Fort Weyr - Star Stones

The landing area for dragons here on the Stones has been warn smooth from Turns and Turns of watching - waiting for the Red Star to show itself in the position that would mean Thread was on the way. These days though, it's not uncommon to see the Stones dotted with flowers - a reminder that the threat no longer exists. The Finger Rock and Eye Rock stand as silent testaments to the success of Pern's people.

Winter has settled in at Fort Weyr, which means it's cold but not late enough in the season to be so miserable that one has to hide away the moment the sun sets. Very little snow has fallen yet, most of it pushed up into small drifts by the winds that on this early evening are for once still. So it makes for a "warm" night, as long as one is wearing the proper gear. The skies are clear and darkening rapidly as the last of the light is leeched away as the sun dips below the horizon and the stars above come out in their hundreds.

Th'ero ventures rarely to the Star Stones but on occassion the mood will strike him and time will allow him a brief escape. The Weyrleader stands close to the edge of the large and broad ledge, just a bit ahead of the Stones themselves. He's dressed in his thickest flight jacket, though the extra padding and furred collar give it away as his winter gear. His hands are gloved and at his side he wears his sword and dagger, one on each hip. Standing with his head lowered, he seems lost to this thoughts as he stares out over the bowl far below and the lake glimmering somewhere in the distance.

Betweening gear was best to be used at night in Fort while winter was setting in. Zi'on had spent far too long now in Western's tropical climate to be used to the cold temperatures anymore. Not that Zi'on was expecting to be sitting around outside in the cold with the sun going down. But he was on the lookout for Th'ero, as the two didn't have much time to talk last time Zi'on was in Fort. Surely there's a place for dragons to land up here, no? If not he'll be going the long way around. Which won't bother Zi'on too much, but might make his passenger unhappy. The bronzer's brought his eldest son with him, a tiny version of himself without the extra body hair. Ezio is four turns now, so he's old enough to between once in a while. Also he's old enough to be potty trained and not to be carried about. Whether they arrive by dragon or on foot, it's actually the boy that greets Th'ero first. "Uncle Th'ero Uncle Th'ero!" Surely this nomenclature is Zi'on's doing. "Can I look at your swords?"

There is enough of a ledge for a dragon to land and even stay comfortably for some time though it's not liable to be very warm up here. Regardless, the pathway by foot leads straight from the bowls below so the way that route is not so terribly long. Th'ero does not expect visitors up here on the Star Stones. Few ever come by, though some must to judge by the fresh flowers arranged neatly around the base of the Stones. He's pulled from his brooding thoughts at the sound of a very young voice calling him and turning stiffly and slow, the Weyrleader gazes sidelong to the approaching boy. Recognition dawns a second later, both by the title (which may earn Zi'on a /look/ for that) and the obvious likeness between the child and his father. "Maybe in a short while but you best ask your father too," Th'ero replies in a firm but gentle tone to Ezio, before his attention shifts to the Western Weyrleader and he smirks, "Rather late again for a visit to Fort Weyr. Why did you not have Suldith bespeak Velokraeth? I'd have met you elsewhere." Not that it's miserable up here. The early evening proves to be rather mild and enjoyable, so long as one is dressed for the winter season. Skies are clear, the winds are down and there is barely any snow.

Kimmila is dressed for the season, as is the bundle she's carrying up the stairs. Wrapped up in a blanket, the mass of black curls give Kyzen away, as the baby squirms and blinks, gazing around at the outside world. "Oh, hi," she says, approaching the two Weyrleaders and adjusting Kyzen in her arms, peering down at Ezio with a little blink. Hello little person/thing.

Suldith really just lands to drop off Zi'on and Ezio, then he's back off to find something to do. Hopefully not to chase a proddy green this time. Zi'on folds up Suldith's straps, which is why Ezio greets the weyrleader first. Such looks were fairly ineffective on Zi'on. He's seen that look plenty of times on a face cuter than any much scarier than Th'ero's. "You can look, but no touching." Zi'on tells his son. "I meant to. I was distracted." He motions to Ezio. "Suldith thought he saw you down here anyways." Ezio also tends to sport a mass of black curls, but his father's had his hair cut short like his own was. "Hi!" Ezio responds to Kimmila. Then turns his attention back to Th'ero in acticipation of sword viewing. Zi'on grins to Kimmila. "Hi Kimmila. Who is this, then? Is this the little Kyze?"

