pointedly ignored. Syd lifts the glass to his lips and is just about to answer the weyrleader's question when out of the corner of his eye he spots that red hair that he knows so well, "I'll tell you later…" he says absently to T'revs and slips deeper into the crowd away from the alcohol table and away from Innes.

Tzavayth rumbles darkly, « I can make you do anything, Marzoth. I just don't, for the good of the Weyr. »

Kera steps slow a few times when her attention is caught by something, but she soon is moving on and murmuring something to C'rus while pointing out someone through the crowd. "Was that Nessi?" That shocking shade of red looked like Xanadu's Weyrwoman. Shrugging when she looses sight through the mingle masses, her attention swings around to the greetings. "G'day Weyrleader Th'ero, Weyrwoman Nyalle. Xanadu's duty's." Nodding gently, "Xanadu's fairing up well. Kairo will be taking to the sands soon enough."

The mental cackling continues, all static and sparks and smoke. Valigath moves along the heights and finds a spot that's some distance from the others before that terrible tail of hers starts to flick at stray rocks - and send them away from the festivities, but it's clear that such a thing is not HER choice from the sour look she angles toward the bowl below. And, of course, below is where Aggie continues her rounds, drifting just at the fringes of everything with all the grace of one who's apparently well in over her head.

"I'm sure you're not the only one, Nyalle. I don't think I've been to Telgar much, if ever myself. Shame we didn't arrive earlier," Th'ero's thoughts are along the same as C'rus' as far as exploring goes and he may still try to do a little of that before he is required to return to Fort. "Ahh, yes. I had heard that Xanadu had a new Weyrleader. E'tan, if I'm correct?" Don't mind him either as he scans the crowds again. "Nessi?" he inquires politely to Kera, glancing sidelong to C'rus incase the bluerider knows as well. His next glance is to Nyalle, however and there's a faint smile again to curve his lips. "Kouzevelth is here." Spotted! "Which means Inri is as well."

Nyalle smiles. "Excellent," the Fortian Senior murmurs, standing on her tiptoes to peer around. "I'm glad. I hope lots were able to escape the snows." Looking back at Kera, she smiles. "I'm glad to hear it. Best of luck on a good clutch."

Draukaith rumbles a bit and shifts to turn his swirling attention upon Valigath while he watches the young gold. « You are a busy and spirited one. » The bronze could think of a few other things to say but for now that is it. T'revs looks curiously to S'dny as he moves off and he looks confused to say the least before he glances to Fi and Reya. "Did I miss something with S'dny?" After all the other is normally more egar for such things like drinking with the others.

"Besides him always being a perpetual stick in the mud? No." Reya, always pouring fuel onto the fire. She grins, taking another sip from her drink before. For her part, Fuerioth remains mostly silent. She's a grumpy pale little gold right now, and greeting the arriving dragons was really all she could muster. Grump grump grump. It doesn't help that Reya is down there making a fool of herself, and despite a running admonishment from her the former trader isn't listening at all.

"I think that might be here yeah…" C'rus says to Kera. Nessi is a destinctive looking individual and difficult to miss, "Yes. E'tan is the new weyrleader. He's a friend of mine. Known him since before he was a weyrling. In fact we had a drink together earlier today." he says to confirm what Th'ero had been saying about the new leadership in Xanadu. He does catch the odd look and question from the weyrleader, "Nessi is Innes's nickname of sorts."

Attention! Oh, Valigath is basking in it. Another rock is flipped to its demise elsewhere and she briefly flares her wings with their warning eyes at Draukaith. Her maw gapes wider, that glasgow grin stretched improbably wide. « Some might say I'm DANGEROUS. » And they'd be very, very right. She continues her prowl of the heights, gaze angled toward the bowl all the while. The exact opposite of dangerous is wandering around down there, though she's starting to squint up at the heights from time to time. Uh oh.

