The purpose of the Guard is to act as soliders to defend the Weyr against Renegade incursion and to act as peacekeepers, much like police officers. In accordance with military structure the Guard is divided into 9 levels, all under the command of the Weyrleader and secondly the Guard Captian.

Knot/IC requirements to achieve position/OOC requirements to achieve position

Guard Captian-
+fowhelp knots2 (#9)W2 Personally selected by the WL/Staff; over 24 ICly

Guard 1LT (1st Lieutenant)-
+fowhelp knots2 (#8)AWLM Personally trained a number of ranked soliders;knowledgeable about all procedures and weaponry/Over 22 ICly

Guard 2LT (2nd Lieutenant)-
+fowhelp knots2 (#7)Has mastered a number of weapons and trained numerous Guards/over 20 ICly

Guard 3LT (3rd Lieutenant)-
+fowhelp knots2 (#6)Can build his or her 2 main weapons/Over 18 ICly

Guard SGT (Sergeant)-
+fowhelp knots2 (#5)Willing to train Trainees and has exibited leadership skill/Over 16 ICly

Guard CPL (Corporal)-
+fowhelp knots (#4)Mastery of a 2nd weapon/Over 14 ICly

Guard PFC (Private 1st Class)-
+fowhelp knots (#3)Exibited some form of exemplory conduct and mastered their primary weapon/1 RL month at Fort

Guard (Simple Private)-
+fowhelp knots (#2)Passed entry exams/Have RPed the exam with the GC or the WL

Guard Trainee-
+fowhelp knots (#1)Petition to be accepted to the training program/Just ask :)

*You can ask to start at any rank if it is backed up in your +info*

All promotions require the player to show up on the activecheck except the promotion to full Guard. The Guard Patch is worn with the shoulder knot and uniform. (The Fort Weyr emblem without a stone) The uniform consists of a black body suit, or black trousers and black undershirt, with black or dark brown boots and a dark brown weyrhide jacket of your choice of style, buttoned up. Guards should always have their primary weapon with them while on duty.