Mercifully there are no proddy greens this time — or a proddy gold. Th'ero chuckles dryly for Zi'on's explanation, but he does not pry further into the other bronzerider's affairs. "So it's a leisurely visit this time? Not so much business?" Obviously, if Ezio is with him. Reluctantly even with permission given, Th'ero unbuckles his sword and crouches down to hold it out length wise between his two gloved hands. He does not unsheath it and it remains securely buckled in at the hilt. The boy can touch it though and peer at it closer, but the bronzerider isn't about to freely hand it over. When Kimmila arrives, Th'ero will glance up at her in mild surprise as his eyes dart from her to the bundle she carries. "Wingmate," he greets her, a small smile curving his lips. "You are both well?" He'd go to her side then, but as he's currently (and awkwardly) crouched down for Ezio's benefit, it makes it hard.

Kimmila lifts a brow and watches as Ezio goes to check out Th'ero's sword, and she adjusts Kyzen so the boy is against her shoulder. "Yes, this is Kyzenviro," she says, turning so Zi'on can see the boy's face clearly, and the child blinks back at the bronzerider with vague attention. So much to see!

Proddy golds would ruin the whole night. Zi'on would have to escape the weyr before Suldith got it in his head to chase. Enka would not be pleased to find her weyrleader stolen by another weyr, even if it was just to watch eggs. Zi'on chuckles. "Not so much. I thought I'd bring Ezio and show him around Fort a little. I think it's good to get a little experience with the other weyrs, since he might end up at one someday. Don't tell his mother I said that." Zi'on peers at Th'ero, then looks to Kimmila. "Is that your petname? Wingmate?" Ezio looks over the sword. "Ooooo. Can I see the little sword, too?" He points to Th'ero's dagger. That's more his size, which is why he's interested. Zi'on meanwhile moves over to look at Kyzenviro. "Hey there little guy! Can I hold him? I thought you guys had fostered him?"

Neither would Th'ero be pleased to have another Weyrleader on his turf for so long. Talk about awkward! "Not a bad idea," Th'ero murmurs in agreement to Zi'on's logical decision to expose his young son to as many Weyrs or locations around Pern. Perks of having a dragonrider for parents? "And I won't tell his mother. I value my hide, you know." he drawls with a slight snort, only to peer back at the other bronzerider with a narrow look. "It is /not/ a pet name. It's a title of respect." Seems he's a bit touchy over the subject? His eyes will dart to Kimmila then and his mood will relax again when she shows their son to Zi'on. Th'ero will focus on Ezio then, buckling the sword back to his hip and then blinking. Little sword? Oh, right. "That's not a sword, it's a dagger." he corrects, but he unbuckles it too to hold out in the same manner again. It's clear though that the bronzerider would much rather be by Kimmila's side and closer to his son rather than awkwardly attempting to entertain Zi'on's. "He has been fostered." Th'ero chimes in to reply while the dagger is inspected next by Ezio. "Just within the Weyr. We can visit him when we wish if time permits." He'll let Kimmila fill in the details, if she so wishes to.

Kimmila clears her throat a bit with a little smile, shifting Kyzen before offering the baby over to Zi'on. He has way more experience with children than he does, after all. "To my brother and his family," Kimmila adds. "They've gone on a hike today, so I offered to watch Kyzen while they're gone." Looking back at Ezio, she can't help but smile as she slips her hands into her pockets. Zi'on can hold Kyzen as long as he wants, it seems, and the boy isn't the type to mind being passed around as he blinks, wobbly headed, up at the Weyrleader. Hiccup.

There would be too much testosterone at the weyr for certain. And whatever sort of male-dragon hormones that were in abundance inside of bronzes that caught senior golds. Zi'on laughs. "Well, it wouldn't be your hide Enka would be skinning." Zi'on gives Th'ero a curious look. "Are you always that formal to each other?" It must make things awkward! Ezio is more interested in the dagger it would seem. "Ooh. It's my size!" The boy turns his attention back to his father then. "Da, can I get a dagger?" Zi'on just fixes his boy with a look. "No, Ezio. Maybe when you're older." Ezio looks downtrodden at this, but he doesn't start throwing a tantrum, thankfully. Zi'on takes Kyzen gratefully, grinning down at him. "Oh, that's convenient. Ezio's foster parents don't mind if we come to collect him from time to time. Really I've never had a problem with that with any of my chosen fosters." Zi'on pokes at Kyzen's nose gently. "You look like your pop, little man." Ezio meanwhile has lost interest in the swords, and now is playing amongst the stones.

