Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

The library is quiet this evening despite the winter's chill that grips Fort. The room is not deserted by any means but the people here and there are scattered out in the huge complex deeply absorbed in reading and studying. It's one of the large tables that D'ani has commandeered, maps spread out all over it, a notebook open with a few notes jotted down. He's presently pouring over one of the maps while waiting for the others to arrive, a green pencil stuck in one ear and another in hand - a red one - that he makes a tiny mark on the map he's looking at.

Ezra is one of the first to arrive, walking in with his head held high. A bag is slung over the shoulder of his Stonehaven jacket, and there's a brightenss to his eyes and a lightness to his step that is becoming less an oddity and more commonplace. Setting the bag down carefully on a chair, the boy steps up beside D'ani to look at the map. "Hi," he says to his friend, with an excited smile.

Far enough behind Ezra he wouldn't have heard her walking, but not /so/ far that he and D'ani actually get much of any chance to talk before she's joining them is Inri, sliding into a chair and tossing her shoulder bag on the ground. A bronze firelizard is twined around her neck, looking attentive. "Sorry I'm — not actually late, I thought I was."

Abigail isn't late, well hopefully she isn't, she is making her way on into the library, a map tucked under her arm along with a notepad. A smile is seen while she nods to the others, a slight wave is seen. "Hey guys." She offers while setting the few things she brought with her upon the table.

They are not late, D'ani was early! He had to find the maps they didn't take from Th'ero's office and he'd figured that search would take him awhile, so he came an hour ago. He's that focused on the map that Ezra's greeting causes him to startle, peer up then smile at his friend. Ezra's face causes him to double-take. "You look happy," he comments, a subtle question in there. He catches Inri's entrance into the library and needlessly waves her over - they're in the center of the nearly-empty room and can't be missed, but he's forgotten that, of course. When she arrives and sits, grins. "Nope, not late, Inri. Hi Abbey," as the former guard joins them. "I was just looking at the maps and trader's routes in the southern continent, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I thought we could divide up some of the preparations for the search. What do you guys think you'd like to do?"

Ezra shifts his feet a bit, glancing down and then up at D'ani. "Yeah," the boy admits. "Raya'n'me 've been talkin'…" And it shows. "Should I go get Rayathess? We got those sketches done too, and he's got them." The boy smiles at Abigail and Inri, and if he blushes a bit when he looks at Inri, well…maybe it's hot in here.

"Probably a good idea," Inri agrees, straight-up smiling at Ezra as if she's completely oblivious to any blushing. Or maybe — more likely — she's polite. "We'll await your expert opinions." There is no teasing or sarcasm in that, though; it's sincere in its entirety. They are going to be the experts, and while D'ani is in charge, she's looking to the brothers Stonehaven as much as her bronzeriding friend for direction.

Abigail peers curiously a the maps that are laid out upon the table, curiously eyeing the red marks while she listens in on the conversation between the others. A smile is seen while she waves to Ezra before she settles down upon a free seat. "Sure, wouldn't have a problem with that at all D'ani." She'd be more than happy to help out anyway she can.

D'ani notes the lightened expression on Ezra's face when he says he's been talking to Rayathess. That the boy went and talked to him - or didn't run off when Rayathess went looking for him surprises and pleases the bronze weyrling, though he's careful not to overdo it when he smiles. "Good! And yes please, Ezra," he answers. "We do need him here," he agrees easily with Inri on that. Besides, Rayathess knows where in the Southern continent he was when he found that caravan - he hopes anyway. While waiting for Ezra to run and get his brother, he suggests to the others, "Abbey, can you help us hone some defense techniques? And find us some weapons without arousing too much attention? I need to pick out a sword." Because he lost his at Maiona's flood. "Inri, I'd like you to head up our contacts at each port, if you would. Or goal will be to find out who knows what about traders ships sailing and who was on them without arousing suspicion. You could… oh, I don't know, tell them it's part of your goldrider diplomacy training? Ezra and I will handle the logistics and disguises, if we need any."

They kind of accidentally ran into each other, but they didn't flee in terror and anger, so it's a step in the right direction? With a nod and a smile, Ezra scampers off to fetch his brother, bringing him back to the library a short time later.