« Wise as always Tzavayth. » is Marzoth's reply to Tzavayth. Now will not be the best time to discuss the matter anyway. He turns his mental attention toward Drau, « Spirit can be a good thing. » He appreciates spirit in the young dragons that he teaches and in others as well. He momentarily turns his attention back down toward the gathering of humans and spots his lifemate wandering away from the other weryfolk of Monaco. Huh. Though when Valigath declares herself to be dangerous she once more has his full attention, « Dangerous are you? » he asks quizzically. He just lets the darkness of his forest wrap around himself as he continues to recline. It is likely that the Monaco delegation has missed a few things about S'dny, but there will be time for all that later. Right now the AWLM has moved to the edge of the crowd and taken his drink with him. He offers those around him on the edges a polite smile and a wave.

"I see," Th'ero muses as C'rus does in fact fill him in, turning his head to give Nyalle a look but he hesitates for a moment and in the end bites back the teasing remark he had for the Weyrwoman. Nope, not going to go there. "Hope you two enjoy yourselves today," he says instead to C'rus and Kera before offering Nyalle his arm again. "Shall we make the rounds? It looks like half of Pern is here and we may as well go and say hello." For however long or brief. Up on the heights, Velokraeth is keeping an observant eye on those below but also among his own kin and brethren. His wine and spice scented thoughts are often rippling and bubbling with amusement and when the pale bronze does give up his ledge, it's only so he can nestle down beside Kayeth, should the fiery gold permit it.

Nyalle nods, smiling up to Th'ero and dipping her head to C'rus and Kera. "Let's, I think we should say hello to as many folks as we can…"

Kera nods to confirm the questions around who Xanadu's Weyrleader is. "It's true. Weyrleader E'tan." Head cants to C'rus when he adds information about drinking with the new Weyrleader, then chuckles to Th'ero and Nyalle "Aye, sorta started calling Innes that when we were weyrlings. A referance from and old story scroll I read." Kera flashes a grin "I really should try to stop that habit." Her gaze drifts around as other voices catch her attention then a wave to the Fortians "Enjoy the festivities."

Darukaith does not seem to think the same about the young gold. « Everyone says such things during some point in there lives. » There is a faint bugle heard from him once Marzoth is interested now. « Of course you would be eager to join in the conversation now. » This sent to the younger bronze. T'revs smirks a bit as he hears Reya. "His not that bad Reya.." His known others much worse. "Everyone has a sharp edge at times really."

"He is.. unique." Fi takes another sip of her juice and watching S'dny absently, "And he truly cares for that friend of his, T'ayne, so… he's not a bad person, at least. Just… hard."

There's a huff, a searing surge of heat and the faint grinding of metal in that mental voice. « I would NEVER say I'm dangerous, » Valigath clarifies to Marzoth with a shrill titter. « But OTHERS seem to THINK I am. » Whether she approves or not is another matter entirely. Another rock is pitched away with an idle flick of tailtips - another case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A bit of money is slipped to a young man who threads his way through the crowd for Innes, retrieving a drink and bringing it back to the undercover Weyrwoman. With a drink now in hand, she begins to wander around. The drink is gone rather quickly, but the young man is gone and she's too lazy to sort out another. With a long-suffering sigh, she has to content herself with just wandering for now, until she crowd of Important People dissipates enough for her to grab a drink. Kairoikyriath, on the other hand, shift restlessly at her perch. « Do so many of you need to share opinions? » is the gold's dry comment, punctuated by a huff of breath.