"What harm is there in being formal? We're not always so, no…" Th'ero begins and then falters awkwardly as his gaze shifts from Zi'on to Kimmila and he simply leaves the sentence to hang unfinished. Clearing his throat slightly, the bronzerider only gives Ezio a strained smile before clipping the dagger back into place and rising stiffly from his crouched position. "Your father is right. When you're a bit older, then you can get one." Thankfully there is no tantrum or the awkwardness would just ramp up high in seconds. Even so, Th'ero watches the boy with an almost wary look as he comes to stand by Kimmila's side and gently slip an arm around her. See? Not so formal. "That was kind of you," he murmurs to the bluerider. "He has not been too much trouble?" he asks her, while his eyes observe Zi'on as he now holds Kyzen, only to snort softly for the other bronzerider's comment. "Everyone seems to say so." he drawls in a low murmur.

Kimmila shrugs, "No harm in it," she answers, almost at the same time as Th'ero, grinning a bit as she loops her arm around his waist in return. "No, Tlazio doesn't mind at all. Encourages it, even," she adds with a faint grimace, before she's smiling. "He does," she says, and there's no mistaking the quiet pride in the mother's voice, that their son takes after his father. "He's been fine. He's not real fussy, at least not with me." Or Zi'on, it seems, as the boy scrunches up his face at the nose poke. Little hands wave, and then squirm, and try to get back underneath the warm blanket but still lacking that dexterity.

Zi'on shrugs a bit. "I dunno." Eventually you had to let down some of your formal barriers down though to get close to someone. Plus such formalities made Zi'on feel awkward. Like they were trying to hide something from him. Zi'on keeps tabs on Ezio as he plays. "Ezio stay out of the flower beds, or you'll be back tomorrow to straighten them. And don't you pick any, either. I saw that." There's an "aww" from wherever Ezio is. "At least boys are easy. Or that's what I heard. I don't know how I'll manage when the girls get older. I'm glad that Kyzen and they were born so close together though. When they're older I'll have to bring them by Fort so they can all play together." The bronzer looks down at squirmy baby and checks for wet, then he wraps up the blanket around him better and rocks him a bit. "So what's new with you two?"

Th'ero is a man of masks and shields, so formality does not phase him and he does not mind it if others have something to hide. Given he has his own secrets, he's not about to pry into others. The Fortian Weyrleader shoots a look to Ezio when Zi'on calls him out for playing in the flowers and the bronzerider tenses a little, ready to scold the boy but promptly bites his tongue. Kimmila might be squeezed a little though against his side when he struggles not to say something too rough. No matter. The memorial flowers will be replaced again in time. "Is that what they say?" he asks Zi'on instead and his tone is calm despite the smirk quirking his mouth. "Good," he murmurs to Kimmila, turning his head down slightly to give her a private look that is more or less hidden from Zi'on. "Had I known you had Kyzen today I would not have lingered so long after the meetings. I came up here to think…" And clearly didn't think to have Velokraeth ask Varmiroth where his weyrmate had gone off to. "How old are the twins then? And…" Fumble. Th'ero looks a touch awkward now as he lifts his head up to look back to Zi'on with a slight frown. Playdates? "We'll see if time allows it." Which is not entirely an evasive lie, right? "It has been a rather busy set of months. But I suppose his arrival," There is a nod to the baby, "Would be the latest of news. Beyond that we have been preoccupied with business here."

Kimmila turns her head to also frown in Ezio's direction, but she doesn't seem as bothered as Th'ero might be by the boy's playing. "They're all hard," she says with a small shrug. Though, granted, she hasn't yet experience her daughter's teen turns. Nor will she, most likely. "Sure, they might enjoy playing in the snow as a group, or hiking or those sorts of things." She smiles, less phased by the idea of a playdate than Th'ero is, as well. "It's fine," she says aside to Th'ero, with a little smile. "He and I have been…reading, and stuff." Perhaps she enjoyed the private time with her son? Who would've thought. "Nothing much new, really," she agrees with Th'ero. "What of Western?"

