Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr

With the unexpected events that interrupted the Gather in Xanadu, it has been difficult for some to slip back into the laid back and easy going atmosphere that was once so prevalent. The crowds chatter, there is laughter and the Harpers have begun to play and sing. There is food and dancing, traders hawking wares but there is still that undercurrent of tension. An edge of nervousness and unease. What happened? No one knows. Not yet but rather than wait and fret, the Gather continues on and keeps most minds calm and free.

Th'ero tried to be carefree, put in as much effort as he could afford but in the end it's not enough. His thoughts keep drifting back to the sight of the smoke, the explosion and rumbling, a glimpse of his sister running alongside Ka'el as they followed Thea. How Thea looked so uneasy and tense. So many unanswered questions. After leaving Nyalle, Mr'az and Inri to their evening, Th'ero will try to treat Kimmila to some dinner, some browsing of the stalls and even dancing but his heart just is not in it and after one last dance he will draw her aside with an apologetic look to his eyes. "Wingmate… would you mind if we returned home to Fort Weyr? The Gather has been great but… I think we best go home."

Kimmila has been a touch on edge as well. Distant and wary, despite smiling and laughing and seeming to enjoy herself - her eyes keep drifting towards where the smoke was, and concern pulls at her brows along with the desire to go help. Alas, they are here to dance and eat and enjoy the evening, so that's what she does. But when Th'ero suggests they return home, she almost looks relieved. "I agree," she says softly. Above, Varmiroth - tense, nervous - springs swiftly into the air to glide down and land, fidgeting as he awaits his rider's arrival.

Th'ero looks relieved when Kimmila agrees and he takes her by the hand again, squeezing it firmly. Lifting his head, he looks back over his shoulder to where some smoke may still be rising in the distance or where it was once. He frowns heavily, "I hope everything is alright. For everyone. For Kiena too. Hope she is safe." he says, mouth set in a tense line. "Come on, Wingmate. Let's go home." And relax, if they can. Velokraeth lands beside Varmiroth, his posture tense and edgy and he rumbles low. « It will be good to be back home, but I still feel as though we could have helped here. » he admits, a bit put out to have been set to the sidelines. Th'ero will gather his flight gear and dress swiftly before mounting up and buckling in, waiting on Kimmila to be ready before giving the signal to rise up and Between home.

Kimmila nods, squeezing his hand back and looking as well. "I do too. I'm sure Kiena is fine. We'd know if she wasn't, Ujinath would not be quiet about that." She imagines, at least. "Home," she agrees with a nod, stifling a yawn. "Suddenly just…really tired," she admits, a small smile pulling at the corners of her lips. Varmiroth rumbles softly at his ledgemate, in full agreement. « It did not feel right. » Kimmila pulls on her own riding clothes, climbing up nimble and swift and buckling in before she rises after and vanishes between.

"It's true, we would know." Th'ero agrees. No dragons have keened or relayed any information regarding loss so he takes that to heart. Kimmila isn't the only one beginning to feel tired. He is as well and once Velokraeth emerges from Between the pale bronze will head straight for their home ledge. Th'ero dismounts and goes about the routines of slipping off Velokraeth's straps and setting everything to order and also seeing the bronze settled comfortably. By the time he steps inside the weyr and banks the fire, shivering, he is exhausted and barely stifling his yawns. "Wingmate? Are you hungry at all or do you think we'll call it an early night?" he asks her, already beginning to unfasten the laces of his tunic and the buckles of his vest.

Kimmila moves methodically through Varmiroth's care, despite the blue's protests that he's fine and she should sleep. Finally the dragon is settled and Kimm drags herself inside, sprawling on the couch with a long exhale. "Early night," she mutters. "Shards. I'm just so /exhausted/…"

Th'ero gives her a curious look when she sprawls on the couch, one that is half amused but also concerned underneath. Stepping over to her side, he will perch himself on the very edge of the couch and lean over her a hand coming up to stroke back her hair before cupping her cheek. "It's been a long day. A Gather, lots of sun and excitement… And I don't mean the explosion." he murmurs with a smirk, only to lean back and taking her hands into his. "Why don't we move to the bedroom then? Since we're both so tired, we may as well get sleep. Faranth knows if we'll be called upon…" Doubtful, but one never knows when news may come through the dragons?

