Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It has been a wet snowy day, and the evening is about much of the same. Abigail is making her way on into the caverns, pausing to pull her coat off and hang it up so she doesn't go dripping snow all over the place. She rubs at her hands a few times as she moves along, pausing long enough to grab a mug of klah and then find a place to sit near the fireplace. Once she has taken over a seat she works on pushing a few damp strands of hair from her face, as she does this a brown firelizard flutters down to settle on the back of her chair and churrrups out at her.

With the snows come again, Borodin has found himself back at Fort. Being back at Fort, Borodin has found himself taking a bit of time in the kitchens. He's just emerging from there now, done with his day but with a plate of various things taken from serving trays as they returned back to the kitchens. He's headed away from the fire - kitchens are hot! - until he sees Abigail there, and stops. Oh. He pauses a moment, then sighs and walks toward her. "Hey."

Abigail pers at the voice that says her name, a smile is seen and she waves. "Hey, come sit?" She questions while pointing ot the seat next to her. Huritt crooons out and stretches out upon the cchair back relaxing. "Ye been working back at the kitchen?" She is very good at questioning or pointing out the obvious.

Borodin approaches, and sets down his plate before sitting by the nice warm fire. He gives it a sidelong glance, and sighs just a little before returning his attention to Abigail. He nods. "Yeah. I've been…" he sighs again. "We didn't get as far as we wanted, with… well, I thought it'd be a good idea to wait here, anyhow. Until spring. Again."

Abigail ohs and nods while leting her hands curl around her mug. "How far did ye two get?" She is clearly curious. "How are ye and Zapallie doing anyway?" A bit of amusement seen across her face while she asks that.

Borodin glances back to the fire again at the question. "Not far," he says, and is quiet for a moment before he adds, "You've been just as far yourself." There's a little tug at the corner of his mouth, undecided between smile and frown, and then it resolves back to neutral. Very carefully neutral. "All right. She's not too fond of here, though." He shrugs a little.

Abigail peers at Borodin curiously a moment. "Really?" She wonders then where it could have been. The smilefrown bit is caught from Borodin and she watches him a few moments. "I knew she wasn't to happy the last time I talked to her." There is a pause. "Ye sure that yer alright?"

Borodin just nods his head. Really. But he doesn't actually say that out loud. After a moment, his gaze goes to his plate, regarding it a moment before looking back to the fire again. "Yeah," he murmurs about Zapallie, then glances back to Abbey. "Sure. I guess. I don't know. Probably."

Abigail smirks faintly and sets her mug down while she leans closing eyeing Borodin a moment, pondering. "Why do I have a hard time beleiving that. Is something wrong?" DId she do something again? Heck she can't even remember doing anything wrong for a while now. The last time she saw Borodin was at the bar, and well T'us was there. "Is this about that night?"

"No," says Borodin, and sighs. "Nothing's wrong." He stares into the fire for another moment, then glances back to Abbey. "Huh?" He blinks. "What… oh." His ears turn a little pink, and then he shakes his head. "Uhm. No. He seems nice."

Abigail seems to be having a hard time in believing that. "If'nn ye say so." She offers softly before peering into the mug. "Ya he is. I think ye and he an would get along too."

Borodin knows the dubious look. Well he knows the dubious look. For a few moments, he ignores it to focus on the other part of the conversation. "Maybe," he says. "He's likely busy with things." A shrug, and Borodin pokes down at his plate. "There isn't, though. Nothing's wrong. I've been working in the kitchens. Prep cook, mostly. I've got a bunk here. I've got a girlfriend, even if she is mostly off at the beasthold. You're happy. Everything should be good."

"Ye said should be good. So what is wrong?" Abigail questions with a soft tone as she glances to him, she isn't buying any of this, something is troubling him. "Well, I suppose so. His from Eastern so we meet up when possible."

Borodin shakes his head, then looks over at Abbey. "Nothing's wrong." He's repeating himself, now. "There isn't anything… no reason to be unhappy."

