The day of Fighting Wings has passed with the shifting of the Red Star and the end of Thread. The tradition of 'Wings' has been kept alive to better a Weyr's organization. No longer are dragonriders placed in wings based on size, color, strength, or stamina - instead they are predominately placed where they would better suit to assist the Weyr's economy. Fort Weyr has four wings at present.

Wing Name Wing Description Wingleader Wingsecond
Phoenix Administration Nyalle (WW) Inri (Jr. WW)
Th'ero (WL) Abigail (W2)
Kimmila (W3)
Thunderbird Emergency Response Ashwin OPEN (Policing)
Haast Transport/Crafts OPEN OPEN
Coatyl Weyrling Education M'icha (Staff NPC) AWLMs

+fowhelp <wingname> Information about <wingname>. Ex: +fowhelp phoenix
+fowhelp badge For wing badge information.
+wd <wingname> For randomized wing duties. Ex: +wd coatyl
fow .who/<wingname> Lists PC members of <wingname>