Kimmila nods, gathering herself for a moment before she pushes to her feet and drags herself to the bedroom. She manages to kick off her boots, and then falls into bed fully clothed, grabbing at the covers with a nod and a mumbled sound. Maybe it's 'good night'. Faranth only knows. Then she is /out/. Asleep, and fast. How strange…

Th'ero follows after her as she drags herself into the bedroom and while she is kicking off her boots he is slowly undressing. His exhausted state does not have him factoring in how strange her behaviour is but he is a touch amused when she falls into the bed fully clothed. "Wingmate…" he exhales softly but fondly and while she is out cold and deep asleep he will carefully wiggle her free of her pants and properly tuck her under those covers as he slips beneath them to join her. Almost from the moment that his head hits the pillow he is out cold too and dreams a dreamless night away. No news comes in the night to wake them and the hours slowly tick by towards dawn…

Kimmila is awake first, rubbing a hand over her face groggily and peering at the ceiling. Ugh, what day is it? Wait. Is it…wait. A much more pressing matter comes to her in the form of a wave of nausea, and she hastens out of bed, stumbling to the bathroom to vomit. Sitting there against the lavatory, cheek against cool stone, she drifts back to sleep.

Th'ero stirs when Kimmila hastens out of the bed but does not wake enough to be alert as she stumbles off. Which may be a blessing as it earns her her privacy and not having him hovering by the doorway in concern and plaguing her with worried questions. So she'll drift back to sleep and so will he, though not for awfully long. Some where in the foggy recesses of his mind he will catch on that the comforting warmth of her body and presence is gone and it will be enough to wake him. The hour is his usual hour too that he is roused by Velokraeth, only the pale bronze does not call on him for patrols that morning. Groaning, he yawns and stretches out, instantly reaching for Kimmila… only to feel emptiness. Frowning, he props himself up on an elbow. Awake this early and before him? "Wingmate?" he calls, waiting and then calling again. "Kimmila?"

Kimmila jerks awake against the toilet, blinking in surprise and then..ugh. There it goes again. He should be able to hear the unpleasantness, but if he can't, there's a thin, "In here," call that drifts through the door. On the ledge, Varmiroth also rouses and rumbles in concern.

Th'ero does hear that unpleasantness this time and her thin call afterwards. Frowning heavily, he slips from the covers only to swear under his breath at how cold the weyr is. Stupid winter! Ignoring the chill against his bare feet as it seeps through the thin layer of his underclothes, he will quietly shuffle his way to the bathroom doorway and linger by the threshold. "Are you alright? Want me to get you some water? I need to go build a fire. I think we have some herbs for a tea that could help settle your stomach too and I can set the kettle to boil." he murmurs softly. To him, his mind is thinking she's caught something. It's the time of season in Fort, they spend enough time around Kyzen and then more time exposed to other people. Logical, right?

Kimmila looks up at him pathetically, exhausted and drawn and pale. "Okay," she says with a small shiver. She's chilled now too, having fell asleep in the bathroom in nothing but her tunic. Where /did/ her pants go anyway? With another shiver she turns to vomit again and then try to gather herself, rising to rinse out her mouth and brush her teeth and try to master her rebellious stomach.

Th'ero's concern only grows when Kimmila looks so exhausted, drawn and pale even in the soft glow light of the bathroom. He steps away, only to flinch when she vomits again and he picks up the pace of his movements. Fire first, then the kettle and the water. He sets a glass for her on the low coffee table by the couch and then rummages through the cabinets of the kitchenette while she is still gathering herself together. Finding the herbs he needs, he measures out the quantity he knows by memory now and then slips back into the bedroom. "Here, love." Th'ero will come back to her before she leaves the bathroom and being the secret sweetheart that he is, he's found her robes and even her slippers and offers them to her. Offers to help her into them too, before slipping an arm tenderly around her shoulders so she can lean against his side if she chooses to as he leads her to the couch.

Kimmila weakly slides into her robe and her slippers, and she will need his help to make it to the couch with a low sigh. "I'm just so /exhausted/," she murmurs. "Just hit me, all at once…so strange…" Taking the tea, she cups it in her hands and takes a small, tentative sip. "Do we have any crackers? Bread?" she asks quietly. Then she remembers to add, "Thank you sweetheart."