"A /sword/? I really hope you don't expect /me/ to — good," Inri finally lets the rest of D'ani's words percolate through her head and goes back to nodding. "That's — much easier. Depending on the person I don't have to say much of anything at all," she admits, twirling some loose hair around her finger in a lazy habit. "Since not everyone is going to really care where I'm coming from so long as they get a fair trade from me. Because most of my people are also barkeep people; they don't promise that information's totally accurate. Others, yeah. It's clearly part of my education. Hopefully Dtirae doesn't get upset about me using her name in vain, but I — really do not see that happening."

Abigail glances to D'ani curiously a moment at the bit on defense techniques. "Sure, I can help out with that, and finding some weapons as well. Have a few actually so I don't have to go getting any to get anyone's attention up." Of course she would have some weapons; she was a guard after all. She glances to Inri and chuckles. "Sok, what about a crossbow for you, or a dagger?" Easy things, nothing sword related in the least! She glances back to D'ani as she listens in on the rest.

D'ani shakes his head quickly at Inri, chuckling at her alarm. "Nono. I'd expect you to go with the weapon - if any - that you're most familiar with. I suck at archery and am clumsy with a spear. And we should all be practicing our hand to hand. Just in case. Hopefully we won't need to use them, but it's better to be prepared." As he listens to Inri, a slow smile spreads across his mouth. "Devious. I like that!" He turns his attention to Abigail, nods once and then adds, "Ezra needs something. Maybe a few small throwing blades? And… can you teach him some escape moves if someone large grabs him? Ways to slip out of ropes should he get tied up?"

Ezra returns to the library with Rayathess in tow, and while the brothers aren't arm in arm and skipping, they're not glaring at each other either. Tentative bridges have been built - repaired - and Ezra at least looks determined and ready to do this and go rescue their sister. Glancing over his shoulder at Rayathess, he beckons him forward, and then looks at the guards following him. "You guys gotta stay out there." And he points to the door. Those poor guards. Hating their chose of profession yet?

Everyone should like Inri's devious scheming; she is completely certain it's why she Impressed gold, after all. Fort Weyr needed a schemer in a position of power. Or, you know, a /third/ one, because it wasn't as if they didn't already have a couple in the leading roles. "My weapon's big and orangey," she states, for the record. Besides Kouzevelth and a small knife, Inri is going to pass. The guards get a little wave as the door ends up metaphorically /and/ literally shut in their faces: of course, they probably feel very safe watching what appears to be a mission run by weyrlings.

Rayathess will follow Ezra once his younger brother explains why, even if it means having to push back some heavy reluctance and apprehension on his part. But he said he would help and there Ezra was, saying they had all gathered. So what was he to do? The Guards (who probably do hate their job right now — thankless as it is) are shot narrowed glances by Rayathess when he steps by and into the library. "Yes. Stay." Good dogs. The hold-heir mutters that very quietly under his breath though. Maybe Ezra will hear it, maybe not. Green eyes sweep the library and he will visibly tense when he spots the trio of Weyrlings by the table. All familiar to some degree, though his gaze lingers longest on D'ani. Awkwardly he pauses by the door, fighting back a wave of uncertainty and then pushing forwards… behind Ezra.

Abigail nods to the bit on getting Ezra some throwing blades. "I have some that would work out nicely for him actually." She leans back in her chair a moment, a glance sent to Inri and she grins. "True, but as a backup at least?" Once Ezra has returned she looks up, her pale gaze watching Rayathess a few moments before a slight nod is seen. "Hello there." Her tone is friendly, and she doesn't have her bow with her so there isn't a real chance of her threatening to shoot him at least.

Hopefully D'ani doesn't get them all killed. "Except where we end up hiding the dragons and pretending to be not-riders," he reminds Inri. Then she'll have something else up her sleeve, right? "I'm taking my rope," he announces, perhaps to help get their creative juices flowing. Oh shoot - there's Rayathess. He… won't find that intimidating will he? Anyway, they needn't use traditional weapons by any means. "And I might even use a herd of cows now and then," he adds with a smirk. Won't that be fun? What? Cows make excellent weapons - just wait! He spots Ezra and Rayathess behind him in the doorway and smiles - at both of them. "Did you bring the pictures of Anrila?"

