At Fort Weyr, we encourage all of our players to run and/or participate in any TPs and events. This includes impromptu ones! In fact, we greatly encourage impromptu TPs as they can lead to wonderful scenes. We do ask, however, that you @mail the staff afterwards (especially if it is something that can be ongoing) and let them know whats up. Please try to include the link to the log (please post it on the wiki! Or send the clean one to Th'ero at moc.liamtoh|nitram_yveb#moc.liamtoh|nitram_yveb).

If your scene is something that can be worked into a bigger plot, please let the staff know if you mind them adding more to it. If you want to be involved, please let the staff know as well! We'd be happy to have you involved.

Please keep in mind that if your tinyplot idea includes any sort of destruction to the Weyr, please run the idea by staff before going through with it! Minor chips and tears aside, as those sort of things do happen regularly.

Also bear in mind that ICA=ICC. If you're caught doing something you shouldn't be, or if someone blabs ICly to the Weyrleadership: they will have to take IC action, which could lead to punishment! If you would purposely like to be caught, please @mail the staff and we can work out an appropriate punishment with you beforehand rather than letting the scene take its course.

Please be polite to those running TPs and page them before entering to make sure that it is okay. Some TPs have been set up prior to being set in motion, and could potentially have a set outcome determined.

When running a TP, please make sure that you have read 'news rp10' and 'news rp11', along with 'news ratings' to make sure that the TP is appropriate for all players involved!

Last, but not least: if you have a TP idea, but don't want to run it yourself? No problem! Sent it to Fort's staff and they'd be happy to try and run it. If you'd like to be involved? Also not an issue, please let the staff know in the @mail.