Th'ero sees to it that she's comfortable on the couch, even going as far as to stacking a few pillows behind her back and that the table is within reach so she can set aside her tea easily. "I could check and if we don't, I can send word to the kitchens or go myself." he says and sits on the edge of the couch beside her. He smiles faintly, "You're welcome." Leaning forwards, his fingers press against her forehead and when he feels no heat to her skin he strokes them back through her hair in a comforting gesture. "Maybe you've caught one of the seasonal illnesses going around. You know how Between can be… may have exacerbated the symptoms." Pushing to his feet, he walks to the kitchenette and begins to rummage around for food.

Kimmila shrugs, sipping her tea and leaning back in the couch. "Fever?" she asks when he touches her forehead. She knows what he's doing. "Could be, or from the Gather…or maybe I'm just tired, who knows." Stifling a yawn, she takes another sip of the tea and then sets it aside, snuggling down in her robe and staring vacantly at the flames.

"No fever," Th'ero reassures her, talking from the kitchenette as he at last finds some flatbread for her to nibble on. Light, bland food. He also finds a small tin and shaking it, he asks her. "Is rice too heavy for an upset stomach?" He's never sure about these things. "I've seen you exhausted past your limits before, Wingmate and it's never caused you to be sick quite like that." Th'ero points out gently as he comes back to the couch and offers her the small plate of food. Behold, her bountiful feast! Of… flat bread strips. Yay? "Strange that you have no fever though and yet show the other signs…" He frowns again, concerned and troubled as his thoughts begin to drift to the what-ifs. What if she'll worsen as the day goes on? "Maybe you shouldn't go on your rounds today." he suggests softly.

For her tender tummy, flat bread strips sound /awesome/. She picks one up to nibble on it. "I don't know," she says tiredly, closing her eyes for a moment. "I don't think I could even if I wanted to," she admits. "I can barely stand, I'm so tired. I shouldn't be flying." Even those few sentences have her tired, and she has to close her eyes again for a moment. "I think I should go back to bed…"

Definitely not flying, if she can barely master standing! Th'ero exhales heavily, his concern and worry for her etched plainly on his features. Why hide it? "Then as your Weyrleader and weyrmate both, I'll say you should stay home and rest. Can Varmiroth relay this to anyone who needs to know? Any riders who can take over in your stead?" he murmurs gently. Let him take care of it! "I think that may be a wise. Come on, love. I'll help you back to the bed." Slipping off the couch, he will hold out his arm for her to take.

Kimmila nods drowsily, reaching for his arm. Tired, tired, tired. Outside, Varmiroth rumbles in soft concern, before he reaches out to their wingmates and passes on the information. Inside, Kimmila leans heavily on Th'ero as they shuffle back to the bedroom, and she's almost asleep the moment she lays down. Wiggling, she tries to get under the covers and exhales softly. "So weird," she mumbles.

Th'ero can sense and see how tired she is and that only feeds his growing concern for her. What kind of illness is this? Velokraeth is awake now, pulled from his slumber by his rider's worried thoughts. The bronze rumbles low and yawning, he leans his head over to gently bump his muzzle against Varmiroth's neck in an almost sleepily affectionate way. Back inside, Th'ero helps her into the bed and under those covers, leaning down to kiss his lips to her forehead again. Nope, no fever. "Shh, Wingmate. It'll be alright." he reassures her. "Sleep, if you can. I'll bring in some more tea for you and some bread and water on the nightstand. I need to speak to my Wingleaders and maybe see if D'ani cannot take over for a bit." Th'ero is already planning to hole himself up their weyr with her, given her condition! He can do report work and tend to Kimmila. "And then I'll be back. Alright?"

Kimmila nods a bit, barely comprehending what he's saying. Zzzzzz. Varmiroth fidgets though, concerned, but also drowsy and pulled down by his rider's own sleepy thoughts.

Velokraeth croons soothingly to Varmiroth as the blue continues to fidget, going silent once his ledgemate has settled to sleep again and the pale bronze can drift into a semi-doze himself. Inside, Th'ero will wait by Kimmila's side until he is certain she is asleep before pushing to his feet to get dressed. His concern weighs heavily on his mind but he goes about his tasks, doing all that he promised for her. Water, bread and tea is left within reach for her by the nightstand and he will set his firelizards on watch-duty while he is gone. Not that it takes him long. A few candlemarks at best and when he returns, he'll check on Kimmila to see if she is still resting.