Ezra glances over his shoulder to make sure his brother is following, and he claps a hand over his mouth. Yes, he heard that. Turning back around he nods, pulling the drawings from his pocket and stepping up beside D'ani, making sure there's plenty of room on his other side for his brother, if Rayathess wants to stand there. "Yeah," he says, setting the sketches carefully down, with a brief extra caress of his fingers against the paper. "That's our little sister." The sketches are a pretty good likeness of a lovely, but wild looking imp of a girl. He glances up at Rayathess and then down at the sketch again. "We've gotta find her."

Contrary to everyone else and their intimidatingness, Inri gives Rayathess an actual little welcoming smile when he comes in. "Oh, Zel says you're a spoilsport," she tells D'ani as she is reminded that her lifemate will not be coming on the fun part of the trip. That's how Kouzevelth sees it, anyway. The fun part. Inri, not so much. She leans closer to take in the pictures, and smiles again, saying honestly, "She's quite pretty." Hopefully she still looks like that, she doesn't say.

Rayathess smirks, almost amused-like, when Ezra claps a hand over his mouth. Ah, so he did hear! Thankfully Abigail does not have her bow or any of them visibly armed or the young man would probably not approach the table. Already he's skittish and they've only greeted him with… well, greetings. And smiles! Which Rayathess does not return as he does come to stand by Ezra's other side. D'ani's comment on rope was (thankfully) missed, but the bronze Weyrling earns a suspicious look all the same. They'll all get that treatment, until he's finally certain there are no hidden daggers or motives. "Evening." Not much of a greeting, but Rayathess is trying. Inri's comment on Anrila's sketched likeness has her under his focus for a moment. "They are as accurate as we could get them." he replies, seemingly both to Inri and D'ani. Ezra's remark earns a bit of a conflicted look and Rayathess' gaze darts between all the Weyrlings, even though his reply is directed more to his brother. "She'll be found." Right?

Abigail isn't trying to be intimidating in the least, which is perhaps not working at the moment while she curiously watches Rayathess a few moments. She points to a chair to see if the brothers want to sit at the table while they all talk over things. Well she will at least attempt to be friendly like. As for weapons she doesn't have any that are visible at least. Her gaze settles against the sketches, looking them over with a soft smile seen and she nods. "They are lovely sketches." She does a bit of drawing her own on the side. Hearing Ezra she nods and then glances to Rayathess. "We're going are going to do our best to find her." Will she promise such a thing? Not going to happen in the least.

That extra little touch of Ezra's fingers to the photo do not go unnoticed by D'ani and his resolve strengthens even more, if that's possible. "We'll find her," he assures him firmly, keeping any misgivings he might have to himself. He lifts one of the pictures and studies it, his breath catching as he winces. She looks so young! When he can manage words, "She's cute," he agrees a beat after Inri. He shares a look with Ezra and Rayathess, knowing well the gut-wrenching missing-sister-picture feeling. "Thank you," he says quietly and sincerely to Rayathess for working with the harper on them. "Tell her it's to keep her rider safe," D'ani asides mildly to Inri about Kouzevelth's opinion of him. He's still standing at the table where he can better view the spread open maps. "Rayathess, can you please mark the area you met the caravan at?" He offers the red pencil he's holding to the hold-heir.

Ezra frowns up at his friend, and he reaches out a hand to rest it on D'ani's arm. A simple and silent gesture, but one he hopes conveys his understanding for D'ani's position, and their shared past history. Though his future seems to be going in a different direction than D'ani's, as far as missing siblings go. It's one thing that's kept him trying to open up to Rayathess. He doesn't want to take his brother for granted, now that he has him back. He can only imagine how it'd hurt D'ani - who so longs to find his siblings - if Ezra scoffed at finding his own. So he tries. Green eyes glance around at the group and the boy nods. "Thank you for…for helping," he says, a bit awkward but sincere with his thanks and appreciation. "We couldn't find her without," dragons, "your help." And he looks up at Rayathess after he says that. Right?

"I hope you don't think you need to thank me," Inri pipes up, still all smiles and curiosity, "because I would be doing this no matter what and there's absolutely no /need/. But I'm not going to tell you to /not/ thank me, either." She has a piece of note paper that she's now doodling on, but most of her focus is still on the map.