"And by hard you secretly mean a stick in the mud!" Rey laughs happily, grabbing a drink off the tray of a passing server raising her glass in a toast. « Dangerous? You? » The biting ice of Fuerioth's mind seems to find amusement at the stone flicking queen from Half Moon. The sparks of her mind dance, « I'm not quite sure those dragons would know dangerous if it bit their tail. »

Kouzevelth is keeping her distance from the debates; her mind reaches out and spreads a warm, enveloping fog across Kayeth, Velokraeth and Jaicoureth — after a moment, as Jaicoureth's mate, there is a brief, momentary inclusion of Moncerath. These other dragons, they talk too much. She will be taking comfort in her family, over … here, grateful for them and their presence. Kairokyriath's commentary also gets her favorable response, though Kouzevelth doesn't have any more words for the foreign queen than she does for her own: simply the sense of approval and agreeement. They are too loud. Inri is the opposite, milling around and talking to essentially everyone, and she's separating from a gaggle of Telgari riders when she catches sight of Th'ero and Nyalle, and waves.

« Am I not permitted to speak to whom I will? » Marzoth questions Drau with a certain amusement in his voice. This is a rare opportunity to meet others of importance and it will not be taken for granted. The dark bronze lifts his head and spreads his wings. He hops off of his ledge and into the air flying after Valigath, « Why do they say this of you? » he asks with a certain amount of curiosity. Harshness has never bothered him. He does spare a thought for his sister though, « You do not consider yourself to be dangerous? » he asks the little gold. If Kairo was even heard it doesn't show in his thoughts or action. S'dny would be gravely affronted if he had heard that anyone thought him to be a stick on the mud. He is the life of a party after all, but not this party! He continues to mingle with a few of the weyrlings offering them directions on how to act and what to do.

"Some habits are often hard to break," Th'ero muses in passing to Kera before he slips his arm through Nyalle's and begins to lead the Weyrwoman away and back into the crowds. "Are you thirsty or hungry? Might be wise to grab either now and before the dancing starts. I trust you'll want to dance?" Before he disappears, that is. Not that there's a chance of that now and as Inri approaches, Th'ero will dip his head politely to the junior. "Good to see you! Enjoying yourself, so far? I was just asking if Nyalle would like a drink…" Which is an open offer for the goldrider to sneak in a request — or anyone else in earshot. Weyrleader, at your service? Velokraeth is absorbing all the conversation like a sponge, indulging even as he's always been a social creature and this is a rarity for him to have so many together! All the gossip, all the information, all the news… He'll take what he needs, pass on the best to his rider and filter the rest. « Oh come now. Not all opinions are bad and most are often… hmm, enlightening? » He grins mentally.

Jaicoureth also chooses to stay away from the debate. It isn't a topic that interests him in the slightest. The blue sends a warm rush of feelings toward Kouzevelth. He certainly approves of her inclusion of Moncerath in her greeting. Family is the most important thing after all. C'rus offers a goodbye to Th'ero and Nyalle as they wander away and turns his attention toward his weyrmate, "I don't think she'll mind one way or the other." Nothing Innes has ever done has given him the impression she dislikes the name, "So what shall we do?" he asks Kera.

Another rock is poised at the tips of Valigath's tail but, this time, it isn't sent flying. Yet. « Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, » is giggled to Fuerioth, the words wreathed in prickling sparks. « And perhaps NOT. But a flick one way will send this right down THERE - and the other way- » Safe. So terribly safe. The strangeling gold continues to keep that rock balanced, ready to send it flying - either into the people or away. « I'm HARDLY dangerous, » she observes, even if the rock tells another tale. « I do so HATE getting my talons dirty, you see. » And any declarations of loudness? Ignored - but, then, she IS a terribly loud beast.

Nyalle begins to answer Th'ero but she's interrupted by Inri, giving the Junior a warm smile. Gently, she detangles her arm from Th'ero's and holds it out to Inri (Th'ero's arm, not her own), as she takes a step back. "If you'll excuse me, I believe I see Mr'az." And the Senior is off to talk to the bronzerider.

Draukaith rumbles a bit, which honestly could be a chuckle in dragon form. « Nonsense please continue. I am fully enjoying this conversation. » This is indeed a time to for both riders and dragons to meet and speak with one another. « Though I am curious. Why do others feel that you are dangerous? » T'revs finds a drink himself. "Now now… His not a stick in the mud. You ever taken a moment to talk to him since you two have graduated?" This questioned to Reya curiously while he looks over to her.