Kimmila is sleeping still, out like a dead glow basket. She'll sleep for at least four candlemarks before she finally awakens, blinking and groggy and a bit confused. "Wingmate?"

Upon seeing Kimmila sleeping, as deep as she is, Th'ero had retreated back to the living area of their weyr to settle on the couch and work on the paperwork he brought with him and also eat a small, light breakfast of hot oatmeal and fruit. He's brought enough back for her as well, if her stomach settles. The firelizards chirps are her first answer to her confused call and Electricus comes slithering down off the shelf above the bed to coil himself against her collar bone and burry into her hair if he can reach it. Moments later, soft footsteps and Th'ero is in the doorway, leaning against it and still swallowing a mouthful of food. "How're you feeling?" he asks softly.

"Confused?" is Kimmila's first reply as she snuggles with Electricus with a little smile. "I…what time is it? I…what happened this morning?" She rolls over onto her side, tucking the pillow beneath her head as she looks towards her weyrmate, reaching out a hand for him.

Electricus is all to pleased to snuggle and wriggles and writhes himself tighter and closer to her, burrowing in where he can. Happy brown is happy! Th'ero steps forwards when she reaches out for him and sits down on the edge of the bed, taking her hand in his and squeezing it firmly. "It's late morning, almost lunch now." he tells her with a gentle but worried smile. "You were up even before I was and… very sick to your stomach. I made you some tea, but you were saying you were so exhausted and so I helped you back to bed. I think you had some bread too. Just a little."

Kimmila frowns a bit, nodding a bit. "Ah," she murmurs. "I…huh. I kind of remember that." Squeezing his hand, she lets it go to rub her face and rub the brown snuggling firelizard. "I'm feeling better now," she admits, rubbing her face again.

"May be a blessing that you forget most of it," Th'ero murmurs in a voice that is just a touch amused. Electricus will thrum happily and linger for a little longer before stretching out again and slithering away. "Are you?" Sounding pleased, he smiles warmly and reaches out to gently brush his fingers against her cheek in a tender and loving way. "I just had breakfast, but I have some extra if you think you're up to a bit of food aside from dry flat bread?"

Kimmila nods, "I think I could eat something," she says, slowly and cautiously sitting up. But…she /does/ feel fine, so she smiles at him again. "Let me just go brush my teeth first."

Th'ero shifts over a bit as she sits up, slipping an arm around her so that his hand rests against her back and strokes in a soothing and comforting way. "Alright, Wingmate. I'll make a bowl for you while you take care of that." he murmurs, leaning forwards to kiss her forehead and then he is pushing to his feet and helping her up if she needs it. Leaving her to her business, he returns to the living area and when she comes out to the couch, her helping of oatmeal will be waiting for her and a small plate of sliced fruit. And more tea. Always more tea.

Kimmila meanders into the living area a short time later, settling down onto the couch. "Thank you, wingmate. I haven't kept you from anything?" she asks as she takes a careful bite of the oatmeal, forcing herself to wait instead of gobbling it down.

Th'ero had been working through some hide work when she joins him but he is quick to set it aside and turn to face her as she settles down. Offering her the bowl, he will look pleased when she eats it and shows considerable interest in the food. "No, not at all. I had a brief meeting with the Wingleaders and then informed D'ani that he's to handle things today unless they are urgent and require me to be present." Like the situation in Xanadu. "So you are feeling mostly back to yourself?"

Kimmila nods as she listens and eats. "Well I'm glad it wasn't an issue," she admits, smiling softly at him. "Thank you for sticking close. And…yeah, I am. Don't feel nauseous, feel well rested…a bit tired, but not drop down exhaustion. What a weird thing. And no fever?"

"It's never an issue, Wingmate. I wanted to be here for you," Th'ero admits softly and then gestures to the coffee table where his work is spread out. "And I can do this sort of stuff anywhere. No desk needed." he goes on to add with a low chuckle. Glancing back to her, he will slip his hand up along her thigh and grip firmly, caressing gently. "No fever. You were just bone tired and throwing up. I thought at first you had perhaps caught one of the illnesses going around but… Could you have recovered already?"

