Fort Weyr - Thunderbird Wing Lounge
This Living Cavern Annex may not be the biggest room in the weyr but it's comfortable. Wafts of the unmistakeable scent of burning wood and random mugs of klah fill the room. An arrangement of plush chairs and sofas, the majority seeming to be congregated about the large fireplace, each have a small end table nearby to stow what ever refreshments the Thunderbird riders have managed to smuggle in under the Wingleader's nose. The mantle itself is relatively plain. A tapestry depicting the Thunderbird Wing badge hangs above, but that is the only organization based decoration that the room holds. Simplicity. All you really need is a comfortable chair and a foot rest after a long day, right?

Morning is slowly creeping on and the day is one of those grim, cold overcast ones. The Weyr got fresh snow overnight and with the sun hidden behind those grey clouds, there may be more yet. Th'ero has already held council in his office with one brownrider. Now he's seeking another and he doubts it will be much of a surprise to her when he arrives at the doorway leading into the Thunderbird Wing lounge. Of course, the Weyrleader will politely stand aside until Abigail is finished, should she be dealing with any of her Wingriders. If not, he will simply step inside. "Good morning, Abigail. Is this a good time?"

Abigail knew Th'ero would going to talk to her, hard to not assume it would happen after everything that was said. The meeting with the wing was done early and the lounge is empty while she is left scribbling notes down it seems. Her gaze lifts slightly at the opening door and she nods slihtly while standing. "Good morning sir, of course it is." As if she would honestly say 'no'.

It could happen? Th'ero is generally ready for anything. His purpose obvious, he cuts right to the chase. They've known each other long enough now, worked together often enough, that he doesn't need to go about his usual tactics. Neither of them enjoy the game. "Last night. What was that all about? It's not like you to be so…" Abrasive? "…defensive." He'll go with that instead.

Abigail can just guess where this conversation is going to be going, she knows that she is in the wrong as she had no reason to act the way she did. Not that she can take it back now, what's done is done. "I… Honestly don't have a good reason for my actions. I was on edge and everything just sprialed downwards from there. I was in the wrong." She never has a problem admiting when she has been wrong.

Th'ero quirks a brow and while normally he'd be frustrated by this point, his earlier 'chat' with Ashwin brings up some good points. "You may not have been entirely in control of yourself. The flight had just happened and there was alcohol involved." Maybe not so much on Abigail's end but still. He does give Abigail a lingering look. Is that all that could have been bothering her? "Luckily he doesn't seem to have taken great offence to your or Lucy's behaviour." Or so the Weyrleader assumes.

Abigail knows that lingering look and is quiet while looking back to Th'ero quietly. She hadn't actually been drinking, tough the after flight behavior was still there for certain. "Niumdreoth was rather grumpy, I may hae been feeing off of him more then I thought." There is a slight pause though. "I am glad that he feels that way. I mean to speak with him when I see him next and apologize for my actions."

Th'ero nods his head, his expression neutral rather than grim or annoyed. He figured as much. "It was just bad timing, all around." he agrees. "Good. He's not been assigned a Wing yet either, but I've given him a sevenday to think it over. I just want you to know, you're not obliged to take him on… not on all Thunderbird Wing duties. We can always use more sweep riders. You've heard of the reports coming in from Southern Boll?"

Abigail nods, agreeing with the bad timing bit it seems. "His more then welcome to work with Thunderbird if he wishes." Though somehow she figures the other rider will stay far away, still she knows how to be nice. "Aye… Hard not to hear of them. Had an early meeting to get things started and have riders already doing sweeps and carrying some extra supplies should they run into anyone needing th extra help." She smirks a bit. "Winter always has been a fun time around these parts. Perhaps it might be good to offer to help build more shelters, ifthe reports are as bad as hey say it will not be good."

Th'ero figures that Abigail will behave more like the Wingleader and not let personal matters intervene. He has no concerns now on her behaviour. It's not like she's dealing with Mr'az, here. "Good, I'm sure that will reassure some of the smaller cotholds in that region. I'll be flying out later today for a brief meeting with Southern Boll's Lord Holder. We should hope that the reports are being only over cautious. Either way, it's good that we're already actively offering our aid." At least it won't be snow they're dealing with down there? One perk of Southern Boll and the south part of the territory is that it's far too mild for snow. Instead, they've high winds, torrential rain, flooding and mudslides to be concerned about. Oh joy?

Abigail will be very polite and behave of course, well up until something happens that even she can't control. Though for the simple fact that it is not Mr'az does help a lot. She still needs to speak to him at some point, though she is staying far away from that bronze rider. "Aye, I'm sure they will appricate what help we offer, no snow but plenty of other 'fun' that could come rolling in." She's joking, honestly.

