To maintain a residency knot with Fort Weyr, characters of Fort Weyr are required to keep active. Common sense decrees that if you haven't logged in your character for more than a month without a vacation set, Fort Weyr isn't the place for you. We likely do not provide you with what you need to keep your character active.

Fort Staff would like to help you fit in with the Weyr and will be available upon request to come up with a solution that will encourage your own activity and inspiration. We do not want to lose our players after all, but at the same time we like to know who our target group is (for plots/events).

Fort Weyr's Standards Are:

Characters that haven't logged in for 45 days are subject to removal from Fort's knot. Players that are going on extended leave must set the &vacation on your +finger, listing the expected return date to avoid being removed.

Pernworld's Standards Are:

Characters will be @dested after 90 days of inactivity.

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