Fort's area policies are short, sweet and simple! They can be found at +fowhelp rules as well as on this page.

Zero Tolerance of Harassment

No harassment of other players will be tolerated. This includes unwanted advances, making a nuisance of yourself, and trying to force someone to TS. We are here to have fun.


In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. This means that if you do something ICly that is wrong or against IC rules, you can expect to be reprimanded and punished appropriately. Please be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. If you're concerned about potential ICCs before doing something, feel free to @mail staff and we'll hash it out with you.

Knot Chatter

PW knots are rated PG-13!

This means: watch the language (but we're all guilty of this one, so a periodic swear will be waved off - just don't be excessive about it) and overtly sexual themes and comments are not tolerated. If you're engaging in innuendo, a member of staff will tell you to watch it: we do have minors playing here, and need to be mindful of that. Plus, many players just aren’t comfortable with a high level of adult theme chatter.

We’d also like to discourage political debates and disparaging remarks about other areas/games (as those tend to be divisive). Fort’s knot should be used to seek out RP, and for friendly, open banter.


Puppets (firelizards, dragons, etc) and objects (wagons, firelizard egg baskets, etc) are wonderful ways to assist in roleplaying. We do, however, request that you do not leave these items in public rooms while you are not there.


All we ask is that you inform us via @mail of a decision to leave prior to taking up residence at another area. We would also like an IC reason for your transfer. If you're having OOC issues that may be repairable, however, please bring it to admin before you go!


Please see idle under the help files for Fort's activity rules.