Late Night Flight Speculation

Author: Rambling Auntie
Date: Sep 18 2010

"The weyrlings are finally moved out into their own weyrs! Wonder how long it's gonna take before those greens start goin' up."

"Bah. They're always the first to go. It's that gold I'm curious about. Her rider's a right stick in the mud and I'd bet that keeps the poor thing down."

"She is a bit sickly lookin', ain't she? She might not be the type to fly at all."

"Wouldn't be a good sign, if that's the case. It's bad enough that Zuhth and Choth are slow risers — if this'un turned out to be completely infertile before she's even begun …"

Are They Crazy?

Author: Stinky Auntie
Date: Sep 23 2010

Old Auntie: "I hear that brownrider was into the Infirmary the other day. One of his girls had a scrape on her knee."
Old Uncle: "Which brownrider? There are lots, here."
Old Auntie: "That's the truth of it. The Assistant Weyrlingmaster."
Old Uncle: "Ah. So why do I care, now?"
Old Auntie: "Because. I was in there getting my goiter looked at, and the Healer asked him if he'd like to go ahead and pick up his monthly dose of the redstuff while he was there."
Old Uncle: "/And/? What are you wasting my /time/ for?!"
Old Auntie:"He said… no."
Old Uncle"Look, you… if /that's/ all the gossip you have, I'm going elsewhere. Hmph. What do I care if some brownrider is going off the redstuff?"
Old Auntie: "You have to admit, though… he makes pretty babies."