"Trouble in paradise?" half-observes, half-questions Fort's Steward, as Zhirayr materializes behind Inri and Th'ero. Apparently he saw Nyalle fail to answer and leave Th'ero for another bronzerider. Uh-oh?

« Go on then, toss the rock. » Fuerioth doesn't seem the slightest bit alarmed by Valigath's precarious handling of the rock. It's almost as if Monaco's Junior gold is daring the other. The pale dragon's maw parts in a grin and her tail flicks, amusement still crackling through the air. "I've talked to him once or twice. I tend to…annoy him." Reya offers these words to T'revs but doesn't sound remorseful. In fact, she sounds quite proud of it. "Though maybe I'll have to see how much of a stick in the mud he isn't now."

Tzavayth climbs to her feet and bellows imperiously, clearly trying (and likely failing) to silence the bickering dragons. RAAAAWWWWR! Some party this is. Fi just… sighs into her drink.

"Mr'az was probably bored," Inri tells Zhirayr as he approaches, stepping into the attached Th'ero space vacated by her Senior. "Or lonely. Bronzeriders do that at times, you know." Says the one with a bronzeriding boyfriend who isn't present; maybe D'ani was bored by the idea of the event. More likely, busy with his craft. "We can certainly get drinks, though. Would you like to join us, Steward?"

« Kwee… » It's the start of Valigath's trademark giggling, which peters out into a breathless mental swirl of steam and sparks. « Oh, just because I break things from time to time, » she scoffs. Draukaith will feel the mental flick of fire, further underlining her disdain. « If it wasn't SUPPOSED to be broken, it shouldn't be near the ground. » The rock, ultimately, is flung away in a safe manner, but she glowers down at the bowl all the same - only to be glowered up at. Blame it on a clash of wills which, it seems, Aglaia's won. This time. There is no answer to Fuerioth beyond the rock-toss; only the revelation of blistering heat that's abruptly been bottled up - and further secured by the bellowing of the other queen.

Th'ero quirks a brow for Zhirayr's sudden appearance (so Nyalle wasn't wrong!) and his mouth draws into a brief smirk. "No trouble," he states in a tone that is a touch flat. "The Weyrwoman and I are not weyrmates, remember? Mr'az is a long time 'friend'." Hear those implied quotations? Oh yes, the Weyrleader suspects a little more to it but he approves. Speaking of trouble though… "Enjoying yourself?" he asks Zhirayr, only to snort and chuckle under his breath at Inri. "I'll go for lonely." As for D'ani, the goldrider likely can blame Th'ero for his absence. He is the Weyrsecond, after all and Faranth only knows that his duty today is to stay in Fort to make sure they don't come back home to utter chaos and mayhem.

Kera grins to C'rus "Well it would be a shame to not sample some of the treats. The bakers and cooks seem to have gone all out. If the little snacks I'm seeing people walking around with is any clue." Another floating treat snatches the greenrider's eye before she shakes herself out of her thoughts. Or were they Moncerath's thoughts? Her dragonmate seems to really be enjoying interacting during the festive day. The rider will hear all about it later in the evening during her nightly oiling. A dragon roar from the heights causes a slight hush to murmur about, but it passes soon enough.

Marzoth is at least curious enough to continue to stay invested in the conversation and follows it as he continues to turn lazily in the air. His goggles providing him clear vision during this bright hour. Marzoth is not known for his humor, tact, or social skills but in this instance he can exercise some of those newfound 'politics' that his rider has been droning on and on about, « I think I like this gold. » he says, the fairy lights zipping in and out of the trees. As opposed to all the others golds here present. When his queen roars he looks up at her and sighs, « You lack appreciation for her style? » he asks tentatively. Syd catches sight of Kera and C'rus and makes a bee line toward them, "Hey." he says somewhat quietly.

