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The second child of a fisherman and his wife, Inyri was brought into a loving family that while not wealthy by any means was at least for the most part happy. Her childhood was spent on the shores of Breakwater Hold, a rustic and quiet minor hold at the north of Fort's lake. Being essentially a small fishing town, everyone knew who everyone else was to some extent — it was a quiet and comfortable environment, a good place to grow up. That is, unless you didn't like the small-town attitude, but most anyone who didn't left as soon as they could.

Inyri wasn't one of them; she showed no interest in having any intent to go anywhere else at all. No craft, no traveling, nothing; she spent most of her time at the pub her mother worked at doing Harper studies and doodling and entertaining people with stories when they weren't entertaining her with their own. She had quite a few friends, and was regarded as a good-natured girl who never did much of anything to stir up trouble. It seemed as if she was going to be one of those who was born, raised, lived and died at Breakwater, and one of the few who didn't essentially live on a boat.

Without much explanation, though, all of that changed a few months after Inyri turned eighteen — there was some whispered gossip, but no one could entirely figure out why the girl had left. Either way, one day when one of the Weyr's dragons came for a pickup, Inyri left with him, and never turned back from Fort Weyr. She's gotten herself a similar niche in working at the Gemstone Tavern, and remained just as good-natured and sociable as always. Whatever spurned her sudden departure from her family, it never seemed to be something that got her down.

She was at the Gemstone for nearly a turn when Zuvaleyuth took to the sands with her and Velokraeth's second clutch. It was the Weyrleader's dragon himself who insisted that Inyri Stand, and with some slight apprehension — due to this happening before her friend Ezra who wanted to stand and hadn't been asked — she accepted. No one was more surprised than she was when it was Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth who chose her. (As far as she was concerned, that was two life plans ruined: first she wanted to be a barmaid forever, then she thought maybe she'd ride in Thunderbird …)

But Inri, as she was now named, for Kouzevelth took the y right out adjusted okay. Slowly, but she adjusted. Other than a minor scare when Th'ero first taught her to between — they took a bit longer than they should have to come out again — weyrlinghood wasn't all that much trouble. Even aside from the clashes with Gold Hill Hold.

With graduation came becoming Junior Weyrwoman properly. And with that came work. And becoming a real, bona fide Adult, something that in her early twenties Inri had to work very hard on. She didn't have any of the things her traditional upbringing would want of her at this age: a service type job, a family of her own, a nice little cabin in the mountains … but she had a dragon and a job she was getting to be good at. So she has remained, through two different Senior Weyrwomen, a blip with an extra Weyrleader and a lot of other changes. Other high rankers have come and gone, as well as other goldriders, but Inri (and Jajenelja, surprisingly enough) remains the steady presence through it.

After turns of being relatively promiscuous, Inri settled down with D'ani who asked her to be his weyrmate when she was just past thirty. A turn and a half later, she gave birth to their daughter Maiona — a post-flight conception from a flight Dremkoth hadn't even won, but as Ha'ze wasn't there when the flight ended … And, when Maiona was two and a half, the pair unexpectedly split. D'ani broke things off in a blunt way that surprised and damaged Inri. Thrown from her emotional base, she spent some time in a haze of depression before the fog finally lifted; it was a depression that stopped her dragon from rising until Inri had come back into her own enough, which left her to fly twice in a turn. The first time, caught by L'kan's Elenth, and the second by Ila'den's Teimyrth, showing a favor for Half Moon Bay bronzes.

When Nyalle stepped down due to her health, Inri — the "forever junior" who many thought would have had the knot Nyalle gained upon Dtirae's departure fifteen turns previously — took up the mantle of Acting Weyrwoman until the next queen rose. Considering what had happened the last time, Inri fully expected that transfer Xerosaeth would be the one to claim the Weyrwoman's knot. Thankfully she had come to terms with her Always the Bridesmaid position long ago.