Abigail tilts her head and ponders. "I didn't say anything about being unhappy." She seems a bit confused and reaches over to poke at Borodin. "I'll stop bugging ye, but… We use ta talk, an if'nn ye don't to that is fine." She'll let it be, for a few moments perhaps!

She didn't? Borodin blinks, then frowns, looking away into the fire again. "Oh," he says, and then he's quiet for a moment. There's the guilt, and his frown deepens. Borodin, why don't we talk anymore? It's all right. Abigail will sit in the dark about his emotions. Their mother does it better, but Borodin has more practice resisting it from that direction. "Well, I should be happy, anyway."

Abigail catches the deepening frown, as for sitting in the dark on things she doesn't tend to do that very well. "But ye not." This said more of a comment then question. "What's wrong Borodin?" She'll ask again if she needs to it would seem.

"Nothing!" Borodin repeats, and he scowls. "There isn't… it's not… everything's fine. Great. If you'd asked me what I wanted, three turns ago, I'd have said this was great. It's just… I'm just not happy with it. It's… what am I even doing?"

Abigail pauses at the firmer tone and she tilts her head while peering at Borodin. She's quiet and soon looks over to the fireplace, there is a pang of guilt crossing her face. "I'm sorry Borodin." If it wasn't for her then he wouldn't be here, but would it be any different back at the hold. "What do ye want to do?"

Borodin shrugs. "For what?" he asks, and slowly shakes his head, settling back into his chair. "I don't even know. I want… I like cooking. I like being in the kitchens, putting things together, but… what am I supposed to do with that? Be a cook forever? And I like Zapallie, but… she doesn't want to be here. And I know that, and I… I tried to like the road, and it had good parts, but… it's awfully…" He shakes his head. "I just don't know."

"Ye need to figure out what ye want to do Borodin an that will help things work out." abigail says with a soft tone. "What is wrong with being a cook? Especially at a Weyr ye'd get yer pick of what jobs ye'd want I'm sure." She pauses at the bit on Zapallie and ponders. "What about a different Weyr, or Hold?" Well its possible. She seems a bit amused at the road bit. "It's not a life for everyone, being on the move an such."

Borodin makes a little hmph noise at the idea of figuring out what he wants, and stares out at the fire in front of him. "More like what the senior cooks don't want," he says, and shakes his head. "That'd be the same anywhere. And I don't mind it so much, usually." This has been your moment of honesty impels him, and then he sighs, trying to let out some of that mood. "I… I dunno. I mean… you've met her." There's something that's kind of a smile, only it's also kind of a frown, and it ends in a sigh. "She doesn't really make friends."

"Aye, I know how well she maks friends." Abigail says with a soft tone. "Not well at all." Well the first time they met she did punch Zap after all. "Well, true. Though I bet ye could climb the ranks quickly. If'nn ye want ta after all." She ponders. "Or there's that wine making that we visited the few turns back." Well it is an idea, right?

The understatement makes Borodin smile slightly, though it's gone a moment later as he nods. On the matter of rising in the kitchen, he's more skeptical. "Maybe," he says, glancing to her and then back to watching the fire. "I dunno. I'm sort of old for an apprentice. It's interesting, but… is that really what I'd want to do?"

Abigail peers at Borodin. "If'nn ye want to try for apprentice again ye could. Yer not /that/ old." She points out. "T'us was in the tech craft and his over learning how to be a Harper now."

Borodin considers that a moment, then he frowns and shakes his head. "He's a dragonrider, though. The rules are different for them. They don't even live at the Halls, they just… show up."

"He only shows up for classes because he is a rider. If he wasn't one he would be there with the rest of the apprentices." Abigail says with a soft tone. "If'nn there is something yer interested in ye shouldn't let something like that stop ye. Ye should at least try." She wants him happy, in whaever that mightbe.

Borodin frowns still, but he does nod. "I'll think about it," he says. He's quiet for a moment, then pokes at some of the food he brought out, making himself have a bite.

