Presently, she is wearing a pale blue blouse, its half-length sleeves rolled above her elbows and pinned into place. Three small buttons close the neckline to a simple scoop, hemmed with the faintest touch of lace; far more of that lace is found at the bottom hem, carrying the pale blue several inches down over her hips, set off neatly by the black twill of her trousers. They, in turn, fit closely to her legs, disappearing into her old, salt-worn, and evidently beloved leather boots, which have lost all traces of whatever dye they once possessed.


From the candidates, made by Jeltje:


On a heavy, silver chain of links patterned in a sequence lies a large pendant in the shape of an upside down teardrop, its shell and shape created by the manipulation of thin lengths of silver. In its centre sits a druzy agate, bright flecks of gold born at the gem's heart from pure white, the contrast stark and easily seen from a distance. From the silver encircling it, elegant vines loop and curl inward to fan slim, golden leaves around the jewel's centre, each much paler than its more vivid sparkle. At the topmost curve of the pendant, more leaves sit at the base of a swirl of further silver vines, from which the whole affair hangs from its chain. Its clasp is a simple hook, adorned with a multi-faceted citrine.