Zi'on doesn't have much to hide. The bronzer likes to let everything flap out in the open! And he doesn't often feel ashamed to pry into others' business. Especially Th'ero's. Ezio's hasn't played in the flowers -yet-. The boy comes running out from wherever he was flapping his arms. "Woosh! Woosh! Roar!" He's a flying feline! Or probably a dragon. "That's what they say," Zi'on affirms to the Fortian Weyrleader. "But I'll bet they are all hard. The twins'll be a full turn in about a month and a half. Time flies. Time will allow it. Don't worry, I won't make you do any babysitting Th'ero. Shards, you're as frightened of kids as your sister is. Or was." Kiena wasn't allowed to foster the twins off right away. Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "Well, his arrival is big news! Playing in the snow would be fun, since the girls won't see any of that in Western." Zi'on shrugs. "Other than our resident pirate digging his way out of the jail and then stabbing me at a party, there hasn't been much going on."

Th'ero is distracted again as Ezio comes charging out of nowhere and rushes by, frown growing increasingly heavier. "Careful." he warns, while shooting Zi'on a pointed look. They /are/ on a ledge! Pulling Kimmila close, he chuckles softly but his gaze lingers on her for a moment longer than it should. "Reading and stuff?" he echoes in a curious tone, as if not entirely convinced that that was all. "Do we have Kyzen for the rest of the evening then? And well… perhaps they would." he agrees. He'll slowly warm up to the idea of playdates. Just give him time! "A full Turn already?" Th'ero blinks, clearly taken aback by the passage of time. To him it feels as though he just received word Kiena was pregnant! Shooting Zi'on a narrowed look, he snorts, "I'm not frightened. I'm just not familiar with those whole… parenting business. I'm not incompetent." No, he's just nervous, despite all his bluster to deny it. Th'ero will start a bit from the news Zi'on gives. Did the Fortian Weyrleader not get a report? "You were /stabbed/," he exclaims, frowning. "Clearly you've healed but… What's this about pirates?" Why the sudden interest?

Kimmila watches the boy run by with a soft clearing of her throat. "Just don't try to actually fly, okay?" That'd be bad. THen she's blinking at Zi'on in return surprise. "Pirate…stabbed you? Wait. Was that before the gather?" She has a vague memory of such a thing happening.

Zi'on gently hands Kyzen back to his mother. Then on Ezio's next swoop by, he grabs hold of him and then lifts him up onto his shoulders. "Woosh! I'm really high now! I can see the tops of everyone's heads!" What else would Kimmila be doing with their infant son? "Just about, yep. They're already crawling around and whatnot. Becoming little people. Which will probably frighten their mother." Zi'on chuckles. "I didn't say you were. And I don't think you are." Well, Zi'on hadn't written to Th'ero about his injury. What sort of report? "Mm. I was. I thought I'd told you before? During that flight? This was after the gather. During the costume party we had at Western." There's a nod. "We had a pirate in our jail that goes by Straws. Apparently his buddies dug a tunnel to his cell, and then broke him out. Then they waited for him to stab me before whisking him off into the water of the lagoon. We couldn't find him, and have given up the search for now."

When Kyzen is handed back to Kimmila, Th'ero will offer to take him instead, perhaps a little guilty that she has had to tend to him for so long and he not even show interest until then. Never mind that he was distracted in keeping Ezio entertained. "She may not be so wary around them once they're more independent," he points out to Zi'on in regards to Kiena's apparent aloofness as a mother. Th'ero only shrugs then, still a little defensive over the issue but willing to let it drop when the Western Weyrleader apologises. Wouldn't a Weyrleader being stabbed be something all Weyrs would know of? Or did Western keep that pretty low key? "If you mentioned it during the flight," Th'ero drawls in a tone that is a little flat and tense and ends with a snort, "Then that would explain why I do not remember. Poor timing for news." He frowns then, troubled. "Where were the guards? How did they hide a tunnel so well? And why target you? Rank?" Here come the volley of questions! Poor Zi'on.

Kimmila carefully takes her son into her arms once more, putting the boy against her shoulder. But then she's handing him off to Th'ero, looking a bit surprised. "Uh, yeah, we've got him until tonight," she says, finally answering his earlier question. "And yes…read, bathed, took a nap…" Then she's quieting down to listen to Th'ero interrogate Zi'on, but she is also curious.