Abigail hums softly and nods while she watches him a moment. She takes in a soft breath. "I have ta tell ye something Borodin. Seening how yer back." She taps a finger against her mug, a faint glance sent over the area near them before she looks back to him. "I'm gona be gone for a mission. Hopfully won't be that long, but I dan't want ye to worry over it." Her tone has gotten a bit lower while she brings this up.

Borodin turns his gaze back to Abbey. "You are?" he asks, and then lowers his voice to match hers. "What is it? Is this… is this about Gold Hill?" His gaze wanders her face, searching for hints about what's happening here.

Abigail nods slightly and chews on her lip a moment as Gold Hill is brought up. "Aye, to some degree it deals with Gold Hill. Myself an a few others have ta try and find someone. The quicker we can the better."

Borodin frowns, considering that for a moment, then nods. "Well… be careful," he says, then looks back to the fire. One hand curls up into a fist, and after a moment, he sighs and forces it to relax, looking back at Abbey. "You seem… happy, here."

"Aye I do plan on it. Niumdreoth will be with me as well so hopfully everything will be fine." Abigail says softly, she can wish at least, stuff happens when it comes to missions like what she is going on. A glance is sent back to Borodin and she smiles a moment. "I am. Seems like I belong here." Somewhere finally as she never felt like she fully belonged at the hold.

Borodin nods at the mention of his sister's dragon, and then… well, he tries to smile back to her, really he does, but the curve of his mouth just looks awkward, and he swallows down thoughts in order to be able to say, "..I'm glad for you."

Abigail smiles at this and nods while she takes in a soft breath. "Thanks." She watches him, knowing it wasn't easy for him to say that. A hand move to settle against his arm. "I want ye to be happy as well though Borodin." That's all she's ever wanted, and not being able to get him happy it bothers her somewhat.

Borodin glances to the hand on his arm, and there's a twitch of lips that's another attempt at a smile. "I…" He trails off, and gives his head a little shake. "I'll try." The two of them are sitting in chairs near the fire, and by now, most of the snow has melted off Abbey.

Abigail is indeed missing the snow that she came in with, which is fine by her. She nods, smile seen. "Alright, good." She offers softly. "So, ever think about trying to ice skate? Thought about going with Hotaru is the lake was frozen over enough."

Borodin had sort of been in the market for a change of topic. On the other hand… "Uh. Didn't you… you mentioned that last winter," he says. And didn't he say no, no, never back then? "It's… I mean, uh… I could come watch. And bring some hot tea." And not set a foot on the ice.

Hotaru trudges into the caverns. It's been a long day and she's riddled with snow and wet in places where the snow has melted. Once she's into the caverns proper she removes the goulashes she's got on, as well as the snow pants, coat, hate, gloves and the like that were keeping her warm against the biting cold. After abandoning all her gear on pegs or in a pile, she heads over to get a big mug of klah and a bowl of stew. Then she moves over to sit down in front of the fire. The floor will do, if it's not wet. And then her boots will come off so she can stretch out her feet closer to the fire. "Ahhh.. My toes…" She blinks then. "Borodin! Hi! How are you? Hi Abbey. It's cold out. And I'm not going out anymore today."

Abigail most likely did ask last winter, though no harm in asking again, right? "Well, Maybe… It was just an idea." This said with an amused tone. "Thought I'd try again." She looks up at the voice and smiles while waving to Hotaru. "Hey, an that's fine. It is rather cold and wet and the likes out there at the moment."

"I'll come," Borodin assures his sister. Getting on the ice? Well, that's another matter entirely. He does smile a little, before the sound of his name makes him wince and look up. What'd he do now- oh. "Hey. Hi, Hotaru. Uhm. I'm doing fine. Just… just back for the winter, that's all." How about that weather? "It's, yeah, really cold."

