The use of icons on the wiki was implemented in fall of 2016 after Staff decided to add headers to logs. They're entirely optional, but a nice little graphical addition if you choose to use them! The concept of icons dates back from when people used LiveJournal for logs. Our code system for allowing multiple icons rather than one per user as is standard for the MUSH world was inspired by Nora @ Harper's Tale.

How to Use Icons

Things You Need

  1. An icon page for your character.
  2. A log to put it on.

Icon Pages

To create an icon page, simply type this into your URL bar:
and then hit 'create page'.

Use the 'Character Icon Page' template in the "initial content" dropdown. The page will explain to you what else to do, but we will reproduce the text here:

In order to make this page work, simply replace 'YOURNAME:ICONS' with the proper URL of this page, and then fill in 'filename.tld' with each file you've uploaded TO this page. For instance, if your name is Bob and you uploaded an icon called bob.png to the page, you should have [[include icon file=/bob:icons/bob.png]].

You can repeat the code for as many icons as you upload; they must be attached to this page and MUST have dimensions of 100x100 a la LJ.

Each include instance must be on a separate line on the page; don't put these next to each other, put a carriage return (hit 'enter') between each one. Inside the include file is table code that will make a huge mess without the spacing being correct.

Putting Icons in Logs

The icon page is conveniently designed in order to make it so that you can choose an icon off your (or anyone else's!) page to paste into the log code. Within our log template, this line exists:

= [[image /name:icons/name.png size="thumbnail"]]

To make a real icon appear there instead, replace the URL with the filename from the character's page. Continuing our example of Bob and bob.png,

= [[image /bob:icons/bob.png size="thumbnail"]]

(Note that size="thumbnail" is not ACTUALLY required; you may remove it if your icons are properly sized at 100x100.)

Now, there are probably at least two players in this log, so in order to add a second icon, you put a space and then follow with the image code again:

= [[image /bob:icons/bob.png size="thumbnail"]] [[image /nyalle:icons/kayeth.png]]

And that's all there is to it! Don't repeat the = at the beginning, and be sure to put a space between the two.

Icon Etiquette

If both players in a log are using icons, it is polite to ask the other player which icon they want on the log or leave theirs blank and let them add it themselves unless they've stated a preference for players to pick whichever they choose when posting.

Icon FAQ

Where are the defaults?

Because our use of icons is completely optional, we decided against having a 'default icon' option. This could change if many players express a desire to have them to Staff, but we currently felt it was unnecessary to do so.

How many icons can I have?

Due to file upload restrictions, we'd ask that you don't have more than the range of 20-30 or so per alt. This may change if our wiki is upgraded to a higher space allocation, or if icons prove not to be very popular.

What file types can I use?

.png and .jpg only for sure. You may be able to use .tif, it hasn't been tested, but since .tif files are enormous we would prefer that you don't.

Why don't gifs work?

Wikidot hates gifs.

No, really, that's the answer; gifs require separate, more hoop-jumping code to be able to use because wikidot doesn't like to parse them the same as other image types. Code hasn't been done to support gifs as wiki icons yet.

Do I have to have a Played By/faceclaim?

Nope! You're free to use stock icons or other images you feel represent your character or dragon if that is what you prefer, as well as illustrations if you are the artist or own the artwork (please don't steal art to use for icons). If you DO have a played by, you should also note them on the MUSH by setting &playedby me=Person's Name.