Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

There's one good use for the Trader and Crafter's Square in the dead of winter: a Turnover celebration! Many of the stalls remain empty and there are no caravans at this time of Turn, but those Crafters who have come are still doing decent business. Especially the bakers, vintners, tanners, weavers… You get the idea. There's even a few Harpers who play music on occasion, before the cold gets to them. Decorations have been hung, mostly in the trees, to add some color and festiveness to the area. It helps that the mid-day sun is shining brightly too, lifting spirits after several days of drab overcast and snowfall.

The crowds out here are an interesting blend. Weyrfolk, riders, forest-men, Guards (on duty and off), hunters and even some holders are mingling about, hovering close to the temporary fire-pits stationed around and tended to regularly. There's even rumour that further up the forest paths and in the nearest clearing, a makeshift rink has been made, allowing the children somewhere to play (under close watch) and not be underfoot, as the lakeshore has been overtaken by dragons and the covered floating dock reserved for the night-time outdoor dancing. The Gemstone Tavern is already seeing good business, as no doubt the Living Caverns and Shenanigan's within the Weyr will later become crowded.

K'vir has returned home for this occasion, after securing permission to do so. He could have stayed in Igen, where Turnover is no doubt being celebrated and in MUCH warmer climates but the young boy has a soft spot for what used to be his home — and still is, in a sense. Almost thirteen now, he remains one of the youngest bronzeriders… at least here. It's surreal for him to be on the other side. Part of him wishes to go with the other youths and kids to play, but he's also a rider now. Give it time and he'll probably wander over, but he's content for the time being to mingle among the "adults" and leave it to K'vir to scope out the food stalls first.

C'rus is all bundled up against the cold of the winter. It does seem odd that only a couple of hours ago he was celebrating Turnover on a beach where it was considerably more pleasant than it is here. Still it could be worse weather and while Jaicoureth might not be a fan of the cold it has never really bothered him all that much. All that C'rus can think of is how busy work is going to be tomorrow after all these people have 'fun' and do various things to themselves, but that worry isn't readily apparent on his face and instead his face shows a smile as he wanders here and there looking at all the interesting things to be seen. He even stops to chat here and there with holders from the various holds he visits during the summers where he provides medical care. His gaze falls upon Kyzen. There is a face he hasn't seen in awhile, "Hello." he calls to the young man.

K'vir at least kept his winter gear… or had an old jacket from the stores altered to fit him so he doesn't freeze. He's used to Fortian winters, having been born and raised here for most of his young life but even he's missing Igen's dry heat right about now. When C'rus calls to him, he's just finished purchasing a flat fried pastry rolled in spice and sugar and was about to take a generous bite of it. Instead he turns, then grins when he recognizes the bluerider. Sure, it's been well over a Turn now since K'vir last stepped foot on Fortian ground but his memory is good! "C'rus! Hey! How've you been?" he asks good naturedly and while waiting on and answer, he start to chow down on his snack.

C'rus sticks his hands into his pockets to keep them warm and smiles, "I've been fine. Just working. Same old same old really." he explains. He hadn't been all that involved in the political upheaval of the Mr'az experience and keeping a low profile had probably been a good thing, "How about you? I heard that you impressed a bronze dragon all the way over at Igen. You must have had a very busy turn with weyrlinghood and all the changes." He can't imagine just how busy the youth must have been, "It's good to see you back. Your parents will probably be very happy they can see more of you."

"Yeah? Healer craft, right?" K'vir asks once he's finished eating, brushing the leftover sugar from his gloves. "You should try those," he suggests with a crooked grin, sidetracking before getting back to the previous topics. "I've been alright! And I sure did! Were you at the Hatching? My parents were too. His name is Zekath, he's somewhere by the lake. Probably watching things." K'vir says this with a rather fond tone, even though he smirks and rolls his eyes a bit. "Uh? Oh yeah. Weyrlinghood was tough. We'd some foolish pairs in our group. Ended up having an accident and getting setback." He doesn't bring up the older rider that died in a freak accident, leaving K'vir to experience the loss off a dragon and rider from a rider's point of view. That was tough. "Heh, well… we're all busy. Maybe I'll see them later today, before I have to go back to Igen."

