The White Lion Knight Bronze Liechten
Polished in gold and burnt umber, this proud brute does not lack for being handsome, in fact, he appears rather perfect in his pristine cloak of hot-white bronze. Every inch of him is wrought with magnificence that comes with a noble bearing. Muscles wrap in all the right places, his gold chest flares with broad brilliance, and his wings soar out behind him like shimmering white sails. Even his wedged shape head has the cut of being flawlessly projected so that his face is sweet to look upon. Neck ridges dash down his spine with graceful curves, extending down to his whip-dash of a tail. Burnt umber and gold washes over the tops of his shoulders and down to his rib cage, changing mid way to that white-hot bronze which licks his under belly and tail. His talons are made of silver blades, each one cast with the potential to rip his prey apart.