Rayathess' jaw will work slightly as the sketches are remarked on by all present, the young man fidgeting slightly where he stands. D'ani's thanks has him starting slightly but at least he nods faintly and brisk. "Don't mention it." he says just as quietly, though his tone is a little more tense. Really, don't mention it? He's still struggling with the guilt gnawing at him since being interrogated, where Anrila's current situation was turned around on him and has made him doubt ever since if he did what was right for his sister. Seeing the missing-posters now, solid and real, has likely hit him harder than he's letting on. "It's very much appreciated and we're in your debt." More like Rayathess is in their debt but he does sideglance down to Ezra to give his younger brother silent approval. Yes, that's right. Looking up again, he takes the offered red pencil that D'ani offers and for a moment can only stare blankly at it before something seems to snap him into moving. With a last darting look to Inri and Abigail, he turns to face the maps and leans forwards with a heavy frown knitting his brow. He… didn't forget did he? Just as the seconds begin to drag on, Rayathess marks a rather general spot close to Black Rock Hold in Xanadu's coverage area. "Here. Roughly. I remember them mentioning that Hold." he points out. But that does not guarantee they stopped there.

Abigail is quiet as she hears D'ani, a slight glance is sent towards him before she takes in a soft breath. She does want to find her but adding more hope when there is a possibility of not a good outcome it not a good idea in her mind. Her gaze rests on the map before she hears Ezra, a smile seen and she nods. "Yer welcome, and truly there is no reason to thank me either. I want to help truly. Niumdreoth does as well." Her pale blue gaze turns to Rayathess now. "No need to be in my debt in the least. I do this because I want to, and there is nothing I could possible ask for in return other than her to be found safely." Once the area is pointed out on the map she is looking back to it once more.

D'ani is convinced they will find Anrila. Where does that come from? Who knows? "I'd do anything for you, you know that," he tells Ezra easily. He doesn't seem threatened by the boy's newly-reformed bond with his brother, in fact seems relieved by it. For now, he's totally focused on what the pair are going through, his own missing family put firmly out of his mind as he nods agreement about needing the help of Rayathess. He quirks Inri an amused grin. It doesn't hurt to try to get Rayathess to relax and on that note, he leans to better see the spot the hold-heir marks, nodding at the place he mentions. "It's a start," he says encouragingly, nodding only the once for the thanks of both Stonehavens. He's familiar with the overwhelming feeling when faced with the vastness of Pern on a map. "Are you any good with throwing knives?" he asks, the low voiced query meant to not be heard by the guards outside the door.

Ezra shifts a little bit, his cheeks flushing with color and - briefly - overwhelmed with everything this weyr has done for him. And now for his family. So the boy is quiet for the time being, listening to the 'grown ups' talk, and watching where Rayathess marks the map.

Inri, too, is quiet; she's looking at the map and following the conversation and nodding along as the others agree. "Ooh, okay — I definitely have people in the Xanadu area I can hit up. And Harmony's got some friends in the cooking circle I might be able to lean on, too, since they trade with taverns." That must be helpful, yes? "And let's announce giving someone we technically arrested weapons. At least I don't think they could hear you," or her, since she kept her voice down.

Rayathess blinks as he abruptly looks up to Abigail, his frown deepening for a moment as he gives the brown Weyrling a skeptical look. Why? Why would she want to help him, or Anrila or Ezra? He doesn't say it though, biting back the words and wisely nodding his head. "Of course." He murmurs, lowering his head down to the maps again though his eyes have a noticeably distracted look as he taps the stylus not far from where he circled their supposed starting point. D'ani's low voiced query has him starting a bit, snapped back to focusing by what the bronze Weyrling is asking of him. "No," he replies bluntly, with a sidelong glance to Ezra. "I only know how to fight close. Hand to hand. Maybe with a dagger." There's a pause as his frown deepens. "Why do you need throwing knives?" Rayathess is careful to keep his voice low and cautious, but Inri's comment has him fixing her with a narrowed look. "Thank you for reminding me that I am viewed as nothing more that a suspected criminal," he sarcastically replies, curt and blunt and obviously stung. When really, he shouldn't be. Touchy hold-heir is touchy?

Abigail wants to help because it is the type of person that she is, she has always openly helped others without much thought of herself in the past. Her pale gaze lifts to rest on Rayathess as she feels his gaze on her. She watches him quietly for a few moments before pondering the bit on the throwing knives. "There rather useful. Can be used in an up close fight if needs be as well. If one is good with them and can throw at the right target a person won't have to fight up close then." She does should rather sure of herself when she says that too. A slight smirk is seen and she rolls her eyes a moment before leaning back in her chair at the comment from Rayathess about him being a criminal. "I'm thinking the question was asked so we have an idea what to gather for supplies."

