Southern Boll Hold - Docks and Harbor

Note: Some hints at mature themes.

It may be cold up at Fort, but down here in Southern Boll Hold on the south most tip of Fort's territory it's comfortable. No snow, a little cool but not frigid. It still remains close to tropical though with the storm season coming there are few sunny days. Today is testament to that with the skies a dreary overcast and the winds up and cool. The Gather Square is all but empty but a few trader and Crafter stalls can be found closer to the harbour and docks. Several ships are currently tied but none have their sails furled or look ready to head out to sea. The only activity out there is a pale bronze form who's ugly, stunted body looks normal from the distance. Velokraeth is in a sweeping pattern but his movements are lazy, almost idle and sluggish. So he's not working but waiting on someone… and once they arrive they will go together to land on the coast. « You did a very kind thing, to sacrifice your time for Nyalle. Do not let it bother you! I have called Varmiroth and I am sure they will be here soon as they are able. » Velokraeth tells his brooding rider, though it's hard to tell what Th'ero's mood is under all his riding gear.

It's hard to tell what Th'ero's mood is even when he's not in his riding gear. It's not too long before Varmiroth emerges from between, angling down to fly wingtip to wingtip with the bronze. « What's the problem? » the blue asks. Since, of course, there has to be a problem, right?

Of course there's always a problem! « We took the last of Zhirazoth's shift. The Weyrwoman was trying to ask… favours from mine which he could not give so we had Zhirazoth brought back along with Mr'az to, ah… settle the situation. » Ahem. « He's not in a good mood. We have been out here twice now but nothing is amiss. Just the usual grumblings and issues. Come, little brother. We will land and let them dismount and then I wish to rest on some of those cliffsides out of the wind. » True to his word he'll dip his wings and begin a lazy angled descent towards the coast, aiming for a hillside just above the harbour.

Varmiroth pauses for a moment, his thoughts pondering Velokraeth's words while Kimmila turns in the straps to look at her weyrmate. « Kayeth's tried to sleep with yours? » That's what he got out of that. He follows though, eager to bask in the warmth (relative) that Boll provides.

« She was very forwards and persistent until he continued to refuse her. They were in the bathing caverns… » Velokraeth explains without hesitation, which may have Th'ero cursing under his breath. Once the bronze has landed, the Weyrleader takes his time in stowing away most of his riding gear. The most he'll need is his flight jacket. Dismounting, Velokraeth will rumble and wait for Varmiroth to be ready before taking off again, leaving his rider to stand there and awkwardly wait on Kimmila.

Kimmila dismounts as well, tending to Varmiroth before she sends the blue aloft and walks over to Th'ero, a brow arched now that her goggles are gone. "You were with Nyalle in the bathing caverns?" Hi, sweetie, how are you? It's impossible to tell if she's angry or holding back laughter.

Th'ero's expression is grim regardless and slightly tense and her cryptic greeting just has him sighing. "It wasn't on purpose. I had no idea she was in there. You know how she is," he grumbles in a low voice as he steps forwards, keeping a sharp eye to make sure none of the holders or dock workers aren't lingering about. Scram! "I was muddied from helping one of the cotholders in this region and wanted to be clean before I returned to our weyr."

Kimmila nods, "So…you just decided to bathe with the proddy Weyrwoman." She's smirking now. Definitely teasing and amused, rather than irate. That's a good sign.

Definitely a good sign and his shoulders will drop as he relaxes. Th'ero sighs, "Not by choice! I was in my own pool and she in hers but then she decided to join me… Made another offer and pass. I refused," Duh. He shakes his head, "So of course she's upset with me now. I didn't think I'd be able to get Velokraeth away but he agreed. I don't think Kayeth is due to rise for awhile yet." Joy. So Th'ero gets to remain on thin ice for a few more days!

Kimmila puts a hand on Th'ero's arm, chuckling softly despite her best efforts not to. "Shards, I'm sorry, wingmate. What a day you've had…and now you're back out here in Boll why?"

"You're not upset?" Th'ero asks quietly, giving a pair of fisherfolk passing by a narrowed look when they start to slow down and peer. They scuttle off and he relaxes again with a low exhale that's almost a growl. Okay, so maybe he's a little on edge? "Because I took over the rest of Mr'az's shift so that he could return to Fort and… calm Nyalle down." Yeah. Right. "Calm". He grimaces, "And I figured since we're here, we could go down to the harbour? I doubt we'll hear much of anything as most of the folk here know who I am but…" You never know.