C'rus nods his head, "Mmm hmm. Thats right." he says agreeing with Kyzen's memory of healercraft. He does his best to hide a smile when the young man gets side tracked, "I'm sure that I'll have one eventually. I had a rather large meal at another party and I best wait just a bit." He nods once more, "I was at the hatching. I try to go to all of them if I'm able." He ahhhs softly as the young man describes his lifemate, "Well thats just lovely." He glances over toward the lake and then back toward Kyzen, "Accidents do happen if we aren't careful. I know one of my clutchmates was held back as well." Sai thankfully didn't die, but still, "I'm pleased that you seem to be enjoying your new life."

K'vir perks up a bit, "Right, Turnover is happening everywhere! Where'd you go? Guess theirs is already done, if you're here?" Just a logical guess on his part. Timezones and all! "Wow. You must have seen a lot of Hatchings then and not just Fort's… I heard that Iaverulth had a clutch here and now Kayeth's watching over eggs? Rhenesath will too?" So many golds going up! He grins, "Zekath is amazing. I never thought I was going to Impress, let alone a bronze!" There's a grimace and a nod, "I know. Accidents can happen to anyone though. Which of your clutch mates were held back?" Another grin, broader this time. "Thanks, C'rus! I am enjoying it. I miss home sometimes but…" He shrugs. "… I'd not trade it. Otherwise I'd not have Zekath."

C'rus takes a moment to pause and think before he waves his hand in the direction of Xanadu, at least he thinks its that way, "Over in Xanadu. It's summer there and so there was some swimming and eating…" And of course drinking, though he wouldn't suggest that to the young man, "I have seen many hatchings. I think I've seen at least one hatching at every weyr, probably more." he muses, "Yours was a very fine hatching if I'm remembering right. No major difficulties." As opposed to some that he has seen at Xanadu and Monaco Bay. "Thats what I've been told." he says with a shrug, "Honestly since I'm not on the weyrlingmaster staff most of that stuff flies by without me paying too much attention beyond attending the hatching." Then he returns back to the young mans question, "Oh S'ai broke his legs or something when he was a weyrling. Can't remember exactly what he did but he recovered so no harm done." Ahh homesickness, "Yeah. It's hard to get used to new places. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't, but I've learned over time that home is where you make it. Besides now that you can travel you can visit more often and keep track of what is happening here."

"Lucky! Not that this celebration is bad, but the cold makes things tough. I was gonna go see that rink they setup…" Yeah. Just to go "see" it. K'vir is no stranger to drinking. He's seen plenty of it, what it does to people and personally he's still not acquired a taste or desire to drink. Too young for that. Too young for many things. "Hatchings are so different on the Sands. It never seems that fast up in the Stands!" He blinks and then laughs. "You don't have to be a Weyrlingmaster to know when the golds are rising or clutching! Anyone can. Usually the dragons gossip first…" How silly? He winces, "Ouch. I've never broken anything… don't plan to, if I can help it! And yeah, that's true." About being able to travel. "Dunno if I'll have THAT much time to visit. I may have only been given messenger duty and the like for now but I've not given up on being part of the S&R Wings. Or a Guard."

"Oh yes. When you are on the sands things seem to go by alot faster. Of course you are all keyed up and emotional when its happening and things do tend to go by so much faster when you feel like that. Or slower I suppose depending on how you feel." C'rus explains with his hands flapping about in the air. He always did like to talk with his hands, "I do know things are happening. I suppose I should have said involvement. My involvement with it beyond listening to gossip and whatnot is pretty low, "Yeah. Work keeps us all pretty busy, but duties change and you may well end up doing one of those things when you get a bit older. Could be lots of different duties in your future." He glances over toward the rink, "Oh yes. I'd heard they'd set something like that up for the kids."

