Regarding Dragonriders

  • Listed Wing Duty -> +wd <wingname>
  • Add Wing Duties -> +<wingname>/duty <insert details of duty>
  • Wing Roster -> fow .who/<wingname>

Wingnames: Coatyl, Phoenix, Roc, Simurgh, Thunderbird

Regarding Random Ideas to Help RP

  • Random Location Generator -> +RLG - use in the Center Bowl or @parent an object (not a dragon/firelizard) to #5350
  • Personal Events -> +Pvent - use in the Center Bowl or @parent an object (not a dragon/firelizard) to #5350
  • NPCs for fodder -> +list npc - Not currently functional
  • Daily IC Gossip -> +gossip/help - Not currently functional
  • Candidate Chore Duty Code -> +chores - Not currently functional
  • Weather Reports -> +Weather - Not currently functional

Regarding OOC Codes

  • Need To Chase Puppets Away -> +cleanup or +tidy

Firelizard Message Code

  • Click here for information. Because Wiki eats the code, clicking the link will download an RTF file for you with code and instructions.
  • Instructions for use:

Step 1: Type <letter>msg <person>=<msg> (EG: hmsg Th'ero=Hey, Th'ero! Let's have a meeting!)

Step 2: Fly your firelizard into the room where the person is located.

Step 3: Have your firelizard type: <letter>give <person> (EG: .ha hgive th'ero)

Regarding Wiki Specific Code

  • For logs prior to February 2015 (so January 2015 and back), the comment feature on logs will not be present. If you wish to add the feature to your logs, simply input the code below at the very bottom of the log page (above the bracketed message).
[[module Comments hideForm="true"]]