Travelling Crates

Author: B'ky
Date: May 26 2010

"Despite all this awful cold - sharding weather making my bones ache - work in the weyr's been going on. Same as always. The transport wing is still missing all of those riders, poor dears.. all those accidents this winter winter.. I heard even their wingsecond's among them. Tsk. But those Roc riders, a tough bunch, they are. And there's been help from Thunderbird, I hear, and the other wings, and I even heard a couple riders were hired out from Ierne. Especially that handsome greenrider, now he'll be turning a few heads, mark me. Hauling all those crates.. Anyway, cargo's been getting where is needs to go, in one piece and on time. But.. the bowl's still iced up in places. Why, just last sevenday, I saw, plain as day, a whole stack of boxes sliding along, like they were taking a stroll. Some poor riders, and even their dragons, were running after them. Poor lads, hope nobody was hurt. But the kitchens'll be feeling it before long, let me tell you. All that food gone to waste when the crates spilled all over the in the mud! Tsk. Hit the bowl wall, I heard. Terrible waste, that.."

Scratching Sounds

Author: Senile Old Auntie
Date: May 26 2010

"There've been some strange.. scratching noises down some of the old tunnels. Weyrbrats having a laugh or something else? You tell me, I'm not about to go stomping around down there."

Wingleader Rumble?

Author: Tyr
Date: May 27 2010

Looks like the strained relationship between the Wingleaders of Roc and Thunderbird have gone straight to all out brawling! Oh yes, saw it all with my own eyes. That bluerider came strait at Thunderbird's Wingleader. Tackled him clean to the floor! Oh to be sure, I got outta there quick as I could. Makes ya wonder how long it'll be 'fore someone gets knifed!

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