Hotaru curls around her mug and bowl for the time being. They'll have to cool a bit before she can partake in them. "It's times like this I can see why my parents stick it out in Igen. How's it going Abbey? Have you gotten any more furniture yet?" Hotaru grins to Borodin. "Back from the Great Adventure, hm?" There's something about the way she says it that just makes it seem capitalized. "Just for the winter? Then it's back out with your bonnie lass? Speaking of, how is the notorious Zap? I bet you two got close while you were out on the Great Adventure, no?" The red-head presses the tips of her two forefingers together, as if that means something.

Abigail shakes her head a moment. "I haven't went looking for any new things yet. Had some work that I needed to do with today." She sips at her mug, a curious glance sent to Borodin while Hotaru goes about bring up the questions.

"Furniture?" Borodin echoes, and blinks at Abbey. "You… what… why do you need furniture? Are you moving in with… uhm." He lowers his gaze a little, and his ears get a small tinge of pink as he looks back to Hotaru. "Well. For now. We were going to head south for the winter, but…" He trails off, and then he smiles, somewhat awkwardly, at the mention of Zapallie, before the intonation on close and that gesture… well, there are more impolite versions, but nevertheless. Her ears get pinker. "Oh, we, uh, well, she'sdoingwell."

Hotaru just blinks at Borodin. "Abbey got her weyr. She's all grown up now!" Sniff. "Oh, wait… did you think she was moving in with someone? That T'us guy?" Hotaru laughs. "Whoa there! And I thought I was out of line assuming you guys were a couple!" The giggling, it goes on for a while. Though it's hard to tell if it's from Borodin's half question to his sister, or from his answer about Zapallie. "I bet she is! Are you two gonna like… get married or something? Handfasted? Start a little family of Boros and Zaps?" What an odd thought.

Abigail hums while glancing over to Borodin, she is about to say something but Hotaru beats her. Her eyes widen a moment and she sends a glance to the other red-head eyeing her a moment. "Hotaru.." Is said with a soft tone, there is a blush across her cheeks. "Its for my weyr. Was rather empty when Nium and I took it over.I was going to see if'nn ye want to go see it Borodin." At the handfasted bit she tilts her head, a bit of amusement clearly seen across her face.

"Oh," says Borodin. "I guess you would." Never mind that he's still in shared dormitories or out on the road under a tent. He hunches down into his chair. If he's very, very still, maybe he can sink right through it and disappear. It hasn't worked yet in the nineteen turns he's been perfecting the technique, but maybe this will be the first time. Maybe? Please? …nope! No such luck. So here he is, and the blush just increases as Hotaru talks about him and Zapallie getting married and Abbey joins in the amusement. "I, uhm… I… she… we… uhm… well… it's…" He trails off into silence.

Don't worry, Hotaru is equally horrible to both of the twins. At least Abbey she's just joking around with. She's actually sort of curious what Borodin's big plans are since he's been away for so long. "You haven't seen her weyr yet, Borodin? It's nice. Cozy. Big fireplace and such." Hotaru, too, is still in the shared caverns amongst the other brats. The red-head is waiting for Boro's response, so there's little chance of him getting out of it, save an earthquake or the world ending. Hotaru leans over towards him a bit. "Sorry, I didn't catch that?"

Abigail leans over and gives Borodin's arm a soft pat to show that its alright. An yes Hotaru does go after them both in the same manner. "No not yet, but I'm hoping he'll want to come by and see it soon. Even though it dosn't have much of anything in it. Save a chair, a dragon and few others things." As Hotaru presses the matter, a soft hum escapes her.

Borodin is comforted. Look how comforted he is. Oh, no, wait, you can't, it's hidden under the blush. He stares down at his knees, because his feet would require seeing through solid objects, and takes a deep breath. "…no. We're not."

Hotaru grins to Abbey. "The only part he'll care about is that you're in the weyr." Also maybe the bed. But Hotaru will just think that piece of information. Borodin looks like he's about to explode, and she might need Abbey to help clean him up. Hotaru blinks then and frowns a bit as Borodin finally answers her. "Oh." She sinks back into her seat. "I'm sorry." Hotaru takes some awkward sips of klah and then sets the mug down. "So are you going to be working in the kitchens again, Boro? I got a friend who works in there, Zelda. You two should meet." Or something.