Kimmila shakes her head a bit, pondering her puzzling symptoms. "That is so very strange," she murmurs, brows knit as she continues to slowly eat her food. Very slowly. "I feel just fine, right now. Like nothing was ever wrong. Good sleep, well rested, feeling fine." She gives him an odd look. "I never throw up…"

Th'ero frowns as well and his eyes drift to the fire in the hearth, thoughtful and concerned. "It is all very strange." he agrees, "But I am glad you are feeling better. Not even a hint of what was wrong this morning?" Now that he mulls it over his head again, something doesn't quite add up and his frown deepens. "You don't?" he turns his head to give her a look. "Come to think of it… don't think I recall you throwing up even when you've been sick before…" Something has been sluggishly prodded from his memory though, that missing piece to the puzzle but he is so wrapped up in running through a list of maladies that it remains largely ignored. Nah, couldn't be.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Not a hint. I feel just fine." Ignore that yawn and stretch - she's still waking up and hasn't had any klah. "Never," she says with a frown. "Except…" Wait.

Th'ero isn't so concerned with her yawn and stretch and has to resist reaching in to tickle her while she's at her vulnerable state. If he didn't think it'd risk her throwing up again, he'd be all for some play right about now! He'll get her klah if she asks for it, he brought the tea only because he wasn't sure of her stomach's state. "Never." he repeats, quirking a brow. Except? "What? When you were pregnant?" Ahh, there it is! Click goes the puzzle piece. Th'ero blanches and stares at her blankly. No. Nooo, that can't be right. Can it? He swallows thickly, his eyes seeking hers as he takes her hand again and squeezes. Hard. "Could it be possible? You were just Between with me to Xanadu! On two occasions no less… And Faranth knows how many other times." So it can't be true?

Kimmila presses her lips together a bit and nods. "Yeah, when I was..pregnant." /Slight/ hesitation there. Very slight, as she squeezes his hand back. "It's possible, sure. I mean, yeah I've been between a few times, but…that doesn't /always/ work to…you know." Kill the baby.

Th'ero tilts his head at that slight hesitation on her part, his brows still furrowed and knitted together. His mind is a jumble of thoughts and emotions right now, all knotted together in his stomach and chest. His nose wrinkles a bit and his mouth draws back as he nods. "I know. Otherwise no female rider would ever conceive." he says and then exhales shakily, running his free hand up through his hair.

Kimmila nods, "Exactly," she agrees, looking down at her belly. "Well…I guess we just wait and see?" she says with a small frown. "It could have just been a fluke, but…if I am…"

Th'ero looks down too, to her belly and then up at her again from under his brows. Trying to gauge her reaction, unsure if this is a time to be overjoyed or cautious. "It would still be too early, wouldn't it? To… know for sure?" he asks gently and his hand slips from hers and slides up around her side instead. Attempting to draw her close to him, closer to his side where he can hold her. "It could be." he agrees and tilting his head, he tries to seek out her eyes and meet them. "And if you are…?"

Kimmila scoots closer to his side, leaning gently against him. "It'd be very early, yeah. Like…first month early. If I miss my period too…" Which she's never kept track of because…why would she? "If I am? Then…we're going to have another baby," she says, and /there/ is the smile. It's faint, in an 'omg am I really pregnant??' sort of way, but it's there.

Th'ero leans back against the couch and draws her with him, all but pulling her into his lap or in between his legs so that her back can rest against his chest. His arms slip around her again and one of his hands lightly brushes his fingers over her lower belly. "How long in do… does it usually become clear?" he asks softly and then there it is. That little smile and her admitting to the possibility. Not being upset about it. Th'ero exhales softly and his smile is also small but his eyes hold nothing but hope and happiness there, along with the usual thread of concern. "So you want this? Another child?"

Kimmila laughs as she's pulled, leaning back against him and resting her hands over the top of his. "A few months?" she admits with a shrug, "before you really know for sure…the earlier symptoms /can/ be other things, so it's hard to tell." Tilting her head, she looks back at him. "I do. Do you?"

"Truly?" Th'ero sounds curious now with his inquiry. Most of this is still an unknown area for him and yet he is not so shy or hesitant to ask those questions this time. "Hmm, that would make it difficult. Which is why you say it could be… a fluke?" he murmurs and even though he tries to mask it, it's obvious that he is hoping that isn't so. Looking down at her, he hides nothing from her and though his smile may be slow and a touch tentative, it is genuine. "I do. We had already discussed it and… while this is a surprise, it is a welcomed one."

