Rich colors of burnt orange cascade in thick waves down from angular elongated maw, down along her neck, across massive shoulders stretching out past her wings and down to the very tip of her spindly tail. Rich tenn color the joints of gangly limbs upon the gold's hide, additionally coloring along where wings attach to her body and giving an appearance of age as if worn from constant use. The joints of her tail, in which there are many due to the length, also dabble in shades of rich the tenn, giving it the appearance of constant motion. Gentle, soft tangerines spark at the center of her underbelly in uneven jagged lines that echo the appearance of lightning as it kisses the ground. The soft colors shoot outwards over the deep gold of her hide, stretching along the underside of her wings, dancing in wild undistinguished patterns as they mix with jagged lines of Princeton orange and rich amber hues. They dance along each wingsail as a beautiful, yet raging thunderstorm.

These wings, while appearing to be of normal width in wingspan are much longer in length. The ground is their constant companion, even when they are drawn back in rest. Cloak-like in appearance, they are topped off by the singular talon that dons each wing. Colored a bright, metallic gold they look as if they were meant to be clasps that hold her fine cloak in place upon her shoulders. While rich in color, she is certainly not rich in curves as her long figure consists of angles and sharp edges. Lovely in her own way, at times she almost appears to be twisted into herself. Long neck with a very slight bend from the angling of her head, long cloak-like wings, and even longer, visibly kinked tail that must be kept close lest it trail far behind her and, eventually, stepped upon. Her hide certainly gives the appearance of smoothness, it is not the case. Constantly rough to the touch, it is as if her hide has been starved from hydration, constantly craving the relief and replenishment that oil offers but never sated once received.

lineart by HeartofPern, coloring by Zhirayr; more (authentic) art of Kouzevelth can be found on her page!