Abigail peers at Hotaru and lifts a brow. "He would?" Wait are they talking about Borodin now? She's a bit lost it seems while she attempts to get back in the conversation at hand that is dealing with Borodin. She didn't expect him to say yes after all. "Wasn't her name Zelda?" This questioned while she looks to Hotaru.

Borodin blinks, after the words have come out of his mouth and he sees Hotaru's reaction. He didn't say they were broken up. He didn't …did he? Well, he didn't mean to say that, anyway. … did he? Now he's not sure, and he hunches in a little further to the chair, his brow furrowing up with thought. Just what exactly did he say and/or mean? He raises his gaze halfway to Horatu, and it's not like she's very high up. His gaze just isn't the most rising of things, right now. "I've… been doing some kitchen work, yes."

Hotaru shrugs to Abigail. "I think he would. Wouldn't you be happy with just him? Unless his place was like… a sty and gross and stuff." That might even put Hotaru off. "Yurolt probably bunks with other guards, hm?" She nods to Abbey. "Yep. Zelda. That's the one." Nevermind that Hotaru's friends are just as strange as she is. Present company excluded. Borodin may not have said explicitly that they'd broken up, but… that's how Hotaru interpreted that reaction. He would have been more of the 'I dunno' way if they were still together, right? "You do pies and stuff, right?" Maybe moving the conversation back to something Borodin is more comfortable talking about will get the taste of foot out of Hotaru's mouth. Since the stew doesn't seem to be working.

Abigail would have responded differently if Borodin has said they had broken up. She sips at her mug while her gaze drifts between the two liening, a soft hum escapes her. She glances to Hotaru. "Wait… Who are you talking about Borodin or T'us?" This questioned with a curious tone. A slight nod is seen at the name of Zelda is brought up again.

His interest or lack thereof in another girl aside, Borodin just has to ask. "…is she a Shipton?" He's just curious, that's all! … probably. You may have to excuse him, he's currently in the middle of questioning his entire life, and there's nineteen years of double-guessing to do while he tries to continue the conversation. At least, when directly prodded. "Uhm, I know how to do pies," he admits to Hotaru. "I… that's usually something the Bakercraft keeps to themselves. I'm mostly doing prep cook. Chopping things, sauteeing, doing sauces. That sort of thing."

Hotaru blinks at Abigail. "T'us. Though Borodin would also be happy to see you I'm sure. he might not even mind if your place was a sty." She giggles. She tilts her head then at Borodin. "What's a Shipton?" If Zelda was aware of her heritage, it seems that she's left Hotaru in the dark about it. Also not -all- of L'ton's children are crazy. Some of them are though. It's the inbreeding. Nineteen years isn't a lot to question really. Or at least it doesn't tend to be once you're older. "Ooh. So you're a /saucey/ kind of guy then? Get it? I made ice cream the other day."

Abigail coughs a few times and looks amused as she hears Hotaru. "Sorry I was a bit confused." Well it is posisble that she would get confused over this conversation. As it changes to the bit on Shipton's she merely listions, not having much to add in.

When you are nineteen, on the other hand… nineteen years is FOREVER. And a day, as of tomorrow. Borodin sighs, and shakes his head to Hotaru. "Never mind. And I saw Abbey's cot when she was seven. She can't do worse than that." Is that a flicker of a smile? Maaaaaybe. It turns to a sigh at Hotaru's pun quickly enough. "I… yes. I get it. I… suppose so. Also a mincing kind of guy. At least when it comes to garlic."

Hotaru just grins to Abbey. Hopefully the brownrider wouldn't start remembering all the things Hotaru has said about T'us and get nervous around him or something. Hotaru tilts her head quizzically at Borodin. There were Shiptons everywhere. And most of them were girls for some reason. He should run away. She laughs. "Abbey, were you messy?" The red-head giggles a bit at Borodin. "I see. So do you just do prep work or like full meals?"

