The term Search hails from the canonical reference of dragon riders leaving the Weyr to go locate young and suitable members of society to put in front of the eggs when they are ready to hatch. After a gold dragon has clutched her eggs on the sand, the result of a mating flight, dragons and their riders will have a desire to keep an eye out during their daily routines for those who have qualities becoming of a rider. Dragonriders will seek to ensure that the dragonets, when hatching, have a choice for impression. The only way to do this is to round up enough potentials to become candidates for the Weyr. Generally, the gold herself does not do this and relies on the other members of the Weyr.

Once a person has been 'searched' out by a Weyr, it has been noted that they have a 'potential' to impress a dragon. They will therefore be invited to stand at any Weyr, should they not impress the first time. Usually Weyrs do not like sharing their candidates because the more candidates a Weyr has on hand, the less that Weyr has to 'search' for more. Although, in recent history, because of technology and other modern ways to make a living, fewer are accepting search, which has encouraged the Weyrs to share their candidates with one another to make sure there is enough selection for the hatchlings.

Generally the specific nature of what makes a person acceptable to be searched is unknown, though it is believed that the successful candidates are inherently good.

There's a common compliance in regards to people who cannot be searched, even if a dragon does sense some potential within that person. Traditionally no physically or mentally handicapped individuals will stand, no married or engaged persons will stand, people that are terrified of dragons aren't generally asked to stand, as are those who are too young or too old.

OOCly to narrow down the field to those who are interested, we ask you to fill out a simple application on Pernworld. To get to the search application room, type 'search me' and you'll be automatically moved so you can view the application and fill it out.