Draukaith rumbles out softly now as he slowly stretches on the ledge he has been settled upon during the talk. « I see.. Still, you do not seem that dangerous.. More for being the center of attention. » That fire is met right back with a cool sudden brush of the wind that one might find when out at sea during a crashing storm. The bronze will pause at the sudden bellow from Tzavayth and there is a low, cooing rumble from him as his swirling gaze settles upon the gold. His head will even lower as he attempts to nose out towards the dear Queen's neck. All is well! Though a glance is sent towards Marzoth and he snorts a moment. T'revs is quiet while sipping from his drink, a curious glance is indeed sent towards the dragons above and a soft breath esacpes him before his attention is back upon Reya. "I don't see why anyone would hardly call you annoying. Merely… spirited, friendly…" Different! That's a word he keeps to himself though.

C'rus is never one to turn down a treat or two. Especially with such rich fare as is being offered this evening. Jaicoureth too is enjoying himself, it's always good to be social and get out there and meet dragons even if they are not from your weyr, "I'm game for that." he says with a grin, and he's just about ready to begin to lead her toward some of said snacks when all of a sudden S'dny appears, "Hello." he says with a smile, not having seen the man since his graduation, "The evening finds you well I hope?" he asks.

There's a grumbe of annoyance when Tzavayth quiets them, but there's no argument from Fuerioth now. The cold darkness of her mind goes silent and that gold head moves to rest on the ledge while Reya glances up and starts laughing at the entire group of dragons. "You guys got told! Ha!" Like she probably will be when they get back. Her gaze eventually makes it back down to T'revs however and there's a bright smile turned upon the Weyrleader. "Hah! I clearly haven't talked to you enough. Give me a few more sevendays and I'll bet I could change your tune." And though she sounds like she might be proud of being able to do so, there's a friendliness in her expression that says she appreciates the sentiment.

"We're leaving," is muttered aloud, despite Aggie's best efforts to keep the words under wraps. She peels herself away from the general gathering, seeking out a space that's large enough - and safe enough - for the troublesome gold to descend to. Not that she does so immediately, no; she still has to exercise some of HER will first. Valigath takes her sweet time in launching into a downward spiral of a glide to land, only to make life difficult - because of course she would - by prancing in place until Aggie's able to close the distance between them. And if there are any final thoughts from the cackling queen, they're reduced to a dull giggling - which, given the grimace on Aglaia's face, is probably going to be a headache later. They're gone not long after that, much to Valigath's chagrin.

Kera scans along a portion of buffet and plucks up a couple of tasties. Spotting S'dny coming through the corwd, she nudges C'rus with an elbow and points him out before waving to the approaching bronzer. "Hi S'dny. The goggles working well for Morzath today?" She gestures to the general direction Moncerath told her the larger dragon was. Finding a small plate and adding a couple of snacks, she samples and adds, or passes on to another treat if she doesn't like one. "Oh these are good, try this." She's referring to one of the large trays of food it seems.

Marzoth watches as the interesting gold is taken away from the conversation. Whereas before he has been interested and engaged he now takes on a certain air of boredom. He gives a few flaps with his great wings and rests himself on the perch that he had taken up when he first arrived. He sends a quick mental command to his rider to make note of this dragon and rider. He will persue further knowledge at a later time. That done he creeps to the back of the ledge and reclines once more, falling silent. S'dny glances up towards Marzoth about the moment that Kera points upward, "Yeah. He's being more social than usual." Which is sort of frightening in its on way. He lowers his head to Kera, C'rus and the food, "Not particularly no. I'd rather be home but I have to watch the weyrlings and make sure they behave." he answers honestly as he glances furtively around, making sure a certain red head is not nearby, "Innes and I are done." If there was even a point where they really 'began'.

