Having been born and raised there next to the vast blue sea, his life at the grand Ierne Weyrhold was strongly influenced by the water. He was born into a family of traders who owned a trading business within the walls of the great Hold. He spent little time playing with other children his age; he spent most of his time reading books or listening to the local Harper's sing the Teaching Ballad's. Joan often showed a keen interest of wanting to learn, his mind just absorbing the information like a sponge does with water. Although he was but a boy, he proved to be quite a responsible and dedicated learner. His family belonged to the middle class, so his parents often had to work for most of the day and quite possibly the nights.

One day while a Gather was being held, Joan, about 14 turns old; accidently stumbled into one of the local smith shops there at the Hold. He was mesmerized by what he saw, as the many Smiths brought hammer to metal time after time, working great pieces of metal into all manner of different shapes and forms. They way they could work and shape the metal were fascinating to him. While he stood there in awe of the men, one of them happened to see him by the entrance of the shop. That Smith could tell the Joan had the making of a Smith inside of him. From that day on Joan studied under the many great smiths. Each day he would learn new methods of shaping various metals, working them into all manner of things. He proved to be a quick study. The most important thing he learned from his times with the Smiths was patience. And those lessons have more than paid off. After one and a half turns of studying under the Smiths of Ierne, he was accepted into the Smithcraft hall.

Joan lived and studied there at the Smithcraft hall for two whole turns, until he was given a posting at Fort Weyr. There he studies and works at the Smithy Repairs shop within Fort Weyr. During a trip to the Southern Continent in search of supplies for the Weyr with his fellow Fortians, Joan was searched by Irelanth and M'lo to stand as a Candidate at Fort Weyr's Hatching.