Likewise, Mr'az is staying away from as many riders as possible and that just seems to suit everyone just fine. Things are still raw, for both sides, but eventually a talk will have to happen. Th'ero won't be intervening in that, unless it too escalates. He figures it'll sort out on its own. "Shame the current weyrlings in the barracks will be too young for the experience," he admits with a smirk. Oh yes, 'fun' indeed. "I won't take more of your time then necessary, Abigail. Everything seems well, though? Wing and otherwise?" He means personally.

Abigail smiles a bit a soft chuckle is heard. "I'm sure M'icha will give them plenty to deal with to make up for missing such things." A slight shake of her head is seen. "Yer fine Th'ero, I have sweeps in a bit." As for the question, there is a slight pause. "Everything is well with the wing, they are a good group of riders." She is proud of them, as for anything personal, she isn'tto quick to answerthat it seems.

Th'ero smirks crookedly but not without some amusement, "I'm sure he will." There is no doubt there, about the Weyrlingmaster's capabilities. Another nod, though he isn't so easily fooled. "Figured things would settle easily enough." He pauses, unsure of how to delve further without prying over much into her personal business. "You've been well?" Given it's been awhile since the last time they could talk, one on one, and not have it entirely be duty related.

Abigail has never been one to talk about her personal life much, she has her reasons. "The twins have been spending more time with Ha'ze which I think makes him happy." No she isn't fully certain how Ha'ze feels about it at times, they don't talk often, save for the chidlren they don't have a lot to deal with one another anymore. Though there seems to be something else linger, a soft breath escapes her. Of all people, honestly she did not think Th'ero would be the first she would tell. "I've been well, hopefully it'll stay that way. I… Well I'm pregnant so." So indeed, another reason for moodyness perhaps.

Th'ero remembers some, or one, of his last discussions with Ha'ze. Hearing that he is spending more time with the twins brings him to nod his head in agreement. "That would make him happy, I think." Or reasonably so. And if he knew he was the first to hear this news, he'd feel rather touched. Even so, he respects Abigail well enough that her 'secret' is safe with him. "Well…" he murmurs with a faint smile, lifting one hand to scrub his thumb along the underside of his jaw. This is kind of awkward? "Congratulations? How far along…? Or have you just found out?"

Abigail is good at the awkward at times? Though honestly she doesn't feling comfortable enough to tell just anyone, Th'ero just happens to be here an well the person thta was told? She scratches at her neck a moment. "I found out after everything last night in the Caverns, basiclly." She had at feeling but wasn't for certain. As for the congratulations bit she doesn't seems thrilled but not that upset either, more of a unsure look crossing her face. "I haven't told K'yan yet." Because, well she makes such great choices in guys in the past and it being the third time she isn't in the mood for everything to happen all over again. "I'm sorry, I should have perhaps kept this to myself for now."

Th'ero suddenly understands why Abigail was so unlike herself. Flight hormones and… hormones hormones. Not a lovely combination, for anyone. He notices her lack of excitement but doesn't comment on it. His reassurance is given just by a gentler look and a vague smile. "I won't tell anyone, Abigail. You don't have to apologize. I'd have had to know eventually, given this will… affect your position. Are either of your Wingseconds prepared for temporary take over in the later months?" he asks softly.

"Knowing eventually is one thing, knowing now when I'm still wrapping my head around it is another thing." Abigail offers softly, a faint smile is seen and she nods to him. "Thank ye Th'ero, I appricate it." As for her Wingsecond she nods. "Lana can I'm sure, B'nar or As'trix will step up as well when needed so everything will be fine with the wing at least."

Th'ero gives something akin to a sympathetic smirk. "It's a lot to take in, all at once. But if you need anything… you know you've just to ask." he tells her. Those names he tucks away, committed now to memory. Straightening, he dips his head to her politely. "I'll leave you to your work, Abigail. Thank you for speaking with me."

Abigail would have to agree with that, not that this is a first time for her, but that is not the point. "Thank ye Th'ero. I appricate that greatly." There is very few people that she feels she can speak with over certain things, and Th'ero is one of those people. "Of course, I'm sorry again for the mess last night. I hope yer day goes well."

Th'ero shakes his head, "I think you'll find that everything will work out just fine. It was a rough day and night for many of us." he says again before politely excusing himself. "And yours too, Abigail. Clear skies!" And then he's off and back out the door, heading Faranth knows where for now. Probably for another 'chat' with some unfortunate soul.

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