K'vir wrinkles his nose a bit, "I don't know if I'd have been able to handle it going slower! Fast was tough enough." He makes no comment on C'rus talking with his hands. It's not so uncommon as to be completely unusual. Tilting his head, the young rider does accept the blue rider's explanation. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Zekath and I keep very busy, plus he doesn't seem interested. I know that had folks wondering but I don't care. Got better things to do. So much to do! I've got to prove we can be good enough for more than just busy work and messenger stuff." No offence to those who do it as a regular thing! K'vir grins, "It'll be a long, long time I think before I see anything like Wingsecond or Wingleader… I just wanna be a Guard. I wanna serve and help, y'know?" Such simple goals.

C'rus smiles at the young man's reply, "People are always going to talk and bother with other peoples business. It's just the way of weyrlife and hold life too. As long as you are doing what makes you happy you don't have to worry about what other people think." C'rus advises…and he really really really tries to follow his own advice, "Finding the right job is hard. Lots of steps and work to get there, but its worth all the work in the end." When the boy mentions the higher up position he chuckles, "Your father did a good thing for me when he kept me out of politics, and those jobs come with lots of politics. If its one thing I've learned over my turns as a rider…mostly thanks to Jaicoureth…it's that politics are a mess and we are all better off staying as far away from them as we can. We can still serve and help in other capacities."

K'vir grimaces, "I never got the thing about gossip and rumours. Seems kind of stupid, if you ask me." He says honestly and then exhales heavily, kicking at some of the snow with his boot in an idle way. "It's hard to wait though. I know I'm real young to be a rider but in Threadfall times, I'd be out there fighting with the rest of 'em. I don't get it why I can't do some minor things for the S&R wings… Supply runs or whatever." Maybe that's to come in the near future and he should just be patient! "You wanted to be in politics?" He pulls a face. "Why?"

C'rus lifts his hands above his shoulders before letting them fall with an "Ehhhh. People like to talk. I don't think we'll see the rumor thing die down any time soon. The dragons aren't much better really. They like to talk too. At least they are a bit more honest about things. So we probably won't escape the rumor mill any time soon." He wags his finger for a moment at the young man, "Yes you would. And likely you'd be dead. We can all be grateful that Thread is gone and not coming back." he shudders at the thought, "I don't for one minute think it was glamorus or exciting. Despite the tales people try to tell…I wouldn't worry though. You'll get there soon enough. Probably want to make sure you have the physical strength to do the job." He's still a young man after all. He just shrugs his shoulders when asked the last question, "I think I wanted power to make people do what was best. But after seeing all the politicians come and go I've learned they don't really have the power. So I was chasing after something that doesn't exist. Your dad saved me from turns of misery figuring that out by myself. I can do more good being a healer."

"Zekath doesn't seem to gossip much? He'll pass some stuff on, but only real important things. Like if the watch dragon or sweep riders are reporting stuff." K'vir explains and at that wagging finger from C'rus, the young boy just smirks. Yeah, yeah! "I guess our lives are a little better for it. Riders can still die though…" It's just more from old age or accidents now, rather than dying in the line of duty. "I'm stronger then I look!" K'vir boasts, maybe feeling a touch defensive at always being told the opposite. He just doesn't get the difference. He will some day. "Wow. I didn't know… But being a Healer seems more rewarding. You save people!" How cool is that? Obviously there's a lot more to it, but K'vir sees the world very much in black and white. Simple. Glancing towards the forest path, the young rider fidgets. "I wonder if Lianri is here… Maybe I will go see the rink. I bet some of them won't recognize me!"

C'rus is content to wave to the young man and send him off to play with people more his own age, "Yep. Pretty cool." he says and means it, "You have fun and I'm sure that I'll see you around from time to time." He'll wander off and mingle like he was doing before.

"Thanks! See you around, C'rus!" K'vir calls cheerily, already taking off down that path to go find those his age. How he'll be received is another matter. It will either go well or it will go poorly and the young rider will just return, a little dejected, to mingle back in the main crowds.

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