Zi'on shrugs a bit about Kiena's reaction to children. He's only seen her around his own kids really. Who where all still pretty small. The bronzer doesn't seem to mind, it's almost cute to him really. Not that he'd tell Kiena or Th'ero that and incur their wrath. And Kiena's skills as a mother hadn't put the bronzer off her, either. "Heh, I suppose it was poor timing. I was a bit absent there for a while though, since I couldn't do much with the injury. I have a good surgeon though." Zi'on blinks at Th'ero. "The entrance was pretty far out, and the tunnel wasn't very big. Apparently they broke through that night under his cot and wriggled out. The guards were at the party, but everyone was milling everywhere and dressed up. He grabbed an arrow that was part of someone else's costume and used it to stab me. I'm not sure why he targetted me. But several people said he shouted "For someone!" while he did it. So retribution maybe. I was dressed as Ila'den, and Ila'den shot some of his friends during the raid to rescue Iris. So that might be a clue."

Th'ero gives Kimmila a curious look when she seems surprised as Kyzen is handed to him. He takes his son easily into his arms, not so awkward as he was when the child was newly born. Resting him comfortably and securely, he adjusts the blanket around him as well, certain that he's well covered and warm. "Good." he replies with a vague smile, wanting to add more but then Zi'on is filling both of them in with the details. All of which only have the Fortian Weyrleader shaking his head, frowning heavily as he mulls over the news. "Could be that you were mistaken then. But… such an risk for retribution! There are no other clues?" he presses, clearly struggling with it all and trying not to drown Zi'on in an endless stream of questions. "So why call off the search? This… Straws fellow. He's dangerous, then?" Obviously. "A renegade?" What is Th'ero getting at?

Kimmila frowns a bit, her hands in her pockets as she has no child to hold on to. "Hmm. So you think he stabbed you, thinking you were Ila'den? Hmm. But yes, that is a lot to risk for such a…weak reason." Weak to her, at least.

Aww, lookit how cute Th'ero was holding his son. Zi'on meanwhile lets Ezio down, and encourages him to go inside for a bit to warm up. That way he could talk about things the boy didn't need to hear. Zi'on doesn't seem surprised or put off by the line of questions. Kiena and Th'ero might not look very much alike, but certain aspects of their personality were similar. Like how they both showed concern by asking a lot of questions. "Like I said, I'm not sure. It's not like we've had a chance to ask Straws about why he stabbed me. I think he was hoping to do a lot more damage, and he for certain knew I was the weyrleader, dressed up or not. Likely he wanted to cause commotion at the weyr?" Zi'on tilts his head at Th'ero. "I'd say he's dangerous. And pirates tend to be renegades by definition, I think. The only other thing that might be related is that we've had several ships go missing coming into the port." There's a shrug. "I didn't know what else to do. He's obviously long gone and we've searched all the islands around. I can't keep sending teams out in a fruitless search, I'd rather beef up security at the weyr."

Oh right, Ezio. Th'ero looks briefly sheepish for talking about Zi'on being stabbed and renegades while the boy was still on his father's shoulders. Thankfully Kyzen is still a little too young for such things. Still holding his son in his one arm, he slips the other around Kimmila again and draws her close. A brief look passes from the bronzerider to the bluerider, easily read as: everything okay? "I agree with Kimmila. The motive just seems so weak. There are ways to stir up commotion in a Weyr and not risk so much… but perhaps that was their cause." But Th'ero doesn't seem so certain. He snorts then, giving the Western Weyrleader a long look and his jaw working silently as he carefully picks out his reply. "Not too bad of an idea. But if you have a few riders to spare, even some Guards… the search and patrols would be wise." So speaks the Weyrleader who has kept fruitless searches for a fugitive for over three Turns.

Kimmila shakes her head a little bit as she leans against her weyrmate, slipping her arm back around his waist. Aren't they a cute little family? Daggers and swords and all. "Hmm. I agree with Th'ero," surprise? "But I see why you wouldn't keep up a full scale search. Still…might be good to send out feelers."