D'ani rolls his eyes good-naturedly at Inri. "Technically, Abigail will have the knives and supervise Rayathess while he-" Oh. He is visibly disappointed as Rayathess answers his question. "Because," he says patiently, ignoring the interplay between the goldrider and the hold-heir, "I thought it would be a good defensive skill for Ezra to learn so he can avoid close-up fighting should we encounter trouble with any renegades. Frankly, I was hoping you'd picked it up while in the camps." He, at least, is looking at the time Rayathess spent with the renegades in a practical light. He nods in agreement with Abigail, but keeps his attention on Rayathess.

Ezra watches each person as they speak, and then his eyes widen a little bit. His pale green eyes dart between D'ani and Rayathess, and he clears his throat. "I, uh. I'd like to learn that, but someone else is gonna have to teach me…" He darts a look at Rayathess, and then at D'ani, and then at Abigail. She's the guard, right? Then he looks up at his brother and says softly, "They wouldn't help if they thought you was bad." Or so he hopes.

"Coming from the person who originally backed you up, mind," Inri points out gently, doing her best not to be snappish or combative — not her style. "I'm on your side." In case he had somehow forgotten, she pretty much always had been. Unlike the others, she stays out of the weapons discussion, focus entirely on the map before she's moved on to scribbling things on her notepaper again. They're names: of various bars and various people.

"Supplies?" Rayathess echoes off of Abigail, puzzled now as his gaze darts to each present around the table. What, does he think they'll find her so swiftly? D'ani's reply draws his attention back to the bronze Weyrling and he fixes him with an uncertain look once he notices the other man's disappointment. "No," he says with a bit of a scoff, lips pulling back into a bitter smirk. "Weapons like that went to certain… men. Ranks, if you want to call it that though it's almost an insult to the actual term. I refused to do what was required. So," he shrugs. No special throwing knives or weapon knowledge for him. He fidgets nervously then, feeling as though he has said too much. When Ezra speaks up about learning and there is mention of his brother being there with them and supposed renegade trouble, Rayathess visibly stiffens. "There won't /be/ renegade problems. They don't venture too far to the Holds. The bigger ones. Just stay away from the outskirts," And he cuts a harsh, bold red line straight across the southern coast of the sea of Azov before tapping the stylus below it. Then he is turning to look down at Ezra and Rayathess' tense posture relaxes by a small fraction. "I guess not," he agrees quietly, only to dart his eyes back to Inri and then flushes slightly. Oh right. "Sorry." he says while clearing his throat. Whether or not he believes her is another matter, but he's not here to start picking fights.

Abigail watches the map a few moments and then pauses in thought, sending a glance towards D'ani at the bit where she, she is to watch Rayathess? A slight smirk is seen and she takes in a faint breath, great she'll get to babysit it seems. At the start of all this she did give Rayathess a chance though, she didn't shoot him with an arrow now did she? Oh sure there was that /threat/ but she was only protecting the ones around her at the moment. Her pale gaze turns to Ezra, a soft smile seen and she nods to him. "I'd be more than happy ta give ya some lessons." A glance is sent to Rayathess. "Ye as well if'nn ye'd like to know." At the question on supplies a nod is seen. "Well unless ye rather like chewing on leaves the whole time we're out there, and so forth." At the new renegade problem there is a pause. "How are ye so sure there will be no problems?" This questioned with a curios tone.

"I see," says D'ani equably to the explanation Rayathess gives about weapons in the camps, understanding flashing in his brown eyes for the bitterness he's picking up from the other young man as he listens to the rest. "Thus far," he remarks, watching that red line Rayathess draws, "They may have in that particular area. But I want my team to be prepared, Ezra included." He's surmising this is the first Rayathess has heard about Ezra being involved so he adds quietly, "He should be involved in the search," he says firmly. "Ezra, maybe Abigail-" And he winks at his young friend because Abigail has read his mind. "Have fun, Ezra?" Leaning over to peek at Inri's notes, he murmurs, "Do you know Beldar?" He clears his throat after Abigail mentions chewing leaves and supplies. "Actually, it'll probably be more like a series of short searches than a long-term away. We'll remain based in Fort Weyr unless things go awry."

