Western Weyr - Centre Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

Sinasapelth lands in the bowl with an ovine in her paws, and dips her head, blooding the prey, and casting challenging looks at the prospective chasers.

There are a few dragons around; one blue is settled on his ledge looking down at all the movement before. Irkevalath rumbles out and yawns while slowly stretching, claws gripping at the rocky surface. There is a moment movement is caught, there is a shine there as well that catches his full attention. A low rumble escapes the blue and he shifts, leaping off his ledge and he is slipping down the side, wings flapping but a few times. He warbles out sweet calls to the green before zipping to the feeding grounds. Oh he knows what is up, and makes a point to grab something before the show goes to the air it would seem!

Velokraeth had found a ledge to stretch out on, not that the stunted and malformed bronze needs that much space. Western is seeing such warmer weather than Fort right now and the pale bronze is content to semi-doze while his rider takes care of whatever Weyrleader-business that has brought them here. Just as he begins to stretch and consider changing positions, Sinasapelth lands below with an ovine and… begins to blood? Oh ho! What is this? Usually he has drag his boxy rump to a flight! Now a proddy green comes to him? Excellent! Spreading his wings, he'll be quick to dart off to snare himself a kill or two as well before joining the green. At a distance, that is!

Sinasapelth drops the exsanguinated carcass and casts glances around, and flaps her wings a few times as she rises up on her haunches. She abandons the ovine and hops up to a low ledge, bugling her challenge to all chasers—and then she's off, launching herself into the Western sky with a shrill shriek of defiance.

The blue isn't gone all that long, he got lucky honestly with his catch of a nice bit beast and it was a good amount for him to feel eager and ready for the chase ahead. With the shrilling cries caught Irkevalath is shifting and jumping up into the air to follow after that glowing green hide that is heading up towards the sky. The other males are noticed just yet.

Velokraeth has barely finished blooding his second kill by the time Sinasapelth has hopped up onto that low ledge. Ugly though he may be to look at, the pale bronze isn't without his charms and he will answer her bugled challenge with a sweet and honeyed croon. Oh yes, he see's her! And he is very eager to answer her call! Lead on, oh temptress of the skies! There is a swift look given to Irkevalath, the blue sized up among the other chasers and the bronze snorts sharply. No matter! He has out witted blues and browns and many a bronze in his short life so far! Onwards! Velokraeth springs into the air with a powerful leap and sweep of his copper-reddish bronze wings and gives chase.

Sinasapelth flaps her wings furiously, lifting herself up, up high into the sky, and banks to the left, soaring out toward the glimmering first breaking light on the eastern horizon.

Irkevalath is use to getting the 'look' as it were, his not managed to win many flights but there has been a few. He seems rather eager though to win this one, perhaps because that there bronze when about snorting and the light. The blue twists to the side, warbling and crooning out, soft melody at first before it deepens and could be what some might call a dragon 'singing'. Music he loves after all, and he might as well us it along with his moves to try and get this lovely green's attention.

Velokraeth banks as well when Sinasapelth goes to the left and to the eastern horizon but he moves at a slower pace, cautious and biding his time. Small and stunted though he is for a bronze, he has learned to conserve his strength and there will be no flashy moves from him. No, his method of woo'ing the green to his favour are honeyed words and witty little remarks, meant to either sweeten her mood or infuriate her on purpose to serve HIS purpose. Where is strength fails, his cunning fills in those gaps.

Sinasapelth arcs around the peaks of the bowl and spirals back, soaring out over the breaking waves of the sea, reveling in the salt air and the thrill of the chase, of leading the chase. Catching an updraft on widely outstretched wings, she sails up, up high, the bright crescent of the dayside of Pern stretching out visibly to the east. Abruptly she folds her wings and dives, rolls and switches back in an arc back under the chasers, coming out behind them and receeding back toward the island.

Irkevalath lets out a few faint calls towards Sinasapelth, attention, attention here! Is basically what he is saying it would seem. When the green starts to dive the blue shifts, wings pulling close as he dives to the side and twists to follow after the green that is heading back towards the island. He saw that move, and he continues to follow her. He catches a bit of an updraft and is able to get a bit of air under his wings to help so he doesn't use all his energy during those quick movements.

Velokraeth will do his best to keep up with the acrobatics but in the end will have to forge his own path, much to his frustration. None of which he'll extend to Sinasapelth and his croons and warbles are flowing compliments on her prowess and skill and a few sarcastic and joking remarks on his short comings at being unable to match such gracefulness! When she double backs and comes out behind them, Velokraeth will expend a bit of his nurtured strength to roll and surge ahead to claw his way back into the pack. Not literally, but he is not against some shoulder bumping to hold a prime position as he keeps the glowing green within his sights!

Sinasapelth glides down, taking the flight as low now as it was high, sailing across the water veering to and fro and leading the chasers through the salty spray of breaking waves, and, coming back to the island, arcs up, following the slope and contours of the land as the Weyr rises above the surrounding land- and seascape.

So far so good, this flight has had its ups and downs and through it all Irkevalath is determined to get to the end of this chase and be the winner if has has any say in the matter. The movement from behind is picked up, a certain bronze is shouldering his way back towards the front and to make sure he stays in front he shifts slightly in his movement and his wings stretch out to leave him at the front for the moment at least. The salty spray hits across his blue hide which only spur him into going a quicker, wings flapping and his form shifting upwards after that lovely bright green hide. There is a few moments there where it seems like he is getting close, front paws stretching out with croons escaping him once he catches sight of the green starting to falter, he if is lucky he'll be at a spot where he can grab her if she starts to lower just a bit more. Unless another dragon sweeps in and drags her away from him that is.

Velokraeth doesn't want to be in the front of the pack, just nestled nicely in the middle somewhere! Irkevalath is safe in that regard, the blue faces no trouble from the pale bronze from Fort! Following Sinasapelth down, he will fold his wings and then glide out over the waters, revelling in the cool spray before lifting to the skies again. Up and up he goes and when it seems the lovely green is tiring as she leads the chase onward, Velokraeth makes his move. Using all his gathered strength, NOW he surges ahead, dipping and weaving to escape the narrowed crush of competiting males as they all vie for Sinasapelth's attentions and to snare her for their own. He will try to be cleverer than them, knowing he will barely make it on speed and agileness alone. Even if he has to arc higher than the glowing green herself, in an attempt to pluck her out of the skies from above, he will attempt it! Now is the time that nothing is held back and Velokraeth does is best to prove himself capable to catch her for his own!

Sinasapelth comes back down, over the higher weyrs of the bowl, her slipstream stirring up dust here and there, and levels off, gliding out over the bowl as the early birds of the weyr population below wake up in this dawning hour, slowing and until she feels herself in the embrace of …
… Velkoraeth!

Velokraeth snares Sinasapelth in his grasp, much to his delight and he'll roar his triumph before twining with the green. HA! He's done it again! Let them mock his ugliness, but his cunning and wit seem to work wonders with the ladies! Up he caries her away and off towards the rising sun. Poor Th'ero will have some tricky explaining to do, when he returns home.

Sinasapelth is caught, her defiance spinning away and giving way to ecstasy. Kyldar, it seems, might have some explaining of her own to do.