Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

What little warmth Rukbat had given Fort during the day has long since disappeared, allowing for the area’s trademark cold to settle in. Those unfortunate few still tending to work outside find the frost biting at noses and ears. But while the crowds in the bowl have died down, Shenanigan’s has just begun to see a swell in the business. Weyrfolk crowd the bar making business just a tad slow, but there aren’t many who seem to mind it. Several games of dragon poker are currently in progress, though one seems to be just ending. “And that…will be my win!” A triumphant voice rises up over the the noise and is soon followed by a laugh. Apparently a beastcrafter is the source. “Better luck next time boys.” A grin is shot to the players at his table before Killian claims his winnings and pushes back his chair. It seems he knows when to stop…thankfully! Marks in hand, the beastcrafter begins to make his way to the bar area and puts in an order.

Th'ero ventures to Shenanigan's on occasion. Not to kill the buzz and thankfully he's a familiar enough face that everyone still goes about their business despite his arrival. He's even taken his knot off, for what good it does him. Everyone knows him by appearance, save for those visiting Fort or new. Tonight, the Weyrleader is just looking for decent socializing. Usually he goes for his favorite spot near the back of the lounge, but overhearing the laughter and the boasting of a win, curiosity draws him to the bar to, more or less, follow Killian. "Luck's favouring you this evening?" Th'ero offers by way of 'greeting' as he joins the Beastcrafter at the bar, signalling to the bartender. Just the usual!

One of those frost-bitten victims comes tromping in, though Lucy's swathed in various warmly knit items and not as bad off as some. She unwinds a long scarf and peels off a pair of fingerless gloves on her way to the bar, stuffing them into her coat pockets. The bartender seems to recognize her; a quick chin-jerk from the greenrider appears to confirm her order, though Killian and Th'ero will probably get theirs first. Nearing the bar itself, "Evening, Weyrleader." Sure, she uses the title, but there's not a lot of formality behind it. She offers a nod to the fellow Th'ero is talking to.

"Lady Luck and I have an agreement. She favors me…well, that's about it actually." Killian grins a bit before nodding to the bartender as a drink is slid in his direction. "The evening finding you alright…Weyrleader?" The beastcrafter may be from Fort, but he hasn't ever had reason to talk to the Weyrleader. Probably a good thing considering his aptitude for trouble. A haphazard salute is thrown in his direction, lacking the formality it probably needs, before the teen's gaze turns towards Lucy. He dips his head in her direction, offering a toothy smile as well. "Looks like you survived the outdoors….mostly?"

"Evening Lucy," Th'ero returns the greeting easily enough, not minding the lack of formality. Here in Shenanigan's, it's not necessary. There's a vague half-smile for Killian's quip about surviving the cold, but he replies back on 'lady luck'. "Might be difficult for you to find willing players, if Lady Luck is always at your side." It's meant as a teasing remark, even if his expression doesn't quite clearly convey it. As his drink arrives, he'll pay for it and then raise it, "Here's to an early spring?" If they're so lucky.

"That and a whole lot of Between," Lucy replies to the young man. Something hot and spiked makes its way across the bar to her; presumably it goes on some sort of tab as she turns and raises the mug at Th'ero's toast. "An early spring." She adds to Killian, after the toasting is toasted, "Is it a poker-related sort of thing, or do you excel in all forms of gambling?"

“To an early spring.” Killian raises his glass, taking a long swig before placing it back on the bar counter. It’s only then that he replies to talk of Lady Luck and gambling, “I’m sure she’ll turn her back on me one of these days, until then…we’ll see how long they put up with me.” The beastcrafter glances over his shoulders to the gaming tables once more before wincing at Lucy’s talk of Between. “Sounds unpleasant. But as for the gambling…just the poker sort and runner races. Course, I guess I’ve got a bit of an unfair advantage there.”

Th'ero takes a slow pull of his own drink, his usual dark poison of an ale. There's another quirked half-smile to Killian on the subject of luck, but Lucy's question has him silently curious and so his gaze just glances between the two of them. A brow quirks, "Unfair, how?" he asks in a harmless manner. Just curious, honest! He adds with some humour: "You won't have to worry about me challenging you to dragon poker. Never been able to grasp the game."
"You get used to it," Between, "but it doesn't help when your dragon insists on a tour of the Healer garden in this dreadful weather beforehand. And tapestry-shopping after. Unfair h-" but Th'ero's beaten her to it, so Lucy sets her mug down long enough to wrestle out of her oversized coat. "Folks can get a bit shirty about riders playing anyway," Lucy informs. "Some of them think we can use our dragons to cheat."

"I know runners…course, I can't /always/ call the winner but I've got a better chance than most people who bet on the races. That and I race too so…" Killian eventually gives a slight shrug before taking another swig of his drink. Before he places it down however, he glances at the two riders over the rim with one eyebrow raised. "Can you?" It's a valid question, and accompanied by a bit of a smirk.

