At Fort Weyr, we encourage the participation and the hosting of flights. Here's some information that can be helpful:

The feeding grounds are off the Southeastern Bowl. There is a guest logging available for those hosting the flights if you wish to use them. Dragons should be able to use the sky room directly above the feeding ground.

+help proddy is your friend.

Rule 1: Whoever is hosting the flight makes the choice. It is her or his event and they may run it as they see fit. No crying over why you were not selected or we will ask you not to attend anymore flights in Fort. However, the chasers that attend the flight are entitled to know how the rider of the female dragon is going to make her choice or if there are conditions to the flight.

Rule 2: No one will EVER force another person to TinySex. A character can have a stand in and sometimes they can hide themselves away. TS is NEVER a requirement to host a flight. If ANYONE forces TS on anyone else, they will be removed not only from Fort Weyr but from Pernworld. If the person hosting the flight doesn't want TS, figure it out! Fade To Black or have your character find an NPC alternative. If you feel harassment in this form or any other, please contact staff ASAP. We will not tolerate this type of behaviour.

Rule 3: Be respectful. Try to avoid double booking flights. Not only will the chasers be exhausted, but flights are a very intriguing RP scene. Everyone on a female dragon wants her day. Greenriders are welcome to host their flights when every they like. Goldriders must @mail the staff to ensure that NPC cycles do not interfere with anything else going on. Please run PC gold flights by the staff beforehand.