Ezio is sent inside now, so they don't have to feel badly about talking about renegades or stabbings. "It might be weak, but other than wanting to stab me just because he hates the weyr, or wanted to kill an important person or some other crazy thing, I can't think of a reason. Maybe I beat him up when I was little. I dunno. I don't think pirates tend to be rational folks." Zi'on shrugs a bit. "We do routine checks of the islands. Everyone's been alerted to him now. My guess is he was smuggled out aboard a ship. I'll keep sending out search parties for a while, but I don't know how much good it will do. By now he could be anywhere." Which didn't make Zi'on feel very good, either. "Obviously we'd stepped up security around the weyr. Especially around the jail."

Th'ero's gaze will linger again on Kimmila when she shakes her head, a concerned frown settling in though he won't outright ask or pry. He keeps Kimmila close to his side and Kyzen held securely in other arm though soon it will begin to tire. With an almost apologetic look, he will gather his son and pass him to Kimmila again. "Feelers. Apt way of putting it," he murmurs and his expression shifts when Zi'on elaborates again. The Weyrleader looks tense, unsettled even. "Anywhere…" he says slowly, his lips drawing back into a thin line. "Would he go far from the islands do you think? Mainland?" Pause. "South? Towards Xanadu's territory?" Grimacing, Th'ero bites back a rather harsh remark, though his eyes flash with it: a bit late to step up the security now! "He's bound to surface eventually." he says instead.
Kimmila gathers Kyzen back into her arms with a little smile for Th'ero. Tired already? "Well," she finally says to Zi'on, "I guess that's all you can do." And she glances at Th'ero, a brow lifting. "Suppose if he hooks up with Laris, then we'll know?"

Zi'on peers at Th'ero. "He's a pirate. I don't think he'll be traveling far inland. My guess is that he'll find someplace to lay low for a while before he can put a new face on and find a new ship and all." He looks between the two of them. "Laris? That renegade you were after a while ago? He hasn't gone into retirement? Does he have connections with pirates in the area?" Well, security measures always tended to be reactive. It's not like you can predict someone breaking out of jail, or when someone might stab the weyrleader. "My sister thinks I ought to travel with a bodyguard now."

"Pirates are still a renegade," Th'ero replies dryly, peering back at Zi'on with a narrowed look. "Doesn't matter if they're on land or at sea. They're the same sort and should be dealt with all the same." He says in a flat tone. The bronzerider may have tired quickly or perhaps he felt Kimmila wanted to hold their son again for a bit. But he does keep his arm around her again and he grimaces when the bluerider brings up that name. "Perhaps," he mutters, his lips drawn to a grim line now. "After awhile ago? We haven't stopped searching for him or his band." Th'ero snorts then, sharp and abrupt for Zi'on's mention of 'retirement'. "Hardly," he scoffs, giving the other Weyrleader a funny look. "And he could. There's no knowing how far Laris' reach has gone. The man's ambitions are high and very twisted." He pauses to take a slow and steadying breath then, "A bodyguard is not always a solution," Th'ero shakes his head and tilts his head to gaze down where Kyzen rests in Kimmila's arms, frowning heavily.

Kimmila glances between the two men as they speak, and she frowns. "No, he hasn't." And she glances pointedly at Th'ero, shifting Kyzen in her arms once more. "We've never stopped looking, though we've changed how many riders are out actively searching for him." Then she shakes her head slowly. "How good are /you/ with a blade, Zi'on?" Is he wearong one? She looks to see, and then back up at Th'ero when he's frowning at Kyzen. She adjusts the boy again, and he squirms, waving his little arms and blinking his eyes, shaking his head until she moves a curl out of his eyes.

Zi'on gives Th'ero a droll look. "I'm quite aware. Though sometimes the line between merchant and pirate is thin sometimes. Most pirates even aren't in the habit of killing people. At least not by stabbing them with arrows." Zi'on frowns. "I see. We ought to learn to tag our renegades or something, so we can keep better track of them." He laughs a bit, though it really wasn't funny. "A blade? I've got little to no skill with a blade. I'd sooner cut myself probably than someone else. Combat isn't really my specialty." Zi'on has a pocket knife on him, but that's about it. Not really combat material. "So a bodyguard might not be a solution for you guys, but if I want to prevent myself from being murdered it might be for me. When I'm away from Suldith, obviously."