Draukaith isn't going to lose any sleep over the fact that the young gold is on her way out. It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt after all. Or in this case Tzavayth makes it known she wished the sillyness to stop. The bronze will turn back to his watching of the ones below. T'revs laughs a touch as he hears Reya. "Really? I suppose I'll have to wait and see what happens. Never been threatened by someone who wished to 'annoy' me after all." A first time for everything right?

C'rus is also loading up his plate with some of the indicated foods that Kera is pointing out. She knows the sort of things he'd like after all. He'd expected a standard answer that everything was fine and that life was good. Though it seems he is getting an answer of a different kind, "Oh…" he says as he tries to wrap his mind around what he said, "I'm sorry." he says after a few moments. Nothing else to be said really. He turns and looks toward Kera who hopefully has something slightly more useful to say.

And so Inri is left without a date and presumably the same fate befell Th'ero — Kimmila had to do something more important than go to a party. Inri, on the other hand, part of her actual job is going to parties. Her 'Weyr Diplomat' hat is aided by the fact that she enjoys parties, and schmoozes like a highly trained expert. "There's white wine," she proclaims, as a statement rather than a request, but it's implied. Her dress is white. She is not risking the red. Even with Zhirayr there.

Reya grins, doffing an invisible cap at T'revs. "Mhm, just wait and see." The junior gold downs another drink while Fuerioth looks down in annoyance. There might be some scolding happening right now that the former trader isn't listening to at all. Instead, she's gradually moving towards the sloshed state. "Dancing! We should dance!" Is there music? Even if there isn't, it seems she demands dancing!

Th'ero doesn't seem concerned that Kimmila is also absent from the ceremonies. Could be the bluerider is busy or perhaps she is already here but tasked with watching their son or she'll arrive later. One never knows but for now, Inri is stuck with him and she has Nyalle to thank for that! "White wine it is then," he murmurs and will politely excuse himself and in due time return with said requested wine. A glass for her and an ale for him. At least there is no red wine to jinx her white dress? "And there we are. Anything else?" That last is said with a hint of a teasing note to his voice and a faint, crooked smile. With Inri, he feels he can be a little less formal and likely to get away with some humour — even if humour for him is still a 'new' thing.

Kera stops adding things to her plate when a bite-sized little pastry tries to roll off her plate. It's snatched quickly and made to vanish even quicker, no food escapes on her watch. A frown creases her face briefly at S'dny's news "Well that's unfortunate. Sorry to hear that S'dny." Casting a fast glance to C'rus, and taking a second to sample something else from her plate before going on "So how are your weyrlings doing?"

"Don't be sorry. I dodged an arrow there. Better to figure that someone is heartless before getting in too deep." the AWLM says to the pair of them as they offer their separate condolences. If Syd is putting on some kind of brave front it's very difficult to tell as he continues to furtively here and there, not really wanting to bump into a certain someone. Jittery. Yes. And he hasn't had near enough booze, "They seem to be behaving themselves." he glances toward the group of them serving, "I think I might sneak away. Anique is probably here somewhere and can keep an eye on them." With that he's off just as quickly as he'd gone over to them. Marzoth above will take flight and land some distance away so that when Syd is ready he can whisk him away home.

"What, aren't you going to offer the lady a snack?" teases Fort's Steward, having drifted away at some point from the Weyrleader (and Inri) only to drift back at a wonderfully (in)opportune moment. Zhirayr, of course, is now the one with the dangerous glass of red wine.

T'revs goes about sipping at his drink righ when Reya offers up that lovely idea of they should dance. It catches him a bit off guard and he sputters a moment as he coughs on his drink. "Now…?" Is questioned while he just looks to Reya. "One tends to like music with dancing don't they?" Perhaps he just pushed out the thought of music if there is such things going on at the momenmt. Draukaith is off being amusedfrom his ledge down at his rider. To the point that he might send a thought to Fuerioth that her rider should make his rider dance. It is all in good fun.

