Fort Weyr - Ledge of Autumn's Flame
The second ledge reached along the long and narrow flight of stairs is now Kayeth's. Hundreds of turns of Senior Queens have rested their heads along this rocky outcrop, and Kayeth lays where Holth, Wiyaneth and countless others once did. The second couch of the weyr is often empty, unless Kayeth is entertaining visitors. This vast cavern looks out across the bowl towards the lake and the rockslide, and the setting sun often bathes this ledge in amber and rose hues. Annexed to this large cavern is both the Council Room and the Records Room, the latter reached by a flight of descending circular stairs.
A curved couch has been set up inside the cavern, forming a small quiet reading nook with a view of both dragon couches and the weyr. A bookcase behind it holds the records she uses most often, so Nyalle doesn't have to work her way down the narrow stairs. Beside the hearth is an old wood china cabinet filled with a few pieces of precious china, each tea cup and saucer different from the others.
A short hallway and a door separates the weyr from Nyalle's sleeping room, and beyond that is her bath. The portion of the chiseled stone which sits directly beneath Tooth Crag has been curtained off, and forms a little lounge/office, where Nyalle and work or entertain visitors.

Blizzard. Best time to have a Flight, yes? Blood against the white snow, dragons invisible, inevitable collisions by distracted chasers as the heated beacon of Fort's Senior queen cut a swath through the storm, sticking below the clouds until the pack was whittled down and only then did she surge above the clouds into the blackness of the night sky above. Stars and moons lit her gleaming hide as she pushed for height, the higher the better, far and fast, until she made her choice and Th'ero was once again confirmed as Fort's Weyrleader, as the weyr wished. Far below, in Nyalle's weyr, the goldrider is tangled up with the weyrleader in a mess of blankets and furs, keeping warm as the snow blows in from the open door that neither of them thought to close.

Blizzard, dead of night, rain, sun, wind or storm… it does not matter. If a queen flies, the best of the bronze and browns will chase and try. Velokraeth would have preferred clear conditions but beggars cannot be choosers and he made due with what was given to him. It was close at times and Zhirazoth was once more a thorn in his side the whole time but expertise, finesse (and a lot of cunning) and the Weyr's preference wins out once more and it's the pale, ugly bronze who twines with Kayeth's fiery golden body and brings her safely back to Fort. To her ledge they'll go to recover, while their riders remain within. Th'ero is slow to recover with Velokraeth's influence still heavily present in his mind. Flights are never an enjoyable thing for the bronzerider as he remembers little. Eventually though, furs and blankets won't be enough to keep the chill from the open door at bay and neither will the warmth of Nyalle's body. He begins to stir, suddenly at first and then slower, almost cautious. "Weyrwoman…?" he queries thickly, words slurred and slightly accented as he cracks his eyes open. No need to guess where he is. Just more of a matter if Nyalle is awake or not…

Nyalle isn't fully awake, no, but the cold air has her snuggling closer to Th'ero's warm body, an arm flung over his chest. "Mmmmph," she mumbles. "S'door open?"

Th'ero resists the urge to immediately wriggle away from her snuggling closer and it's only when she mutters about the door that he breathes a quiet sigh of relief. He has an exit strategy! "It is. I'll close it." Because that means he can get up and out of the bed (and away from her naked body). At least he's gentle in moving himself away? First he'll move her arm and when he does sit up, he'll make sure the blankets and furs stay tucked around her as he gropes around for his pants. He'll only find his pants and give up finding his tunic. Not necessary right now though it'd have been easier to just keep heading out that door. Instead he gets to his feet, slips on his pants and walks briskly to that door, nudging it firmly shut. There!

Nyalle curls up in the blankets and furs with a little shiver and then a happy sigh when she scoots over into his warm spot. Ahh, much better. "Mmm, thank you," she murmurs, wiggling deeper beneath those covers.

"You're welcome," Th'ero murmurs mostly by habit and half out of wanting to be somewhat polite with her. Even though it's obvious he's not going to linger. He's found his boots and he's now perched on the edge of the bed with his back to her as he slips them on and begins to lace them. "You're unhurt?" he asks quietly. Routine.

Nyalle opens her eyes to peek at his back and she nods. "I feel fine," she murmurs. "You? Velokraeth?"

Th'ero tilts his head to peer back at her from over his shoulder, brows knitting. "You're sure?" She's never been 'just fine' after one of Kayeth's flights. What's changed this time? He snorts at the mention of his bronze's name. "Smug and pleased. Content too." Obviously? With a soft exhale, he doesn't go into detail on how he is feeling himself and instead asks: "Have you seen my tunic?"

Nyalle is used to them? Or maybe she /is/ fine. She stretches and then curls up again. "Mmm, good. Should be a good clutch. Kayeth is very happy. How are you?" she asks again. "Your tunic? I think it's behind the dresser." She stays coherent.

"That is what Velokraeth seems to feel," Th'ero murmurs with another smirk. Half the time he just chalks it up to his bronze being a braggart but if Kayeth is saying the same? Hmm. "Behind the…" Really? With a exhaled breath he pushes to his feet and ambles over to the dresser, grunting when he finds it hanging off the back of it. "I'm alright." It was a flight. What more is there to be said? "Seems I will be your and Fort's Weyrleader for another stretch of time." Which… actually pleases him. He's long since come to terms with the position.

Nyalle watches him from over the covers. "And you're happy about that, right?" the Senior asks quietly.

Th'ero laces the front of his tunic without pause and there is no hesitation in his answer either, "Of course I am happy about it! I've been Weyrleader now for Turns." It's become almost something bordering on pride now. Clearly he's doing something right? Or Velokraeth is just THAT good. "It has nothing to do with being Weyrleader. Just…" The flight itself. It's awkward even now, even with him trying to make it not so bad but it's so blatantly obvious he doesn't want to be there or be with Nyalle. His desires lie with another, his weyrmate waiting for him and he hates lingering but won't be so callous as to just stalk off on the Weyrwoman.

Nyalle sits up a little bit, pulling the blankets with her. "Okay, good," she says quietly. "I wouldn't want a reluctant weyrleader…" She nods. "right. I understand." They've done this enough times now. "Go to Kimmila." And she will call for Mr'az.

Th'ero chuckles dryly and shakes his head, "I've not been reluctant since the first time Velokraeth Zuhth. You've nothing to fear on that," he drawls and finally locates his jacket. He has it half over his shoulders when Nyalle actually tells him to go to Kimmila that makes him pause. "Clear skies, Nyalle. I'll speak with you shortly." Which will likely be tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning, as always. Their routine continues, the leadership unchanged.