Kimmila loops her arm through his and laughs. "I'm not upset, wingmate. I'd only be upset if something /happened/. To tell you the truth the thought of Nyalle throwing herself at you and you refusing is…amusing to me." Smug bluerider is smug. "Sure, let's head down and see if we can get any good gossip."

Th'ero sighs again and shakes his head when she laughs, "I should've known you'd find it amusing. Nothing happened, except for me seeing far more of her body than I wish to and her touching my hair." Is it so hilarious now? He slips his arm around her and motions towards the pathway leading to the harbour. "I could use a drink."

Kimmila scowls at that, and /she/ reaches up to toy with his curls. HERS. "A drink sounds good. And food on a stick. Meat." Rawr.

Th'ero won't tilt his head away when SHE does it but he will chuckle quietly. "Later, love. Let's not give the holders here a show, hmm?" he drawls and quirks a brow. "Meat on a stick? Do they have that here? I suppose they wood. Just better not be all seafood." he mutters as he walks them down towards the docks at a sedate pace. A few food stalls show mostly fish and shellfish as food but there is one on the far end and a bit secluded that has delicious looking skewers of various meats and crisp, fresh vegetables to offer. Bonus? It's pretty crowded which means it's GOOD.

Kimmila chuckles. "That's why I specified meat, wingmate," she teases him. "They've got to have something…like THAT." omg that. Meat on a stick. Yes. YES. "Want. Now."

Th'ero can't help but laugh, "What's got into you, love?" he teases as he literally has to hurry over with her before she starts clawing her way there. "Let's find a spot to sit first… or why don't you go and do that and I'll see about ordering, hmm?" Chuckling, he'll let her go with a playful little nudge. He's off towards the serving area, leaving her to scout out a place for them to cozy up!

Kimmila nudges him back with a wink. She wants meat on a stick! What's wrong with that? Nothing is wrong with that. Looking around, she finds a bench beneath a tree and goes to claim it in the name of Fort Weyr, sitting and waiting while he gets their food.

Nothing wrong with that at all! And while she's waiting, the conversation around her seems to be of the typical things. Hold matters, recent Hold gossip (scandalous things…), talk of the last Turn's weather and, predictably, the news of Fort's clutches. Tame things. Boring things. Oh hum. Eventually, Th'ero returns and brings with him a large platter that looks to have at least two or three of every skewer they serve and a drudge following him with their drinks. Cider for her, ale for him. "It's a sort of buffet. Eat as much as you want and you're charged per skewer. I got a little of everything but I'll pay when we're done." he explains as he sets the food down and gestures for the drudge to do the same with the drinks before waving him away and settling himself down beside Kimmila.

Kimmila grins. "Oh good, I was hoping you'd think to get drinks." She was eying a beverage stall across the way just incase he forgot. Taking her beverage she's picky over which skewer to choose, and then takes a bite with a smile. "Thank you, wingmate. Now isn't this nice? Aren't you glad the Senior hit on you in the baths?"

"Of course I got drinks. I said I needed one," Th'ero muses and will wait patiently while she picks over the selection of skewers. His pick is immediately for one of the chicken ones. Southern Boll Hold has chickens, but Fort not so much. So he takes his time in savouring it. "Mhm, you're welcome." he murmurs and then snorts, giving her a look. "Not really? It's not like I can take Mr'az off of active duty so he can satisfy Nyalle's urges every time Kayeth is awake…" he mutters under his breath.

Kimmila laughs. "Why not? It doesn't happen often and…shards. Just the thought of Nyalle /having/ urges…" She laughs again.

Th'ero gives her a lingering look as he finishes the last of his skewer and chases it with a good pull of his ale. "It's not that funny, Kimmila. She was half out of her mind and while I can refuse her, I can't vouch for some of the other bronzeriders being as honourable…"

Kimmila shakes her head. "It's /really/ funny. And shards, if one of them tried? Isn't that how she got to Fort in the first place? I think, even proddy, she'd know something was wrong. She's fine, don't worry about it."

