Life as a Jr. Weyrwoman gave her ample time to raise her newborn without having to foster him too much of the time. She was fitting into her new station in life, the duties keeping her busy though allowing her time to spend with her weyrmate, her child, her dragon, and her craft. She was living a balanced life style without much to bother the way of it. She couldn’t ask for anything better and yet, because of who she was, she eventually turned her own world upside down.

It started when she noticed discrepancies between the reports she was given to finish by the Sr. Weyrwoman at the time. Tarish unburdened herself by using her juniors to do most of the work and in this; she fouled her own plans as Kessa eventually caught on to the scheme. Supplies were disappearing, profit that was supposed to be there wasn’t and guards she had never seen before started abusing their authority all around the Weyr. In time, with some subtle investigation, Kessa discovered that Tarish was fostering a black market within the Weyr, to line her own pockets. The Weyr was suffering for it. There were at times cutbacks to what the residents could use and when. Quality goods were scarce and when they were found, it was often in the Senior Weyrwoman’s private weyr.

Yet no one was the wiser. After all, Elara’s reign had just come to an end when Elara’s life mate suffered an injury. With Tarish winning the Senior status because of her lifemate’s glow, people assumed that Fort was just having a rough go of it and with change came time to recover and regroup. There was a contentedness that unsettled Kessa. She wasn’t sure who to trust and who to go to with her findings. She even found herself cornered by Tarish when the Senior grew suspicious of the snooping Kessa was doing. Naive as Kessa was, she faced down Tarish and told her of her findings. Tarish, as the only witness to what Kessa proclaimed, muddied Kessa’s name and revoked her Junior status.

Humiliated and unsure of her footing, she kept quiet until she found evidence of the treachery in the weyr. Remarkably, she confided in a young bronze rider about her findings. It was after his reassurances that she took her findings to the weyrleader, Vi’leko. After a meeting with him, he confirmed her suspicions. She proposed a solution – have the weyrleader speak with the Weyrwoman. Unfortunately that alone did not resolve the problem. Instead, Tarish ran when Kessa called for Weyr Council, confirming yet again that Kessa's suspicions weren't unfounded.