Abigail that is always a possibility, she is already a bit nervous around T'us as it is when it comes to dealing with some things. "Please, he lies." She offers with an amused tone. "I was also /seven/ turns old."

Yes. Yes Borodin should. He should run away from everywhere at once. Somehow, he's all about that plan, he's just… well, he's just not sure how to actually do it. Such are the challenges of life. He does seem to be relaxing a little, now that the conversation is moving on to other topics. "Well, I can make full meals, but usually in the kitchens it's at least three or four people per dish. Someone on chopping, someone stirring, someone fetching things…" At Abbey's retort, he just shakes his head slowly. "She kept bringing in sticks so she could make her dolls swordfight. And then she'd pick at the bark, and it'd get all through the sheets."

Hotaru chuckles at Abbey. "I bet you were more tomboyish than I was growing up." Hotaru will return to Fort some time in the distant future and Borodin will be living as a hermit out in some tiny house in the middle of the forest. "I'm usually the one fetching things if I have to be in the kitchens while the meal is being cooked. Sometimes they let me chop, too. Mostly though I end up washing dishes still." Hotaru giggles at Borodin's account of seven-turn-old Abbey. "She still does that." She teases. Maybe different kinds of sticks now though.

Abigail chuckles softly. "Aye I was, our mother got me the dolls thinking it would help me." This said with a shake of her head at the thought. "So I'd get the sticks and prove to her that it wasn't gona work in the least." She ponders. "An Borodin makes great full meals. They need to let him do more I think and then they would see too." Those darn pesky cooks.

Probably. Borodin nods his agreement to Hotaru's assessment of Abbey, then smiles. "Fetching things requires skill. Can't fetch things if you don't know what they are." Well, you /can/, but they're unlikely to be the right things. At the mention of dishwashing, he perks up. "I haven't had dishwashing duty in a while." Maybe he is moving up in the world! Borodin smiles to Abbey's praise of his cooking. "I'm okay. My custards still give me trouble, though. They break." Ohnoes! Non-artistically-perfect sweets!

Hotaru chuckles to Abbey. "Maybe I'll get you a doll for graduation then." She'll make a little sword and suit of armor to go with it. "Hm. Maybe Zelda could help him get in better with the cooks and such. They seem to all know her." The red-head laughs. "You mean I know how to read? That's hardly a skill. I guess I know where most things are now though." Hotaru doesn't seem to be moving up very fast though. If she'd spend time learning something instead of drifting along from day to day… "Oh? I don't know anything about custards. Other than how to eat them. And I probably don't even do that right."

Abigail makes a slight face at the thought of getting a doll. "A doll huh? Well that would be ever so nice of ye." This said while she chuckles. "There's an idea. Maybe if Borodin wants ye could ask Zelda?" Why not Borodin ask? Because she knows very well that he won't do it. She peers at Hotaru a moment. "How do you eat it if you don't use a spoon? I imagen a fork would be hard, and a knife dangerous."

Borodin considers on that. "…no, I don't think there's a wrong way to eat a custard. So long as you've got the putting it in your mouth and swallowing parts, at least. Other than that… it's a pretty open field." He smiles. "I suppose it is mostly labeled, isn't it? It wasn't at the Hold. Once we ended up with mint instead of bay leaf in the chicken soup." There's almost a laugh there, and then his face freezes at the talk of asking someone else. "Oh, no, don't… there's no reason to make a fuss. I mean, if it's just for the winter, anyhow…" Is it? Now he's not sure.