Th'ero scoffs, "Kimm! I thought you knew better?" he chides but there's a hint of amusement in his tone as he picks up another skewer and bites into it, gesturing for her to try it. SOGOOD. "That was all gossip made by the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader to discredit her. Mr'az as far as I know has ever been the only one to warm her bed outside of flights. R'lor tried, which is what got Pandora so upset. Of course, Pandora also tried to bed me, in case you forgot that too?"

Kimmila nods. "I know that. That's what I meant. That if another rider tried to force himself on her, she'd respond to it, proddy or not." She'll try that skewer, too. MMMM. "No, of course I don't forget it, the bitch."

Th'ero smirks and looks a touch sheepish for having misunderstood. Maybe he is still edgy? What can fix that? How about more ale! He knocks back half the mug and then devours the rest of the skewer, going for wild boar next. He doesn't seem as thrilled with that one. "Sorry, I didn't mean to dredge up old wound," he mutters and then grimaces. "Ugh. Too gamey."

Yay for more ale! Kimmila chuckles, shaking her head and squeezing his knee. "Don't worry about it, wingmate. So. What other things should we check out as long as we're here?"

There can never be too much ale! Th'ero smiles at the squeeze and he'll help himself to more of the chicken skewers. "That I figured I'd leave up to you, Wingmate. Weavercraft Hall isn't far from here?" he muses and it's difficult to tell whether or not he's being serious or teasing her again. "We can't linger too long. Velokraeth is settled for now but he'll get antsy once enough time has passed."

Kimmila tilts her head to peer at him. "You want…to go shopping for clothes?" What?

Th'ero snorts, "No? I was merely tossing out ideas. You're the one who will pick our next stop," he goes on to add as he finishes off another skewer and his ale with it. While he doesn't grin, his eyes certainly flicker with mischief. Challenge accepted?

Kimmila arches a brow. "Am I?" She pauses, and then leans over to nuzzle his neck, kissing up towards his ear. "Well then. I think," she purrs her breath hot, voice husky, "that we should go visit…your parents."

Th'ero blinks at her forwardness, glancing about hastily when she begins to nuzzle his neck. No one really pays them too much attention and so he gradually relaxes and nuzzles her in return. Of course he's responding too, how could he not? Especially when her voice sounds like that and… wait, what? "… are you serious?" he drawls, clearing his throat a bit.

Muahaha. Kimmila sits up and grins impishly at him. "Or we find a private place and have a quickie. Up to you." Wink.

Gee, such a difficult decision! Th'ero smirks as he gives her a heated and level look. "There are coves," he says quietly, "Just beyond these docks. We'll discuss matters there." 'Discuss matters'. Right. Such is implied in the way his voice lowers and thickens and carries a hint of his accent. "Just let me pay for our dinner…" he murmurs, reaching for his mark pouch only to frown heavily as his hand pats at his hip. His head tilts and he begins to look around, only to swear under his breath. "How in Faranth's name…?"

Kimmila is already on her feet, but when he pats his hip she looks down in surprise. "Did you lose it?" Surely no one /stole/ the weyrleader's marks!

"There's no possible way, I had it with me when I sat down!" Th'ero grouses, irritated both for the sudden disappearance of his marks AND the fact it's delaying his "quick discussion" with his weyrmate. He stands and does another sweep of their table and below it, even looking behind him and around the roots of the tree. When he straightens, he's holding his mark pouch but it's been completely emptied. Yep. Someone had the balls to pickpocket him. Maybe Kimmila should check hers?

Kimmila blinks in shock at the empty pouch. "Shards and /shells/," she swears, reaching for her own pouch. It's there, but the strings are untied. They almost got hers too.

Th'ero is growing increasingly angry at the turn of events, his hand curling into a tight fist around his now empty pouch. "Did they get you too?" he growls, stepping close to her to examine her mark pouch. "Come on. I'm going to go speak to the owner… He needs to be aware." Oh, someone's going to pay! Because off the Weyrleader storms.

Kimmila shakes her head. "They tried, but must have gotten spooked." Or she moved or something. She doesn't even try to calm him down, instead stomping off after him.

Lucky her then! Th'ero approaches the owner who is working by the serving area and the moment he speaks of his troubles, there's a look of surprise but understanding as well. This isn't the first time it's happened! The owner looks embarrassed, annoyed and disappointed. "I was assured the problem was dealt with! The Guards here told me they'd caught the thief before. Some holdless youth or some ragamuffin urchin skulking about. Probably got a pack of 'em then." The man clicks his tongue and, because he can see that Big Knot on Th'ero's shoulder, waves off their meal and drinks for the 'inconvenience'. "You can report it to the Guard Captain if you like. I'll be doing the same myself in a moment. Don't know if they can get your marks back but they may be able to do something… My apologies, sir."