Ezra shakes his head a little bit. "We should be prepared for anything," the boy states quietly, leaning forward to study the map. "I want to learn. Thank you, Abigail," he says, in a most mature fashion. "Will you learn too, Raya?" he asks of his big brother, looking hopeful. Though that's not the only question the boy wants to ask - it's the only one he /will/ ask in this company. Glancing at D'ani, the boy smiles. "Some fun, yeah," he admits, though he doesn't want to look /too/ excited - this is very serious, after all. "So when are we going to start?" Enough planning, time for action!

"If I don't yet I'm going to," is Inri's conclusion; if the name is not on her list, she now has one to seek out and /put/ on it. Anyone she can get through to and convince to tell her things is an asset to her, both as her and who she always as been and theoretically to the Weyr. She smiles over at Ezra and Rayathess both again — see, she really does like you, even if it's a bit hesitantly — and says, "I think that's what we're figuring out." Still no one is trying to make her involved in hand-to-hand combat, which is plenty satisfying.

Rayathess lifts his head and turns it again to face Abigail, giving her a long look that is almost as narrow as the one he gave Inri early. He snorts, "I'm sure. They won't be focusing on where she may have got off too. They'll be preoccupied with the Gold Hill Hold failure. Or whatever Laris has in store for them when /he/ gets word that his latest plot failed. Again. Ironically, it's probably the best timing to go snooping so close." While they're distracted. Sneak in and back out again before any eyes who shouldn't be seeing them will see. Who is to say though that the hold-heir is correct? Could be he's just overconfident or making up for the guilt he feels in leaving Anrila on her own with traders. Strangers. "I'm not saying he shouldn't," Rayathess quietly replies to D'ani, his tone just as firm though Ezra is /right there/. But the older sibling doesn't have to like it, but he'll brood over that later. "I'll learn. If it's permitted. You forget… Higher powers might not like it if I am trained for a weapon." he replies to Ezra though his gaze drifts to all the Weyrlings. Realizing his tone has drifted to bitterness again, he awkwardly clears his throat. "But I would not mind." Sorry Abigail but you're now babysitter and teacher? "And things will not go awry." Rayathess states again stubbornly as he glances sidelong to D'ani again.

Abigail looks almost amused at the look that Rayathess gives her, is that a faint smirk, or perhaps more of a grin? Either is possible while she just eyes the dear hold-heir back a few moments. "I see." This is said with a soft tone, and she ponders a few moments. Some trust will have to be given after all, a soft breath escapes her while she lets her arms fold in front of her. Though her attention turns back to Ezra and she nods to him. "Tis not a problem. I have some throwing knives to give ye as well. May be able ta find some good ones for Rayathess as well." No asking needed it seems. If she is going to train him that he needs weapons after all. "They may not like it, but I think on this sort of mission as it were ye need some experience with something that is easy to hide." Like the knives. There is a pause and she glances to D'ani to see what he thinks on the matter.

Ezra's question is a good one, "Soon." Hopefully D'ani will keep them all out of combat, hand to hand or otherwise. "That's right, Ezra, we should" encourages D'ani about being prepared. Boy Scouts of Pern unite! Or something like that. "He runs Xanadu's Wandering Wherry Tavern. I heard his name - and Catallian, his barkeep mentioned in when I was in Shenanigans." He interjects between Abigail and Rayathess, "Until someone objects, he can attend with Ezra. Sign out the knives for the duration of lessons only." So they won't be arming anyone just yet. He shrugs, adding lowly to the hold-heir, "They don't know you don't already have the skill, right? You could be giving him extra pointers or something." He cants his head to one side then, hearing Rayathess out and nodding firm agreement. "Not if I can help it, and we'll be staying away from the renegade camps if we can help it." Abigail's last comment prompts a hasty, "Not sure he'll be coming, Abbey." Brown eyes shift back to Rayathess. "If they'll allow, would you like to join us?"

Ezra returns Inri's smile, though small and fleeting. "Thanks guys for doing this," the boy says again, tapping his fingers on the map thoughtfully, and looking up at Rayathess. "I'll ask Th'ero," he offers hastily. "I'll ask if you can train and about…the other thing." Though the boy is bad at being covert, and his glance towards the closed door is probably clue enough to what 'the other thing' (or things) is. He's smiling at Abigail, eager, until he pauses. "Wait. Raya isn't going with us, is he?" he asks, looking first at D'ani and echoing his question, before he looks at his brother. /Does/ he want to come? Though he looks doubtful Th'ero would allow it.