Kimmila nods, "It could be. It's early. Even if I am pregnant, I could still lose the baby. So." Don't get too excited just yet? "But it's possible. Just…don't know yet," she says, leaning back against him and turning one of her hands over to grasp his.

Th'ero frowns. "Lose it…? How? You're still young and healthy. There shouldn't be risks?" Poor, poor naive man. Of course he got excited over the thought of her carrying his child. Another one of his children. Taking her hand in his, he grips it gently and holds her close to him with his other arm. "Because we do not know… will you be refraining from Betweening?" he asks softly.

Kimmila shrugs, "Sometimes pregnancies just don't stick. The first three months, those are the most unknown. Sometimes the body just rejects it. Maybe there's something wrong with the baby, so the body gets rid of it. No one really knows, but. Yeah. The first three months, you never know." As for between, the bluerider shrugs slightly, brows furrowing. "I…suppose I should. Have to change the schedule around…"

Th'ero frowns deeply and his mouth draws into a tense, tight line. He hadn't known how much was at risk, how easily it could just end. What troubles him the most is that none of it is something he (or they, as a couple) can control. He doesn't like that at all. "I don't want you to lose it," he says and then winces with how petulant and childlike that sounds. "I hope you don't lose it." They've already been through that once. Her shrug has him tilting his head to look down at her. "Would it be difficult to do, to change the schedule?" he asks.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Of course not. I don't either, but it's possible. My body could just…end it for no reason that we know. And…well. A bit. I do a lot of work, but. I can shuffle things around, spread out my flight schedule and take on more of the paperwork." Which really she doesn't mind /that/ much. It's when she's forced to be /still/ that she goes nuts.

Th'ero takes a slow, deep breath and then exhales. There is nothing he can do, aside from silently hope that her body does not reject the possible child. And if there is nothing he can do to control it… he simply nods his head and allows the topic to slide. "You could always put your top riders or one's you know you can trust in "control" more or less? Give them the heavier work load…" He chuckles dryly. "Or you do it as you wish and tell me to stop meddling." The Weyrleader in him comes out sometimes! "You don't mind? Just… in case."

Kimmila chuckles softly, shaking her head. "My precious, precious wing. We'll see," she allows. She /might/ give up some things But this little wing is her baby. Pun intended. "I'll do as I wish whether or not you're trying to meddle," she teases. "Don't mind what?"

Th'ero grins and hugs her close (and carefully!) against him as he nuzzles her neck and even nibbles gently. "I'm not saying you have to give it up," he whispers against her skin. "I'd never ask that of you. You will still be it's 'Leader', even if you are pregnant and when… the later months come." And she is trapped and cannot fly or leave. Her teasing has him laughing and nipping her softly. He doesn't dare nudge her, apparently. "Challenging your Weyrleader? Tsk, tsk, Wingmate! I thought we discussed this…" he teases back, only to sober and add in a softer voice. "Don't mind being on restricted duties. Until we know."

Kimmila laughs throatily, hissing a bit at the nip. "Maybe I need a reminder," she teases back, winking at him. Then she calms and shakes her head. "No, I'll…I'll be good," she promises. "Until we know." And if it's a false alarm? WHEE, vacation!

Th'ero chuckles deep in his throat and growls softly. "A reminder or a scolding?" he fires back, tilting his head up and purposely allowing his lips to brush suggestively against her neck, teeth grazing just below her ear in a featherlight nibble. He doesn't quite calm down, but his tone takes on a sobered edge. "I trust you." he tells her and if it is a false alarm he will treat her to a vacation! If she is pregnant… he'll still treat her! … to a belated vacation. Like he did before.

Kimmila laughs, considering that before her answer is, of course, "A scolding." Along with a wicked snicker. Turning, she tries to catch his lips in a gentle, drawn out kiss.

Th'ero laughs low and gruff, his wicked grin matching her snicker. "A scolding! So you've been just itching to disobey me, haven't you?" he drawls, giving her a gentle and playful pinch (more of a poke, really) to her thigh, just by the curve of her backside. A preview? His arms ease back as she turns and he will tilt his head into her gentle and drawn out kiss.

And the day progresses on, with the two of them confirming their love and the bond shared between them until exhaustion settles in again and Kimmila rests and Th'ero works on paperwork until even he succumbs to dozing away some of the afternoon away. Tomorrow is another day and routines will progress as normal … until it is known for certain how their lives may change.