Kimmila stands silent beside Th'ero, tucking her own marks pouch around her neck so it rests beneath her tunic, glad their meal is on the house.

Th'ero doesn't look too thrilled by the compensation or by the owner's comments and seemingly quick handling of them but the doesn't argue. He'll just reach out to gently press his hand against Kimmila's back and lead both of them out and onto the docks again. They won't be going towards the Hold though or the Guard barracks. No, he's leading them beach ward and towards the bend where the cliffsides branch out and many coves remain tucked away from prying eyes. "Can't believe he just handled the matter so casually. You would think the Lord Holder would want to know too. Just not the Guard Captain." Th'ero mutters.

Kimmila nods, a bit surprised they're not storming off to the Guards. But she won't say anything. "Perhaps we should tell him. I would want to know, I imagine you would too, if there was a thief in the weyr…"

"Maybe he already knows and doesn't care? You heard how nonchalant the owner of that stall was. Seemed to not bother him at all that there could be a group of holdless children skulking about learning the arts of thievery." Th'ero continues to mutter and growl as they pick their way across the beach. He shakes his head, "And I am in no mood to speak with the Lord Holder at the moment. I'll let him know by letter and if he wants a meeting then we'll discuss things then."

Kimmila frowns. "Well…" She wants to fix it. Wants to make the Lord care, wants to make them take care of this issue. But. Hold matters. "Alright, wingmate."

Th'ero stops and turns to face her, giving her a long and lingering look. Don't lie to him! "Well… what? You disapprove?" he asks, never once wavering in his gaze. Most would be intimidated by his behaviour but by know she should be so familiar with it.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Nothing we can do about it. It's a Hold matter."

"Is it?" Th'ero drawls and does not let up on the look he gives her. "Perhaps. Or perhaps I'll send Br'enn in to investigate. Something isn't sitting well with me about this." And it has nothing to do with him losing all his marks.

Kimmila tilts her head up at him. "Really? You think it's more than just a pickpocket kid stealing to buy food?"

Th'ero frowns, "Of course I think it's more than just a child." he mutters and begins to walk away again, his expression grim and troubled. "When is anything so simple, Wingmate?"

Kimmila trots to catch up to him. "When it /is/ so simple," she argues. "Talk to the Holder if you want, but I think it was nothing more than a simple theft."

Th'ero slows his strides down so she can keep pace. "It can't hurt to at least be cautionary?" he mutters, not quite agreeing with her but relenting a little in their argument.

Kimmila shrugs. "I guess, but to what end? This isn't our area, wingmate," she murmurs, looping her arm through his when she catches up.

"It becomes our problem if they have thieves and aren't doing anything about the problem or reporting it!" Th'ero is stubbornly standing his ground on the matter but as they approach the coves he sighs and seems ready just to let the matter drop. "Sorry, Wingmate. It just… galls me that that happened. At all."

Kimmila nods. "Then /talk/ to the Holder, love! I'm just saying this isn't something that you, directly, can solve, that's all. I know it galls you." She pauses, turning to put a hand on his chest.

Th'ero has to stop midstep to face her when she pauses and he will lean heavily against her touch. "I'll see. I might just have to… let the matter settle." He'll think on it, in other words and not go into reckless decisions. Slowly, he circles his arms around her and rests his head against her hair. "This is why I need you."

Kimmila wraps her arms around him in return, leaning up to nuzzle against his neck. "Why? To talk to you when you get pickpocketed?" she teases him gently.

Th'ero tilts his chin up a bit to lean into her nuzzling and he chuckles dryly, "That and for everything else too." he muses and steps back, taking her hand in his and squeezing firmly. "Shall we go pick our cove? Or go home?"

Kimmila grins at him, mischievous and playful. "We walked all the way out here. The least you could do is…me." She winks and laces her fingers through his, tugging him forward.

Th'ero laughs throatily, "Can't deny you that." he drawls and when she tugs him forwards he will follow. Onwards to the coves they go and he will wait until they're hidden by a few rocks before he starts to 'play'. Theft and shady plots lurking? Forgotten for now.