"It might be wiser if he did, honestly — his is the face she expects to see, right?" Momentary wisdom from Inri, who has mostly been distracted thinking about Xanadu's tavern, instead — it's a familiar place and a familiar name, so while she hasn't been there herself, she undoubtedly knows someone who knows the tavern keeper.

Rayathess can only shake his head a little as Abigail mentions throwing knives again but he holds his tongue this time. If he's cleared to train, he will train. But it'll remain to be seen if he makes a good student! Or has any skill. D'ani's suggestion earns a curt nod, once he mulls over the logic. "Suppose that would keep them mollified. If I'm being supervised and then left unarmed outside of training…" No harm in that, right? He doesn't seem so convinced. He frowns then, not quite catching the bronze Weyrlings hint. "Well, no they don't know. But what does that matter?" Oblivious, much? Nodding to D'ani's reassurance, he lets that topic slide as well, even if his nerves still gnaw at him. Rayathess tenses again, his hands (now back to his sides) curling into fists as his eyes flash briefly with frustration and anger. Not at them, but at his situation. Ezra's comment has the young man glancing down to his brother and the slight smile he gives him is both faint and a little sad. "It's not that I don't want too," he explains and in turn answers D'ani. "But again… I do not know if the Weyr wants me out from under their sights." Rayathess pauses then at Ezra's mention of that 'other thing', eyes darting to that door. Right. "We'll see." Is all he says to that, because Inri's comment has him blinking again. "She would be more willing to come if she saw me…" he slowly admits, fidgeting slightly.

Abigail ahs at this and nods. "I wasn't sure if he was or wasn't." There is a pause. "But, I don't mind given ye lessons still." This said while she looks back to Rayathess watching him a few moments before she hears Inri. "If he was the last person that she saw then it might be a idea to think about. She would be familiar with him after all."

D'ani makes a sound in his throat, but doesn't actually tell Ezra not to ask Th'ero about the knives. He might not have, but he's focused on other things right now. "I… don't know Ezra," he says of Rayathess coming - or of what exactly the Weyrleaders will allow the hold-heir to do. Inri's comment earns a thoughtful glance, a nod and then he just shakes his head at Rayathess, regarding whether anyone would know his knife skills or lack thereof and why it matters. "It doesn't. Nevermind." He shows no curiosity about Ezra's 'other thing' and begins rapidly re-rolling those maps. "I don't know either; all we can do is ask." The maps and one of Anrila's pictures are gathered in his arm. His gaze sweeps the group, "I want to be ready to go on our first foray in three days. "We'll visit the port in Black Rock Hold and from there head for Xanadu Weyr. I have to get something finished. I'll see you all later." The meeting is dismissed, apparently, for he strides on out. They'd best get to making their preparations and practice the knife-throwing lessons.

Ezra is nodding, staring at the maps, so he looks a bit taken aback at D'ani's rather abrupt (in his opinion) dismissal of the meeting. "Is everything okay?" he asks, taking a few steps after his friend before he stops, hesitating.

Inri is similarly startled, looking up at D'ani with nothing short of concern: "What's wrong?" Forget the rest of the conversation, because that was unusual — but it's also /really/ none of her business, and so she can't press; she doesn't even standing, letting Ezra handle the 'following' part of the deal.

Rayathess is a little taken aback as well by the abrupt dismissal and he focuses on D'ani again with a long and lingering, questioning, look. Was it something said or unsaid? "You will know where to find me," he says with just a hint of a smirk but nods his head respectfully (if hesitantly) to D'ani. "Three days, then." He'll be ready… or as ready as he can be. It's still uncertain how much freedom the hold-heir will be given. Fidgeting nervously again, he steps back as the maps are gathered, along with the sketches of his sister and he will look first to Inri and then Abigail again to gauge their response. It's Ezra though that he turns to, shifting a little closer to his younger brother, hesitant and silent.

Abigail nods slightly as she istens to what is said, though like the others her gaze turns to D'ani at the quick dismissal. She seems about to say something but the other have beaten her to it would seem. "Alright." This is her answer to the 'three day' bit, though her pale gaze stays on D'ani to see if there is a answer he might give Ezta and Inri.