Th'ero gives Zi'on a bit of a skeptical look, "Any man or woman can be driven to kill. Pirates may not be as ruthless as a renegade, but neither are they harmless. They are still thieves and shady folk." he mutters, clearly sparing little to no love for either type. He nods when Kimmila explains how they have delegated their riders to the search, "It was necessary. But we will not stop until Laris is found and his band as well." He won't laugh for Zi'on's attempt at a joke, but he does smirk. Which is better than the grim and brooding look he had adopted. "If only it were so simple! But they seem to be born with the knack to vanish completely." Th'ero looks surprised when the Western Weyrleader admits to being less than capable with any sort of blade. "Then find something else than a sword? Have you even /tried/? Maybe the sword you used before was the incorrect length and balance." he suggests, only to shrug then. "Just be careful of your choice of bodyguards. A guard does not mean trustworthy." When Kyzen squirms, Th'ero glances down, distracted by his son's antics for a moment. He will reach up to gently smooth back the boy's hair and there is a quick look given to Kimmila, unreadable as he just pulls her closer and tight against his side. Maybe he's feeling protective with all this talk of pirates and renegades?

Kimmila shakes her head a bit. "I'd think the best solution would be to get training in weapons. Because, yes. Trusting someone with my life is not something I'd do with marks…" Then she glances up at Th'ero, looking a little concerned at his continued tight grasp and his frowning attention to Kyzen.

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth's mind reaches out to yours, nighttime starscapes sprinkled with flecks of color. « Is yours alright? »

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth reaches back and welcomes those nighttime starscapes with his usual wine saturated thoughts. « He only grows worried and concerned for those he loves. » he admits in a level tone, smooth and honeyed but layered like a well aged vintage. « The discussion of these renegades and pirates have unsettled him, though he refuses to admit it. He is protective and his mind is going to dark places. »

Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth . o O ( Which dark places? They are safe here, aren't they? )

"Such that they are, but they don't often wear signs saying who is who. A lot of the folk down at the docks look shady, but are decent hardworking people. But any rate, I won't be showing Straws any more mercy, you can count on that. But I can't very well send riders and guards all over Pern. We'll watch the islands of course." Zi'on sighs a bit. "Are you suggesting I learn how to fight? Now? When would I have the time? And in the meantime I'd still be vulnerable. But really, let's face it, if someone wants to kill me they will find some way to do it. They could poison my drink if they wanted, shoot me from afar with an arrow, or slice my throat while I'm on the toilet. I don't know if I'll bother with a bodyguard. Anyways. It's late and Ezio should be in bed soon." Zi'on nods to the two of them. "Congrats and all that. Next time I come by I'll bring something to help celebrate a bit better." And hopefully not more bad news. The Western weyrleader disappears inside then, to look for his son.

"Never would I trust someone paid to protect me. They would be too easily bought for another price," Th'ero intones in a rather grim and dark voice. Figures that he would take an idea and twist it to such a morbid degree! "Of course. We will keep an eye on the western coasts of our territories. See if anything suspicious arises." he murmurs and then smirks, "Yes, that's exactly what I am suggesting. As Kimmila said as well, training is a way to start. Wise. /Make/ the time." Because he doesn't want to be the one to mend Kiena's broken heart if Zi'on winds up dead. Never mind that anything could take the bronzerider down, which he goes ahead and elaborates on, which only has Th'ero tensing again and grimacing, flinching almost as those images mirror in his thoughts as well. Poison, attack, betrayal. "Do what you think is best in the end, Zi'on. We are only offering suggestions." Th'ero explains as he nods his head in return, offering the other bronzerider a small smile. "We won't keep you. It was good of you to visit. And thank you." He will watch as Zi'on departs then and once the Western Weyrleader is gone, Th'ero will visibly lean against Kimmila. "Come, Weyrmate. Lets go back to the weyr and get out from this cold." And talk.

Velokraeth projects to Varmiroth . o O ( In his mind, little brother. Of course they are safe here. Mine is not safe from himself, however. Sometimes he forgets and that is why we are here to ah… "gently" remind him. )

Kimmila nods, in full agreement with Th'ero. But now is not the time to debate it with Zi'on, as she offers the other bronzerider a smile. "Take care, Zi'on," she says, and once the bronzerider is gone she shifts to help support Th'ero. "Let's," she murmurs softly. "Kyzen needs to be changed anyway." Ew.

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