Who Aignes, K'zre
What Aignes and K'zre briefly share some winter-weather woes.
When Winter - Month 13 of Turn 2719
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Oh, Winter! It was so pretty for the first few snowfalls, but by this point, does anyone really love the mountains of snow that Fort's been accumulating? Czarduinath is certainly not pleased as she struggles with the normally simple landing from weyr to bowl floor. She had been aiming for the spot that had been recently shovelled but… the buffetting of the winds ends up with the dainty green not-quite-crashing into a bit of a snow drift. The green shivers and her mental fair of flashy firelizards chirp peevishly and wrap their scarves closer. She takes a few steps out of the snow bank before Aignes starts to take her careful way down the straps. Cold hands makes even normal tasks take longer…

Yasminath loves it! But then again, Yasminath basically loves everything. Rain. Sun. Especially the moons. And the snow is no exception. She's made herself a cozy little wallow near the wall, out of the wind, but with a wonderful view of the bowl. Which means she is definitely privy to that not-quite-crash landing of Czarduinath's. A wash of moonlight and the faint chime of bells comes with the lift of her head, narrow muzzle pointed the way of her dainty green sister. « Are you alright, Czardi? That looked uncomfortable… » she observes, innocent worry evident in her words. And K'zre? He is will arrive soon enough, retreating from the hustle and bustle of the too-crowded living caverns and no doubt bundled up almost beyond recognition.

« Everything is uncomfortable! » Czarduinath may love many things, but that list is mostly luxury items or other things that could make the drama-green's life more comfortable. She does at least stand still (despite the COLD on her belly) until Aignes makes her way to the ground. Once rider-free, the dragon stalks directly the the closest low hanging ledge. While it gets great sun, no amount of light is going to get rid of the snow with this weather. Never fear though. Czarduinath sweeps out with a foreleg to brush off most of the fresh layer of snow before hoping up herself. It's not all clear, but she can curl up teeny-tiny. Wherever Aignes is trying to go will have to wait. She's got like five layers of scarfs to try and re-situate here.

Clearly, Yas has no problems with the snow, though there's a whisper of sympathy for her emerald sister. « Is there anything I can do? » she wonders. She can't make the snow disappear (and truly, she wouldn't want too) but she'll make an offer nonetheless. At least K'zre is solidly on the 'totally over this winter' train, his scowl hidden beneath his own layers of scarf (just one, wrapped as many times as he could manage) but is clear enough in the furrow of dark brows. He'll definitely be getting some premature wrinkles, if he doesn't cut that out. "Mph hhm ffmmf." Yup. That's intelligible (not). A sigh that stays trapped within the layers, and with some reluctance he reaches up to yank a few of them away. "Hello Aignes," is a lot easier to say when he's got nothing covering his mouth.

The offer is enough to get Czarduinath to raise her head as she considers her sister and evaluates the situation, but it doesn't take longer for her to come up with a practically perfect plan. « How do you feel about being a blanket? It'll be warmer for you as well! » Because who doesn't love the wonders of body heat? And cuddles. Aignes is probably also working on her own set of wrinkles (although Czardi makes sure she uses a great moisturizer to try and prevent them) as she struggles with the scarf before finally triumphantly getting that end out from where it got tucked under all the other layers. Her clutchmate's greeting is met with a nod. "K'zre. Glad to see you're not a snow statue. Yet."

« A blanket? » Yasminath considers it for a moment before deciding, « Alright! » Pushing to her feet, she leaves her perfectly formed snow-wallow and bounds over to join Czarduinath on her ledge. « Hmm, » comes as she considers her next move, looking undoubtedly awkward in her attempts to drape over Czardi. « This would be easier with Nymionth, » she laments. Meanwhile, there's K'zre, staring at his dragon as if she might have sprouted a second head (he *might* have been wanting to go home, and now finds himself without a means to get there…) before turning to regard Aignes in much the same manner. "It would be impossible for me to become a statue," he points out. "And I don't intend to stand still long enough to freeze." A beat or two. Three. "I'm glad you're alive as well." Because he's taking this entirely too seriously.

Curse Nymionth and all his responsiblities and things! Czarduinath will try and help as her sister decides to take up the blanket-task and try to wiggle herself under Yasminath. The emerald green also tries to do a good impression of a feline rug and make herself as flat as possible and from the bottom of the tiny dragon pile, she lets out a contented little rumble. « Yessss! This will do. » For now, although she may already be eyeing the skies to see if there might be any larger dragons she can convince to join them. Aignes doesn't even flinch as she watches her dragon burrow under another. Business as usual, right? There's a slight smile as K'zre seems to take everything all too literally. "I don't know… isn't there that thing where you can get poked by a rusty piece of metal and your face locks up? That sounds pretty statue like to me."

Right? Darn that bronze! Grr grr. At least Yasminath is doing her best at being a blanket, though she's arguably a bit small to really make it happen. There's still a triumphant little crow for her ability to somewhat drape over Czarduinath. Even if K'zre clearly finds it ridiculous (or maybe he's just not accustomed to his dragon being the one doing the draping?). "Tetanus," he supplies, flat and matter-of-fact. "And you don't want that. No one wants that." Not that she was suggesting anyone did. "And that's more of a muscle spasm. I don't think that's very statue-like. Rigor mortis would be closest, but you definitely don't want that." Seeing as it would mean she's dead. Such delightful conversations they have!

Aignes gives another crisp nod as she'll take the healer at his word that she doesn't want either of those things. She likes being able to move her face even if she mostly uses the ability to scowl and glare. "Well, you're not a statue and I'm not a statute yet, but feel like I might be testing that theory if I stand out here any longer." She gives a big shiver as the wind tries to nip into those layers and layers of clothes. "If you don't have enough blankets, we're making some more quilts…" And she'll not even finish that offer. Just leave it hanging and give a salute before trundling off through snow and wind and finding her way towards the relatively toasty weaver workroom. Czarduinath meanwhile is already crooning out towards a circling brown trying to lure him into the dragon-blanket-pile.

"We have a hearth. A rather large one," explains K'zre. "And a lot of furs and blankets…" but it doesn't take more than a moment or two before he seems to remember some manners and add, "But thank you. F'inn never gets cold, but I'll let him know just the same." And he'll probably come down and get a quilt, because who doesn't love MORE snuggly layers on the bed? "They have stew and hot teas in the living caverns," he offers. "You should get some." And Kez? He's already had his fill, and is now shooting some serious side-eyes at Yasminath. The message is received, loud and clear, because even though she might be a tad apologetic with her « I have to go now… » the green is quick about moving back down to the bowl and heading toward her rider. Full faith that Czardi can entice at least one (if not a dozen) much more suitable dragons into being a blanket for her.

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