There's a bit of a dry chuckle as Lucy mentions some of Hallenayth's quirks, though Th'ero gives another curious look to Killian, "Beastcrafter and jockey, then?" he queries, only to scoff and almost laugh for the prompt. There's a glance to Lucy and for his answer he'll shake his head as he raises his drink again, muttering over the rim of the mug. "Some folks think we're capable of a lot. But no… we can't." Right? Or did the Weyrleader miss a little trick or two?

"Oh, beastcrafter." Lucy nods slowly because, well, that makes sense. Her dark eyebrows lift a little at Th'ero's reply and she cuts a look between Killian and the weyrleader, clearly weighing her options before opting for honesty and replying, "Well, actually…I mean, you'd need a cooperative dragon, and at least one accomplice, but theoretically…"

"Mhm," Killian nods to Th'ero…but it's Lucy's reply that's really getting attention now. The beastcrafter lifts up his glass only to slam it down with a small thunk. His head is thrown back in laughter that lasts for a good 10 seconds before he finally speaks again. "I knew Abs wasn't telling me something! Faranth, that's the best thing I've heard all day." And apparently he'll drink too that.

Th'ero blinks as Lucy begins to unveil a theoretical method. Wait, what? How'd he not know this? Not that he's going to crack down on it. There's bigger things to worry about than some cheating at cards. "Seems complicated…" he drawls, before Killian's laughter pulls his attention back to the Beastcrafter. There's another vague smile. "Some of us like to have our secrets, you know." Whether or not that's true, well…

After taking a small involuntary step back from Killian and his burst of merriment, Lucy answers dryly, "Well yeah, you say that now but trying to get a dragon in on something like that, it's almost completely untenable." For Th'ero's benefit she adds, for all he hasn't said anything about it, "I haven't /tried/ it. I'm just saying, you know, people who worry about that sort of thing aren't /completely/ off base." So that secret's out, anyway. "Who's Abs?"

"Untenable…really? Sticks in the mud." Killian wrinkles his nose just the slightest but he's back to an amused smile soon enough. "You lot are more mysterious than I gave you credit for, I'll admit it." This to Th'ero before he's glancing back to Lucy. "Abigail…uh, don't tell her I called her that in public. Seriously." The teen looks about for a second as if she might come out of the brickwork, but when no irate brownrider appears the tension in his shoulders disappears once more.

"Wasn't trying to imply you have, Lucy." Th'ero replies dryly after another slow pull of his ale. Checking the rest of the contents, he decides to knock back the rest in one shot. So much for slowly nursing his drink? "And I figured. Though you know some of the wild stories that circulate. Can't help but be skeptical?" Glancing back to Killian, he actually does give a short bit of laughter. "I'm a master at being a stick in the mud — or so I'm told." Many, many times. He's tried to change but so far, no dice. There's another quieter chuckle. "I won't tell. I'd rather stay on her good side, myself." Not that he and the brownrider have really butted heads.

Lucy clearly doesn't like being called a stick in the mud, but she's not about to go tromping off to join one of those poker games, either. "They aren't beasts, you know. Dragons have some very specific ideas about things. Hally has specific ideas about everything, in fact." With Th'ero as a role model, she drains her own drink and sets the mug down on the bar. The greenrider chortles softly at Abigail's nickname, and shakes her head. "Your secret's safe with me."

"A master? Well…if you can drink like that there's got to be some fun left in you somewhere." Killian grins at Th'ero before bowing his head in Lucy's direction, "Even beasts have some very specific ideas about things." He'll throw a wink in her direction here before laughing himself. "Thank you, I'll live to see another day in this case!" Apparently he isn't quite done with the drinks yet because a hand sign in the bartender's direction means another is on its way!

Th'ero looks at the one mug on the bar and then smirks crookedly at Killian, "It'll take more than just one ale for that to happen." That almost sounds like a challenge — though who dares to try and purposely get the Weyrleader drunk to test the theory? Glancing sidelong to Lucy, he adds his own experiences. "Velokraeth could probably be coerced but there'd have to be something in it for him." he admits with a shrug. His night of carefree conversation comes to an abrupt end, however, when said pale bronze 'calls' his attention. With a weary sigh, he'll give an apologetic look to both. "Seems I'm needed elsewhere. Have a good evening, both of you." Must be urgent? Because once he's done with the farewells, Th'ero is on the move, walking swiftly towards the stairs leading up to the Wing lounges. Somebody's going to get it!

"Looks like we'll have to see about that another time." Killian's mouth turns upwards in a slight smirk in reply to the challenge. Apparently the beastcrafter finds this all quite amusing. He'll dip his head to the Weyrleader though and send a "Good luck with…whatever it is!" in his wake. As for him, well the night is still young and the gambling tables are still crowded. He'll pick up his drink, dip his head towards Lucy, and disappear into the crowd. The Shenanigan's go on!

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