"He already offered me the drink," Inri defends Th'ero, and then gives Zhirayr's drink a look. It's a narrow-eyed, sort of challenging look that dares the wine to stay far, far away from her dress. His all-black isn't exactly going to be hurt by it. "I should be offering you all snacks, but since we're traveling in a group, we can also all get our own."

"Of course right now!" Reya gins up at T'revs, and she might have let it go with some extra urging…but with Drau telling Fueri to go ahead with it, that possibility soon disappears completely. The gold eggs on her rider and soon there's an arm snaking around to twin in T'revs and attempting to pull him towards a clearer area. "It'll be fun! You should know how to dance, you're the Weyrleader after all, no?" There's really no malice there when she looks up at him, just a spark of fun in her eyes!

Th'ero quirks a brow again at Zhirayr and this time there is a lack of smile (not that the faint one from before was much to start with). "And I did offer 'anything else'." he points out, looking to Inri in a way that is either grateful for her defence or amused by it. "Strength in numbers? I'm sure we're capable of walking and drinking at the same time." Not to mention converse and avoid any undue collisions with other guests, less that red wine in fact be spilled and another white gown ruined. Didn't Inri learn from Nyalle not to wear white?

C'rus can only really nod his head as he listens to S'dny's parting comment, "Uhhhh…Ok." he says. He moves closer to Kera and speaks softly to her, "That's a sorrowful thing." he says softly as he continues to fill his plate up with food. It seems even amidst celebrations there are sad moments.

It's almost like nobody remembers that Zhirayr was the one to save Nyalle's whitewear in the first place, in the wake of her red wine… incident. "It's a good choice, really," he adds quietly, one eyebrow quirked in what might almost be termed a sardonic fashion. "From what I've been able to tell… well, never mind." Someone is apparently either not impressed with the local staff or just feels like drawing everyone's attention away from that suspicion he committed murder. Could go either way.

What Inri learned was to not wear white and drink red wine, or not wear white and drink red wine without Zhirayr there. Either way, she is definitely not drinking red wine. She chose to wear white instead. "We all have great talents," she agrees, "and drinking, eating, walking and talking all at once are apparently a shared one." Neither goldrider nor bronzerider seem particularly suspicious of Zhirayr at the moment, at least. It's really too bad about all the confusion with those autopsy results. Inri is close to yelling at the Hall herself.

"Reya, honestly I don't think now is the moment to go dancing. I certainly do not hear any music." T'revs says in his defense at the idea of them dancing. To the point he is sipping once more from his drink before getting caught by he smaller goldrider. That is an interesting turn of events as he is drgging backwards a few steps. His drink is lost, and at least it doesn't spill on Reya or himself at this moment. He is also not coughing so that means he at least didn't inhale it wrong. "Of course I know how to dance, but that is not the question." This would be rather commical any other day peraps.

Kera gives a little nod and waves to the departing harper, nodding agreeably to C'rus's sentiment "It does seem so now, who knows what they will both be up to next turn though." She gives a little shrug and moves along, out of the way so other people can approach the buffet. A couple kitchen drudges go by, both with large platters to replace nearly empty ones on the large table. Working to clear her own plate, bite by bite, she amuses herself by watching a couple of weyrlings trying awkwardly to mingle. A couple moving towards the clearing for what can only be some dancing catches her attention "You think the harpers will play any new tunes?"

"Never mind, what…?" Th'ero won't let Zhirayr get away so easily, eyeing the Steward even as he takes a sip of the ale he currently holds in one hand. "Was the red a good choice, then?" That's what he meant, right? To Inri, the Fortian Weyrleader chuckles dryly. "As we ought to be. We've had plenty of practice, haven't we?" Not a word is breathed about any of the issues back at the Weyr and he's certainly not looming over Zhirayr but he does gesture with his free hand to indicate he and Inri may 'lead' on through the crowds towards the food.