Poor Borodin. He was just one of those guys who tended to blend into the background. And probably did so a lot in the kitchens where everyone had their own thing on their mind. "I'll talk to her. Then we can all meet up. Maybe for sledding! There's four of us, unless Yurolt wants to go, then we'll have to get another person. Maybe Eirwyn." Hotaru grins. "Well, I could just pick the bowl up and lap it up like a dog. I think that would be pretty wrong." She licks her lips suggestively for some reason. Mmm, custard. She laughs to Borodin. "Ew, mint in the soup? I think they know better than to leave things unlabelled. Though a good prank would be to switch things that look similar. Like salt and sweetener." Hotaru waves off Borodin's protests. "Eh. Zelda won't care. Just stay away from her spoon."

Abigail chuckles softly as she ponders if there really is a wrong way to eat custard. She smiles to Borodin. "It wouldn't be a fuss, but if ye don't want 'em do its alright as well." She doesn't want to push her brother into it after all. A glance is sent to Hotaru. "Why would he need to stay away from her spoon?"

"Uh…" Borodin says. "Well. I suppose meeting her would be okay. And sledding is fine. It might be fun." He does his best smile attempt. There's even some actual smileness to it! Maybe this winter won't be so bad, even if he's not sure anymore what he's going to do some spring.

If there is a wrong way, Hotaru will find it. "Don't worry, Boro. Zelda won't embarrass you. She uses her spoon to hit people who cross her. I think Borodin will be fine." The red-head grins. "Yay sledding!" They might not be able to get him to go skating, but at least he would go sledding. "So what's a Shipton then? Is that good or bad? Maybe I ought to ask Zelda beforehand if she's one of those?" Maybe Borodin had swore off Shipton wimmins.

Abigail makes a face at the thought of getting hit with a wooden spoon, them things sting after all! "Sledding sounds like fun to me. I wonder if Storm and Rin would pull a sled for us." That would be amusing.

Borodin does not answer questions, for Borodin mutters something about, "Back in a minute," and sneaks away in the general direction of the privies.

They could hurt a bunch if you get hit on the knuckles! Hotaru would know. Though probably more from her grandma than from the kitchen staff. She laughs. "Storm and Rin are two of your canines? Well, generally we'd just ride one down hill. If they could pull us around though that would also be fun!" Also far lazier.

Abigail chuckles and nods to Hotaru. "True, we ride them down and then get the canines to pull us back up the hill?" See that is using one's head, just sort of lazy! "There two of 'em. I have four. Sumac and Ivy are the other two."

Hotaru laughs. "Or we could get them to at least pull the sleds. And take your dragon back up the hill." Super lazy! "Or I'll get my bluerider friend to transport us. If only I could remember his name…" Hotaru ponders for a bit. "Those are cute names for canines. I still haven't decided if I want one yet or not. When they're puppies do you basically have to watch them all the time?"

Abigail laughs at this and nods at the talk of getting the dragons involved. "I think Niumdreoth would have great fun at that. Though we may be covered in snow more then actually getting up the hill." She smiles. "Thanks. Storm is all white and silvery gray, Rin is mostly black with dark amber spots, Sumac is rich brown and gray, an Ivy has this greenish blue eyes that I've never seen on a canine before." She would have plenty of reasons behind naming them those names.

Hotaru grins. "That would be amusing, seeing a dragon pulling sleds." Though Hotaru can imagine they'd probably end up plowing the snow more than riding on top of it. "I was a little grey and white puppy with pointy ears like this." She sticks her fingers up at the sides of her head to demonstrate the ears. "Though green eyes does sound cool. Have any of Ivy's puppies had them?" Okay it sounds like Hotaru is getting more and more sold on a canine.

Abigail shakes her head slightly. "No, Ivy is close to a turn old. I wait till there about two turns before going about breeding 'em. Makes sure the mother is surely health and fully grown. I got her from a guard I use to work with back in Fort, he knew I was here and brought her. My father had Ivy's great grandmother an I was to get the new one in the line to make sure it would be well trained." She grins to Hotaru. "If she has any with green eyes I'll save one for ye how's that?" A chuckle escapes her at the bit on the grey and white puppy. "Got ya."