D'ani stops and turns a look over his shoulder at first Ezra, lifting puzzled brown eyes to Inri as she too, questions him. "No? Why?" The look fixed on him by Rayathess is noticed next and he turns fully around, including Abigail in his answer, "Nothing's wrong. Just… We've talked and planned enough. We…need to get going. Time is short. And the child is so… young." The last is uttered in almost a mutter as he runs a hand through his dark hair, leaving it in disarray. He'd been working so hard at keeping his personal feelings about this situation safely contained. He's almost irritable, but it's his own sense of urgency, not them, "I need to get things ready. Unless…" He draws a breath, then lets it out slowly, willing himself to a calmer frame of mind. "Does anyone else have anything to ask? To add?"

D'ani's answer only makes Ezra more concerned as he looks up at his friend. "No…" he says quietly. "Just…you know where to find me if you need…anything. Okay?" Anything. Then the boy smiles a little bit and glances back at the rest, his pale green eyes settling on Rayathess. "We're gonna find her." To believe anything else is out of the question.

That's that, then; it's straightforward, honest, and Inri has nothing to add except, "I'm with you if you need a hand, I haven't got anything better to do." It would take a /lot/ for her not to stick by him and try to be there if D'ani needed support, and right now the only thing getting in her way is D'ani telling her to leave him alone.

Rayathess' jaw tenses and works silently as D'ani brings up Anrila's age again, the young man still wrestling with the self-doubt and guilt planted by that realization. He had been so focused on getting his sister out and safe that he hadn't though ALL the angles through. "I don't have anything to add, other than I agree. We have planned as much as can be done. Now it's time to move." he says, though his sentence ends rather awkwardly. He too is likely holding back a few comments, but he bites his tongue and only looks tired from it all. "We'll find her, Ezra. Don't worry." Rayathess tells him and his voice is firm, even if quiet. Masking his uncertainty, for the sake of his brother.

Abigail shifts and soon stands, a slight shake of her head seen while she watches D'ani. "Of course." She says softly while picking up her notebook that she has some things written down. As she turns to head towards the door she pauses and gives D'ani's arm a slight pat. "ye have to stay thinking positive. Though it might not be easy." That is all she'll say on that. Her gaze turns to the brothers. "Goes for ye two as well."

"Thanks. I do." D'ani's voice is warm, heartfelt as the smile he directs to Ezra, even if he is puzzled by his young friend's distress, if that's what it is. He means it. He notes the tension in Rayathess and understands, but they all asked, so there's not much he can do about having mentioned Anrila's age. Receiving that pat from Abigail and the comment only puzzles him further. "I am, but thanks," he tells her. "This is something I have to do before we go. Something I-" He considers Inri. He's not telling anyone to leave him alone, least of all her! He hesitates then reaches a hand for her, "Will you come with me and help me then?" And if she's willing he takes her hand and pulls her along with him, heading out.

Ezra steps back when D'ani reaches for Inri, and the young boy feels a pang of…something. Jealousy? Sadness? He can't identify it, but it's quickly shoved away so he doesn't embarrass himself as he turns to look at his brother, and then Abigail. "So…when can we start?"

Inri keeps her smile on, and doesn't hesitate to direct it at the brothers Stonehaven with, "Have fun with the knives," something she expects that at least Ezra will; she hasn't quite gotten to know Rayathess yet. Something she firmly intends to /fix/, mind, but now's not the time. To D'ani, she says, "'Course I will," and twines her fingers in his. Off to do — something. She has no idea what she's walking into; that's what loyalty will do to you, Inri! Loyalty to Ezra, to D'ani, to Fort in its entirety.

Rayathess will move once his thoughts cease to jumble and conflict so strongly that he can remember how to do so. When he does, he will take a few short steps until he's standing a little behind Ezra but effectively closer to his brother's side. Sensing the slight awkwardness, the hold-heir attempts to make it "better" by draping his arm loosely around his brother's shoulders. "I guess that would depend on when she is available," he tells him, while his gaze darts to Abigail, if the brown Weyrling hasn't already left. "But I would assume soon. Very soon." Right? Rayathess seems just as eager to leave the library then as D'ani and Inri and so he gives Ezra a gentle nudge forwards. "Common. We should go." Where though? Rayathess doesn't seem to elaborate as he moves towards those doors in preparation to leave and doing his best to not even acknowledge the Guards still lingering there when he ventures out.

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