"Then we can make our own music!" Rey laughs brightly, resting her hand on T'revs' shoulder and beginning to hum a sprightly tune. She's certainly no harper, but the former trader is enthusiastic. She begins to drag T'revs this way and that as they dance, not exactly watching where she's going in her tipsy state. She's certainly having fun though, almost too much fun. It's enough that she doesn't quite notice the Fort delegation and if they aren't careful she'll be leading both of them to bump into the other Weyr's riders! Oh no!

C'rus follows along to clear the buffet table, "I suppose you are right." he says from his place at her side. Now that he has his food he may turn his attention toward the other guests, and the goldrider dragging a weyrleader out to dance. It seems that the party is getting more lively and less formal as the evening progresses.

Kera grins as she continues to people-watch, even outright chuckling and pointing out some amusing interactions to C'rus while she eats. Soon her plate is mostly cleared, and she disguards it in a tub. Turning to her weyrmate "I'll have to 'revisit' the buffet again, after a few dances though." Winking up to C'rus, she smiles and peers back to the clearing, which isn't as clear as it was a moment ago. "I don't recognize the dance they are doing." Doesn't stop her from trying to follow along with it though. She'll need a few more drinks before she masters the other couples wobbly steps though "Let's go dance a few songs." And then she's trying to drag her dance partner out there too.

T'revs shakes his head slightly, though for Reya's shake he goes along with it for not. Mostly to try make sure sure Reya doesn go spinning out of control or something along them lines. "Let's not get to crazy now, just a simple dance alright?" AS it, this is Reya he has the pleasure of dancing with. He does his best to keep Reya from bumping into anyone, though it might not work out /that/ well for anyone moving by with drinks.

Zhirayr is well-known, in Fort at least, for his contortionistic habits — almost as well known as he is for being a murder suspect, so that's saying a lot. Suffice to say he manages to get knocked into and avoid having his wine spill on Inri, for all that it maybe spills on him, and on whoever it was who just knocked into him. "Well," he says dryly, "I think I should get something else to drink while we're eating," and fastidiously puts the glass down on a nearby tray, pulling out a handkerchief (black) to wipe his hand dry while he keeps walking on with Th'ero and Inri.

Kera won't have to drag too hard to get C'rus out to dance, "I would love too." He willingly follows after his weyrmate as she tries to emulate the dancing style that she is watching. C'rus and Kera did have some odd dancing attempts during Igen's last event and some of that would seem to be paying off now. C'rus may lack all sense of style when it comes to dressing, and graceful movement but he is with Kera and that makes it all worth it. After all what is the point of being in love if you don't periodically make a massive fool of yourself. He dances past Inri and Th'ero, "When in Telgar…" he says before he is out of reach. He and his weyrmate attempting to do the 'Reya'.

At least Inri's dress was saved. Anyone who possibly got coated with wine is wearing black. Zhirayr has black, Th'ero has black, and Inri's white cotton — which at least wasn't a fancy silk, poor Nyalle, but the Weyrwoman surely remembers Zhirayr's heroism even now — is untouched. "I suspect maybe the curse requires a white dress, red wine and the as—the Steward combined in one place," she says dryly, as the collided-into Fortians go to obtain more drinks. And maybe some snacks. There was an 'anything else' implied. As they step off, though, she's actually smiling at Reya. Inri's weird.

Th'ero reacts but apparently not swift enough (nor does he possess Zhirayr's evasion skills) and so despite his attempts to twist and dodge, he ends up a 'casualty' all the same. Which he weathers only with a long suffering sigh and a half hearted attempt to wipe or blot away what wine did soak into his clothes. His ale will likely add to that damage (hopefully not to others) and once he's assured there is no major harm done to himself and, more importantly, Inri, he'll shoot Reya and T'revs a look. Slightly narrowed, but not one of annoyance. "Seems some can't wait to celebrate!" he drawls with a smirk and a shake of his head before slipping away again. Later, he will be among those dancing.