"Well I'm not in a big hurry for a puppy." Plus who knows where Hotaru might be in a turn. "Yeah? A special guard friend? I'll train my dog, but I don't think to be a guard dog or anything." Hotaru isn't sure if that was acceptable or not. "Okay! I'll take a green eyed puppy. What about Yurolt? Does he like canines?"

Abigail smiles and nods. "Well ye have another turn at least." This said with an amused tone. "He was jut someone that I got along with that is all." She smirks now. "As for Yurolt I don't know. I'll have to as him for sure. If so I can get him one without a problem."

A turn was good. That would give Hotaru enough time to decide if she could really handle a puppy or not. "Oh I see." Wink wink. "I haven't seen that guy in a while now. I guess the guards are keeping him busy. Or the weather. Or he's just avoiding me because he doesn't want to go on our date anymore." She frowns. "How long of a grace period do you think I ought to give him?"

Abigail shakes her head at the 'wink wink', no comment! "I'm sure his just busy. He really does want to go on the date with ye Hotaru." At the bit on how long to wait she chews on her lip a moment, pondering it seems. "Well… Why don't ya talk to him before making up yer mind?"

Abbey has played the field a little! She was the kind of girl that all the boys had crushes on but everyone was too scared to say anything. "Well, if you say so. Wait, how do you know he does?" Peer. She sighs a bit. "I'll wait for him. I was just hoping it would happen sooner. I hope that he's not working too hard. And that he's not in trouble or injured or something. Then I'd feel really bad. I'll send him another note."

Abigail may have played the field a little but nothing serious happened, other then cuddling and kissing thank you very much. Most guys was scared she would throttle them or something so it never lasted long for whatever reason. "Because he told me. Remember when you found us talking that one day? He was nervous ye was D'ani girlfriend and that he was going out on a date with ye. When I told 'em ye wasn't he was happy, and really looking forward to the date."

Hey man, that was more than Hotaru's done! Abbey shouldn't be older or more experienced than Hotaru. It just leads to bad things. The red-head shows no fear around Abbey! Then again she'd probably help Abbey do the throttling if it came to it. "Ooh. Oh! Haha!" Hotaru bursts into a fit of giggles. "I haven't even seen D'ani in -forever-. I wanted to go brag to him about my date actually. Maybe I'll try to catch him later on. Was he nervous D'ani would have come beat him up? Because I'm pretty sure Yurolt could take D'ani, even without a sword. Anyways I'm looking forward to it, too. But I guess I'm a little nervous about it on top of things."

Abigail wouldn't go dragging Hotaru into anything like that, well not unless she got to hold the person down to make sure nothing happened to the younger girl. They could take turns maybe? Possible! She chuckles and nods while grinning. "I dono, perhaps. I think he was more worried about D'ani or someone thinking he was trying to steal ye away from another ye know?" At the bit on Yurolt taking D'ani she ponders. "Possible. He is a crafty one in a fight."

Hotaru might not mind so much being dragged into something like that. It would give her an excuse to throttle someone. She gives Abbey a curious look. "Maybe. He does seem to be one of those honorable guys and all. I don't think he would like knowing he stole me from someone else. But I think D'ani is more horrified than he is interested in even playing along, so there's not much to worry about there." Hotaru coughs for a second and blinks. "Oh, sorry. You said 'fight'. I thought you said 'flight'. Speaking of, I heard Eirwyn had her first flight. Were you there? How'd it go?"

Abigail hums at the bit on Eirwyn and the flight was brought up. A fiant ah escapes her and she clears her throat. "It was alright." Well what is she suppose to say to that? A shrug is seen while she tilts her head. "Niumdreoth and I went hunting, easy way to get our minds off of it."

Hotaru blinks a bit at Abbey's reaction to her asking about the flight. Well, that was awkward. Hotaru looks off to the side and coughs. "Ah. Well, that's a good plan. Get your mind off… things." The red-head gets up and stretches. "I should go change before dinner I guess. My socks are a little wet. Tell your brother I said bye! See ya Abbey!"

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